Deets on the new winning color, Fish invisible currents, Summer crank colors

Hope y’all have a GREAT weekend! Just remember to maybe take more boatin’ precautions than usual cuz it’s gonna be nuts out there.

The BB “ICAST” stuff is coming soon! Gettin’ my head around all the new stuff, what will make the BB cut and what won’t. For sure different than the normal firehose-drinkin’ at the ICAST show but all good/great!

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Today’s Top 4

What up with this ‘big shad’ color?

So…last weekend Jacob Wheeler uses “big shad” (and another color) Rapala DTs to win at Chickamauga, TN — but before that Ott DeFoe used it to win this year’s Fork/Athens Bass Pro Tour stop in TX. DTs are known but the color is new/not out yet — “big shad,” should be out this month. Here’s what it looks like sorta:

Another shot of it showing more of the chartreuse:

I was curious about:

1. How the color was developed
2. Why it’s good
3. Are we seeing a new east TN-led era of crankin’

Talked to the fellers, posted a full deal on the BB site here, but here’s some highlights:

> Ott: “3-4 years ago Wheeler had a DT16 or 20 he gave me…said it’s a color he really catches them good on at times…. [Biggs painted some] that were exactly the same. It was good — it had some more blue in it than what we do now [more purple now].”

> Jacob: “It came from a [custom-painted] DT10 I’d been catching bass on since I was 16…very similar color to that.

> Ott: “[Biggs] painted up a whole bunch of them…. It had more purple. The second batch he did, he said, ‘I’m going to try something a little different, different paint I think will look really good.’ And it did. The other one was pretty, but this one was way better. …when I saw it, I said, ‘That’s the one.'”

Here’s the mythical Biggs:

> Jacob: “The key with the color is this: There’s times on offshore fish that a very loud color — blue/chartreuse, citrus shads — are really good in getting those fish to react and get fired up. But there’s also times where the more subtle colors get 4:1 in bites compared to the loud chartreuses.

> “So over the years, I realized that…hues are everything. The base colors — white, pearl, chartreuse, red — that’s the key.”

> Ott: “For me I’ve caught ’em on it from pretty clean water, like 3-4′ visibility, down to 1-1.5′ visibility — which for the color of the bait doesn’t make as much sense because I think it’s a natural color. To me the water clarity has a little to do with it, but in some ways it’s pressured fish or educated fish in general — it’s so much more natural of a color.”

LOT more juice and gear stuff in the full post, too long for here. Enjoy bass-heads!

Do you fish currents you can’t see?

Good info from a JVD post on the MLFers’ site:

> “The Great Lakes have a lot of natural currents that you can’t always see, but you just have to realize that it is there. Flats adjacent to a sharp break into deeper water will give the bass a place to move up and down to feed, and the break to the flat makes a wall for them to ambush forage.

> “The current will also be stronger in these areas as it changes from deeper to shallower water.”

I love that!

> “In southern lakes you’ll catch an occasional one out deep ledge-fishing for largemouth. But often bluff walls are the key. They are still relating to current, and those bluff walls do the same thing with current (as flats on the Great Lakes) and help position the fish better.”

I was like, “Jon are these currents invisible? Cuz if so hope you have pics or it’s all just theory, like dinosaurs built the pyramids.” And he was like, “First of all that’s not a theory.” Didn’t know if he meant it was true or false? Anyhow then he texted me this so:

“That’s when we went from 60 to zero, and basically there was nothing keeping us in the boat.”

From an interesting post on a vid you probably saw last year where Blake Broussard (speakin’ ^) and his dad Clay get tossed from their boat on Toledo Bend:

Here’s the full vid on YouTube. More from the post:

> Clay: “If that chine bites like it happened to us, you experience multiple G forces and you’re out of the boat in milliseconds.

> “I skidded 30 or 40 yards and found myself several feet underwater before the [Mustang] PFD inflated and I came popping up to the surface. And then I looked for the boat and was surprised to see the motor was still running and that the boat was still moving. That was when the revelation went off for me that this was a much worse situation than we just got blown out of the boat.”

Thankfully the guys are okay. Here’s the great part:

> Blake: “It took me a year and a lot of encouragement from a lot of people to post that video because I was I was fearful of the negative feedback that I would get. I just hope that maybe there’s that one guy that reminds his young son to put that life jacket on or put that kill switch on because of this. And he can visually show his son or his friend or even himself that this could happen to anybody.”

