Giants and freak bass, Punch rig for regular flipping, KVD won at pingpong

Today’s Top 5

THIS is why we all fish.

Hope the last time you were in a boat or on the bank you felt like this:

If you didn’t feel thataway, you’re takin’ bassin’ waaaaaaaaaaay too sersiously.

Don’t know who that is in the pic (from here) but the little dude caught it on 12-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro so he’s spoiled a little on the line front!

Donkeys and eeeww melons of the week!

Donkey pandas

@bigbaitsagas rolled his own swimbait to catch this 11 after what looks like a rumble in the jungle:

@saxton_long got him this pig hoggy TOAD melon on an 8″ Megabass Swimbait, 20-lb Seaguar AbrazX fluoro and a 7′ 6″ Kistler Helium Rod — #stout dude!

@bass_assassin_772 loves him some Lunkerhunt baits and this fish does too — that’s a Yappa Bug in its maw:

Stacey King sent in this shot of a Table Rock, MO bloated brown toad ketched by Sarah P on “a chartreuse spinner” — which I’m guessin’ means a spinnerBAIT not an inline spinner:


FLWer Jim “don’t call me King” Tutt was a-feeshn with his nephew on Lake o the Pines TX who caught this “knotty spotty” melon — dropshotting a Zoom Original Worm (morning dawn) on 8-lb Gamma fluoro:

Dana D caught him this bent Lake Wallenpaupack, PA smallmouth…

…which I guess was caught on something like that Yakima Mag Lip Finesse thing:

Last but no way least, the ULTRA RARE zombie-eyed derp, ketched in upstate NY by Greg A and his kids, who were no doubt totally stoked/scarred for life hahaha!

What Brent Ehrler and Jason Christie fished…

…at the AOY deal on Chatuge:

4th: Brent Ehler

> Topwater: Lucky Craft Sammy 100 (aurora black — which ain’t black — with #4 Gamakatsu hooks), 6′ 9″ ML Daiwa Tatula Elite Seth Feider Rod, Daiwa Tatula SV Reel, 30-lb Sunline Xplasma braid to 19-lb Sunline Mono leader.

> “Points and brush were key. Fish were suspended and looking up. Most bites came over 15-20′. I’d get the school fired up and they would fight over it until I hooked one. Sometimes 4 bites before I’d hang one.”

> Dropshot: Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm (light crystal clear belly), #1 Gammy Split Shot Drop Shot Hook, 1/4-oz Eagle Claw tungsten weight, 12-lb Sunline Xplasma braid to 8-lb Sunline FC Sniper fluoro leader, Daiwa Tatula LT Reel, 7′ 1″ M Daiwa Tatula Elite Brent Ehrler Drop Shot Rod.

> “Dropped on them when I saw them on my Humminbird.”

5th: Jason Christie

> Heddon One Knocker Spooks (bone, bone/orange, pearl shad) over points, brushpiles, channel swings and schoolers.

You see KVD’s crib tour??

If not, you gotta check it. One time I was there and challenged him to a ping-pong match. First he was like:

And then he was like:

I think I lost 21-3. But it was a lot closer than it sounds, and pretty sure Trip somehow cheated to help KVD win….

When I walked away from the table, Zona was like: “Bad idea dude.”

Honestly think the $$$ value of the tackle in Kevin’s house is worth more than the house itself.

Hope we’ll all be like Mr. Rodney.

Guy in the middle is Mr. Rodney Pontius of the Great Northwest Bassin’ Anglers in northern MI:

Word is Mr. Rodney and his partner won that derby, and he had the big fish, a 5.36. He turns 84 in Nov! #stout


1. Some pro 2019 commitment highlights.

Random stuff:

Ott DeFoe announced his switch to the BPT with, of course, bare dawgies:

At this point I’m assumin’ he goes to church, the Piggly Wiggly, high school reunions and of course tourney registrations with bare feet….

Funny line from Keith Combs:

> I’m proud to say that I will be competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series…I’ve really never been good at catching small fish anyway.

Lol! Here’s another great line, this one by Andy Montgomery who talked to the only person he trusts:

> After some lengthy conversations with myself it became obvious MLF was the place for me.

But what if he lied…to himself? Hahaha!

Dave Lefebre is going to the MLF/BPT and is now sponsored by alapaR: #evaDbojdoog


> Jesse Wiggins did a hilarious vid on switching from Tues-nighters to Fri-nighters.

> Super disappointed Jeff Kriet’s switchin’ post was serious. Dude is never serious, and even when he tries to be serious he ain’t. Kriet, what up with that mang? You get a seriousness tutor or what?

