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Slobber-jaw melons o’ the week!

@jeremiahjohnsonfishing is all like, “How you like me now?” With his 7.4 lbs of Mille Lacs, MN smallmouth fat-tay, dropshotted it on a Strike King Half Shell (desert craw):

Here’s what that bass would look like, waiting down there to eat, if he was a human:

Dude named Jeff swimbaited this 11+ ditchie on a @lowdowncustomrods stick:

!!!!! How much does this thing weigh?? That Lunkerhunt Fetch swimbait is 4.5″ so…:

Innerestin’ baits from around the webz.

Top row L to R:
> Jerry Rago made a mink-sized swimbait…seriously.
> This Bass Dynasty Dynapaddle should be called the Dynawacky.
> Looks like a new swimbait called The Citizen by

Middle row L to R:
> LOVE the packaging on this Japanese crank.
> Great side-by-side vid comparison of a couple Japanese swimbaits on the back of jigs. They make look the same outta the water but nuh-uh.
> Roman Made is making cranks now? Will they only cost $200??

Bottom row L to R:
> The Deps Gurkha Knife Magnum Flutter Spoons are bent!
> Would you fish a leather “chunk”?
> Anything will catch a bass….

Top 10 Cali Delta baits.

From the FLW Series. Congrats to winner Greg Troughton who beat a stacked field by almost 7 lbs. He mostly punched a Yamamoto Flappin Hog, but he also a Jack Hammer and a Don Iovino Splash-It popper.

Here’s the baits of the top 10 finishers broken down:

Punch soft plastics = 80%Sweet Beaver = 50%, Missile D Bomb = 20%

Frog = 60% — including a SPRO Bronzeye, Snagproof Wobbletron and here’s Ish Monroe with his Phat Mat Daddy. The dude was like, “Smile, Ish!” Ish was like:

Bladed jig = 40%Jack Hammer = 20%

Crankbait = 20%Bill Lewis MR-6 and Lucky Craft squarebill

Buzzbait = 20%

Worm/Senko = 20% — both wacky-rigged

10% each = Football jig, Glide bait, Popper

Pro secrets revealed.

Every once in a while the guys’ll let somethin’ slip on the interwebz…here you go:

Clockwise from top left:

> Ott DeFoe training his cattle to swim at an early age AND/OR testing out a new swimbait idea.

> Wesley Strader’s kryptonite — expect his competitors to drop some of these by his cabin the night before an event.

> Brandon Lester actually texted me this shot, said it was in his livewell at the last tourney — but come to find out it was actually a shot of what was left in Rick Clunn’s lunchbox. #bethebass

> Who knew James Watson was a certified car seat inspector? Love the public service man!

Aaaaand if you expected fishin’ secrets, well this is the BassBlaster…tho that could and does happen at times….

Check this ultra-cool little invention.

Called the Aqua Weed Stick — just a thing that’ll attach to a broomstick or whatever that makes it dang easy to clean the veggies from your trailer…which is the law in some states:

Invented by this competitive bassin’ gal and her engineer boyfriend — must be a proud dad or two somewhere….

Click it here for the vid to see how it works. Haven’t tried it myself but if it works it’s cool. $20 to find out, get one here.


1. Ike finally announced so BPT field set.

Click the link to see the whole field. Ike finally said the obvious in his own totally subdued way:

Got a couple shots of the cleanup at Johnny Morris’ Table Rock mansion after this weekend’s BPT festivities:


2. Why Seth Feider and Drew Benton didn’t go.

Good Bassin’Fan post. They also did a good one on what the new BPTers are looking forward to.

3. Chad Grigsby back on the FLWs…

…with a lol video saying it. Sorry to hear about those “many sleep-filled nights”…. Btw Chad, your Insta bio says you’re an Elite Series fisherman….

4. Hank Cherry now running a Bassin’ Cat.

5. Most alarming shot I saw on Insta recently.

I’m still blind in one eye from this — look away!