He just forgot to attach the kill switch and of course took some heat for it online, but huge props to him and for telling the story.

Have you been intimidated by this bass tub gang.

HAHAHA heck yeah they look scary! Like, “Hey — what do YOU think you’re doin’ in our hole?” Can’t you just see ’em trollin’ 0.5 mph at a feller all menacin’-like??

AR, so pretty sure B.A.S.S.’s Steve Bowman is the ringleader.

Serious for a sec — anyone ever fish outta one of those, pls lmk. Guy down the street has one for sale. I don’t “need” it but…I might….


1. Ott DeFoe’s hunting for monster bass.

Name of his show on World Fishing Network, Mondays at 7:30 p.m. ET. Wonder if his feet are bare — if not, not sure the bigs will show….

2. How Brandon Cobb finished 4th at Eufaula.

> ….I had to idle the same spot 3-5 times a day and the fish would randomly be there at some point. I felt like I had a solid plan going into the tournament. After Idling for 30+ hours in the 3 days of practice I marked 9 schools of fish and nearly 100 brushpiles. My plan in the tournament was to cover as much water as possible and make just a few casts to each key piece of structure.

> Worm: Zoom Mag U-Tail (redbug) on a 1/2-oz shakey head, 16-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluoro, Abu Revo STX Reel (7.3), 7′ 4″ MH Ark prototype signature rod.
> Swim-jig: 1/2-oz Greenfish Tackle Swim Jig (white) with 3.8″ Zoom Z-Swim (white), 16-lb Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluoro, Abu Revo STX Reel (7.3), same rod.
> Crankbait: Yo-Zuri 3DS DD (chart/blue), 12-lb TopKnot Fluoro, Abu Revo STX Reel (6.6), 7′ 3″ M Ark prototype fiberlass composite rod.

> “The 3DS DD has always been one of my staple offshore crankbaits…perfect for that mid-depth 10-12’…. The bill design allows it to plow through the brush easily with minimum hangups. You need to be able to quickly plow the crankbait through the limbs to trigger the fish. The 3DS DD allows you to not slow down when the bait hits the first limb. This triggered the bass that may have not been feeding.”

3. Bryan Thrift’s on BassEdge Radio.

4. Bernie Schultz says don’t squat your stern.

Talkin’ BOATS lol. Anyhow, he recommends having a hydraulic jackplate, and runs the T-H Marine Atlas — same one I’m gonna run, not that that means as much as Bernie’s endorsement but….

5. Elitist Dale Hightower just increased his resale value.

6. How Elitist Garrett Paquette evaluates rods/reels.

Don’t know if it’s kiddin’ or serious but either way funny.

7. VT: More on that Make-A-Wish boat giveaway.

So stoked for the young man and his fam. Props to all the peeps involved. Love is so awesome man — so is bassin’:

8. FL: New movement to get rid of Rodman Dam?

> They contend emptying the reservoir would help with everything from manatee migration to keeping a rising sea level from turning the adjacent St. Johns River salty.

9. AL: New shady pavilion at Smith Lake.

B.A.S.S., Alabama Power and volunteers from the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance made it happen.

10. MS: Trace State Park lake not open yet.

600 acres, been closed for 4 years, should be full of dumb bass, not reopening yet because the state thinks too many people will be too close together.

> “…the redear and bluegill looked really, really good. The bass were either small or big, no inbetween.”

11. TX: 101,000 FL bass fingerlings put in Lake Arrowhead.

12. ON: $5K smallmouth released in Rainy Lake.

To help tourism:

> The fish has a green tag with the word “WIN” written on it….

Also, the smallie’s name is Luther and he likes pina coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain….

13. PA license fees might go up soon.

Haven’t increased in almost 20 years so sounds needed. Remember DNRs in many states mostly function off license fees.

14. Scientists created robot largie to scare mosquitofish.

They think that scaring invasive mosquitofish with the robot will make them die faster…or something like that.


15. Suzuki has new 140 and 115 4-strokes.

> An upgraded compression ratio of 10.6:1 helps these new 2.0-liter displacement outboards achieve better top speed and acceleration by improving thermal efficiency. Fuel efficiency has also been increased…as much as 5-7% better….

