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Yo to the Del Norte B.A.S.S. Anglers of Tucson, AZ — whole club signed up for the BassBlaster…haaaaaaaaaaaaail yeah mang!

Today’s Top 4

Quick Kentucky Lake trip recap.

Had a time as always at Kentucky Lake with the pros, Strike King staffers, and media legends like Louie Stout and Steve Quinn. Few quick things about that deal:

> Kentucky Lake still has bass in it, but no way like it used to because of the dang Asian carp. In 2 years that lake has gone from good to something way worse than that — word is tourism has already been affected big-time. Hope they do something about it pronto, meaning GET RID OF the dang carp.

> Seems that getting rid of the carp with something like a virus that kills ’em all may not be an option because millions of dead fish floating around the lake would turn it into a toxic waste dump. Lesson: Don’t wait to do something!

> Most insane bass shot was this one Cody Meyer’s phone — those are spotted bass!!!

> Invite Strike King’s Mark Copley to every party you have cuz he makes the best gumbo I’ve ever had, includin’ in N’awlins. Almost rented a car to drive the leftovers back to Jersey. #stout Copley!

> They had this Redneck Lipstick BBQ sauce that was so good that I was dipping potato chips in it just to eat more. (Maybe that’s the solution to the Asian carp deal??) Here’s that plus me and Hack talkin’ serious about conspiracies and such (me with my alien Costas on lol), and me and Wally “Mr. Crappie” Marshall, one of the hard-workin’est dudes in the biz. Said his crappie baits will figure big on the BPT lol.

> Craziest thing that happened — Hack and I saw a dang Squatch!

If you can’t see that, plain as day in the daylight, you never will man….

Gitcha some derps!

Gitcha #derpbonus feesh:

Jared Lintner got him a Douglas Lake, TN derp a while back:

From even farther back, Ken H sent in this’n — nuclear plant ‘splains a lot:

@macfish613 got him a nice-sized Canadian derp:

@philrilla posted: “Caught the elusive derp bass today.” Dang straight it’s elusive, congrats on the catch of a lifetime dude!

Baits you may never use…

…but maybe you should?

Clockwise L to R:
> Optimum Octopus? Looks like it could be a killer trailer.
> Japanese swim-jig nuttiness again. If that thing swims straight, it must feel crazy….
> Custom-wrapped Nichols Lures spoon…maybe for shallow fish — get it?

Cali giving out major $$$ for… floating toilets.

Eight…hunnert…forty…thousand…dollah bills! Deal! Questions:

1. Can CA citizens not hold their water OR not get out on shore ahead of schedule?

2. Is this a genius move by CA bass-heads to increase flippable cover AND nutrients in lakes?

3. Does this have anything to do with afeared bigfoot snatchin’s on shore?

Here’s a mockup of my bid…

…but I think this is more what they want, even tho you could deploy a LOT more with my setup hahaha!

Whole deal is kinda weird man….


1. Has Ike lost his dang mind?

Here’s the headline:

> Pro fisherman angles in Philly storm drains with hot dogs and soft pretzel bait

Here’s the pic:

As I’ve said before, there can’t be just 1 Mike Iaconelli. Unless…as an alien he’s got interdimensional travel. Either way, I’m gonna learn from Ike and start walkin’ around with my name on my shirt and see what happens….

Hahaha! Ike’s new show “Fish My @^#(%! City” (lol!) debutes TONIGHT at 10 pm EST/9 pm CDT on Nat Geo Wild. Good luck homes!

3. James Watson raised $18K for kids this year.The Shriners Hospital for Children. #thereal all #stout

4. Why Bill Lowen turned down the BPT.

Good post on the Bassin’Fans.

5. Brandon Palaniuk gets BeAlive.

Could be cool…if Brandon finally learns his way around a dang camera man, sheesh. Hahaha BP, congrats! Heard the first show will be a hunt for the elusive banana slug which can only be found out his way:

6. New FLWer Tyler Woolcott gets Chums.

Chums are those things that hold your sunglasses on.

7. OH: Year-round bass fishing now open for Erie.

8. CA: Catch-release study gets WAY overblown.

Of course it does:

> Researchers reported that mouth injuries caused by hook removal after catch-and-release hampered the ability of suction-feeding fish to capture prey.

As someone who has owned caught bass in tanks and also caught plenty of sore-mouthed fish I know this is 100% bull hockey but keep reading:

> The report stated that bass, salmon, trout and perch eat by rapidly expanding their mouths, creating negative pressure that sucks the prey inside.

Okay but:

> In the study, 10 shiner perch were caught with a hook and 10 were netted. All were immediately taken to a research station….

Shiners?? They do NOT feed like gamefish at all — they’re dang prey fish!

> The abstract concluded that despite hook-related inefficiencies in suction feeding, “it is currently unclear whether this has a significant impact on survival.”

In other words: #derp and

9. 2019 B.A.S.S. Nation derbies announced.

10. KY: New Asian carp processing plant coming.

Post says the state wants to expand the carp catch from 2 mil to 20 mil lbs per year. But check this quote from Gov. Bevin:

> “The Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet has worked tirelessly to develop a workable solution for mitigating Asian carp.”

He said mitigate, not eliminate.

11. BoatUS asks for no year-round E15 sales.

The marine manufacturers don’t like it either.


12. Limited quantities of 4″ Bull Shads available.

13. Win a Tundra and Tracker.

14. Some anglin’ bidness stats.

U.S. Angler Travel Expenditures
1. Travel — $21.7B (Food, lodging, airfare, guides, live and cut bait)
2. Special Equipment — $13.5B (bass boats, boat motors, cabins, 4×4 and off road vehicles, campers)
3. Fishing Equipment — $7.4B (rods and reels, lines and leaders, lures, terminal tackle, tackle boxes, fish finders)
4. Misc. Fishing Expenses — $3.5B (taxidermy, books and magazines, fishing licenses, tags and permits, purchased and leased land)

5. Auxiliary Purchases — $3.5B (camping gear, binoculars, specialized fishing clothing)

Top 5 retail sales by region
1. West South Central — $6B
2. Mountain — $5.7B
3. East North Central — $5.5B
4. West North Central — $4.5B

5. Pacific — $4.4B

What up Southeast bass-heads??

Line of the Day

One of the keys in lure selection is does it attract fish?


$100K beeg feesh weener mentioned last time was at Lake of the Ozarks! For some reason I said Table Rock (sorry) — think it’s because of this:

Tip of the Day

Quote of the Day

“It scares me a bit that each league put tournaments first.”

Wired2’s Terry Brown talkin’ ’bout the big bassin’ groups. Also said:

> In the old days it was about being part of something and conservation, and it grew as a result. Even at the high school and college levels, it has grown to be only about tournaments. That needs to be tweaked.

Totally agree. ESPN trimmed B.A.S.S. down to pretty much only tournaments and TV. Okay, but will anyone pick up the rest?

Shot of the Day

Just need a red hat, red bass and red frog, and this pic would be the ultimate red bassin’ shot — from @aftcofreshwater:

Believe that’s a SPRO Bronzeye frowg in the “freak” color?

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