Are underwater cams good? Lake halls of fame, Bladed jig trailers

Been so hot here in NJ I’m seeing squirrels walk across the street like they’re wearing wet pants…. Hope your weather’s is better!

Today’s Top 5

You usin’ an underwater cam?

What I’m talkin’ ’bout (from here):

> “The camera showed us that the bass seemed to be in groups of 5 to 8 fish, hanging slightly higher off bottom than the walleyes. It was an efficient method of searching because one of us could run the trolling motor and the other guy could scope with the Aqua-Vu.

> “We could get super accurate by going over exact waypoints where we marked fish, drop the camera and get instant species verification — as well as seeing fish size and where they were set up relative to the rocks.”

That’s Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson. He even looks under docks with it:

My 2c is…not sure about this. Would it be cool to see that stuff? You bet. But how much of a guarantee about what’s down there and what they are do we all want?

I get it with big-time tourney fishing, but how much Elitist magic is there if they all know EXACTLY what’s in the lake? Those guys are magicians and wizards and I’d love to see it stay thataway.

Lemme know if you think my 2c ain’t gettin’ it yet…. Check out the Aqua-Vu cams on Tackle Warehouse….

Cool stuff from around the bassin’ webz.

Top row L to R:
> Mike Ike said he used the VMC Tokyo Rig (with a Berkley Jester) at the St. Lawrence.
> How ’bout this copper green YELLOW belly crank custom-painted by TackleKraft.
> @throughtheroof showed me this limited-run Deps members-only limited-run TX-rig Flanders bait — too funny!

Middle row L to R: Lids!
> 6th Sense Rayburn hat — I hardly ever fish there and it’s still sick!
> Fish Head 3D logo hat — Want!
> BassBlaster Yupoong 2-tone trucker flatty — Represent!

Bottom row L to R:
> Can’t match the hatch better’n that @billlewisfishing — A ‘Trap of course….

> @paulkrew_custombaits blue crab jig/trailer. Yep, tidal basses eat crabs. Bass eat anything man….
> What is it about these @doomsdaytackle C-Shads? Haven’t fished ’em but they look…fishy.

Bulk spools are more betterer.

Sent in by bass-head Adam R, whose brain I assume is larger than average (or bigger’n mine anyhow). Reminder — here’s what was in the last Blaster:

Prices from Tackle Warehouse for Seaguar InvizX fluoro:

> 10-lb 200-yd spool = $24.99 — 600 yds = $74.97
> 10-lb 600-yd spool = $67.99
> So about $8 savings vs 3 regular-size spools.

What Adam said:

> You are correct, but here’s a different angle on it. Let’s say you top-shot your fluoro on your reel. Let’s figure the average top-shot is 75 yds.

> A 200-yd spool of 10-lb line is $24.99 — you can top-shot 2 reels with 75 yds and then you have 50 yds left over. You might be able to put that 50 yds as a top-shot on a flipping rod…or maybe use it for leader material, or it might go to waste.

> So $12.98 per top-shot for 2 reels, or $9.37 per top-shot for 2.67 reels.

> A 600-yd spool of 10-lb line is $67.99 — you can top-shot 8 reels with 75 yds: 8 x 75 = 600. So this comes out to $8.49 per top-shot for 8 reels.

> Looking at it this way, buying the smaller spools will cost 150% per top-shot than the larger spool.

> This goes for most line, not just Seaguar. If you can afford the bigger spool and have a place to keep it and keep it from breaking down, it is always a better option.
Word! Tx man!

Awesome idea: Lake Hall of Fames.

Saw this post about a guy being inducted into the Legends of Clarks Hill wall at the Tommy Shaw Memorial Weigh-In Station:

> The Legends program is the brainchild of Ron Brown, a Vietnam veteran…and his friend, Barry Frazier. He felt the weigh-in station would be the perfect place to house the Legends.

Great idea fellers! Love to see this at other lakes…but also can see it causing a lot of TOTALLY NORMAL bassin’ jealousy hahaha!

WTHeck’s going on?

Bassin’ world’s been abuzz with rumors which — being rumors — may or may not be true at all. Been lettin’ ’em go as I always do, but they’ve been stickin’ around (like a booger or Smelly Jelly lol) so here you go — kinda like this:

Hope everyone keeps their heads and makes some prayer-guided decisions…assumin’ any of the rumors actually aren’t rumors. Bassin’ will be fine regardless, always is….


