What I saw in AR, J Lee vs line twist, Aussies using carp herp

Give ya a warm bass-head welcome to Redneck Lipstick BBQ sauce (and more) — gitcha drool on! Dang that stuff is great. Remember I was dippin’ tater chips in it at the Strike King media deal in Oct just to have more. It’s so good some folks are putting it on pianos to train their cats to play:

Not sure if that’ll work but…I’ll be givin’ bottles to extended family for Christmas. If you’re a carnivore, for sure try you some — order it here, or you can find it some Wally-Marts I believe.

Today’s Top 5

Thank you President Bush #41.

I don’t do politics and never met anyone with the last name Bush so can only give you my regular-guy bassin’ 2c which is this: President George H. W. Bush was a solid friend to bass fishing. He loved to fish, was seen doing it a bunch, and did a lot for us — partly because B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott had his ear…and made use of it. Here’s a $$$ quote about that from a Bassin’masters post:

> Ray: “I could call him in the middle of a war and he’d call me back.”

President Bush also raised his son (#43) to be a bass-head, which also helped us — but then we got a string of non-fishing presidents, includin’ one from AR. (What up with that AR peeps??)

Couple fun facts about the Bushes, from Ray on (can’t link it):

> I have fished with both of them for bass on my lake in Pintlala, AL and they both caught bass. Matter of fact, they are both better than average. And frankly, Prez George W. is a somewhat better bass angler than his pop.

> The biggest difference I have observed is that “W” is far more aggressive. He pushes and uses an assortment of lures.

Here’s a caption on that shot, from Ray again: “‘W’ said, ‘Hey Ray, this bass weighs about 5 lbs doesn’t it?’ Ray said, “Yeah, George, but only in TX.'”

Hahaha love it! ALL bass-heads jack with each other…except maybe a few ultra-sensitive bassin’ pros…and cocky local hammers…hee-hee….

Peace to the Bush family from a fellow bass-head.

What I did in AR last week.

None of it involved a feeshn rod (typical) and of course everywhere I went peeps be like: “They’d really be bitin’ today.” I was like, “That is sooooo great. Thanks for mentioning that.”

Lol! Anyhow, first I got a tour of the Vexus Boats facility, which was ultra-impressive. Quick hits for ya:

1. Modern — This shot’ll give you a flavor but doesn’t do it justice. To really get blown away by how modern it is, drive by the other local boat-making plants first:

2. Clean — I ate pancakes off the floor, but they said no to syrup…. Lol even kinda has that new car smell.

3. Get the tour — It’s obvious these dudes not only know what they’re doing, they’re determined to do every little thing better than it’s ever been done before. I don’t know enough to tell if they are, but it’s pretty durn impressive….

4. !!!!$$$$ — The boats look sick even outta the water.

5. Footbaw — Vexus is so determined to win the Flippin Flag Football (FFF) champeenship they put this in the building:

While they were all a-pumpin’ iron — or maybe aluminum lol — I snuck around a bit and saw this:

Honestly didn’t know what to do. If I DON’T go past I’m stupid, but if I DO then…? Snuck in there, got this shot then vamoosed like I just stole somethin’:

Kinda freaked me out for a sec, then I figgered that’s why there’s so many great boat-buildin’ folks in Flippin, AR. #growEm Also found out everyone in Flippin starts school here so:

Here’s a few more shots of the Vexus tour for ya. Bottom line: Don’t get a ride in a Vexus or get the tour unless you’re ready to buy one…cuz you WILL want one. Seriously.

Top row L to R:
> Healthy food snack area. No junk food = good, no Doritos tho = 🙁
> Laser beam cuttin’. Got the laser from a dude named Watto….

> Aluminum tub headin’ down the line.

Middle row L to R:
> Vexus’ Keith Daffron shows 1 reason why his boats run like glass boats. #magic
> Gettin’ read for paint.

> Lookin’ sweet!

Bottom row L to R:
> How ’bout all that room, wow.
> Easily the cleanest truck I’ve ever seen, even at a dealer.

> Never seen a White River trout boat — it’s fiberglass.

Also visited BOOYAH and YUM HQ — saw some top secret baits I can’t show ya but here’s a few shots, clockwise from top L:

> Can anyone name these bug-eyed old Heddon baits? I had no idea….
> Ever seen a Cohiba ceegar Spook??

