Top BPT baits, Bbbig bbbait deal, Alton Jones’ favorite skipping soft plastic

Give you a big bass-head welcome to Jewel Baits! Not like they’ve been away, but they’re comin’ with a bunch o’ stuff, the newest of which is the Gem Series — specially designed for feeshn Keitech Fats. Not on TW yet, so check ’em here on the Jewel site. Also check TW’s Jewel stuff.

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Today’s Top 5

Jacob Powroznik’s winning baits.

Big congrats to Jacob who won Bass Pro Tour #3 on 3 different lakes over a week — which sounds like it’d be dang tough to do. He be sayin’:

> “Anytime you beat any of those guys, you’ve accomplished something. They’re the absolute best. They’re lions, always trying to eat you. To be able to get away from them and actually win means a lot.”

Really can’t imagine Brandon Palaniuk, Matty Lee or Kelly Jordon tryin’ to eat someone, buf the rest of ’em I can…even Casey Ashley….

Okay here’s his bait deets (except the pic, what up J-Pow??), full pattern info is on the website:

Jordan and Falls

> “At Jordan I caught them on V&M J-Bug and a V&M Trickster worm, both gp…just flipping around hard cover, bushes and trees, places they would move up to spawn. They were spawning already…too muddy to see them. The water temperature was like 61 degrees.”

> “I used the weightless worm when it got real shallow back in those pockets.

> “At Falls I used the same bait [J-Bug], rod, reel and line…fishing around stumps off the bank. Same water clarity…stumps in about 2′ [the water was low so he was flipping wood off the bank, on a main-lake flat].”

He also used 2 crankbaits at Falls, which he said “were the key baits:”

> “…a handmade crankbait [shad] and a Livingston Shredder [white/black back]. That’s what I caught every one of them on on the 2nd day of the tournament to get me into 20th place. The 3rd day I caught them flipping….”

He fished riprap along bridges with a 7′ Quantum KVD Crankin Rod, a Smoke S3 Reel (6.1) and 15-lb Hi-Seas fluoro.

Shearon Harris

The whole time he fished a weightless stick worm on spinning gear:

> “…around bedding bass you couldn’t really see, off the edge of some saw grass in 2′.”

First spin-rod victory for J-Proz/J-Pow/JP.

Rated M cuz it ain’t right lol!

Yep, Jacob won it with a spinning rod in his hand. As a result, MLF officials and Boyd “the enforcer” Duckett did have to check Jacob’s man card — word is it hasn’t expired yet so….

HAHAHA! Okay, I asked Jacob about it and he said — dead serious:

> “I’ve been waiting my whole career to do that, to be able to throw a spinning rod all day [and win].”

Still on his bucket list is winning a pro tourney on a push-button Zebco….

KIDDING! (I think??)

More top BPT baits.

2nd: Jacob Wheeler

> Vibrating jig “…played big both on Jordan and Falls. Caught a lot of the fish cutting down a Googan Baits Bandito Bug in black/blue and using that as a trailer. Fish were around flooded hardwoods on Jordan, and shallow grass on Falls, just like the flipping fish.” 7′ 3″ MH Duckett Jacob Wheeler signature series rod.

> “Flipped a Bandito Bug in black and blue and bama bug on flooded hardwoods on Jordan, and on shallow grass stems on Falls. Most of those fish were spawning or getting ready to spawn. I chose color depending on how dirty the water was…dirty water I opted for the black/blue one and in the little clearer water it seemed like the bama bug did better.

> “With Harris being a power plant lake, I figured the fish would be further along. I would say the majority of fish were spawning or just getting done. With the warmer temps from the previous 2 days and the night low being around 60 degrees, I had that gut feeling that a topwater would have to play.

> “When I got that first bite on the [popping] frog in the beginning of the 2nd period, I knew I going to lock it in my hand. The frog fish were around the cattail-looking grass that lined the lake.

> “Knowing the lake got a decent amount of pressure, I focused on more main-drag banks towards the backs of the major creeks. The pockets had a lot of pressure in them from local anglers so I figured the fish more towards the main body weren’t getting the pressure.”

> 7′ 6″ H signature Duckett Rod [believe these aren’t out yet] for both the frog and flipping the Bandito Bug.