1. Brent Chapman’s latest Pro vs Joe is out.

Called “Strip Pit Showdown” — reminds me one time I was invited to a strip pit and I showed up with rods and baits but everyone else was…never mind hahaha just kiddin’! Pretty sure the Chapmaniac’s deal is rated G:

2. Johnny Crews’ Life on Tour St. Lawrence vid is up.

Good vid! The most I’ve ever heard Crews talk lol.

3. 2 reasons Ott DeFoe fishes with bare feet.

1. He makes the time to keep ’em clean and pretty (I THINK that’s a pedicure):

2. His toes need to do a lotta tap-dancin’:

4. Brandon Card college and HS derby on Norris, TN.

Dec 1.

5. Here’s the deets on the Carl Jocumsen giveaway.

BIG haul of T-H Marine and other stuff….

Btw T-H’s new Troll Jacket is now available.

6. OK: Fishing Against Child Abuse tourney.

Fifth annual, Sat Oct 6 at Chicken Creek on Tenkiller.

7. FL: Coastal politicians don’t care about Okeechobee.

Guess it’s hard to blame ’em given the tourism beating coastal FL has taken this year from algae blooms:

> U.S. Rep. Brian Mast…. Given the damage the algae is doing to our environment and economy, his proposal to keep Lake O at significantly lower levels during the winter months and reduce the need for summer discharges must be thoroughly vetted.

8. BioSpawn releases new Vile Bug.

Supposed to be more subtle — with a few twists — and flatter for skipping:

Check it on the TW.

9. Why are these SPRO LJ DD70s so angry?

Easy — they want hooks! Lol those are new colors: homemade shad [love that name!], copper green and mellow yellow. Baits are on TW but don’t think the new colors are yet…

10. Great Lakes: Just kill the grass carp already.

Heck yeah:

> Mary Muter of the Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation…is on the side that believes conducting any more study efforts is simply wasting time that could be better spent on eradication. Nick Mandrak at the University of Toronto agrees.

That’s what worries me about the Asian carp thing too. Everyone’s studying, no one’s DOING.

11. New CEO of combined Lew’s/Strike King.

Ken Eubanks who was president of Lew’s. Before that he was a bigwig at Pure Fishing/Berkley. And…he’s still a bigwig! Congrats to him.

12. New CEO for A Band of Anglers.

A Band of Anglers is Patrick Sebile’s new company:

> …the umbrella corporation overseeing several fishing tackle brands including Ocean Born, Engage and Hyperlastics, has named Brian Anderson its CEO. Anderson will also become an equity partner in the company.

Might be the first guy in fishing who went to Wharton Biz School…which could make him UNDERqualified lol. Sounds like the dude likes fishing, but…if he’s the CEO, that means no way can he be the drummer in that Band — hahaha all you skin-beaters!

13. FL: Barramundi at pay to fish operation.

Aussie game fish that gets huge and is supposed to fight like Mike Tyson. Interesting but…what happens if these things get out of their ponds?

14. Outdoor sports beat Microsoft $$$.

> “If hunting, fishing and target shooting were a corporation, it would rank #25 on the Fortune 500, ahead of Microsoft.”

Heck of a lot more fun too….

Tip of the Day

How different trailers alter a bladed jig’s action.

Yep, you know they do that, but have you SEEN it? Check it:

That’s a BOOYAH Melee with a YUM Boogee Tail, YUM Swim’N Grub (not out yet), YUM Swim’N Dinger and 3.5″ YUM Pulse.

Quote of the Day

“Bass are difficult fish to lure in.”

– Lol! Dude talkin’ is apparently an unnamed bait inventor from LA. More gems from the post:

> He created a prototype for the UNDERWATER BUG BAIT to attract the attention of nearby fish. This is ideal for use when fishing for bass. The design encourages fish to strike the line [LINE??], which increases the chances of making a successful catch. Additionally, the lure makes for more productive and enjoyable fishing trips. [They all do…if they catch ’em…but they all make for enjoyable SHOPPIN’ trips heeheehee!]

Shot of the Day

FLWer Braxton Setzer had a close encounter with howg-diggity-dowg melon of the brown kind:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum mang!


Git you some olde-s’kool southern-fried rock with the Marcus King band jammin’ out with ‘lectric 6-string slide-fiddler Derek Trucks. #stout

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