Guys shot at on water, Possible new worm shapes, Fall flats not creeks

Will be at KY Lake by the time you get this, for a Strike King media deal — hoping not to be knocked out by an Asian carp, maybe do some squatchin’ with Hack. Second BB this week will be Friday…maybe Saturday. Peace bass-heads!

Today’s Top 5

Bass-heads fishing a dock in South Dakota shot at!?

[big eyes emoji] This is no joke — according to the article:

> “Bass like to hang out around boat docks, and my partner and I had been fishing by this guy’s dock,” Rubendall said in a phone interview with the American News last week. “All the sudden, he came out on his deck and was cussing and swearing and screaming for us to get off his dock. We told him, ‘We’re just fishing, just settle down.'”

> Rubendall said the bullet hit about 10 feet behind his boat in the lake. He said he and Heidinger called 911 after the shot was fired.

Article says the guy allegedly had a rifle. SO glad our bassin’ bros are okay. Dang that’s scary.

Can’t even find a meme to go with it…too serious….

Big Bass Dreams dude won $100K on Lake of the Ozarks.

Dude’s named Oliver Ngy, had never fished the lake before — check it:

> …a tournament spokesperson wrote, “He’s an amateur angler that fished Lake of the Ozarks for the first time, and got lucky throwing a 10-inch swimbait and caught the big one.”


Here ’tis, all 6.82 hungry lbs of it:

Passed 2 polygraphs…and won it by 0.01-oz.

Who gives away $100K for a one-lake big bass bash???

“They have B.A.S.S. memberships in heaven.”

– Former B.A.S.S. owner Helen Sevier talkin’ at the Bassin’ Fall of Fame shindig. Won’t bet against that — the Lord seems to have a soft spot for fishermen….

5 plastic worm shapes we haven’t seen yet.

No idea why?

1. Tremors worm/graboid:

2. Mongolian death worm:

3. Mr Doodles, which if course is Mr Krabs’ pet — makes me wonder why hardly anyone puts eyes on worms…yet:

4. Jabba the Hut — maybe technically a slug but still wormy:

5. Inch worm — comin’ to the Flanders Rig soon probly:

World’s most aggressive bass caught.

Not a meanmouth or even a foulmouth but:

LOL! That’s a @majorleaguebass shot featurin’ a #379 bloodline-colored Rat-L-Trap. TW doesn’t have that color but you can find it on the ‘Trap website.


1. Good Bernie Schultz post on the whole deal.

You know what deal. Didn’t know or remember that Shaw Grigsby was Bernie’s first draw in a club tourney. Word is at the time Shaw couldn’t even grow a mustache hahaha!

2. MN: Garmin re-mapping several lakes, available next yr.

Using new sonar. Here’s what a school of big Mille Lacs smallies looks like feeding on a grass flat:

3. TX: White Rock Lake called a “liquid landfill.”

That’s what pretty much every lake here in NJ is….

4. AK: DNR says no more bass in its lake.They sent the fish out for testing to confirm it was a largemouth. Guess they hadn’t seen as bass before cuz here ’tis:

5. FLW announced a few college and HS thangs.Kevin Hunt is now the director of tournament ops for college and HS fishing (congrats to him), plus 2019 the college and HS schedules are out, all at that link.

6. Adrian College, MI still top of Cabela’s School of the Year list.

Allegedly a Japan-only Daiwa TD Zillion PE Special 7.9:
US market Zillions ain’t bad neither — check ’em on Tackle Warehouse….


As several folks pointed out, this vid of a Dave Mercer-type weigh-in was in China not Japan. Apologies — had no idea bassin’ was that big in China. Kinda still don’t….

Tip of the Day

J-Wheels: Don’t forget the flats.

Full Jacob Wheeler tip at

> “Everybody talks about the shad going to the backs of the creeks, but I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions. It is true on a lot of lakes, but I think that only focusing on creeks makes people overlook the main-lake flats.”

> …covers water quickly looking for active fish in…main-lake flats, flat points on the main lake and mouths or backs of creeks.

> “I’m just constantly moving with my boat in 4-8′ of water, casting shallower. You’re fishing a lot of dead water with this technique, but once you find ’em, you’re going to be catching a lot of fish.

> “This is the time of year when the fish will school up on a lot of places — in ditches, on little flats in 2-4′ of water and if your lake has grass, realistically that is where it is really going to go down. If your lake doesn’t have grass, it will be all about the ditches, especially the shallow ditches with stumps.

> “I’m looking for anything that will allow the fish to get around some sort of cover on top of the flat to ambush the shad and things like stumps give the bass the best chance at more bang for their buck, when trying to eat shad. This probably the biggest pattern that I really like to run.”

> Wheeler’s go-to walking bait for a fall topwater presentation is a Rapala #11 Skitter Walk.

> For early fall, Wheeler likes to tie on a Rapala #8 Skitter Walk. “It is a smaller walking bait and it’s all about match the hatch.”

> For situations that would require an oversized presentation, Wheeler throws a Storm #13 Arashi Top Walker.

Quote of the Day

“I saw the passion he had for bass fishing, and knew the only way he could succeed was to start our own business.”

– Opens angler Andy Ortega’s dad talkin’. How #stout is that! This #stout:

Shot of the Day

Dog looks like she’s been on camera before? @myyolotek shot:

Ya got me

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