Derps of the week! Spinning stick nicknames, “Daun shotto” tips

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Derp melons o’ the week!

Kickin’ it off with Freddy Roumbanis’ son’s first derp, caught on a 6″ Gene Larew Tattletail worm on a shakeyhead — congrats bud! #milestone

Kara W dropshotted this CT derp off a rockpile in 32′ with a Roboworm FX Sculpin (natural shad):

Jerry H first caught this Six Mile Lake, MI derpasaurus on a KVD Sexy Frog (tiger), then the next week about a 100 yards down-lake his son caught the same feesh! Still had the hook mark…. This time it was a 1/4-oz Strike King Denny Brauer Jig and Paca Craw (black/blue):

Roger M lipped him this AR derp he fooled with a YUM Dinger (smoke):

Josh J got this SD “derk” (love it!!) on a Megabass S Crank 1.5 (secret gill):

Elitist Chris Zaldain caught him this sorta sharky-lookin’ “slerp” — for sure “merp” and maybe “lerp” — on I guess the St. Lawrence Reever: #dentures

Not a bass but stoked that Marcus P was at Sea World San Antonio with the fam and had to get a pic of this derp red there hahaha!

Also not a bass but Kelly D was dropshottin’ in ID and caught this derp-bow:

Crazy-good feeshn on the St. Lawrence Reever.

Check these very biggie smalls posted by some Elites:

Alton Jones summed it up:

> There are a lot of green fish in the St. Lawrence and, while you can earn a paycheck on largemouth, you cannot win on them.

> …largemouth fishing here is so good, it can suck you in during practice. You can get 60-100 bites a day with good quality fish of 2-2.5 lbs and maybe a kicker of up to 4.

Another perspective:


You may wonder how those smalls get so bigs. Visual aid:

[Sculpin shot by Fletch Shryock.]

How much does this one weigh??

Not weighed by WI guide Josh Tiegen but dang!

Shoulda weighed it, coulda been a:

What the guys call spinnin’ sticks.

So when I was a-callin’ out spinnin’ rods as “wimp sticks” — IN FUN (sheesh) — a few folks didn’t get it. Guessin’ that’s cuz they’ve never heard the many nicknames spinning rigs have, ‘specially in the Southeast and Southwest-ish.

Randomly asked a few Elites what they call ’em, and here you go — sounds like “fairy wand” wins, and Skeet I’m shocked at your nickname for ’em man:


1. TX: 2 fishermen died at Canyon Lake in 9 days.

Article says both men were not wearing PFDs. Bless you fishing brothers. Please wear a PFD folks!

2. Honest practice-day rundown by Bernie Schultz.

Not at the St Lawrence, but read it in case you think Elites practice like Superman and have feelin’s any different than us regular dudes.

3. How James Elam became an Elitist.

Good bio post. Didn’t know he was a wrassler.

4. Will spinbaits/spybaits play at the St Lawrence?

Seems to be a growing deal every time the Elitists go up yonder. Brandon Palaniuk:

> …it will catch not just numbers of fish, but big, heavily pressured fish as well. It’s almost like a power-finesse presentation — I can cover a lot of water, but still have the ability to draw fish from deeper, clear water.”

He likes the Storm Arashi Spinbait. The other big one is of course the Duo Realis.

Will mention that Jacob Wheeler likes spinbaits for largies too (vid).

5. MLFers get Barbasol shavin’ foam.

> Barbasol, America’s #1 shaving cream, is a new MLF sponsor for the 2018 season….

Ike said he’ll now be using it for his twice a year shaves:

6. 2019 Costa Series schedule is up.

Champeenship on Cumberland, KY. Also, current BFL TD Mark McWha will be replacing Ron Lappin on the FLW Series and I think the Costas. Congrats to Mark. Ron’s been there a long time so hope he’s doing okay.

7. Check the FLW Canada Cup winners.

Never heard of this derby? Anyhow, some #girlpower with the winning team of Erik Luzak and Ashley Rae:

Can’t see any bait, or even lake, info, and not on the FLW website?

8. FL: Is Okeechobee spraying the cause of FL’s algae issues?

> Boaters and fishermen are reporting what they say is an increasingly frequent sight — contractors working for the FL FWC spraying herbicide on invasive water plants around Lake Okeechobee.

> “…when plants die they decompose and release nutrients and nutrients fuel the growth of algae. And the other is the herbicide itself. When the chemical breaks down, it’s a form of phosphate that can actually be a nutrient that fuels the growth of the algae….”

