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Bass stuff I am looking at on Black Friday part 1

Hope your turkey-vulture day was good and you get some rest this weekend — “rest” meaning surfing through Tackle Warehouse lol! Seriously, here’s SOME o’ the things I’ll be lookin’ to buy on sale or wantin’/needin’, plus some “reminders” for ya. Got carried away so this is a 2-parter….

On the bassin’ road all next week — back at ya soon! Thanks for readin’!

Here goes, part 1, in no particular order:

Killa stuff from Japan

Japan bassin’ stuff rocks but it’s spendy so gotta be on sale. Here’s some on my Yes and Maybe list. Mostly topwater hard baits of course:

Been wantin’ to try one (or two) of these ultra-hot topwaters, but hadn’t wanted to give up the $20 each to do that. Justin Lucas did give me a couple of his new Berkley Cane Walkers tho….

2. OSP Bent Minnow

Guess it’s not exactly a only-on-topwater, but it’s right at the surface and sometimes jumps outta the water — crazy lookin’. Check the vid. Fishing that you might be called:

It pops (duh) but with a knock because it has a weight in it. But that knock supposedly ain’t the deal. The deal is that the weigh is attached to a spring, which makes the bait quiver in place after you move it. I’m curious….

Designed by Freddy Roumbanis — who I’m beginning to think likes weird baits (#frogfur) — this is a wake bait that on video has a really cool action. Plus that color’s called “stink bug.”

Note that this is NOT a “Roomba,” which doesn’t have as good action and only catches cats:

Not a big finesse jigger, but that name is great — think it means “melon dagger.” Maybe. Anyhow, it’s a 1/16- or 3/32-oz tungsten jig with a “super fine cut” rubber skirt. I’d love to hear any Hibdon’s opinion of it….

Did you know: Yo-Zuri baits are legit, ultra-detailed, super cool-looking Japanese baits — that DO NOT COST high $! How great is that? Check ’em here. Few recommends to ya:

> 3DR Series Vibe — Smaller great-lookin’ lipless.

> Rattl’n Vibe — Oh…my…goodness. The finishes! Check holographic bluegill:

> Flat Crank — Squarebill-ish applications but different.

> 3DB Prop — Too much to say here but worth if for you to check out if you’re a topwater guy.

> 3DR Pencil — Killer walker. Check this super-cool beginning to Brandon Card’s new Pencil vid:

Crazy (for me) stuff I wanna try

Crazy in my bassin’ world, maybe not yours:

Do these things really work?? I assume so cuz they’re on Tackle Warehouse, but can’t make up my mind if I wanna throw one, hang one from my rear view mirror or make a chandelier outta them. Okay, I wanna throw one….

Decoy is a Japanese company. The Zero-Dan Flash is supposed to have an action that combines that vibe jig blade with a jika rig.

Know some pros use the regular Prop Bee, thought I’d beat ’em to the punch by gettin’ me one of the Dead ones, which like on their sides. Weird and makes sense….

Can I jack a spoon? Am I crazy enough to throw that thing around docks?? Don’t know yet…BUT I believe James and the other spoon-jackers are onto something. At least lotsa bass haven’t seen it yet… Key with his spoon is its supposed to fall backwards — need a slack line. Here’s Worldwide learnin’ ya on it (vid).
Is this the greatest wacky rig hook/head we haven’t heard about — even tho I covered it in a Blaster a while back? I don’t know, haven’t fished it yet. TW says the supposed benefits of it are:
1. More distance on every cast.
2. Fish deeper areas more effectively.
3. The bait falls quicker.
4. Easier to keep in contact with the bottom.
5. Most importantly, it creates a wicked irregular action that looks exactly like a real worm squirming in the water.

6th Sense makes some wild/different stuff, like the Movement 80X and this bait, the Swank 77X. Lookit that crazy bill! What’s it do? How’s it feel in the water? I want to know….

Welllllllllll — not exactly sure about this one. 8″ and $130 = $16.25 per inch! But if I were a walking bait nut (check!) and had the coin (not so much!), I’d consider it…but only if the 6″ Strike King Mega Dawg wasn’t enough somehow.

Reach stuff

1. Anything ‘lectronic.

If I can save $$$, gotta take a look at the latest and greatest. Right now ketchin’ my eye are the latest from Humminbird and Garmin. If I’m a-gettin’ a new boat, it’s gonna have the Ultrex/Spot-Lock deal (partly because that means Power-Poles not really needed) so might be leanin’ to ‘Birds….

ONLY problem is, didn’t budget for ’em with the Mrs…. Been running down a bunch of stuff to say — I need it for the new boat, It was on sale (she uses that one all the dang time!), We need to support Tackle Warehouse (heehee), etc. — but don’t think any of it’s gonna fly so….

Do you Float n Fly? Of course not! No one does, even though it’s in Bassmaster Mag every year — hahaha Hall! Seriously, though — I want to learn it. I think it’ll be like crappie fishing, just with fish that actually FIGHT. Lol, crackin’ myself up….

Anyhow, these floats are supposed to be the deal and they’re made in AR so….
Hahaha Razorbacks fans! Feel your pain #giantsfan

Hit the sales!

Along with Tackle Warehouse, check these — both start today and run through Tuesday:

50% OFF web specials!

> “Hundreds of styles, multifunctional headwear, hats, knitted neckwarmers, headbands, balaclavas, gloves and more.”

SALE catalog is here.

Use this code — CyberAlpha18 — to get 20% off all rods!

30% off, use code: BLACKFRIDAY

Today thru 11/28 at 11:59 pm EST.

Whachoo theen Sidious?

He always says that! Dude’s all drama….

Ya got me

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