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Hope y’all had a great weekend! Little shorter Blaster today cuz of the holiday but still some laughs and chin-scratchin’ tips for ya — enjoy it bass-heads!

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Today’s Top 4

Latest innerestin’ stuff from across the Pacific….

Check this — looks like string is there to give it some extra-extra?

Google translate implies this has something to do with Edwin Evers:

> For example, if it is hot with a pecan, fishing of vertical warming a thick part of the windmill!

New-ish Japanese brand “Infinite Seeds Makers” came out with its first bait, the Carver swim-jig. Design is supposed to make it more weedless — click the pic to see the vid:

You might need a leash to walk this:

Check this “Beat Gangs” tiny crank:

Btw word is the new BOOYAH Squelcher buzzbait is killin’ it in Japan….

Starting points: 5 fall cranks.

Excerpted from, but not able to link to it…. Brandon Card talkin’ a few years ago, before he had his current sponsor roster. So sorry to out him about these baits since he’s probably using different ones now, but these are great starting points for crankin’ and he knows his stuff so here we go:

1. Lipless: Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe — “The shallowest option for me…start by fishing this bait right up on the bank on mud flats and in the backs of creeks and pockets. I use the 3/8-oz size most of the time and fish the bait at a really fast pace. The key for me is to find bass chasing baitfish…. I will use a chrome-colored bait when the sun is out and switch to a shad pattern if it is cloudy.”

2. Squarebill: Lucky Craft LC 1.5 — “Basically where I stop throwing the lipless, I’ll pick up the squarebill. I focus on channel swings, steeper banks with rocks and the edges of flats. The other thing that I look for this time of year is logs and laydowns. …copper green shad in clearer water and white/black back in muddier water.”

3. Mid-depth crank: Bandit 200 — “…dives 4-8′ and that range is a great place to catch all 3 species…. I back out farther towards the main lake compared to my squarebill spots and head closer to points. I like to find rocky points close to where I would use the squarebill, just closer to the main lake. My favorite color for clear water is rootbeer and blue splatter back for dingier water.”

4. Deeper crank: Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr. (BD6) — “…dives 8-14’…I key on main lake points and back out a little deeper than the places I use the Bandit 200. They are often the same locations — I just position the bait differently and cast to deeper water. Flat points and steep points both produce — I will hit them all and just point hop until I find the type of points fish are using that day.

> “…clear water I will use foxy shad and citrus shad…. Many brands make a color called citrus shad, but Bomber makes one that is different from the rest. It has a metallic, reflective hue to it and I really like that color this time of year.”

5. Deep crank: Strike King 6XD — “I do not use a deep crankbait as much during this time of year, but there are times when you can find untapped schools of fish offshore…since most of the rest of the anglers are fishing shallow. …harder to find and fewer of them than in the summer, but it can be done.> “I look for ledges and humps and rely on my electronics to find the schools in 15-20+ feet of water. If the fish are less than 18′ deep, I will cast for them and if they are deeper, I will use the long-lining method to get the bait to dive down to the 20-22′ range.

> “The 6XD comes in rattling and silent versions and I will use both. I start with the rattling version to try for the most aggressive fish first and then start using the silent version once the bite slows down [many guys do that]. I use blue gizzard shad if the water is very clear and chartreuse sexy shad if it is slightly stained.”


Great Lakes first testing ground for unmanned vessels.


> Regardless of the vessel size or type tested, much of the autonomous technology, such as anti-collision software, sensors and sensor fusion is expected to be similar and applicable to a wide spectrum of unmanned vessels and vehicles.

Guess because the whole driverless cars thing has gone so well:

Still amazed those things are allowed on public roads. Who’s okaying that??

Be careful of driver-less boats. Wow. #torpedo


1. MDJ went a-bassin’ with NBAer Russell Westbrook.

Little bit of a late post here [blushing emoji] but still cool! Looks like Mark successfully back-boated the big man and caught all the bigs himself [crying laughing emoji]:

2. Brandon Palaniuk fished with the Japan AOY.

Very cool — dudes who don’t speak the same language have a lot in common #bassin. Gotta say BMP’s YT channel is one of the best fishing “shows:”

3. What Ott DeFoe likes to fish in fall.

> “I especially like slightly deeper pools way back at the end of long creeks, and isolated laydowns almost anywhere.”