> Other improvements include a 40-amp alternator on both models that delivers improved output and battery -harging performance at low idle speeds….

16. T-H Marine’s new TravelBoss backpack cooler is $149.99.

Looks like it’s available for pre-order:

17. Here’s where you can see all the new Daiwa stuff.

18. How pretty is this, wow.

“The Great Wave” painted on a Duo Realis Pencil:

19. What hand-stitched swimbaits look like.

Do you fish ’em or just display ’em?

20. 2 new craw species found, 1 in AL and 1 in MS.

Here’s all you need to know for jigs/trailers:

Btw check out the color of the Australian “marron” craw:

Says in that post the Aussie word for an aluminum boat is a “tinny.”

21. This is what an Alabama shad looks like.

Gulf species that migrates up rivers, who knew:

22. TN/AL: 72-lb Asian carp caught in Pickwick.

> They are coming from Kentucky Lake through the locks that the barges enter on Pickwick. This fish was in Bear Creek on Pickwick Lake.

23. IL: Deep fried Asian Carp called “silver fin” instead.

Good idea. Kinda like when they renamed the salty “slimehead” fish to “orange roughy” so peeps would order it in restaurants.

24. WV: USFWS wants you to love mussels.

> “What we want is for people to view mussels like they do pandas.”

Maybe call ’em panda mussels then?


Headline of the Day

Don’t keep worms in your pockets

Yep! Right up there with:

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Summer crankin’ tips from the NC crank-masters.

Couple from David Fritts from an old ESPN post, and couple from David Wright from an old post (can’t link it):

Fritts, written by the amazing Tim Tucker who passed on some years back:

> “I’ve seen color make a difference thousands of times. To me, color selection is a critical element in crankbait fishing.

> “Sometimes the right season and the right water color doesn’t necessarily mean that a certain color is going to work. The ultimate decision and last resort is what the fish want.”

> His favorite lure color following the peak spawning cycle is a Rapala DT10 or 16 that sports solid-pearl sides with a light green or blue back, depending on the water clarity. A green back is usually more productive in clear water…the blue back is better in water that is slightly stained.

> “See how well the bass are biting your baits. If they’re taking the bait well and getting the front hook in their mouths, you’ve probably got the right color.”

> Shad-colored crankbaits still dominate through the summer, but this is a time when chartreuses and firetigers start to come into play. In midsummer, Fritts often relies on a solid-chartreuse bait with a green back and no red on its belly (known…as the Homer color).

> Later in the summer, his most productive color is yellow with a brown back. This is also Fritts’ choice when the bass are not aggressive….

Wright talkin’ High Rock Lake, NC in the summer:

> “I start out throwing an Ugly Duck or a Tapp — those are flat baits with square lips, and they’ll run 6′ or 7′ deep. Then as the fish move out a little, I throw a Zoom Z-2, which is like a 300 Poe’s, then a Z-3, which is like a 400 Poe’s.

> “I mainly throw 2 colors: classic and chartreuse classic. Classic has a brown back, yellow sides and a white belly. Chartreuse classic has a brown back, chartreuse belly and yellow sides.”

Old school is new school to fish now….

Quote of the Day

“Kevin was (and is) the best pure bass fisherman I’ve ever seen, but Wheeler and Lee are starting to rival that.”

Shaw Grigsby talkin’ ’bout some buds of his. More:

> Both Jacob and Jordan are such intuitive anglers. They both work extremely hard…and they have so much information at their fingertips. Pair that overload of information with both of their unique abilities to break down a body of water in a short amount of time, and you get what we’re seeing right now.

> Mental drive and mental passion is such a big component in this sport. It’s what KVD has and I can see the same thing in those 2 young anglers. As long as their drive continues, there’s no telling how long they can keep this up.

Word. Love that he said this too — him having joy about their success:

> As a guy who’s been here in the professional bass fishing world for a while, I can’t express enough how much I enjoy watching these guys compete.

Shot of the Day

Lovin’ this boat-fiip shot featurin’ 1) a BOOYAH Glow Blade spinnerbait and 2) a real enthusiastic green feesh. Just gives me a feelin’ I’ll never get sick of — you know what I mean!


Australia’s Night Parrots Can’t See At Night

Guess that could be a problem…and not sure why that bird ain’t extinct yet? Possible solution: Running lights.

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