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Just wanna say a big THANK YOU for allowin’ me to send you this zaniness every week. Hope you have as much fun with it as I do. Really can’t believe this reaches around 150K folks — all due to the Lord, not me of course….

Have a great long weekend, catch some, be safe! #PFDs

Today’s Top 5

Random-ish ditch melon parade of the week!

Check this orange smallie ketched on the Muskegon River, MI — only thing it would bite was a Cheeto dipped in merthiolate Spike-It:

Makes me wonder why “goldfish” are called goldfish even though they’re orange….

Grady C was night-bassin’ on Saguaro Lake, AZ with a SPRO Little John MD and:

> “…hooked into what felt like a giant fish. When she came up to the net she was a lot smaller than I originally thought…. The reason she was so heavy was because she had someone else’s crankbait in her mouth with about 20 yards of fluorocarbon that was wedged and wrapped between some boulders. Essentially she was on a leash and couldn’t go anywhere. The line and bait were in pristine condition so someone broke her off not long before I caught her.

> “I was able to safely remove it from her and she swam away strong….”

UGA basser Levi Baker slammed this 8.4 on the Chick, TN on an always-reliable Strike King 6XD (crystal shad):

Johnny T caught this 10 on Kingsley Lake, FL in 20′ on a Swormin Hornet (which I believe now is this Fish Head underspin?) with a 4″ Keitech Easy Shiner (gp):

Art J made 1 cast with a 130-size Plopper and got him this TX double. Said, “Caught 33 in a couple of hours all on top! Sweet!” #jealous #bigtime

Benny J had the ULTIMATE double fishing with Falcon, TX guide Jimmy Steed: a 11.11 — on a SPRO DD (chart blue) in 12-15′ — AND a 5-LB DERP!!!! Time to hang it up man, can’t beat that hahaha!

Tip: For max effect, don’t lip derps for photos….

David Walker’z 4th-place St Lawrence baitz.

Believe the last time David Walker (4th) finished in the top 10 was in 2015, so congrats to him for gettin’ back in the saddle:

> Dropshotted shoals in 15-30′.

> Z-Man Trick Shotz (shiner and “the deal”), #1 Gamakatsu Drop Shot and #1 Owner Mosquito hooks, 3/8- and 1/2-oz Reins Slim Drop Shot Sinkers, 6-lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon, Shimano Stradic Ci4 Reel, 7′ 8″ 2-power G Loomis NRX Rod.

If you haven’t seen his day 4 photo gallery, he seems to put more tension on the smallmouths than other guys, so he’s gotta trust his line big-time. Love how much fun he’s having too, like the Heisman posin’ with big smalls:

Heard Mike McClelland (5th) is meeting with NASA about something having to do with Mars, so will catch him when he resurfaces…IF he does…!

Hilarious first bassin’ tourney description.

By the one and only donny barone, back in 2007:

> The next time you want to go fishing, gather up all your gear, your favorite hat, that raggedy lucky shirt, go out in the garage and pull the car out. Then hand your wife the keys.

> Because to get to that favorite fishing spot, you’re going to sit on the roof of the car, while wifey drives at 70 to 80 mph down a gravel road.

> And halfway there I’m going make her spray the windshield wiper fluid with it squirting on high.

> Then I’m going to make you STAND UP for the next 6 to 8 hours, casting about every 45 seconds or so, at the end of which I’m going to strap your b*tt back on top of the car and make your wife RACE home on a pothole filled road. And if she doesn’t make it by 3:40 pm EXACTLY not 1 freakin’ minute of the whole day will count.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Too true!

Ever taken someone on a boat ride who DIDN’T get stoked going 60-70 mph in an open boat? It’s frickin’ hilarious!

Btw that’s don’s LAST Elitist story. Says he’s not retirin’ and I heard he’s gonna hit the road agin with Black Oak Arkansas (not Overstreet’s nickname — I don’t think?) so let’s see….

My 2c: don is and probly always will be the best writer ever in bassin’ who isn’t a bass fisherman. Which is almost impossible to do…. Love ya donny!

“Now that you’ve read about me catching them, I respectfully suggest you shut down your computer and go catch some yourself.”

