What hooksets SOUND like, Giant bass of the week, Hop a lipless?

Today’s Top 4

Ridin’ the melons into the weekend!

Elitist Carl Jocumsen glide-baited himself this near 11 with an unnamed bait on an unnamed lake that appears to be tilted and in danger of losing its water:

MO’s Bryan Hargiss spanked this 11.14 on Toledo Bend with an unweighted 5″ Senko (watermelon red) — from

> “It was windy and overcast, and we were way back in one of the coves fishing an island. It was off of some buck brush. Because of the hydrilla and coontail moss, I was just throwing the Senko TX-rigged with no sinker…so it would just drop through that moss.”

Tecomate La Perla, TX private ranch water — no weight but fo-sho a thick fat-tay:

Quick story ’bout this one. On a dare (okay I dared him), Mark Menendez licked this weird-lookin’ toad by the ramp and then was all:

We got in his boat on a private KY lake, and I was like, “Dude are you okay?” He was diggin’ around in his box and put this bait together:

I was like, “Okay man, I’m just gonna clean up back here with this Senko.” But then this happened:

HAHAHA! Mighta sorta happened like that. Deets:

> 3/8-oz Strike King Premier Pro Model Spinnerbait (black/purple/junebug/blue skirt, chart trailer, trailer hook with a Rapid Fishing Solutions disk), 17-lb Seaguar AbrazX fluoro, Team Lew’s Lite Reel (6.8), 7′ 3″ Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Rod (“football jig rod, which is my favorite spinnerbait rod”).
Former Elitist Charlie Hartley had himself a day last week — a morning tourney on Kissimmee, FL (red shad worm), then an evening deal on Toho (Heddon Baby Torpedo — I assume he changed the hooks??). Said he got paid:

What’s a hookset SOUND like?

Question hit me when I saw this Ott “de Champ” DeFoe vid post where he said: “I love the sound of setting the hook!”

Til he said that, I never realized that…I love it too! Then I got to wonderin’ — what IS that sound? For me I think it’s this:

You know, when that line tightens on a hookset…tho it also makes that sound (possibly better) on a stump-set…. Here’s some more — lemme know what your hooket sound is on my Facebook:

“I’ll say I got to see some really cool places that bass don’t live in this week.”

– HAHAHA! Honestly I do that every time I go out man…. Anyhow, that’s FLWer John Cox practicing on Grand…I think? Check the off-roadin’/Squatchin’:

Most back-breaking nap in the history of bassin’.

#Win by Brandon Palaniuk:

Observer instructions:
Step 1: Take the pic.
Step 2: Walk away.
Step 3: Wake him up later…if his L4-L5 vertebrae don’t wake him up first.


1. New even-smaller sizes for Paul Mueller’s Freestyle Jighead.

Same ones he used to win Lanier. Don’t think they’re on TackleWarehouse yet, but are on the Do-It site (can’t link it here). New mold is 1/32- to 3/16-oz. Paul texted:

> “I use 1/8 a lot with the 3” Reins Bubbling Shaker, especially cold-water fishing. And 3/32 with the Reins Rockvibe Shaker which is less than 2″ long.”

I was like, “We’re talkin’ bass fishing right Paul??” He said:

> “Yes I catch big bass with that lol.”

So there you go. But Paul likes him some smaller stuff — here’s his dog on the counter:

2. Gerald Swindle was fishing a pool noodle??

Turned on the MLF/BOT Live deal and…check it:

3. Watch Todd Faircloth boat-flip a 9-lber.

That bass look shocked or what?

Guess Todd was so stoked he’s like, Aaaah don’t care about the penalty….

4. BPTer Wesley Strader has a questionable bait name.

Extremely questionable .Stumbled across-t this on the TW — meet you PH Custom Lures “Strader’s Pooh” crank. Yep, that’s what it’s called and not sure if puttin’ the “h” at the end makes that big a difference!

Reminds me of my fave book cover of all time:

I mean, who would name a kid’s book that man, come on hahaha!

