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ICAST new stuff Special Issue! part 1

Can’t give you a rundown on everything that was there — can’t even do that for all the Blaster sponsors who bring you this zaniness every dang day (almost) — so just gonna call out some of the stuff that stood out to me.

As usual, the mighty Tackle Warehouse has what’s in stock that can be in stock and is a-takin’ orders for the rest. So save your pennies, start mowin’ lawns, do whatever it takes cuz you know we “need” this stuff!

Don’t forget the full ICAST new stuff vid tour in less than 10 minutes!


Topwater’s the hottest bait category in the bassin’ universe so startin’ here:

Yep you’ve known about it for a while, but technically it’s a new-this-year bait. Yep it’s the same concept as the Tickle Sprinkler BUT ain’t the same. Fish ’em side by side and you’ll see.

Bottom line for me is a frog you reel vs walk (though you can walk the ToadRunner too) is just a different deal. Believe it calls fish to it better than a regular frog does.

This dude David MacDonald develops all the Lunkerhunt baits. You’d think he does that out on the water but nope, here’s where he works:

Once asked him, “Hey Dave, you guys got another topwater in the works?” He looked at me like this, then just walked away:

Hokay, guessing that’s a dumb question. The latest offerin’ from this mad scientist is the Yappa Series. When I saw them in pics, I was like: Okay, another take on a Jitterbug. Assumed the lip was hard but when I saw ’em in person:

Guessin’ that means less weed pickup, along with the frowg-like hooks. TW has ’em spit into Yappa Frogs, Bugs and Rats.

Aw, look at that cute little dude! Elitist John Murray called it:

Not sure how the all-important “plop” compares to the magical 130 size and the 110.

Can you get enough bubbles? If not maybe you’re like:

If you ain’t gotcha bubble fix yet, check the Gurgle Toad — leaves a bubble trail, and the paddle feet “generate a boisterous gurgling commotion.” << Vocab words from the Tackle Warehouse description….

The Zoom Horny Toad is 4.25″, but most toads are 4″ and this one is too. But there’s something about the Tip Toad, size-wise. It feels different, and was designed to be different. Can rig it with a 4/0 or 5/0 hook or double hooks, alone or on a buzz.

Also droppin’ on ya:

1. River2Sea Ish’s Phat Mat Daddy Frog — You can bet the bassin’ farm on anything Ish designs, especially if it’s froggin’ or flippin’ stuff. Plus he already won an Elite on it (vid) so….

2. Strike King KVD Mega Dawg — 6″ long walking bait, 2 oz. KVD wanted something to only attract the bigs so here it is! Good excuse to get a new topwater setup too hahaha!

3. Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch — Likewise…Hackney designed it, nuff said. Would you put your name on a bait you didn’t think was all that? These guys feel the same way.

Bladed Jigs, Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits

Specifically designed to not hang up on wood, fished it when it was a prototype, for-real works and caught ’em. Also comes through other cover, but the biggest deal may be that it’s designed to stay DOWN (not come up) when retrieved.

Worth saying this: Whenever anyone that’s not Z-Man comes out with a bladed jig, it has to be different than a Chatterbait because of the Chatterbait patents. So If you’re looking for a Chatterbait or a better Chatterbait, get a Z-Man.

Possibly the best bladed jig ever, now in 1.25-oz. Brett “I’ll kill you when this bite is on” Hite swore to me it has the egg-zact same action as the lighter-weight ones. I was like, “Good, else it would be like fake Rambo vs the real one:”

He insisted it’s the real Rambo…in Rambo 2….

You fished one of these yet? Bobby Lane told me it needs a small swimbait or other trailer on it to work best. Haven’t seen one of these baits get a high finish yet in a major derby, but there’s a reason it took years to develop so…. I admit I haven’t fished it enough, but the new colors should help: chart/white, bluegill and black/blue. Here’s FLWer Brandon Cobb learnin’ ya quick on ’em:


Also droppin’ on ya:

Bladed Jigs

Terminator Shudder Bait Bladed Jig — Looks different, I’m sure it acts different, haven’t fished it yet, lemme know what you think when you do.

Fish Head Primal Vibe Jig — Cross a vibe jig with an underspin and you get this!

V&M Flash Jig — Designed by Elitist Jacob Powroznik, an actual jig with a blade on the bottom. Jacob’s a hammer, so if he wanted it, it’s good for something!


BOOYAH Squelcher buzzbait — Squeaks out of the package, gets up in the water column faster and stays up easier.

Strike King KVD Toad Buzz — Comes pre-rigged with the new Gurgle Toad….

Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad Buzzbait — Pre-rigged with a Suicide Shad, a good swimbait.


Freedom Jared Lintner Custom Stealth Swim Jig — Might be really interesting cuz of Freedom’s unique hook attachment system, which I’m betting would let a swimbait do its thing more.

Z-Man David Walker’s Crosseyez Snakehead Swim Jig — Walker knows his jigs!

Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, Other Hard Baits

Been a saltwater staple, now hitting the fresh. Believe the deal with this is it swims different and has a neutral buoyancy — so if you stop the bait, it will stay there. Sizes 3.5-5.25″, runs about 3-4′ and of course amazing Yo-Zuri colors (“real smelt” in pic).

Now we get to find out how good the RipStop is. Last year Rapala came out with the 3.5″ version, too small for most of us to throw. Now they have a 4.75″ version so let’s go this fall mang!

3. Bill Lewis MR-6

Bill Lewis started with the lipless Rat-L-Trap but has branched out lately — this is its second lipped bait. “Heavy pro staff demand” is the reason for the MR-6, which runs about 6′ and comes with #4 Mustad Triple Grips.

In person it’s about the same size as a Rapala DT-6 but a little different shape, not sure about the action yet cuz haven’t fished it.

The new 55 has a shallower dive angle (dies 4-8′) so it “will be able to come through the rocks more like a squarebill crankbait….” Same wide wobble and hunting action, #5 Gamakatsu trebles, 8 colors to start.

Is there a bad Bandit crankbait? Answer: Haven’t met one yet. Believe a squarebill — made of the mythical butyrate plastic — is new for los Bandidos, so have at it and lemme know….

Duo claims 200′ casts with 12-lb line and an easy trip down to 20+. If so, dang!

New and weird colors
Lipped cranks

1. Strike King XDs — Lotta new colors, here’s “oyster” in the 5XD:

Lipless cranks

1. Rat-L-Trap

Not sure if a ‘Trap is offered in the most colors of any bait, but there’s a TON…and 22 more coming, including some matte ones. Check the “Big Bones” series (left is “retro red bones” — yer droolin’ if you fish Rayburn or T-Bend!) and the “Clear Trap” series (right is “mean green tiger craw”). Tackle Warehouse has a bunch of ‘Trap colors but not these new ones yet….

2. BOOYAH One Knocker and Hard Knocker

Bunch o’ new colors, this is my fave — “tiger craw:”

Other hard baits

1. Strike King KVD Jerkbaits — New colors include #pink — “pro morning dawn:”

2. Duo Realis Spinbait 80 Spybait — New color = “goby:”

3. Lucky Craft LC Silent Squarebill — This the first peacock bass color? “Magma peacock” (left) looks like would be a killer bluegill imitator, and then there’s “pink dragon gill:”

WTHeck Are These….

1. Cicadas — Not just one either. Duo Realis came out with the Koshinmushi Cicada Bug (top left), and Savage has a 3D Cicada Crawler (top right). Have never seen a bass eat a cicada, but those little garbage cans will eat anything I’m sure….

2. Topwaters — Jackall came out with the Chop Cut Propbait, which was in a Blaster a while back (and which I think can make sausage), and a bigger size of the paddlefish-looking Riser Bait.

Other stuff that’s givin’ me GAS (Gear Aquisition Syndrome)

If you know it or not, BUFF is constantly rolling out new, thoughtful stuff designed to keep us comfortable in hot AND cold weather. In my experience, real, authentic BUFF-brand stuff is:

> High-quality
> No dang seams!
> Comfortable

> Works as advertised

And here’s why we need it — all of the above plus…

…it LOOKS GOOD so YOU LOOK GOOD! I mean, you can’t be on social lookin’ like a carp fisherman hahaha!

Hopefully just the majestic part….

“Cool” fact: the Coolnet UV+ stuff — which lifts and evaporates moisture away from skin — is made from plastic water bottles.

Bluewater LED Night Blaster Deck Kit Lights — “Blaster”…love it! Seriously tho, more lights look cool and can be better safety-wise….

Grass Goat — Strap it to your little motor and welcome yourself to the jungle….

Troll Perfect — “Troll Perfect will allow you to stop fighting the kickback and side-to-side torque steer of your trolling motor. Troll Perfect will also eliminate that ‘sloppy foot pedal’ issue.”

Also check these:

1. Costa Cape shades — Look cool and have side vents designed to prevent fogging. I was digging the russet frames with the copper lens….

2. Mako sunglasses — From Australia, I’m digging the GTs with the infrared blocking.

3. Simms — This stuff on my want/NEED list for the fall, but they have stuff not yet out for the spring:

> Katafront Hoody — We will all look/feel good in this….

> Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bibs — Never cold on the water again.

> Fleece Midlayer Bib — Be even warmer fishin’/huntin’ in the cold yo!

> Ultra-Wool Core Top — Big fan of Icebreaker merino wool, like to see if this is as good.

4. AFTCO Hydronaut Jacket and Bibs — Goretex-like, vent in the back of the hood so it won’t fill with air when you’re running down the lake, jacket and bibs have a built-in POV cam holders.

5. Spike It Braided Line Markers — Because….

6. Garmin Panoptix LiveScope — Daaaaaaaaaaaang….

ICAST Hunger Games part 2 comin’ Thursdee!

Ya got me
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