New jig skirt type, Auto bass crank time, Top 10 tourney baits

Today’s Top 5

Ain’t Halloween yet but…

…check this actual skeleton shot posted by Rapala:

Doesn’t say what the bait is, but guessin’ it’s an X-Rap…cuz X-Ray….

New jig skirt type coming from Japan?

Or am I just late to the party? Check the spikiness:

Looks lionfish-ish…wonder what it does underwater. This may or may not be the guy who invented it:

Top 10 Lake of the Ozarks Costa baits.

Guess it’s been so hot there the fish are behind a bit, but MO’s Jeremy Lawyer — who I believe won the 2016 BFL All-American — won this one by about 3 lbs. Jeremy fished a Zoom Magnum Trick Worm on a prototype JaKKed shakey head, and a custom-painted 130-size River2Sea Whopper Plopper:

Here’s the top 10 baits broken down:

Topwater = 50% — Whopper Plopper = 40% (dark, most 110-size), Shower Blows = 10%. Long-time former B.A.S.S. pro Stacey King (4th) is still a hammer and caught the biggest limit on the tourney (23-02) on that Shower Blows:

Shakey head = 40%

Jig = 40%

20% each = TX-rig worm, Flip plastic

10% each = Buzzbait, Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Crankbait

Gonna shout out Arnold Payne Jr (7th) for going magnum-ish (except for the 110 Plopper) with a 1-oz jig and a Texas-rigged 10″ Berkley Power Worm. Don’t give that guy no dang shakey-head or Flanders Rig hahaha love it!

Top 10 Fort Gibson Costa baits.

From the previous weekend, in OK. Won by TX’s Tommy Dickerson by ZERO lbs and oz over TX’s Kyle Cortiana. They were tired, Tommy won the tiebreaker which was whoever could do a longer yodel (odd FLW rule but whatever….).

Tommy fished way up a creek with a 1/2-oz Santone Pretender Spinnerbait that had a gold willow and red kicker:

Kyle fished a 5/16-oz Bionic Jig (pb&j) with a Gene Larew Hammer Craw, and a 3/16-oz shakey head with a Gene Larew Tattletail Worm (junebug):

Congrats fellers! Here’s the full top 10 baits broke down:

Shakey head = 40% — one rig was unusual, a Missile D Bomb on a YUM Pumpkin Head Standup Jighead.

Senko = 30%

20% each = Crankbait (two 6th Sense Crush 50Xs and a Movement 80X), Flip plastic (Rage Bug and a Brush Hog), TX-rigged worm.

10% each = Spinnerbait, Jig, Buzzbait, Hardhead

Hardhead/Biffle Bug was fished by some wanna-be Tommy Biffle dude:


Shout-outs to former B.A.S.S. pro and bull rider Cody Bird for finishing 4th, and OK former (?) FLWer Darrel Robertson in 10th.

Dumbest derby mistakes ever?

Lots of funny stuff in a post on the TexasFishingForum. Here’s some choice ones [crying laughing emoji]:

> I bought a brand new Yellow Magic to take to the tourney. Sun’s coming up, tourney starts, they are EATING my Yellow Magic, and I’m missing every one of them. After about 30 minutes I realize I left the red covers on the hooks. Thought my partner (my dad) was going to murder me. Topwater bite died quick and never caught a fish on a Yellow Magic that day.

> Day 1 on Table Rock. I had a great limit enough for first on day 1. I was bagging ’em up in the marina and grabbed a 4 lber by the tag and it popped off and went over the edge of the boat. I weighed in with less than a limit and was in 32nd. Day 2 I fought back to be in 10th. Final day, I got 4th place. I missed winning a boat and a big check by less than 3 lbs….

> Back in the late ’80s met my partner at the lake Sat morning for sign up (Anglers Choice), I ask, “Where is your boat?” He replies, “You said you were bringing your boat.” We had to drive an hour each way to get a boat before we could fish that day.

> Fished a FLW TTT championship event on Belton as co-angler. Going into day 2, I was in 4th place and drew Keith Combs. Before the start, I checked my pocket watch to his wrist digital watch and promptly put my watch back in my tackle bag. You know it, we hammered them. Later, tourney director calls us and asked if we were ok. Keith’s new digital watch was accidentally bumped to another screen, reading 45 minutes later. I dug out my watch and almost threw up. We both were to blame and would have been in the top 3 and lost several thousand in winnings. Keith, I notice, writes weigh-in time on his hand now, probably has 15 watches on board. I know I do. [Love it Keith!]

