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Today’s Top 4

Did you know real bait FOLDS??

Kenny “no I can’t give you a short answer” Duke hipped me to vids made by a science dude named Jimmy Liao — they’re good! Check his YT channel.

Watched a couple — did you know that if baits can FOLD they’re more likely to result in a hookup? Check it — first a real baitfish:


Always thought bass mostly hit at the head but nope….

Top 5 reasons the St. Lawrence Elite could be canceled.

Not sayin’ any of these had anything to do with a convo I had with B-Rad-Lee Roy cuz they didn’t but:

1. Invasion by Canada (eh?) — Of course this is #1 cuz it could (and will) happen at any point. If it went down this week, the Elites would be hit first:

Don’t believe me? Brandon Palaniuk’s trailer already got attacked by a dang Canadian commando:

Watch out for Mercer doing even more suspicious stuff than normal….

2. Obese amphibians — Ish and Dean can’t even catch one on a frog with the basses eatin’ these critters:

The smallies up there are done — this one was found struggling on top of the water:


3. Burrocross — Seriously, would you rather watch a bassin’ event or pro burrocross?

4. Disturbing road signs — First of all, it’s a whole dang different world waaaaay up there near Canada. Second, Elitists have their fears too:

5. Riddle competition got outta hand:

If you didn’t know, groups of Elitists have this running quiz bowl-type competition. Stetson Blaylock won it last year:

Latest riddle caused some near fist-fights:

Got ALMOST sorted out, then JVD threw this one out and it was on again. Biffle and Fritts were NOT cool with it, Powroznik looked like he was gonna choke someone, and Dave Lefebre had this crazy look on his face (different than normal lol):

Thought it was just a lyric but guess not??

Hahaha! Of course the most likely reason the Elite’ll go sideways is:

Edwin Evers would be like:

Hahaha love ya double-E!

“…it’s going to get to the point where FLW, Bassmasters and all these organizations will stop having tournaments in this area because there are no bass to catch.”

– Bethel U bassin’ coach Garry Mason talkin’ ’bout Asian carp at Kentucky Lake. Not sure why the TN DNR waited so long to do something here but they better get on their horses real dang fast….

Bassin’ coverage will never be the same!

Check this headline:

Amazon patents a real-time accent translator

> Amazon has applied for a patent for an audio system that detects the accent of a speaker and changes it to the accent of the listener, perhaps helping eliminate communication barriers in many situations….

Bassin’ coverage will never be the same for sure hahaha! Wanna hear Wes Strader and Cliff Crochet speak with an English accent, John Crews sound like Darth Vader and Casey Ashley talk like he’s from Brooklyn. Jeff Kriet with a Russian accent might be $$$ too.


1. Didja see Seth Feider’s Rapala Insta takeover?

One of the funniest I’ve seen. Launched with him havin’ a breakfast of champeens:

Highlight was him grooving to Steely Dan — he LOOKS like the dude IN Steely Dan that was named “Skunk,” not Llama but:

2. Matty Lee thinks he’s on ’em.

It’s brown and has a small mouth so:

On ’em so good he got bored and started making drawings:

3. Clent Davis and Code E Meyer on StrayCasts.

Word from Pat is:

> The boys and the dukes are ready to rumble. Word on the street some heads are gonna tumble…. Not really, but this week on The Glorified Version of a Bassin’ Talk Show are Sir Cody Meyer and reigning King of FLW Clent Davis….

Check it tomorrow night 8/22 at 7pm Central on Facebook/Stray Casts and

4. Peter T won’t fish the FLWs next year.

Good luck with the restaurant biz Pete and git back to bassin’ if’n ya can….

5. AR: Brad Knight’s 2015 FLW Cup trophy damaged…

…at the FLW Cup:

> …trophy was on display at a local vendor’s booth at the FLW Expo in the Hot Springs Convention Center. An intoxicated visitor to the booth theatrically hoisted the trophy over his head as if he’d just won it. He lost his balance, fell backward and damaged the base of the trophy.

6. B.A.S.S. expands Classic bracket tourney from 8 to 16.

Cuz the Chessie derby was canceled. Will be on Carters Lake, GA, Oct 23-26.

7. TX: Sounds like a tourney trail is bouncing checks?

Read the whole thread, decide for yo’sef….

8. College kid Nick Ratliff will fish the Classic.

Won the college deal. Goes to Campbellsville U in KY. Congrats dude! Will be the first to tell you that the Classic is awesome, but all college kids who fish it DO get hazed — just ask the Lee brothers, who had to go through this:

After Jordan, bunch o’ Elitists thought the whole Jabba thing was too much so he was sent off-planet….