Find out all his secret spots by winnin’ this chance to fish with him, from BUFF:

4. Other Elitist giveaways and contests.

> Brandon Palaniuk/Alpha Angler — ends TOMORROW

> Justin Lucas/EconoLodge

Hey all you Elites, if I’m missin’ 1 you’re doing, hit me back!

5. FLW champ Clent Davis breaks down his winning baits.

All his winning deets on, and reminder that his winning baits were:
> 12″ Mister Twister Mag Buzz Worm (plum apple)
> Yo-Zuri 3DR Pencil (gizzard shad)

6. FLWer James Niggemeyer on BassEdge Ray-o-dee.

7. FLW releases ’19 Tour rules.

Only thing that stood out to me is entries are now $35K total.

8. FLW moves ’19 Cup to Hamilton.

Because this happened sometimes at Ouachita:

9. MLFers get Abu, Berkley.

That’s a biggun, congrats to ’em. Wonder if this has anything to do with certain super-size rumors…?

10. Bass-head Brian Robison gone from Vikes.

Best bassin’ sack-dance dude ever in the history of football! Check this hookset and holdup:

Feel for ya brother, but just a new chapter of different awesomeness I’m sure. Money quote:

> DE Everson Griffen full quote on believing Brian Robison will play again: “If I know my dog White Chocolate, he’s playing. I think he’s going to play. He was looking good. He was playing good ball.”

Hahaha! Now I get why Brian has a thing for “white chocolate” Labs:

It’s don barone III, the sequel — membership deal at the link.

12. IL: 2 great charity tourneys coming.

Believer they’re on the Mississippi?

1. HS tournament Sept 9 benefitting the Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities. Will have a tagged fish contest – one bass will be worth a $50,000 Shimano college scholarship and another will be worth a Crestliner PT18 boat.

**MIGHT BE POSTPONED due to high water, check the website for updates.
2. 44th Annual [!!] Children’s Therapy Center Charity Bass Tournament on Sept 15 — here’s how it started in 19 and 75:

13. AL: ‘God is Bigger’ tourney looking for sponsors.

On Logan Marin in Oct.

14. TN: Carroll County gets $300K from derby.

Economic impact from the 5th annual Mossy Oak High School and Junior National Fishing Championship.

15. Significant savings with Seaguar bulk spools.

Saw some info on it, did a little math…I hope is right…. Prices from Tackle Warehouse for Seaguar InvizX fluoro:

10-lb 200-yd spool = $24.99 — 600 yds = $74.97

10-lb 600-yd spool = $67.99

So about $8 savings vs 3 regular-size spools. That’s pretty darn good for line of that quality….

16. Bass tubs are the #1 freshwater boat…

..according to the most recent US Fish and Wildlife Service survey:

17. Tackle Warehouse’s Labor Day sale is still on!!

Til sometime TODAY — in case you were too busy feeshn and eatin’ burgers this weekend:

Tip of the Day

How Jacob Wheeler rigs a buzzbait.

Check the pulling the soft-plastic over the head — click the pic for the vid:

That’s an Accent J-Wheels Buzzbait with a Biffle Bug.

Quote of the Day

“This year, that fish has hit the gunwale and bounced out.”

Jason Christie talkin’ in a super-honest post on the Bassin’Fan. Full quote:

> “I’ve always been one of those guys that for the most part whenever you flip a fish and the fish hits the side of the boat, most times that fish lands in the boat. This year, that fish has hit the gunwale and bounced out. There’s such a fine line there.”


> “Doubt isn’t the word because I don’t doubt myself to this day or the way I fish. I’m like, ‘Can I catch a break at the right time where I get one of those big trophies?’

> “Honestly, I need a kick in the b*tt.”

On that last one, I suggest:

Shot of the Day

A weird and unnatural fish, but those different color lenses crack me up! Don’t they make the @uncutangling dude look messed up?? #want

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