> Couple guys in the office were goin’ feeshn. Looks like they take dang good care of their snacks.

“Fishing MLF has made me a better fisherman because there’s no time to goof around.”

Jason Christie talkin’. So…he was goofin’ around on the Elites?? If so, the other MLFers are in for a world o’ hurt if Jason’s gonna spend all 8 hours fishin’ now HAHAHA! Seriously tho, the rest of the quote is:

> You have to make decisions quick and that helps me figure things out faster.

Wonder what Jason does when he goofs around in a boat, cuz I’ve never seen it. Does he…juggle? Do card tricks? Check Insta? Research recipes? Gonna ask him….

Australia is about to use the carp herp virus…

to get rid of their non-native carp. Wonder if our federal and state folks have a clue about this:

> The plan to use the carp herpes virus to eradicate carp has been contentious, with concerns over the impact of large amounts of dead fish on water quality.

Whatever. Good news:

> “The virus has been tested on countless species of native fish, none of which have caught the virus. …confident the virus only affects common carp.”


New Zealand is trying to train dogs to sniff out carp (and catfish).

The cost of keeping Asian Carp out of Lake Michigan tripled to $778 mil — but the cost was estimated by the federal gov’t (Corps), which ain’t known for havin’ a sharp pencil so….

“It is the game that makes those who play it, not the other way around.”

donny barone weighin’ in (sorta) on the pro-level changes tour stuff. Another way he put it:

> When Tom Brady retires, the New England Patriots will find a new path to winning.

Let’s hope not…lol:

Have to ask don — why doesn’t the game do anything for the Bills?? Hahaha! (Don’s from Buffalo.) And more seriously: Does the reason for the Bills doing so poorly have anything to do with bassin’ right now? [chin-scratch emoji]


1. Brent Chapman gets Westin.

2 reasons it’s notable:

1) Westin is one of a couple Euro brands comin’ after the US bass-head market.

2) It’s Westin’s first signing of a pro bass-head.

Westin makes a bunch of “predator” baits in Europe and had an ICAST best o’ show with their Freddy the Frog bait:

Chapmaniac quotes:

> “The quality of the craftsmanship on these baits is outstanding. You can really tell they are quality, and they have great action. The designs are different than what people are used to seeing around here. The style of fishing in Scandinavia is so different. It’s focused highly on predator fish, and I’m already finding crossovers that work well in the bass world….”

> …Westin Baby Bite DR, a crankbait that’s already pulling fish out of his home waters that he hasn’t seen in years. “That’s a bait I wish I had had during the tournament season. It could become a new confidence bait.”

Dude, you shoulda kept it quiet! Brent tells it like it is (#nofilter) so take that all at face value.

Was chattin’ with Westin CEO Thomas Petersen at ICAST when Brent was visiting the Westin booth. Tried my best to torpedo that deal but guess it didn’t work…HAHAHA Chapman!

2. B-Rad Roy gets Covercraft as main sponsor.

3. Zack Birge gets Yo-Zuri.

Had been with BOOYAH for hard baits.

4. Justin Lucas on BassEdge Ray-dee-o.

5. Fish with Chris and Trait Zaldain contest.

If you get in the boat with ’em, pls report back if Trait is a better fisherman…which might be the case…. (Heehee!)

Btw, cool post by Chris here.

6. Wesley Strader wishes he’d gone to college.

For navigatin’ the biz side of bassin’. In that interview he’s also asked what he’d like his last meal to be which is…freaky….

7. Why Mark Menendez likes drum.

Sounds like mussels like to hitch rides on drum, and that helps create shell beds. Didn’t know that….

8. Paul Elias’ 2018 Bassin’ Cat Lynx for sale.

It’s mauve, which is Paul’s fave color.

Kidding. About the boat color….

9. First MLF/BPTer event at Toho…mostly.

> Though the majority of the Jan 29-Feb 3 action will take place on historic Lake Toho, the championship round will be held on another nearby body of water out of respect for the FLW tournament that follows.

10. MLF/BPT ain’t playin’.

> …will have 850 hours of programming across 6 networks…includes 2 hours next to NFL games on CBS in Dec 2019 and an hour next to the NFL playoffs in Jan 2020.