> How about having your partner catch a 13.61 [ShareLunker] fish in an event on Fork and not having paid to get in the BB pot because we were too broke!?!

> Threw my spinnerbait up to the bank and pulled it over a tree limb and woosh. I set the hook and my trolling motor was set on constant. I fought the fish at the same time I was fighting the TM, I finally get it under control and head over to the bush where the fish is now wrapped. The boat hits a tree as the wind was howling, I fall out of the boat in 10′ of water, and now I’m neck deep and have the trolling motor shaft in one hand and my rod in my other hand with a big bass pulling on it!!!!!! I thought…I can’t let go of my boat or I’ll be stranded, I can’t let go of my rod or I’ll lose an expensive rod and a big fish. I just set there until finally I felt the fish was gone. I released the reel, threw the rod on the deck and pulled myself back in. I grab my line and to my surprise there she was, 8-lb 9-oz. I got 2nd and won big bass.”

Ending it there with a happy ending. Thanks fer sharin’ fellers, read ’em all here.


Gotta be one of the biggest inventions in fishin’ ever. Glynn Carver was 82:

> …was a professor of biochemistry at McNeese State College in Lake Charles, LA. In 1972, Carver…invented the Mister Twister curly tail worm.

> Legendary outdoor writer, the late Homer Circle, was impressed with Carver’s invention. “The curly tail concept is the most exciting built-in action I have seen in soft lures. This amazing principle of animation doubtless will be added to many new types of lures in the future.”

> Carver: “I’d always heard folks say they’d like to see a worm that swam. I was at a show in Chicago and there was a French lure that had a curly tail but it was a stiff type lure. I felt like it would work on soft-plastics.”

> Carver moved from the world of academia to president and owner of a lure manufacturing firm, capable of producing 400,000 units a day. Carver eventually sold his company to Mepps, one of the nation’s largest lure manufacturers.

Thank you and bless you bassin’ brother.

2. Gary Clouse says no to BPT, yes to Elites.

> …was honored to be invited to fish the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour in 2019. In my heart, however, I felt I had unfinished business with qualifying for the Bassmaster Elite Series and getting a shot at the Bassmaster Classic.

If Gary’s name sounds familiar, he builds some good boats somewhere in a little town in TN…I think in a shed? Hahaha Gary!

3. Mark Menendez has a new Bassin’masters column.

Good! Mark’s a great educator. Fave part in this one was him talkin’ ’bout an upcoming post:

> Another topic I want to tackle is that of a shell bed. We’ll talk about how they’re made, why they’re made and what makes them so productive. And when we’re done, you’ll never again curse a drum.

4. Elitist Skylar Hamilton on BassEdge Radio.

Can’t link it — check it on bassedge-dot-com.

5. Sounds like Dennis Tietje is retiring from pro fishing.

But not the fishing biz. Declined the FLW invite. Wishin’ him and fam the best….

6. BPT updates.

On the Bassin’Fan — but not on the MLF website? Is there a BPT website? Couldn’t find one…. Anyhoo here’s the breakdown:

> Post-game fan experience every day but likely NOT at the water.
> No championship in 2019 due to sponsor budgets already done for ’19.

7. Don Logan took Martha Stewart fishin’.

Not sure if Don’s a B.A.S.S. co-owner or former co-owner but:

> She caught [a bass] Thursday fishing in a pond with former Time Warner executive Don Logan, an owner of the Birmingham Barons, who has worked with Stewart since the mid-1990s and who she once called her mentor.

No B.A.S.S. mention in the post….

8. Paul George of the OK Thunder stocked his pond…

…with bass and — carp. Said, “It’s dope.” Have to agree…dope move man….

9. MLB player buys HS coach a new bassin’ tub.

> San Francisco Giants 1st baseman Brandon Belt fulfilled a promise to his former high school baseball coach last week. When Belt was playing baseball for Hudson High in Lufkin, TX he made a pledge to his coach, Glen Kimble, that if Kimble would push Belt and help him get to the big leagues, then Belt would buy him the bass boat that he had always wanted.

Bought him a Bassin’ Cat…. Time for me to get a gig as a baseball coach lol.

10. AL: SPRO frog derby on Gville FRI Oct 26!!

Throw ’em, catch ’em weigh ’em! Git all your SPRO frowgin’s on the TW.

11. MI: LMB virus found in Cedar Lake.

Other lakes being checked.

