Cool bassin stuff for Cyber Monday part 2

Here you go! Part 1 was on Black Friday, hope you dug it, here’s the rest. Get yer bassin’ stuff wherever you need to, but of course links to Tackle Warehouse are in here. Kinda feel sorry for the TW peeps cuz I hear those folks are seriously underworked and need some OT hahaha!

Anyhow, hope your land-buzzard day was good, enjoy this’n, back at ya when I’m back from whirlin’ around the bassin’ universe next week. #someonesgottadoit

Oops almost forgot — doin’ this wearin’ one of my new fave hoodies, the navy T-H Marine one — which I believe is on sale!

Fill yer rod locker!

1. All kinda reels

Alphabetical order:

Lower-priced Tatula at $160, Daiwa pros told me it’s really dang good and I need a couple reels so…. Or I could get the Tatula SV for a few more $$.

Sooooo nice. Can I afford an Exist? No. If I could, would I scream and yell at anyone who got too close to it…like Brandon Palaniuk does? (Hahaha BP!) Yep I for sure would so guess it’s good I can’t afford one….

Pick one, any one. Spinnin’ reels too.

2. All kinda rods

Lol! Alphabetical order:

Honestly, take your pick, they’re all REALLY good. Co-designed by some kid from ID — Brandon or Brendan something (heehee) — crazy, crazy good rods. Maybe my current faves.

Not available on the TW, but lucky for you they’re on sale on the Alpha website til Tues. Use this code — CyberAlpha18 — to get 20% off.

Make sure you sign up for the email list because Jake Boomer — Alpha owner who has a PhD in Rod Geekery — emails out offers on special limited-run rods that’ll make you be like:

Daiwa Tatula Elites

Here and here. Sweet but spendy so get ’em on sale!

Great rods for the money. If you need a bunch and can get ’em even cheaper than they already are then….

Gary Dobyns used to be a pretty good fisherman and took a rod-building course in high school so you might want to give these a shot.

HAHAHA Gary, love ya man! Of course they’re legit…and so’s Gary….


If you’re into feeshn swimbaits, gotta imagine these rods would be tough to beat…but you’d know better than me….

You can’t buy a bad Kistler rod. Or I guess a better way of saying it (sorry Trey!) is they’re ALL good. If you’ve been waiting to try one, now’s the time….

Y’all know it’s tough to beat Lew’s for value. If you’re a ledge-head or wanna be, this might be the time to get a couple of the Mark Rose Ledge Series rods.

Have a serious Jones about the $$$ Megabass Destroyer Rods. Serious. Stalking Chris Zaldain’s truck serious. Maybe a little because of:

Anyhow, for me those rods might be too nice to use. I’m hard on stuff man….

Stuff to remind myself and you about….

You know — you wanted to try it or buy it, or can’t have enough of ’em….

Allegedly the best — I don’t own one…yet!

Are they expensive? Yep — 4 for a Benjamin is pricey. BUT they really are all that, so if you’re gonna throw ’em…make sure your line is good!

(Didja know: Megabass squarebills cost just as much.)

Fluorocarbon is expensive so…if you always wanted to have more than just Seaguar Red Label on your reels, now’s your chance!

I get it cuz it’s all good so:
> Tatsu is the best.
> InvizX is super-popular with the pros, for all kinds of stuff.
> If you’re around zebra mussels and not fishing AbrazX, you’re knuts!

$9.99 so get it on sale. Hard-foam bait, won’t break (or VERY tough to break it), sounds different too. Is it worth one and a half regular squarebills? Find out! My 2c: Legit bait.

5. Balsa squarebills

PH Custom Lures Wesley’s Secret — It’s a secret but it’s on Tackle Warehouse?? Lol, it’s Strader’s bait, those TN guys know cranks like NC guys do….

Black Label Cliff Pace CBS — Says each one is made by Cliff? If true, sold.

6. Soft plastics

YUM Dingers — Get ’em bag by bag or in 30-packs, either way stock up and save you some bucks! The 30-count bulk packs now include the “Elder’s magic” color:

Guess the originals — Yamamoto Senkos — are on sale too?

