Cool new stuff, 4 great jerkbaits, Bentz back in boat biz

Hope you and your families have a great day eating Tofurkey:

That right there is enough reason not to be a vegetarian…gross. Anyhow, enjoy your birds, and since the Kumars go around the table saying what they’re thankful for, will say that I’m super-thankful for Jesus (always first…unless I mess it up, which I unfortunately do) and you — all bass-heads everywhere.

Special thank you to anyone in the military serving overseas. We miss you folks. Take care.

Today’s Top 5

“When I haven’t been performing well, and then I do bad in a tournament, sometimes I feel like selling all of my gear.”

– BPTer Brent Ehrler talkin’ in a post about wantin’ to be a pro skier, like…James Bond?? [hmmm emoji]

Hope to run into Brent when he feels like this and LOAD UP! I’ll take ALL those Daiwas, Sunline, what else you got in there man? Hahaha Ehrler!

6 Coolio bassin’ thangs found around the webz.

Clockwise from top L:

> Cool-lookin’ Raid Japan plastic blade bait.

> #stout @albassguide trifecta.

> Do you have more bass in your truck than Scott Martin?

> Diggin’ this “pink belly” color of the Missile Baits D Bomb. Johnny Crews sometime finds an acorn….

> Whatever they’re feeding this bluegill in this @pigpatrol shot needs to be on the menu everywhere. #roids

> Bigfoot/human hybrid spotted on OK sideline. Suggest genetic testing to verify….

4 new things I found on Tackle Warehouse…

…when I was putting together the awesome Git It Black Friday/Cyber Monday issues comin’ yer way soon:

Clockwise from top L:

> Spook maker Heddon has a new chubbier-lookin’ Pop-R called the Pop’n Image. That color is “emerald shiner.”

> The 5″ Lunker City Spanky Worm (gp pictured) looks like an innerestin’ wacky bait.

> That’s 2.5″ of meaty Flanders Rig bait by Biwaa, called “The Patate 60” (Okeechobee color). Says it has a shrimp scent….

> Check the River2Sea Peter Thilveros PT Casting Hook — Looks kinda like it…talks! “Welded keeper that locks soft plastics firmly in-place.”

2 cool underwater vids.

LOVE underwater vids!

Check what the Fish Head V3 vertical-jigging head looks like — ever see a jighead do that?

Never knew the 3″ Reins Bubbling Shaker could have such crazy action:

3 $$$ bassin’ memes.

You’ll only get this if you’re a Kid Rock fan — wait, I’m not a fan and I get it:

Word is Jordan Lee burned up one of his rods at a Classic cuz of this:

Foolproof test! And possible Christmas present?


1. MD: We lost 2 folks on the upper Potomac.

> MD Natural Resources Police believe David King, 63, and Susan King, 62, went over the dam in their bass boat shortly after launching at Big Slackwater, a few miles upstream.

Bless you bassin’ brother and sister.

2. FLWer Blake Smith gets Yamamoto.

3. FLWer Todd Casteldine spoiled by big fish/big baits…

…in TX:

> “I almost despise all soft-plastic swimbaits out there because they don’t work at Rayburn, but I saw them work at Lanier and Cumberland.”
Said he’s learned….

4. FLWers will be on the History Channel…

…taking peeps on boat rides. Was REALLY hoping they’d be teaching some kinda history but:

> …David Dudley, Bryan Schmitt and Tim Cales will be featured on season 2, episode 3 of “It’s How You Get There” on the History Channel Sunday at 8 am.

Wonder if Dudley will have a chainsaw in his boat…remember that?

5. TN: Earl Bentz launching new boat company.

Earl was behind Triton and I believe at least one other bassin’ boat brand. New company will be called Caymas, will build salty and bass boats, and will be located in Ashland City, former location of Triton:

> …broke ground in Ashland City on Nov 19…the start of a company that is expected to create 280 jobs over the next 5 years.

6. FLW and Rapala partner for new college/HS reality series.

> FLW is seeking applicants to be featured in a new, original YouTube-based reality series, presented by Rapala, called Varsity Bass. Applicants should be a current high school or college fishing angler or team and are asked to submit their video through social media.

Dang good idea, good luck to all the peeps who apply! (Hit the link.)

7. SC: Lake Greenwood growing some big spots.

> It’s much easier to catch spots than largemouth now, but there are also starting to be some big spots in the 3- to 4-lb range weighed in.

8. NJ stocking salmon in Merrill Creek Rez??

Hope this makes the bass there YUGE!

9. Merc parent Brunswick all in on marine.

> Brunswick Corp. is spinning off its fitness division and abandoning its longtime diversification strategy, and instead will look to marine parts and accessories as a way to weather economic downturns.

Brunswick also owns Lund and Crestliner boats, among other brands. Website here.

10. Little bit about the new Pure Fishing owners.

Few headlines:

14. Costa has new titanium frames.Such like these — first ask yourself whether you’re cool enough, or your ride is cool enough, to wear ’em (heehee):

15. Favorite rods now on Tackle Warehouse.

Good news for anyone who’s tried to get one but they were sold out on the Favorite website.

16. Woo Tungsten looking for pro staff.

17. Black Friday deals.



BUT wait for the Tackle Warehouse deals!!

Tip of the Day

Kelley Jaye jerkbaits all year, and here’s his faves.

Good tip from the Elitist on the Bassin’mastery. Can’t believe this post wasn’t scribbled by Hank “that’s all I throw” Cherry:

> I have at least a couple of jerkbaits tied on year-round, and you should, too. Once you develop confidence in it, you’ll be using it even when others wouldn’t consider one.

> I’ve generally narrowed it down to 4 different models: A SPRO McStick, a Megabass Vision 110, an old school Rattlin’ Rogue and a Lucky Craft Pointer. You’ll have to let the fish tell you which one they want on any given day, but there are some general rules.

> Everything’s bigger in TX, so when I’m down there I usually start with the Rogue, which often seems to produce bigger fish. When I’m up north in smallmouth country, I’ll go with a smaller bait, like the SPRO or the Megabass.

> Don’t hesitate to tweak the lures, too. When smallmouth are shy in super-clear water sometimes I’ll put a smaller hook in the middle and increase the size on each end. That seems to get me more bites.

> I’ll have a pro green or ghost minnow, a shad pattern (with some white in it), and for more stained water a gold one with a black back and an orange belly.

Quote of the Day

“Football kept me from some tournaments so I quit everything, even hunting.”

– Brian Robison talkin’ ’bout why he retired from the Vikes. KIDDING! (But might be true?) Naw it’s OK HS young’n Noah Daczewitz talkin’ ’bout wantin’ to be a pro bass-head someday. Good luck dude!

Shot of the Day

Nice double o’ Cali spotted fats by @josh_parris_fishing on the ima Glide Fluke — which I think is a daily special today at TW. Bet he thought he had a giant lol:

Ya got me
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