– Love it! New champ Josh Bertrand talkin’ in a post on the Bassin’ He also said:

> The last hour of the weigh-in on Sunday took 5 years off my life.

My question is, which 5? Hope the memory of that 13th birthday party’s gone lol. And:

> …in my mind I thought I’d be a little short.

Hey, you’re the perfect height for you man. #allgood

Notable shots from the Elite.

Does Bertrand look a little too casual about this, like he’s TRYING to knock out this smallie on the shaft of the trolling motor?

Seems Tharp’s not down with that technique yet:

Is Lucas about to punch Trip?? If so, appears Trip’s 6th sense ain’t a-workin’….

Do you look this put together when you’re feeshn? Matty Lee was like, “You think these bibs match?” I was all, “I think the tan’s a complementary color to that blue man….”

But he did fish a Flanders:(

A-Mart don’t need no ‘lectronics: #zen

Walker saw a Squatchin’ game warden:

Props for tryin’ to bagpipe ’em in laddy!


1. We lost a brother in NC.

Last weekend on Badin Lake:

> Ronald Murphy Jr., 57, was killed when the bass boat he was piloting collided with a pontoon boat just after midnight Saturday morning, according to Darby Enoch, the investigating officer with the N.C. Wildlife Commission. …the driver of the pontoon boat with nine aboard the vessel, was cited with boating while impaired, Enoch said.

Dang it. Bless you bassin’ brother.

2. Here’s the Elitist AOY top 5.

In case you’re feelin’ sorry for Justin Lucas not winning at the St Lawrence:

Very tight! Looks like it’ll be a first-time AOY winner this year = cool. Sticks and former winners in places 6-10.

3. Latest Dave Lefebre episode on YouTube.

Didn’t know did this, and the “Hurricane Dave” name is $$$! Cracks me up how he says he has to leave his largie rods in his truck so he doesn’t get tempted to use them at the St. Lawrence….

4. FLWer Josh Douglas’ St. Clair license issue…

…ended up DQing him from the whole derby. Good post by the Bassin’Fan. Makes me wonder: Did FLW specify which Canadian license to get? Not blaming anyone, just hope the tourney organizations do that….

5. Big FLWer Carl Jocumsen giveaway.

Coming tomorrow, says $2.5K value….

6. Elites will fish St Lawrence next 3 years.

I can’t imagine why:

> This marks the first time B.A.S.S. has committed the Elite Series to visit a tournament venue for multiple years.

7. Bassmaster Opens schedule is up.

Good bunch of lakes, except for maybe the James River, but you better get your travelin’ shoes on….

8. FLW now will feature Nitro and Triton along with Rangers.

Because Bass Pro Shops owns all those bass tub brands (and a couple more) under the Whit Reever Mareen Group. Good stuff for FLW….

9. VA: Outboard LANDS ON 2 bassers, somehow they’re okay.

Sounds like that’s what it’s saying, wow glad the guys appear to be okay:

> According to Sgt. Karl Martin, of the VA Depart of Game and Inland Fisheries, a bass boat that was traveling near marker R65 [on Smith Mountain Lake] struck an unknown object in the water before midnight last Friday, causing the boat’s 200 hp engine to break loose of its mounts and crash into the backs of the boat’s operator and passenger.

> The motor, which pinned the 57-year-old passenger into the console of the boat, had to be lifted so the passenger could be extricated, Martin said. The 58-year-old operator was hit by the motor but was able to assist his friend, Martin said.

> As of Monday morning, the operator was released from the hospital but the passenger was still receiving treatment, Martin said.

> According to Martin, the type of motor that was involved in the incident can weigh approximately 800 lbs or greater. “This could have been very easily a fatal incident,” Martin said.

10. ON: MacDonald left the lab, got 3rd at the Canada Cup.

Lunkerhunt mad scientist Dave MacDonald (left — Mike Brayford on the right) got that 3rd at the Bay of Quinte, which I think means “Bay of Pigs” in Latin, then got 2nd to the Johnston bros in a CSFL Eastern Series derby. Here’s the baits they used in both:

> “When the fish weren’t active, we slowly worked crawfish-pattern [meaning color] jigs and tubes around rocks. When the fish turned on and were biting more aggressively, we mimicked bluegill colors and fished a little faster.”

