Almost teener caught, MLF behind the scenes-ish, Flanders Rig mistakes

Today’s Top 5

Check this Clear Lake, CA almost teener!

That’s 12.54 lbs of boiled and salted ham ketched by guide Jeremy Taylor — “on a dropshot rig with a purple plastic worm.” I’m thinkin’ margarita mutilator Roboworm….

Little-known behind the scenes MLF stuff.

A big tan envelope was stuck in my mailbox yesterday by some sketchy characters — my security system got a pic of ’em:

SAVAGE disguises. Savage. I think they’re…ducks? Anyhow, had this info in it:

Other BPT tour names that were discussed

  • Major League Bass Pro Fishing Tour
  • Major Bass League Pro Fishing Tour
  • Johnny Morris Platinum Tour
  • Johnny Pwns Y’all Tour
  • Squatch Don’t Live Here No Mo Tour
  • KVD Possibly Won’t Dominate This Tour
  • Float n Fly Revival Tour
  • the World’s best Traveling Fishermen tour (lol! Tx for the suggestion CR!)
  • Mostly Limited to Finesse Tour
  • The Even More Elitist Series
  • He-Man Masters of the Universe Tour
  • etc

Accordin’ to the notes of one meeting, they were thinkin’ ’bout changing the format to a 5-fish deal like pretty much everyone else til Gary Klein said:

> “Wouldn’t soccer be better with a lot of smaller balls and higher scores?”

Word! Guess that put an end to such talk….

Jeff Kriet, one of the MLF’s founders, wanted this contingency program patch:

HAHAHA been lookin’ for a place to use that! Props to the Ike Live graphics folks….

Word is Boyd Duckett thought about posting this for everyone who got an invite but didn’t take it:

KIDDING everyone lol! Know emotions are running high at the pro level, but here’s the deal: The net effect of all this will be good. No one knows ‘zackly how yet cuz none of us can see the future, but all good.

Love, hugs and congrats to all the pros on their decisions, and good luck to ’em wherever they are.

Last word: When David Lee Roth quit Van Halen, what happened? There you go man…. (Google it young’ns!)

What the pro bassin’ world looks like now.

Kinda Bass Pro Shops vs Cabela’s vs Academy…oops, nope that don’t work no mo…so it’s like:

Or maybe you think it’s like this:

Really I think it’s more like:

Are BPT pros enterin’ the mega-Flanders era?

Slowly but surely the Ned Flanders Rig has been a-sneakin’ into the world o’ competitive bassin’. My question: Since the upcoming Bassin’ Pro Tour will be all about #s of fish (pretty much), will the Flanders be the only thing some guys throw?? Asked the one dude who would know:

Okay no idea what he’s talkin’ ’bout so:

Either way, in pro bassin’ it’s about to go down like this:

Would you rock this hoodie…

a) at church?
b) at the grocery store?
c) at the dentist?
d) at the in-laws?
e) all of the above

You’re an insane bass-head if’n you answered #e…!

You’re even more insane if you haven’t checked out the siiiiick new BassBlaster apparel here…and more’s on the way yo!


Lot of heartfelt, well-done announcements by the guys, wish I could include ’em all but can’t. Find ’em on the Bassin’Fan here.

1. KVD’s BPT switch announcement (vid).

Every guy is announcing it in their own way, all good. Kevin is probly/definitely the biggest announcement so worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet. I haven’t talked to him about it (on purpose) but the way he’s saying it tells me this was a very tough decision for him…as it was for many other guys.

2. Seth Feider’s stayin’ announcement (vid).

Hilarious! Caution: F-bomb right at the beginning.

3. Big props to Ish for working a Lab into his announcement.

4. Justin Lucas won a surfin’ contest.

Okay not sure if that’s true but he will be on StrayCasts tomorrow night….

5. FLW Cup champ Clent Davis on BassEdge Radio.

6. “The Real” gets Cashion Rods.

You know who I mean….

