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Today’s Top 5

Derpy melons of the week!

Is this the world’s first derp on a River2Sea “ain’t jus’ local” Worldwide Spoon?? Bass-head Dale M got him this fish of a lifetime on Stockton Lake, MO and said, “That spoon is a legit fish catcher!” I’m sure he means derp-catcher but whatever:

This derp was stalkin’ Ray W on Broken Bow, OK. Spooky. Was after a Luck E Strike G-5 crank (crawfish boil):

John H said his bud Chris caught this Oneida Lake, NY derp, the highlight of over ONE HUNNERT smalls caught in a few hours..!! Ketched it on a Z-Man Finesse TRD (pbj) on a 1/5-oz shroom head, 12-lb Sufix 832 braid to 8-lb Sunline FC Sniper fluoro:

Former Bassmaster pro Terry Baksay caught a derpy smallmouth on Candlewood Lake, CT that had a head kinda shaped like a bluegill:

Fooled it with a 3.3 Keitech FAT (alewife) on a 1/4-oz jighead, 15-lb Sufix braid to 8-lb Sufix fluoro. Was wearing Mako Blade shades in photochromatic — “they worked great in the snow that I fished in all day.” #hardcore

Couple tourney MEGA-melons!

Gitcha 11-lb ditch on!

Kickin ‘er off with Shane Cox, Hammer Rods owner and head fishing coach at Blue Mountain College. Said: “I’ve been chasing these bass around for the past 49 years hoping with every cast to persuade a true wall-hanger to hit. Today I broke my personal best with a 11.57 at the scales [at Pickwick]. Measurements were taken (20.5″ long, 25.5″ girth) for a replica mount…. We came up just short of the win with a total weight of 26.58….” Said he Alabammy-rigged with a 7′ 11″ XH Hammer Elite rod:

TX hammer (and now FLWer) Dicky Newberry caught this 11.23 on a chrome (blue back?) Rat-L-Trap in a Rayburn tourney — for the win with pardner Ken Smith:

Do smaller trebles land more fish??

Of course we bass-heads always try to UP-size our trebles but check this:

> …been working with Westin to develop his Release Rig which can be used to improve landing rates when used in conjunction with hard and soft baits for pike and other predators. [But maybe bass too? They don’t do much bass in Euro-land.]

> The Release Rig is a hook-mounting system that allows anglers to scale down 4 to 5 hook sizes — giving better penetration, safer hook-holds and higher landing rates. Additionally, the much smaller hooks, with reduced barbs, give shorter unhooking times and less bleeding….

What it looks like:

Also check this deal:

> …also launched The Release Connector — a hook holder made of biodegradable plastic that enables the angler to use much smaller and better-penetrating hooks.

Is this ‘lectric truck for real?

Rivian R1T electric truck…never heard of it. Looks like they only have prototypes right now, base price of $69K not including any federal tax credit:

Info (from here):

> The R1T packs a quad pack of motors managed by a central torque control system to deliver 147 kW (197 hp) to each wheel….

> The R1T is an absolute performance beast when it comes to torque, with a combined 14,000 Nm (11,120 lb-ft) of torque to the tires. …2019 Chevy Silverado sports 910 lb-ft of torque….

> “The beauty and elegance of our quad-motor setup isn’t just about brute power. This architecture provides instantaneous torque with extremely precise control at each wheel….”

> The improved torque translates to a towing rating of 11,000 lbs…and a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds. That’s madness for a truck….

> Stepping up the range to a higher-trimmed battery pack will only inflate the price further, putting the longer range versions so far out of reach for the average worker…. These packs translate to 230+, 300+, and 400+ miles of range per charge while the packs themselves translate to 10s of thousands of dollars of batteries in each vehicle.

Whoa. If it happens and they can bring the cost down, it could be a thing…maybe. Here’s the SUV version:

Lookin’ Ranger Rover-ish.

The site is — I can’t link it.

Is this why the Flanders Rig is all that?

You might think it’s all about being bite-sized, but here’s a point BPTer Stephen Browning makes about Senko-type stickworms that might change your mind (or not):

> “If you think about it, a young-of-the-year bass starts feeding on little bitty worm-like microorganisms. That shape is imprinted on their brains from a very young age as food. It’s good stuff that’s not going to harm them.”

Hmm. Could be? That would mean this would be our Ned Rig-type food:

Btw, this just hit the internet — how the Ned dude came across the secret of his rig. Seems pretty cold-hearted man:


1. Few more fishin’ tiddybits about President Bush #41.

Amazing eulogy from his son, President Bush #43. Wow.

> Ray Scott: “He definitely loved to fish and always admired the pro anglers.”

> “…piloted his speedboat [saltwater fishing boat] like a fighter plane” [as a former Navy pilot would!]….

> Johnny Morris: “In 2009 I get this note from the President, it says…here is our Christmas card for this year. Please notice the shameless advertising on my shirt and he’s wearing a Bass Pro shirt on the Christmas card….”

2. We lost Mick Thill.

Wasn’t a bass-head but for sure created great floats that MANY fishermen use.

3. OK: Tornado pounds Tenkiller.

Sounds like families on the lake, which include fishermen, are okay — hope so.

4. Hunter Shryock’s good insight into being an Elite rookie.

Read it in case you wanna do it and think it’s all about fishing.

5. Two good posts from FLWer Randy Blaukat.

Warning: His Facebook page was hacked, along with 10s of millions of others. Facebook is sketchy as heck. Anyhoo:

Why younger guys on tour might be doing better than the vets — Most interesting parts to me were eyesight and technology.

His thoughts on Peter T quitting the FLW Tour this year — Great line in it is the Quote of the Day.

Props to Randy for thoughtful opinions that are well-stated. Some people don’t even bother on social media cuz of all the angry trolls out there….