> Skeet Reese called it a “scary time” with the changes and all. Love the honesty and lack of hype, especially from a man of usually few words. That’s literally the most I’ve ever heard Skeet talk in a row…and it was good! Open up Skeet!

Other than that:

> Proud of how many guys talked about being prayerful in their decision-making. #bebold
> LOT of guys who switched have talked about how way more fans walk up to them and talk about MLF than anything else. Interesting.

> Strangely Boyd Duckett said he’s staying with B.A.S.S…HAHAHA Boyd! Seriously tho — did Boyd imply on Bass Talk Live that he or MLF tried to buy a piece of B.A.S.S. when it was sold to Anderson Media? Good foller-up Q too — watch that whole thing.

Johnny Morris was like:

[I have ZERO issues with Johnny or BPS — just havin’ fun, and if folks can’t take jokes then don’t be readin’ yo!]

Interestingly, something somewhat similar is happening in pro lacrosse right now…which I only know because that’s my son’s sport. But the lax guys have an investor group that’s an investor in all kinds of sports stuff, including DraftKings. Maybe someone from bassin’ should give ’em a call?

2. B-Rad Roy holding vets tourney Oct 6.

3rd annual Lake Cumberland Stars & Stripes Open, Saturday Oct 6 at the Burnside Ramp. Supports USA Cares. #stout

3. James Niggemeyer’s ’18 Ranger Z520L for sale.

4. NY: Elites back on Cayuga Aug 22-25, 2019.

5. MI anglers very concerned about Asian carp…

…getting into the Great Lakes, as they should be. #apocalypse

6. PA: Snakeheads found in Susquehanna tributary.

Dang — really hope the gov’ts are taking these invasives seriously man….

7. CO rez closed because they can’t check for invasives.

Sounds a little harsh to close public water for that, but then again there’s Asian carp and snakeheads….

$$$ quote from a VA biologist: “Anglers love them, especially the bowhunters.”


8. MN: Y’all wanna get into the fishing biz?

Then head on up to the Fishing Careers Workshop on Oct 27. Here’s Al Lindner, one o’ the main dudes behind it:

Click it here for more info and to register.

My 2c: Be really really good at whatever you do, underpromise and overdeliver, work your tail off, be humble and grateful to everyone (can be hard!), know that the whole fishing biz runs on RELATIONSHIPS, not necessarily $ and cents (if you burn bridges, your time in this biz will be short).

9. Pure Fishing brands about to be sold off.

No surprise, will be interesting to see where they go. Also hope the good folks they have on the biz side will be retained…. Decent amount of turmoil in the tackle biz right now.

10. WI: Milwaukee planting vertical habitat in harbor.

Here’s how they’re marked:

11. NE: New steeper ramp open at Box Butte.

12. ‘Rude G2 outboard data now on Lowrance units.

13. Bass Pro Shops suing ex-Cabela’s employees.

14. Big Bass Wheel arcade game is 10 yrs old.

Whooda thunk!

15. CA launching own satellite to track pollution.

I hope Johnny Morris launches a satellite to provide real-time updates on the bass spawn….

16. New promotion deals at Tackle Warehouse yo!

Tip of the Day

Jason Christie’s “secret” flipping rig.

> “I didn’t want to show this one because in doing so I’m giving up something I’ve kept quiet for a long time. This is one is a YUM Bad Mamma (gp blue) with a 1-oz tungsten weight on 60-lb Sunline FX2 braid.

> “I know it looks like a punching bait, but the truth is I pitch a big weight a lot more than I’d like to admit — to bushes, to docks, to trees, to sight-fish. Speed of the fall is a big key to a reaction bite, especially in clear water, and a big weight just gets the job done when it comes to a fast fall that forces the fish to react.”

Quote of the Day

“I’ve always believed that all of the fish should be weighed on one scale, and one tournament director should be making the important decisions.”

Rick Clunn’s innerestin’ perspective on the MLF/BPT format vs the B.A.S.S. format…from a really good Bassin’Fan post about the opinions of tourney vets like him.

Just wonderin’ tho — who should be making the NON-important decisions? I nominate Overstreet….

Shot of the Day

Two fish on 1 bait? Yep, but 2 baits on 1 fish?? Check this story from MN HS angler Blair Erickson:

> “This fish ate my crankbait halfway to the boat. While I was fighting it in, it swam over towards my dad’s bait and ate his as well.”

That upper Mississippi River melon had to have him both Rapala DT-10s — because smallies are the toughest bass to catch (lol!):

Ya got me
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