BioSpawn ExoStick — Seth Feider is always fishin’ these things in the “Feider shad” color:

Asked him to ask them to pour me a special “Feider Dew” color or “Feider stache” color but no word yet….

BioSpawn lineup is growin’ — word is big things in the works….

Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grubs — Will say it again: Hugely underrated KILLER bait/trailer.

7. Terminal tackle

Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Weights — Tungsten is expensive so good to get it on sale…(duh!).

VMC Neko Hooks — Probly the most-used new hook on the Elites this year. Regular and weedless.

Gamakatsu Aaron Martens G-Finesse Hook — 100% take to the bank anything Aaron develops. He is meticulous like almost no one else is. He’s also banned by several Las Vegas casinos, but that’s a different story….

Fish Head Bucktail Spin — New, I wanna try it, check it:

8. Scents

Scents might be even more important with slooooooow-feeshn Ned rigs. Alpha order:

Megastrike — Bobby Uhrig is a mad AND angry (lol) scientist and this might be the greatest thing he ever created in his pondside ditch lab….

Smelly Jelly — Never forget the first time I used this stuff — it stunk! #works

YUM Spray — If you’d rather spray it than paste it, give this a spray….

The pros are on the water more than pretty much all of us, and they all wear BUFFs and gloves (and of course hats). The hotty-too-hot sun ain’t no joke man, plus you can look this cool wearin’ it:

BUFF makes HIGH-QUALITY stuff that protects you in the heat and in the cold. I’ve learned — and maybe you have too — that just cuz it looks like a BUFF doesn’t mean it is. So hit the BIG BUFF SALE and get yourself taken care of.

10. Boat stuff

If’n you…just…can’t…spend the $$ to upgrade yer boat DURING the season, now’s the time to hit the T-H Marine stuff. This dude works in the warehouse there, a little weird but his heart’s in the right place:

For example, check you the T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator — ain’t sexy but it is sweet. Get a better trolling motor….

Mustang Accel 100 PFD — If you need a couple new PFDs, the non-inflatable kind, I hear these are supposed to be the deal…$80.

11. Scales

You know you need one that works! Here’s 2 from Rapala:

> Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale

> Rapala High Contrast Digital Scale

Y’all see it in the Blaster cuz it works and honestly is fun to watch/track. Plus for me, it makes some fishin’ days — high-rated ones — even more anticipated. Up to you….

Ol’ standbys and fun stuff

Here you go — this stuff won’t break the bank so get ’em even cheaper!

Rapala DTs — Designed by David Fritts back in the day, pros like the Ike’s Ink colors.

Strike King 5XD and 6XDs — Like the DTs, these are must-haves. Maybe get the silent versions if you’re already stocked.
Storm Wiggle Warts and the similar but different SPRO Rk Crawlers — Yep!

Rat-L-Traps — Like jerkbaits, these work ALL YEAR ROUND! ‘Speriment with different colors. Remember: Sometimes gold is better than red. (Also check the new pro-requested and co-designed Bill Lewis MR-6.)

SPRO Bronzeye 65 Frowgies — EVERYONE has these in their boat, mostly because they look so dang cute. Wait, what? It’s cuz they get the bass to blow up! (Think I’m losin’ it….) If you got all the regular frogs, check the Poppin’ version, the Shad version or the Spit Shad.

Lunkerhunt topwaters — Try the Turtle, cicada-looking Bug or Rat, but fer sher make sher you have the awesomely fun Lunker Frog or the tougher Combat Frog. (Btw the Bento Minnow can be a killer dropshot bait.)
BOOYAH ToadRunner — If you haven’t had all kinds of fun with this, get ’em!
Heddon Spook — You probly never lose one, but mebbe there’s a feehsn bud who’s so crazy he doesn’t have a dozen of these in his boat. Remember: Jason Christie swears by the One Knocker version….

Hit the sales!

They’re all endin’ soon — Monday or Tuesday, except for the BassBlaster apparel stuff. So save some $$!

Along with Tackle Warehouse, check these:

50% OFF web specials, SALE catalog here.

Use this code — CyberAlpha18 — to get 20% off all rods!

30% off, use code: BLACKFRIDAY

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