12. MA: Long-time tourney bass-heads’ favorite rig is…

…a C-rig with a junebug worm. Been killin’ it in tourneys for years so go catch ’em on it!

13. 10-yr-old gal has 400 pink baits…

…to raise money for breast cancer. #stout

Bet she got most of them from the Lindner clan lol — they love them some pink baits!

14. NC: Bugfest THIS WEEKEND focusing on crawfish.

Scientific info, but maybe you’ll learn something — like they’re maybe not all green pumpkin? lol

15. IL: Huge slaughterhouse polluting IL River tributary.

> …released about 1,850 lbs of nitrogen on average each day into a tributary of the Illinois River. That’s the amount contained in raw sewage produced daily by a city with the population roughly the size of Evanston….

> The facility…is within its permitted discharge limits under the Clean Water Act, but….

16. You seen GP flash yet?

If you can’t bring yourself to fish some flashy shad-ish color or maybe you’re not fishing around a ton of shad or maybe shad ain’t even the dominant bait-type feeshes in your lake — or maybe you just like gp and flippin’ even this time o’ year — check this color:

That great or what?? YUM Christie Craws in the new “GP flash” color.

17. T-H Marine G-Force Grass Goat is back in stock.

Not zackly grass season, but they had some back-orders…. Wonder if G-Force stands for “Goat Force” like:

I’ll assume they ain’t those faintin’ goats….

18. Big BUFF stuff sale!

Luckily “past season styles” are still suhweet! Such like:

If you like any o’ those in particular, clockwise from top left the links are: green BUFF, desert camo gloves, blue shad BUFF, Maori hook full gloves.

Or hit it here to get all the sale stuff.

19. Merc no longer supplying engines to Alumacraft.

Cuz ‘Rude bought Alumacraft. Can’t we all just get along?

20. MI: Dude found a gator swimming in Lake Michigan!

> …was kayaking and fishing in the lake Monday when he spotted the gator about four feet from his kayak. The animal had blue tape around its snout….

Not sure what’s crazier, yakkin’ in Lake Michigan this time of year or a gator bein’ there….

Tip of the Day

Clent Davis’ “auto bass” baits.

FLWer Clent Davis won something this year, not sure what it was…hahaha champ! Anyhow, here’s what he calls his “auto bass” baits — the Yo-Zuri 3DR Mid and 3DS Mid cranks:

> “This is the time of the year for small crankbaits. The baitfish are small, and bass all over the country are tuned in to these tiny baitfish as their primary food source. So this time of year, I like to pick up small baits like the Yo-Zuri 3DR and 3DS Mid Crankbaits and cover some water. My favorite colors are real gizzard shad and TN shad.”

Here’s the 3DR in real gizzard shad:

> “These baits are so effective, that I’ve nicknamed them my “auto bass” baits — because they always catch ’em.

> “The 3DR and 3DS Mid Crankbaits run about 6′ deep, and even though they have a small profile, they make their presence known in the water with a fairly wide wobble that gets their attention.

> “I like to fish them in the fall by running to the backs of creeks and pockets and covering the bank. Shad typically move towards the backs of creeks in the fall, and making those moves myself makes the most sense.

> “I use a 7′ 1” ML Phenix Feather Rod and a 6.2:1 Shimano Curado 200K Reel spooled with 10-lb Yo-Zuri Top Knot Fluorocarbon.

> “I always start with a nice medium-speed retrieve, speeding up and slowing down to get a feel for how aggressive the fish are. But I’m careful to not let myself get in too much of a rhythm with my retrieve.

> “It’s really important to make the lure deflect off of rocks, stumps, docks or anything in the water that will cause the lure to change directions. That’s what really causes the fish to react.”

Quote of the Day

“Never thought I could actually talk on the phone for 9-10 hrs a day without going nuts.”

– A pro “who shall not be named” talkin’ ’bout all the tour and sponsor convos he’s been havin’. That’s just one dude, but the pros and sponsors sure have been payin’ some phone bills lately…..

Shot of the Day

Yep it’s that time o’ year again — Allybammy rigs! This one’s a YUMbrella — the Flash Mob Jr is the shizzle. Stoke shot from @ben_mccann_ via @yum_baits:


VA solider goes on 2-mile sleigh ride…

…after hooking a 105-lb dogtooth tuna in a yak off the coast of Guam, where he’s stationed. Landed it after an hour fight, then him and a bud had to pedal and paddle it in. Sounds like work! Thanks much for serving all you folks out there!

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