> “8.3:1 Duckett Fishing 320 Reel for the frog. It’s really important to have a fast gear ratio reel for frog fishing. When they bite that thing a lot of times they come straight towards you, and you need a faster gear ratio to catch up to them and get a solid hookset.”

3rd: Takahiro Omori

> Jordan — “Spinnerbait and flipping, buck bushes, willows. The lake was a couple feet higher than normal pool. I was fishing 1-3′. Water was off-color, not too muddy, not too clean.

> “Homemade 1/2-oz TO spinnerbait made 25 years ago, white/chart with double CO (gold) blades and a 4” single-tail grub (white). 7′ MH Daiwa Tatula Elite signature cranking rod, Daiwa Zillion Reel (9.1, Japan-only gear ratio), 20-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro.
> “Zoom Brush Hog (b/b) or Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver (tramp stamp), 5/16- or 3/8-oz Ultra Tungsten Weight, 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG Superline Hook, 56-lb Sunline Super PE8 braid, same reel, 7′ 3″ H Daiwa Tatula Elite signature pitching rod.

> Falls — “Everything the same…the water was a little lower…fished shallow bushes, laydowns, some stumps. I was keying on wood cover in both lakes.

> Also fished a 1/2-oz homemade jig (b/b) with a Zoom Super Chunk (sapphire blue).
> Shearon Harris — “Caught all my fish on a 3/8-oz Z-Man Chatterbait (white/chart) with a Z-Man Razor Shadz (pearl). Same rod, reel and line as for the spinnerbait.
> “I caught all 19 keepers caught on that. Dollar pads in the morning in the backs of the creeks. Mid-day to afternoon I moved to the cattails in the middle parts of creeks toward the mouths. I was looking for good-looking spawning pockets — at the base of the cattails was beds….”
5th: Mark Daniels Jr.

[Mark is lookin’ very chill here.]

> 3/8-oz Z-Man Jack Hammers with Z-Man Razor Shadz 7′ 2″ Favorite Big Sexy Rod (LFG rod), Johnny Morris Platinum reel (6.8), 20-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro.

> 1-3′ flipping in bushes, and 1-3′ around sawgrass with Chatterbaits.

Could MDJ and roomin’ bud J-Wheels be fishing any better right now?

Will try to have baits from Edwin Evers'(4th) and that Classic-winning guy (6th) Thurs.

I dare you not to fish this.

Focus your bassin’ eyes on the River2Sea Nest Raider:

That’s 5″ and 3/4-oz of bed-feeshn $$$! Just don’t make depth-charge casts….

Comes in more normal colors too, but I’m all-in on that crazy-lookin’ one. If you don’t catch a bass on it, maybe a granola with a butterfly net’ll run outta the woods and call it a new species:

Wait — is that guy even wearing pants?? If not, maybe just cut off the bait, throw it at ’em and git outta there fast….

Didja miss this BBBig announcement YESTERDAY.

(Get it??) Startin’ a company called BassBlaster Baits, BBB for short, pronounced like this-here:

First 2 baits are gonna be called:

1. Jack Wagon — My riff on the Jack Hammer but it’s a lot louder, just like a Jack Wagon should be!

2. Blubba Shots — Kinda like Bubba Shottin’ but bigga and fatta cuz it’s blubba! Blubba shot-specific baits are fat and round, which actually have crazy good action like this:

Also comin’ out with crawfish-scent bait-odorant (not de-odorant, which doesn’t work in bass boats anyhow) so when us bass-heads sweat, instead of smellin’ like buffaloes we can smell like craws = bass steak! Just drop your sweaty T-shirt or sun-shirt in the water, and you got instant bassin’ attractin’!

Takin’ pre-orders soon so save yer pennies! Lol happy April 1 bass-heads!


1. Why BPTer Luke Clausen likes the DUEL Flat SP 110 jerkbait.

> “…working jerkbaits when the water is in the low 50s, we’re just pulling them, not necessarily jerking them. Fish react slower, and they have more time to look at a bait, so that little bit of action makes a difference. We see a lot of jerkbaits that have a dead action when you stop moving, and this one doesn’t do that.”

Check the bait on the TW.