Related: IBM is using AI to try to predict when weather will create toxic algae, among other things.

9. OH: New $1.3 mil ramp at Berlin Rez ain’t doin’ it…

…because of a Corps drawdown:

> …it’s essentially useless after mid-summer because the water is too shallow to launch anything larger than a canoe.

10. KY: Check out the Corps-managed Fishtrap Lake.

I smell a border war:

> …hopes Kentucky legislators will work with their counterparts in Virginia to mitigate the amount of trash that comes into Kentucky. “I think Virginia should do something to prevent it from coming down. Whatever means they can do, they should do it.”

11. MN: Team smallie derby on Mille Lacs in Oct.

12. Murky lakes increasing in US?

> In the 5 years between 2007 and 2012, the dominant lake type in the U.S. shifted from clear, blue lakes to greenish-brown, murky lakes. Blue lakes declined by 18% while murky lakes increased by 12%.

> “Blue lakes typically are those that do not show evidence of nutrient pollution or elevated organic matter while murky lakes have high levels of both.”

No word on the most important factor: bass levels.

13. Ever heard of the Eeliminator?

By a new brand, Big O’s Gamechanger Lures:

Notable because Big O is the nickname of well-known bait designer Steve Parks who’s designing these baits. Steve knows his stuff big-time plus he’s like an ultra-black belt in karate so you can’t tell him he doesn’t….

14. MO provides loaner rods/reels.

Love it.

15. Australian record “bass” caught in tourney.

Not our kinda bass but they call it a bass and have tourneys for those bass. Daniel McCoy caught it, 4.455 kg (9.8 lbs) and 57 cm (22.44″), no bait info mentioned. Pending record feesh:

16. KY: Can birds stock Asian carp?

Guy with a 30-yr-old pond all of a sudden found Asian carp in there. Yikes.

17. IL calling Asian carp “silverfin” for eating purposes.

Definitely sounds better than carp, which as we all know spells something bad if you switch the “c” and “a”….

18. CA: Red swamp crayfish cause more mosquitos.

By eating dragonfly larvae. Those craws are invasives in a lot of places.

19. Yaks could be affected by US-China trade wars.

20. FL: Dude kills 1,000-lb, 12′ gator in Okeechobee.

[big eyes emoji] — if you fish there, make sure your boat has a ladder on the stern man, dang….

21. FL: Gators use pool noodles.

Getting huger AND smarter:

22. B.A.S.S. crew filmed ‘Rolling with the Tide’ show.

On ESPN. I dig the show, but apparently was a HUGE stank over it at B.A.S.S. HQ what with all the Arkansas and Auburn fans there…especially Bruce Akin (hee-hee!)….

Tip of the Day

Misc “daun shotto” rig tips…

…from an In-Fish post. “Daun shotto” is Japanese for “down shot” which is what they call the dropshot, aka the Tsunekichi rig. Some juice that stood out to me from the post:

> Seth Feider: “The longer shank on the VMC Neko Hook sticks in the roof of its mouth, so landing percentage is second to none. The #2 is light, so they take it all the way in, but the gap is big enough to stick and stay wherever it ends up.”

> …some anglers are turning to hooks with built-in swivels, like the VMC SpinShot. [Not Feider talking:] “The advantages of those hooks are less line twist and the ability to have the hooks stand straight out….”

> Feider: “I always use 1/2-oz weights to keep the lure right where I want it. A 1/8- or 1/4-oz sinker moves. When anglers shake a worm they move the weight. You want to impart action without moving the sinker.”

> [For middle of the water column dropshotting, quote from WA stick Marc Marcantonio:] …QuickDrops by West Coast Tackle…. “Line twist can be a problem. My teardrop puts the entire swivel outside the lead — providing 2 swivel points instead of 1. Molds were computer designed for perfect hydro- and aerodynamics.”

Quote of the Day

“He lived longer because of fishing.”

Dude talkin’ ’bout his serious bass-head bud Doug Carlson, who recently passed on. Amen to fishing giving life — sorta, you know what I mean. Sounds from the article like Doug endured way longer than the Drs gave him. Bless you bassin’ brother.

Shot of the Day

Not sure how I swapped text/shots of the day in the last BassBlaster and this one but I did! Sorry to both folks. Here’s both done right.

Doesn’t get much more awesome than FLWer Jeff Sprague praying with his son before an FLW Cup competition day:

Not sure what’s bigger, the swimbait, the bass or the hair but it’s all good for a great shot by @ninojspella456:


Ancient fossil turtle had no shell

Gonna say then it’s not a turtle….

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