Those cats are like:

They also have a new HQ in Tulsa.

11. Most 2018 Elites were won crankin’.

From a good post on the Bassin’masters:

> Takahiro Omori, Lake Martin, Lucky Craft LC 1.5 Silent Squarebill

> Kevin VanDam, Grand Lake, Strike King KVD 1.5 Squarebill

> Wesley Strader, Kentucky Lake, PH Custom Lures Crank

Also 2 frowg wins on rivers — Greg Hackney, Sabine, ‘squatch pattern with a Strike King KVD Sexy Frog, and Ish Monroe, upper Miss, River2Sea Phat Mat Daddy Frog — and 2 dropshot wins in smallie territory.

Unless I’m not reading right, all the ’18 Elite winners (more dudes than just those guys) are now fishing BPT.

12. ’19 FLW Tour field will be 170 folks.

But supposed to be 150 in 2020. Maybe they should just go completely the other way and have:

13. FLW and Rapala still lookin’ fer young’n anglers.

For the Varsity Bass You-Tube series…. Apply here.

14. CA: Oroville open again after the Camp Fire.

Glad to hear….

15. TN: Chickamauga has too many tourneys?

16. TN senator has an “Aquatic Spraying Study Committee”…

…to try to get to the fishermen/no other folks/yes issues. Good thing is he fishes, and his son’s on the Bryan College bassin’ team so….

17. ID removing some limits on bass.

Guess it’s because bassin’ has NO LIMITS cuz:

18. Bass Pro Shops now sponsoring ACA collegiate bass.

Was Cabela’s….

19. AL: Fire at G&R Plastics.

Believe they pour baits for some folks, sounds like everyone was okay — hope so.

20. Sweet Electric/Daiwa giveaway.

21. Bigmouth Billy Bass now has Alexa.

Pretty sure it’s curable tho….

22. For Yeti, drinkware accounts for more $$ than coolers.

Top line = revenue = $$ before expenses:

> …the coolers category…made up 45% of top line in the first half of 2018. The drinkware…came in at 52% of revenue.

Did you know Yeti is now a public company? Had no idea but it’s on the NYSE: YETI (duh).

Tip of the Day

How Jordan Lee spools his eggbeater.

This is reason #1 that I don’t like spinning reels: line twist. It’s annoying, and dealing with it wastes fishing time. But J-Lee says this way of spooling up line will help prevent all that:

> Start by running the line from the filler spool through only one guide, the one closest to the reel.

> Then keep you filler spool as close to your reel as possible. A foot is as far away as you ever want the two of them to get. The more the line flops around the more twist you’ll get it when it’s on the reel.

> …the direction of the line from the filler spool to the reel spool. I start in the conventional manner — same direction — but I never take my eyes off the line. I spool slowly. The second I see any twist between the filler spool and the reel I stop and flip the spool over.

> …it’s not about the direction of travel. It’s about the presence of twist, or the lack of twist.

> …cheap fluorocarbon. Do not even try to spool a spinning reel with it. I use Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. Along with that, always use a high-quality line conditioner on the line as you spool it and while you’re fishing with it. I use Reelsnot.

> And don’t overfill your reel. Leave a little lip between your line and the face of your reel spool. …that’ll make all the difference in the world when it comes to line twist.

Quote of the Day

“I was used to running 40 miles to get a bite.”

– Lol! Dude who’s talkin’s bud convinced him to give bass yakkin’ a try. Also said:

> “It sounds crazy, but since can’t cover as much water in a kayak, have to slow down and find the fish in the area you’re in. You can’t run 10 miles, or even 2 miles, down the lake. You’re committed. Have to find a way to make the fish hit.

> “I do a lot more finesse fishing than power fishing now, and I catch 10-to-1 more fish off my kayak than I did off my bass boat.”

That’s a clue for the MLF/BPT guys! Stay put and fish crappie stuff…maybe?

Shot of the Day

Elitist Kelly Jaye says when he waves his rod a certain way underwater, the bass come up and dance. Not sure if he’s fibbin’ but then…this pic:


Apple launches 10% discount for active military and vets.

Good! Gives me hope. Bless you all military folks!

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