9. B.A.S.S. writer Robert Montgomery has a new book out.

Check you “Kickin’ Bass: Make the Bass of Your Dreams a Reality:”

Robert’s a mentor of mine in this biz and he’s dang good at what he does so….

10. Best bassin’ kids book of all time now in “e” form.

John Siejak’s Baby Bass ABCs like:

11. BFL happenin’s

Mosquito Lake, OH — Steve Hatfield won it fishing grasslines in 4-8′ with a Rat-L-Trap (gp). Who says ‘Traps are just for spring??

Upper MS River, WI — Upper MS stick Dan “I was really using a swim-jig” Mohn won one with a walking topwater and jig with a Big Bite Yomama, all smallmouths. Kevin Ruh won another with a Brush Hog (gp) on a wobble jig.

12. AR: Xpress boats parent company expands…

…will hire 100 folks. In case you’re wondering about the aluminum tariff stuff:

> A tariff placed by President Donald Trump’s administration on aluminum imports earlier this year has resulted in two price increases and some scrounging for aluminum, but the tariff hasn’t otherwise affected production or sales….

13. FL: Benefit tourney at Toho Sept 22-23.

Helps fund Mission 22, a group dedicated to ending veteran suicide.

14. New Savage Gear sales mgr.

Jay Harris, came from Mustad.

15. Distributor Maurice feels good after ICAST.

Almost bought the farm so good for them.

16. Z-Man lookin’ fer marketingz assistantz.

17. Correct Craft chairman passes on.

Ralph Meloon was 100. Didn’t know him, but 2 reasons you’re reading about it:

1. Correct Craft owns Bassin’ Cat.

2. The Correct Craft motto was (is?) “Building boats to the glory of God.” Pretty dang cool.

18. My first signature tackle-thingy!
Check the new “Bream Blaster” floats from Thill — need to be custom-ordered of course:

Wanted Thill to use Sia’s “Cheap Thills” or AC/DC’s “Shoot to Thill” to promote ’em but got shot down…. That ‘lectrical fiddle tone in Shoot to Thill is KILLER!

Props to Thill for hirin’ a bunch o’ folks in AR to put those floats together and give each one a love-kiss before it’s packaged (maybe).

Tackle Warehouse has a few Thill thangs, check ’em here.

Tip of the Day

Kota Kiriyama: Super-Nintendoing suspended bass.

> The basic dropshot presentation for suspended bass is to let the rig sink straight down to the depth at which you see the bass on your graph. Then you hold the rig at that depth.

> A variation on this allowed Kotaro Kiriyama to win an Elite Series tournament on Lake Erie out of Buffalo, NY…. The bass were suspended 50′ deep below schools of baitfish where the bottom was 80-90′ deep.

> “It was like playing Super Nintendo,” Kiriyama says. “I would see the bass on my graph and let the dropshot sink straight down.”

> The smallmouth reflexively nailed the bait as it plummeted past their noses. There was no need for Kiriyama to hold the drop shot rig above the bottom.

> …rig consisted of a 1/4-oz sinker 12″ below a Jackall Crosstail Shad nose-hooked with a #2 Owner Mosquito Hook.
> During the February 2008 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Hartwell, Kiriyama opted for a 1/8-oz weight to slow his dropshot rig’s fall because of the frigid water. About 12″ above the weight, he TX-rigged a small shad-imitating bait on a 1/0 Owner J Light Hook.

> Kiriyama’s bass were suspended 20′ deep over submerged trees standing in 40′ of water. He would cast over the trees and let his dropshot freefall. Many bites came as the rig was sinking.

> If the weight touched a tree limb before a bass nabbed the bait, Kiriyama would make 5 slow cranks…. If that didn’t provoke a response, he would reel in and make another cast. He caught enough suspended bass to claim 7th place.

Quote of the Day

“I’ll finally get the time to catch up on some back issues of Bassmaster.”

– Bad dude character Red Reddington in season 3, episode 1 of “The Blacklist.” Was on TV, now on Netflix. He was talkin’ sarcastically cuz they had to hole up for a week to avoid the law. I’m thinkin’…good choice!

Also thinkin’ I could see Bassmaster editor James Hall runnin’ with that crowd…and maybe has been for some time….

Shot of the Day

Doesn’t get much more awesome than FLWer Jeff Sprague praying with his son before an FLW Cup competition day:



Yep we’re definitely waaaaaaay smarter than cro-magnon man….

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