> L to R: Descend Craw (protein), Descend Craw (twilight), Revealer Tube (crawfish), Revealer Tube (dirty candy), The Perfect Jig Elite Jig (craw). ”

> “I didn’t put the bluegill-color jig in the photo because I gave my last one away to a kid at the weigh-in.”

11. Favorite Rods has a new website.

Way better….

12. Dr. Juice rolling out new category of scents?

> He’s really excited now about kairomones — scents critters release when they are being chomped to pieces by predators, and he’s thinking they’ll be the next big thing….

> It’s called Kairomone Scent and it’s packed with dimethyl sulfide…the kairomone given off when the cells of phytoplankton and algae are being chewed up by zooplankton and small fish. …said the dimethyl sulfide scent triggers a feeding instinct among all fish….

13. New topwater has scent well.

By new company called Odin Lure.

14. Is DaVinci making new tails for its swimbait?

15. PA: Kayak bassin’ derby on Erie in Sept.

16. IA: Zebras found in Storm Lake.

17. TN banning some transport of live baitfish…

…to battle Asian carp spread, which I hear is great on toast (drum hit):

> …if the proposals are adopted, skipjack herring, gizzard shad and threadfin shad will not be able to be transported alive from the Mississippi River and Barkley, Kentucky and Pickwick reservoirsm and any tributaries or oxbows of these waters. The restriction would not apply to the Duck River above Normandy Dam.
It’s a start, but you gotta find a way to kill the things.

18. Great Lakes: Grass carp in 3 lakes, will be in the rest.

This cracked me up:

> …the agencies in western Lake Erie have been able to use tagging studies to determine fish movement patterns and what habitats they prefer.

Habitats? How ’bout anywhere with GRASS.

19. LA: Bug killing lots of Roseau cane.

DNR wants to make sure it’s not accidentally transplanted by boats.

20. UT: Is this the next evolution of the Flanders Rig??

> If approved by the UT Wildlife Board, anglers could use corn at all of UT’s fishing waters starting Jan 1, 2019.

I KNOW you can see guys fishing with a little square soft-plastic! [cryin’ laughin’ emoji]

Tip of the Day

How Alton Jr got better this year and we can too.

Fishing well, qualified for the Classic again, from a good post on the Bassin’ I know we can’t fish as much as him, but this applies to fun-fishing too…IF you wanna get better:

> One thing I can point to that has influenced my improvement is my offseason work. This past winter, I really pushed myself to fish as much as possible. A lot of times…it’s easy to go 2 to 3 weeks or a month without picking up a rod. But this year, I cut back on the duck hunting and deer hunting and took those days to stay on the lake and stay tuned-in.

> This is important because the more time you spend out there, the more natural things become. Every angler, every day has to adjust in one way, shape or form. The guy that does well is the guy that adjusts at 9 a.m. and not 2:30 in the afternoon.

> I don’t know that I cast any better, but I’ve become more fluid with my adjustments and more confident with my adjustments.

> …the commitment to fish new water every day — even during a tournament. I spend a small amount of time every day practicing, building and growing, rather than just fishing where and how I fished in practice.

> …I tried not to get myself spread out. On the St. Lawrence, I know I went the wrong direction because 12 of the Top 12 went the opposite direction — so I was not fishing in the best part of the river. Nevertheless, I spent all 3 days in my area, and I tried really hard to learn that area as well as I could.

Quote of the Day

“…a lot of early mornings of pre-fishing on his own and that translates to work ethic in other areas….”

Dad talkin’ ’bout his HS bassin’ son. Guess I should’ve gotten my kids into tournaments cuz I don’t see that “early mornings” thing much [eyeroll emoji]. Props to that dad!

Shot of the Day

For me, this shot (click the pic to see the vid) of Matt Lee shows better than anything else I’ve seen yet how freakin’ obese those St. Lawrence smallies were. The guys were giddy catchin’ em:


Goats prefer to interact with humans who look happy

As someone half Irish, I find it totally appropriate that this was on an Irish news site:

> Scientists showed 20 goats unfamiliar photos of the same human face looking happy or angry.

> “The study has important implications for how we interact with livestock and other species, because the abilities of animals to perceive human emotions might be widespread and not just limited to pets.”

Ya think?

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