6. Bassmaster shows will air on Pursuit channel.

Interesting and good. Believe Pursuit is the only 24/7 outdoor TV channel NOT owned by the conglomerate that owns Outdoor Channel and part of MLF.

7. TN: FL bass have made Chick bass bigger.

> In the year 2000, the year TWRA begin stocking FL largemouth bass in Chickamauga Lake, the average largemouth bass caught on the lake weighed 1.42 lbs. For the last 5 years the average bass weighed about 3.5 lbs, hitting a staggering 4.15 lbs in 2016.

That’s a pretty dang stout average….

8. AZ: High water might have affected Havasu spawn.

9. LA: Shrimp bait catching bass on tidal Sabine.

Vudu shrimp. By the looks of it, any shrimp or realistic craw should work….

10. CA: Bass food put in Camanche and Diamond Valley.

Aka stocker trout.

11. WI/IA: Will the Corps rehab Pool 10?

12. Really digging the new Rapala vid.

Very cool. Makes me wanna fish and I’m just a teeny bit older than those kids:

13. AR: 5K crappie stocked in Swepco Lake.

Factoid: Giant bass in Lake Fork, TX are caught by crappie fishermen — the bass latch onto the big crappie. So….

14. Bridgford fund-raising program for school bassin’ clubs.

Haven’t checked it out but if it involves beef jerky, good!

15. AL: All U of AL’s fishing team tackle stolen.

Dang sorry to hear. Sounds like they’re getting donations, which is good.

Tackle theft seems to be happening more and more. Are folks hurting so bad that they need to do this or is it meth-heads?

16. PA: 2019 feeshn licenses now available.

I love that! Having to run out and get any kinda license Jan 1 here in NJ stinks…. Anyone else’s state have 2019 licenses available now?

17. Raymarine has new Element tech.

> Delivering the sharpest view of the underwater world, Element’s HyperVision 1.2 MHz sonar technology, turns up the resolution of DownVision, SideVision and RealVision 3D to a new level of precision imaging and fish identification, letting you see structures, vegetation, and fish with amazing life-like clarity.


18. Hit T-H for this sweaty special.


19. Clenzoil has a reel care kit.

Use it for my shotguns, also use Sea Foam’s Deep Creep.

20. NMMA not stoked about EPA’s ethanol requirements.

21. ME: Will lobster fishermen be a market for Asian carp?

They’re faced with bait shortage and saltwater baitfish regs. Personally, I’d love to be in the room when ME guys are talking to TN/KY guys. Might need a translator…both ways….

22. Tackle Warehouse has 25 days of savings yo!

Started today:

Updatin’ ya

1. Couple guys you’ve heard of knew what these baits were.

Had ’em in the last Blaster:

Greg Hackney:

> “That’s a Baby Ashley. I’ve never used one, but had a cousin from TN that would stay with us during the summer…would use them.” [He also said: “I’ve been squatching for a month, and now that I’m a Mossy Oak guy I finally have the last piece of the puzzle.”] HAHAHA!

Mark Menendez:

> “Those baits you asked about were the Rabble Rouser and Baby Ashleys — the one in the middle is called a Deep Baby Ashley. You could only retrieve the deep version at a slow speed as they would not track right.

> “I got them in a Bassmaster Magazine trial offer. I remember catching a 4-lb largemouth on it on a roadbed. At that time [1975!] it was one of the biggest bass I had caught. It came from my mentor Clyde Watts’ boat. He is responsible for a huge portion of my fishing knowledge of pattern fishing. I still talk with him at age 92!”

How cool is that stuff!

2. Heard from a biologist about the carp herp deal.

> We have documented die-offs of common carp here in [state] due to Koi Herp*s Virus. It is already present in our waters, no it is not going to eliminate any non-native carp. As a matter of fact, the virus may be present for years and not cause any die-offs. In the die-offs we documented, it appeared that until the common carp became stressed, in poor condition, the virus did not cause any harm.

> I know folks are always hoping for “silver bullets”…however, it should be noted that viruses can mutate and can make the leap from one species to another.

3. Drew Benton won an ’18 Elite…

…and he’s still on the Elites. Tx to Andy W for pointing that out.

4. Greatest FB dm I got recently:

> “What’s the record on bass fish. I’ve been catching some pretty big ones lately.”

Tip of the Day

Andy Montgomery: Skipping docks can be like ice cream on a brownie.

The sweet, luscious brownie is when you can skip one into the furthest reaches of the universe — I mean a dock — like Andy can, and the ice cream is when you catch one. That’s what he says!This vid’s a COMPLETE RUNDOWN of his dock-skipping baits and techniques, including why he likes 1/2-oz WAY more than 3/8:

Skippin’ gear he mentioned:
> 1/2-oz (NOT a 3/8!) Strike King Skipping Jig
> Strike King Rage Bug trailer
> He likes blue craw and black/blue the most.

Btw here’s an older MLF vid with Andy on dock-skipping mistakes, which is good but kinda long.

Quote of the Day

You would be amazed how many of today’s anglers have never heard of Roland Martin but can tell you the shoe size of an Elite series rookie…that’s messed up.

– HAHAHA no I wouldn’t be amazed! Randy Blaukat talkin’.

Well…why would they know about Roland and other bassin’ legends if no one talks about them? But…if anyone’s fished a tourney, they’ve played by rules that had to be enacted to keep Roland fishin’ between the lines! Not sayin’ he did anything illegal, just was constantly pushing the boundaries….

Here’s Roland getting one of his many wins, with Ray Scott:

Shot of the Day

Does this happen when smallies hold their breath too long??

Either that or it’s too much Instagram…or he maybe saw a Bassquatch….

Client of WI guide Jimmy Doering caught it on a Nedded goby (gp).

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