5. Elitist Steve Kennedy’s ’18 Bass Cat Eyra for sale.

Looks like he removed the blue tiger wrap…but I gotta think that would add to the value? I mean, that’s how I’d want it….

6. NC: The BPTers outed Jordan Lake.

Known in the state as a big-bass lake, not known much outside the state, now you know:

Guess Kelly JordON had a huge day:

Said he was motivated cuz he was sick of everyone misspelling his last name JordAN. I was like, “Well you did it on JorD-A-N so won’t people remember that spelling more now?” He said, “Kumar!” then I lost the call, don’t know what happened….

Btw Kelly’s best 5 the day he weighed 82-04 (26 feesh) weighed 28-06. Thanks to Jo-El Shangle from Krypton for doing the math.

7. Kevin Short is getting his thrills in a new way.

Guess if you’ve done it all in a boat, you experiment with insane stuff like 200hp tiller-steers:

[big eyes emoji]

8. CA: Stout stats from recent Clear Lake tourney.

> It took 50.31 lbs to win the 2-day event. The tournament produced 1,066 bass and the overall average fish weight was an incredible 3.29 lbs.

9. LA: Giant Salvinia choking out Saline Lake?

10. NY: Bill banning competitive hunting won’t affect fishing?

> … fish are defined separately from “wildlife” in state law, and therefore fishing and ice fishing tournaments…would not be affected.

YET. Btw the bill is the same one intro’d around the country by the animal rights folks to stop things like guys who are making us all look bad by doing things like running over coyotes with snowmobiles.

No surprise in NY, the bills in both houses are being sponsored by legislators from New York City and close-by areas from one political party.

11. Mossy Oak app streaming Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

2 seasons, 14 episodes.

12. Check the Fish Head Primal Vibe in action.

Cool vid:

For some reason reminds me of this Jurassic Park dude:

13. LA: Crappie tourney contributing $1 mil to local economy??

> “I’ve seen some figures from the last year from some smaller tournaments, and the minimum is $300,000 and that’s just for 1 day. This one, I would have to imagine gets close to $1 million if not more”….

14. FL: Virus might be killing St Johns turtles.

Doesn’t sound like a good sign when turtles are dying….

15. MI: Red swamp crayfish might invade the Great Lakes.

Just 1 Q: If so, will it cause obese smallmouths??
16. OR might help fund outdoor biz startups.Sounds pretty cool?

> Outdoor industry leaders say the bill would allow outdoor startups to overcome a harsh business climate. Most angel investors and venture capital funds target companies in the medical and technology sectors. Startups in consumer products, and especially outdoor gear, get less attention.

Line of the Day

“Fishermen always look for fish-eating birds. If there are no birds, there are probably no fish.”

Honestly can’t think of one example where that’s true….

Tip of the Day

Another jig-like lipless crank tip.

Short one this time, from Kentucky Lake guide Scott Patton:

> I will either fish the [lipless, he likes the LV500] by letting it bang along the bottom bouncing off the rocks and gravel, or I will actually fish it like a jig.

> What I mean here is casting out the bait, letting it sit then hopping it about a foot or so. Then I’ll let the bait fall back to the bottom. I will work the LV all the way back to the boat this way. I have really smashed the bass in the spring doing this.

He’s talkin’ creeks but I guess it could work on the main lake too?

Quote of the Day

…the fish “have seen every lure available to man.”

TX biologist talkin’ ’bout Lake Fork bass. He’s probly ALMOST right cuz I bet they haven’t seen these down there:

Top to bottom: Rapala X-Rap (hot pink), Westin Danny the Duck (yellow), Poor Boy’s Drop Shot Goby (golby), Biwaa Seven Swimbait (sunfish).

Shot of the Day

FLWer Aaron “Legit” Britt was just mindin’ his own bassin’ bidness, fishin’ a 1/2-oz Chatterbait (gp) — on 17-lb Seaguar InvizX fluoro and an iRod 734 Genesis 2 rod — on Lake Seminole. For a sec he thought he had a world record on but:

Ya got me
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