2. Ott DeFoe and Chris Zaldain on BassEdge Raydeeo.

3. Brian Latimer on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

4. AL congressman wants $$ to keep Asian carp outta Gville.

Dang straight:

> “Lake Guntersville is one of the best bass fishing lakes in America. Roughly a dozen major annual fishing tournaments generate significant economic activity. An Asian carp invasion of Lake Guntersville would be disastrous….”

More Asian carp updates:

5. DE/MD/VA (Delmarva): Bassin’ better cuz of snakeheads?

> A few diehard tournament-angling largemouth bass fishermen have even reported that the bass fishing is better than ever since snakeheads arrived, possibly because young snakeheads have provided such a great food base for the bass.

6. TN: Classic generated $32 mil for Knoxville.

Sounds like it’s time for Knoxville to sponsor Ott DeFoe? Dude needs a new pair of shoes…or not….

7. TN: Jun 1 charity derby on Old Hickory.

8. MLF gets new sponsor/sales dude.

> Jeff Clachko joins MLF from NBC Sports where he served as SVP of advertising sales…was responsible for linear and digital ad sales for Sunday Night Football, NASCAR, NHL, EPL [soccer] and horse racing.

Zero mention of whether the dude fishes but it might not matter in this case….

9. 40% off BioSpawn baits!!

Only on their website, “now 40% off with code SAVE40 at checkout.”

10. Couple new gloves out for ya.

SIMMS SolarFlex No Finger Gloves

AFTCO Solago Sun Gloves

Very cool concept:

> …injections of different salt concentrations into different areas of the bait to create a natural sink rate and better swimming action without the need to add weights or other tackle to achieve the desired action….

Saltier than a dang anchovy! Check the Craw, Minnow and the Salamander Worm, which is kinda like a legless lizard:

12. New Gammy Spring Lock Monster Hook.

Monster = 9/0, 10/0 and 12/0! For weedlessnessin’ big sot-plastic swimbaits. Few deets: 3/8- or 1/2-ounce lead, “center point” large bait screw easy to start and tighten, superline wire.

Check it on the TW.

13. New Garmin Echomap Ultra series.

> …a new line of keyed-assist 10″ and 12″ touchscreen chartplotters….

14. Lowrance LiveSight Sonar available next month.

15. Sounds like big outboards are getting caught up.

> Shipments of outboard engines 200 hp and greater in total were up 30.4% year-to-date through Feb….

16. Motion-detecting spin reel pings your phone if there’s a bite.

Might be good when the MLF BPT goes to 14-day tourneys…hahaha MLF peeps!

Headline of the Day

German man catches World War II hand grenade while fishing

I see that thing coming in, I’m cutting my line and runnin’ like Denny Brauer’s chasin’ me.

Tommy Biffle would be scary too but also funny — and since you can’t laugh and run fast that’s prolly a more dangerous combo….

Tip of the Day

How Alton Jones skips a YUM Bad Mamma.

Alton Sr led last week’s BPT going into the final round, and caught his fish skipping a YUM Bad Mamma soft-plastic. 2 things about this:1. He actually pulled the side appendages off it to get it to skip further.

2. YUM pros are constantly talking about the Bad Mamma for all kinds of applications so there’s something about that bait.

Quote of the Day

“I’d throw up into the ditches…”

For any other folks — non-bass-heads — that would sound gross, like the flu or nasty leftover chicken or whatever. But not us! We’re like, what DID you throw up there hahahahaha!

That’s KY Lake BFL winner Rob Vannerson talkin’. Here’s what he threw up — into the ditches: 3/8-oz Z-Man Chatterbait (white) with a 3.5″ boot-tail swimbait (white smoke).

And for the record, I don’t eat leftover chicken. Ever. Hope you don’t either.

Shot of the Day

Guessin’ David Fritts thought he dropped his keys in the well and was lookin’ for ’em…? He’s definitely looking for something in that bass, which I totally get cuz bass will swallow just about anything mang:


Fish slime: An untapped source of potential new antibiotics

> …a team has identified bacteria with promising antibiotic activity against known pathogens — even…the microbe that causes MRSA infections — in the protective mucus that coats young fish.

Hey — don’t go licking your dink bass now….

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