7. YUGE congrats to all the Bassin’ Hall of Fame new inductees.

> Berkley Bedell, founder of Berkley

> Gary Klein, a legend and deserving of that label

> el Tomaso de Sanders, el mejor at what he does (also funny as heck)

> Helen Sevier, VERY sharp and second owner of B.A.S.S. after Ray Scott

> Kevin VanDam, pretty good fisherman, won a few things, getting a good rep….

8. AL: Elites will fish Guntersville instead of West Coast.

Not a bad trade…. Boat ramp there being expanded to 8 lanes [!!].

9. CA: Delta FLW Series results here.

Dude named Greg Troughton won it, Ish Monroe got 3rd, top 10 baits breakdown comin’ next Blaster.

10. 50th anniversary of the B.A.S.S. Federation/Nation.

Cool and congrats. Credited to original B.A.S.S. TD Harold Sharp — super-passionate and smart guy I got to know a bit during my BassFan days, no longer with us. Bless you brother Harold.

11. FLW announced BFL improvements for 2019.

Good! The BFLs rock man….

12. Ranger re-ups with Cabela’s college bass.

13. OH has a tourney trail for deaf anglers.

Called Ohio Bass Anglers of the Deaf, or OBAD. Love it.

14. TX: New habitat project at Lake Austin.

15. BUFF’s new stuff is out!

Didja know they make some excellent stuff for cold weather? I rock their beanies — on my thinning dome — all winter.

16. AR commissioner under fire for buying a bass tub.

An allegedly tricked out 18.5′ War Eagle with state funds.

17. Lowrance intros HDS Live, LiveSight coming.

The ‘lectronics wars continue, to our benefit. Some deets here.

18. Yammy has a Why Wait for Spring promotion.

Guess their big motors are back in stock — wasn’t that an issue at one point?

19. KY: Asian carp deterrent will be tested below Barkley Dam.

But…the carp are already in the dang lake!! KILL them outta the lake!

20. LA DNR is having a taxidermy contest.

Winner will be displayed in DNR HQ. Great idea, all states should do it.

21. NC: Hurricane Florence woke up millions of giant skeeters.


Headline of the Day

Want to catch big trout?

No. I do not.

I do not like them in a house.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.

I do not like them Sam I am….

Tip of the Day

Common Flanders Rig mistakes…

…other than fishing one…lol! Okay seriously, here’s a few, full list on the Zmanz webzite:

> Spinning rods designed for shakey head, dropshot or split-shot techniques…provided that they have a very light tip…. Other anglers have employed trout or panfish rods, which probably are a better choice.

> While standard 2500- or 3000-size bass reels will work fine, we have found that smaller 1000-size spinning reels usually reserved for trout or panfish are even better, as they are built to handle fine-diameter lines. In addition, the smaller spools on 1000 size spinning reels take up less line…enable anglers not accustomed to this technique to slow down their presentations.

> …if you are straightening hooks, then your tackle is too heavy or your drag is not set light enough.

> Let that bait sink all the way to the bottom. Deadstick it for a few seconds…before hopping, dragging or swimming it. Drag it very slowly along the bottom and then let it sit again.

> When setting the hook, simply reel tight and lean into the fish, loading up the rod.

Is it me or does that sound like trout or bluegill fishing?

Quote of the Day

“Got a better fishin’ boat, that’s about it.”

– Original Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant when asked what he did with his $$$ once the band got a little famous. Bet that’s the first thing we’d all get too….

Btw, the name of the band Steve Gaines — Skynyrd’s incredible OK guit-strummer — was in before he joined Skynyrd was called…wait for it…”Crawdaddy.”

Based on this and other tiddybits, believe Skynyrd was the most bassin’ band ever….

Shot of the Day

Suweeeet Power-Pole shot — new shrine to Johnny Morris on Table Rock…hahaha! Actually Shin Fukae says it’s from Lake Biwa, Japan which I guess makes more sense:


New 65′ center console is the biggest ever.

Crazy! Check it — the motors alone cost more than my house:

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