6. Z talks about the whole deal (vid).

No opinion, which is the right thing to do imo, but there you go. Feeshn with Chris Zaldain, who talks about it a little too. Hate to hear that friendships “have been busted up.” #forgive

7. Canadian invasion of Japan continues.

Japanese weighmasters are copying Mercer now:

8. Why Billy Dance didn’t win the ’73 Classic.

Spoiler alert: Cuz someone else needed to win it more.

9. SD proposing removal of bass length limits.

Sounds nuts but:

> “Black bass are not targeted by the majority of anglers, and harvest of bass generally is very low compared with other game fish species. Length restrictions have not been shown to have a biological impact on fish populations. Regulation removals would occur on 35 waters.”

10. BFL happenin’s.

Lake of the Ozarks, MO — Dion Hibdon won it! So stoked to see that!

Pickwick, AL — FLW KY Lake winner Jason Lambert long-lined a 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series C20 (lavender citrus) crank both days to win it. Main-lake ledges in 25′. Also fished shallow with a 6th Sense Mad Dog 130 (bone) and a Castaic Jerky J on a 1/2-oz head.

Lake Norman, NC — Winner Craig Chambers snapped his jig rod and had to hand-reel in his winning fish.

Rough River Lake, KY — Winner Aaron Sisk’s 1-2 dock punch was a buzzbait and a Chatterbait: “First I’d throw the buzzbait for fish that were likely right near the docks, and then then I’d turn and come back with the ChatterBait for the fish that were suspended 3-4′ down.” Baits: 1/2-oz R&S Baits Bass Alarm Chatterbuzz with a trailer hook, and Jack Hammer (green shad) with a Zoom Super Fluke Jr (white ice and smoking shad).

Toledo Bend, LA — Joe Beebee won it mostly on top, with a Strike King KVD Popping Perch (black shadow) and a SPRO Bronzeye 65 Frog (green tree frog). No word on whether Joe put BBs in his frogs….

11. Rapala family stuff used for top 10s this year.

Cool idea. List includes:

– Terminator Popping Frog and Walking Frog Jr

12. New Shimano SLX Reel is out.

Smaller, lighter and only $99.99 — the TackleTour guys liked it too. Rap-rock vid:

13. Bassin’ Cat helped with new SeaArk boat designs.

14. Lowrance parent co intros new info display.

15. Blaster apparel on sale yo!

Also lids:

I think the new stuff is better but some shweet deals there….

Headline of the Day

Lebanon wife runs business while husband fishes

Seriously, and she’s cool with it!

> …asked his wife Jana to oversee the business while he pursues his dream of fishing professionally.

Tip of the Day

“I must have won 25 tournaments off that bar.”

That’s FLWer Mike Surman talkin’ ’bout a shell bar on the Big O. Said he’d consistently catch 26-27 lb limits off it. Here’s a bit on how he finds such spots — which may apply to other atypical bottom spots if you don’t have shell bars where you fish:

> “Typically, mussel bars do not have grass growing on them. They may have grass growing around them, but in the middle, the bar area will be void of grass.”

> “One of my favorites is a Yo-Zuri 3DB Pencil for the topwater bite. Then I’ll go to a crankbait like a Rattl’n Vibe or the 3DB Square Lip. I like to cover water.

> “After I catch the initial 5 fish — or sometimes as many as 10 or 12 — I’ll slow down and fish a worm slowly on the bottom, like a Gambler 10-inch worm.

> “…using my Gen2HDS Lowrance with side- and down-scan, I can see the bars represented as a series of little dots — they show up differently than bass dots.”

Full post on

Quote of the Day

“Taking care of a baby is a full-time job, and maybe harder than trying to find a bass.”

– Maybe?? That’s AOY winner and first-time dad Justin Lucas tryin’ to make his wife mad…probly successfully. J-Lu, try this one next: “I feel like I do all the work around here and ll you do is stay home all day.” HAHAHA!

Shot of the Day

YES!! Thinking ’bout it — this may be what KVD’s dad did with Kevin early on:


More Birds Are Getting Drunk This Year

In MN. Happens every year, they say. This line cracked me up:

> …younger birds’ livers cannot handle the fermented berries as well as older birds.

Wonderin’ what else happens in MN that MNers take for granted but the rest of us have no clue about….

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