Teen stick, Great bait name, Best Spook reel ratio

Give you a big bass-head welcome to Fish Head — yep the underspin folks, but they make more stuff than that. Here’s what’s on Tackle Warehouse…check it!

Also welcomin’ the Bassin’casters of western PA — what up guys! Yep, bassin’ clubs send in their rosters all the time — just send yours as reply to this email and I’ll get ’em Blasted!

Today’s Top 4

How James Niggemeyer got 2nd at the Cup.

What do you do on a deep brushpile lake? Fish shallow mang! That’s what James did to get 2nd at the FLW Cup on Ouachita. All the deets on, but here’s some o’ the juice:

> “I’ve had success fishing out, but I’ve had more success over my career fishing shallow. I knew there’d be long periods between bites, sometimes hours between bites. But I knew if I fished the way I like to, I’d stay confident. I’d fish through the lulls doing what I like to do and was most confident in, instead of casting to a brushpile over and over hoping that something bites. I’d rather stay shallow and power-fish.”

> The first day he had 6 bites, the 2nd day he had 4 and the last day he had 5….

> Main bait: “Homemade buzzbait (1/4-oz silver blade, gp toad-style trailer) — a guy on the West Coast makes them, you can’t buy them in stores.” 7′ 4″ H St Croix Legend Elite Rod, Cabela’s Arachnid Reel (8:1), 50-lb Tufline XP braid (green).
> “…practice was throwing treble-hook-type baits, but the first day of the tournament we had rain and heavy wind so the bank grass was floating…got caught on the treble hooks…so I went to the buzzbait.”
> Secondary bait: Strike King Sexy Dawg (clear sexy shad), 7′ MH St Croix Legend Elite Rod, Shimano Curado Reel (6.2), 30-lb Tufline XP braid with a 20-lb Gamma copolymer leader.

> “This tournament was a huge blessing to me. The last 2 years on the Elite Series were painful. Having a good year, just making the Cup was to me quite a victory — and a shot in the arm. I thank God I could experience this. It was a lot of fun at Ouachita. I had fun again, this whole year.”

IL teen won the Bassmaster and FLW Jr champeenships!

If I’m reading right, in just over a week Trey McKinney and partner Carter Wijangco won the 2018 Bassmaster Jr Championship in TN…

…then Trey won the FLW Bass Federation World Junior Championship in AR with partner Logan Baker:

Okay Trey’s a stick but how ’bout doing the travel grind! #stout

Big congrats to all 3 of the boys, and their parents!

NH warden hits another dang winner.

That’s sarcasm. You my recollect me highlighting this gem from a NH game warden in season 1, episode 9 of the TV show “North Woods Law:”

> “If you do catch a bass and keep it, there’s nothing there to protect the babies. And if you did that with all of them, there would be no bass left.”

Yep. “Babies.” No bass left. Derp.

Not sure if this is the same dude or if the Kool-Aid they’re drinkin’ went bad up there, but in season 5, episode 6 a NH warden crushes 10 or so properly-licensed anglers for having a little for-fun tourney with no permit.

Looked at the NH DNR website and didn’t see a minimum # of people for a tournament, so I guess they had to have a permit. But then check what he said:

> …with a lot of these tournaments they have, if they’re not careful there’s a high mortality rate with the fish — they don’t have the right conditions for them to hold [the fish] in the livewells, and there’s a bunch of variables that can kind of go wrong….”

Say what?? Dude doesn’t stop there:

> “…a lot of these tournaments they hold all over the state. The mortality rate for these can be high, so if you’re killing all these trophy fish, it certainly has a detrimental effect on the population.”

WTHeck are you talking about officer Eric Hannett?? High mortality rates…in NH?? Killing ALL?? Lots of trophy fish caught?? Seriously — have you ever even been to a tournament? Dude goes from a burp to the end of the world in like 2 seconds.

Seems like the state of NH really has to get its act together. That’s ignorant misinformation twice now, and was only heard cuz it was on NATIONAL TV. Pls get after ’em Gene Gilliland, NH Nation and TBF peeps! This dude:

Fired up! Bass fishermen are the best conservationists any state has, and buy a lot of dang licenses which = warden salaries. C’mon man…at least get the dude some tourney education….

‘Nother great bait name!

Here’s the “Chicken Acorn Mouse” — which I believe I heard KVD call someone during a tournament (heehee):

Google translate quote on the bait — sounds medicinal:

> The thumb size lovable crawler bait, this move that seems to be a bit comical even hard. I personally feel like wanting to show it as a child’s toy. I was healed.


1. Say hey to the NEW BassBlaster dude!

Here he is, hired him today:

HAHAHAHA! Bet no one’s more surprised than BP! Just kiddin’ — actually a shot advertisin’ the new Alpha Angler hoodies….

2. MDJ likes the Flanders better than a dropshot…

…for smallies:

> Probably the most reliable bait is a common Ned rig. Day in and day out it’ll catch them anywhere and at anytime. After that I’d have to say that the second most reliable setup is a dropshot. My third and fourth choices are dragging a tube or casting a jerkbait.

3. Proof Seth Feider also catches green fish.

I was like, “WTHeck?” And he was all, “Mountain Dew’s green bro!”

4. Here’s all the Seaguar lines Mark Rose used to win FLW AOY.

Surprisingly he used NO fluorocarbon.


5. FLWers get Lure Box sticky boxes.

Justin Atkins, Andy Morgan, Jason Lambert, Michael Neal, Braxton Setzer.

Here’s the stuff on TW.

6. ’19 Bassin’masters TX Festivus will be on Fork.

Hope it’s an overs festivus….

7. Nina Wood just had a birthday!

‘Bout a week ago, here’s now and then shots:

Nina has had a LOT to do with Ranger Boats, bass boats in general, sponsoring anglers, and I’m sure way more than that. Thank you Nina and bless you! My fave line from the Vexus FB post:

> It’s common to see her pull into our parking lot in her heavy duty pickup just to offer a cold drink to our employees…many of which are longtime friends.

How cool is that!

8. New book about Gary Yamamoto.
[Sorry can’t link it but it’s on]

Books are paper things with words in ’em that lots of folks used to read pre-interwebz. Used to be entire STORES devoted to ’em! Lol, I’m gonna buy it!

9. BFL AA champ Nick LeBrun on Bass Edge Radio.

10. Little Berkley B1 controversy….

Big bass derby in the Arctic, aka Canada. This happened…

…which means these folks eventually won: #girlpower

All good (it’s bass fishing!), congrats to ’em all.

11. GA: Jared Kutil is the new SCAD bassin’ coach.

Used to be with Ike, Gluszek and the South Jersey mafia at Bass U. Congrats man!

12. ME: Ever heard of the European frogbit?

Incasive plant found in Cobbossee Lake, where milfoil was also found recently. It’s those little pads:

13. Great Lakes peeps want more cormorants gone.

14. OK: Don’t forget to see the goats at Tenkiller.

Any lake that has goats as an attraction has to be one of the best bassin’ lakes in the country. Period. But beware: Word is the goats grow some illegal substances out there:

15. This how you fish the Yo-Zuri Knuckle Bait?

Bobby Lane fishes it like a spinnerbait with a trailer. This guy fishes it more like a buzzbait, without a trailer but with a trailer hook:

Could this be a kind of finesse buzzbait alternative? The non-translucent “knuckles” have rattles, the translucent ones don’t. Check ’em on the TW.

And I REALLY dig this ad:

16. Check the head of the new BOOYAH Melee.

Polycarbonate head with a lead core = different sound:

17. Vexus’ biggest boat yet, the AVX2080.

Says it will run in the 60s — still a tin/glass hybrid I believe:

If your wonderin’ how the Vexus guys are keeping up this crazy rollout pace:

Just kiddin’ — don’t drink that stuff kids!

18. TX: BassForecast founder gets first DD with his own app.

Yep sounds self-serving but he swears it’s true:

> “Slow-rolling a big spinner bait over a brushpile on the edge of a deep creek channel. Caught her on the highest BassForecast Rated day of the week, 15 minutes into a BassForecast Peak Feeding Time window.

> “I received a mobile alert from BassForecast 8 days in advance that 7/28 was going to be a great day to bass-fish and was able to plan it…otherwise, I would not have went.”

Sportin’ the tee too!

19. SPRO catch ’em wherever frowg contest ends TOMORROW.

Deets at the link and…didja miss the SPRO giveaway today?

Make sure you’re follerin’ ’em on Facebook….

20. Huge BUFF sale still blowin’ and goin’.

Gitcha bassin’ fashin’ sun-protection and look like you know how to fish hahaha!

21. Pretty sure this would ketch ’em at night….

Click it to git it — not on TW yet:

22. New Shimano Curado DCs now on TW.

Sounds like it does everything but cast itself…!

23. New Realtree college/HS contingency program.

24. Johnson Outdoors still kicking $$$ tail.

That’s Humminbird, Minn Kota, etc.

Tip of the Day

Best reel for walking a Spook.

Got to talkin’ with Jason Christie, innerestin’ stuff about Spookin’:

> “I’ve done a lot of experimenting with this. As far as reel, I use a 6.8 Lew’s Magnesium Reel. I’ve tried faster reels in the 7s and slower ones.

> “Walking a Spook, you take up line as it’s walking. Whenever I walk it, it’s half a reel turn — half, half, half — seems like that half a reel turn is the perfect amount.

> “You want to jerk it on a slack line. A 7 [ratio] is a little too much and makes the line tight. It’s the opposite on a 5 — it doesn’t take up enough slack, so after 4-5 turns there’s too much slack — you have to stop to make an extra turn to get that slack out.”

Quote of the Day

It is nice to dream about winning a bass tournament and cashing a big check, but the odds are against you as the Southerners can practice on the lakes every day while the Northerners are shoveling snow or out ice fishing.

NH guy talkin’. You hear that VanDam? Stop shovelin’ man! But seriously — looked quick at the Elitist list, and seems like only 10% of the field is above the Mason-Dixon line, not including states west of the MS River. So….

Personally I think bassin’ differences are more related to diet — the southern guys rule here:

Eat that stuff and you’re Superman mang!

Shot of the Day

Do you love hooks this much? Mike Iaconelli actually pays trained jewelers to micro-examine his VMC hooks like this before he even puts ’em in his boat:

Must be nice Ike!


Rainbow trout can be sold as salmon, Chinese government decides

Reminds me, check these trophy largies I caught the other day:

Ya got me
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