Giant hawgs of the week, A-Rig too far, How “Rayburn red” happened

Today’s Top 5

Giant brain-expandin’ ditch melons o’ the week!

Kickin’ out the jams with Gary Cox who landed this 14-13 on Broken Bow, OK — 27 3/32″ long, 21 27/32″ around and just 1 oz under the state record:

Caught on a Strike King Rage Craw and a Kistler rod. 3 of OK’s top 20 largies were caught outta that lake in the last 13 months.

@swimbaituniverse posted this shot of @nolan_b123‘s new PB bank fish, no weight listed but dang is that thing needin’ some Hydroxycut:

@dwainb8e caught this rectangular-ish 10+ at a yak derby on a Jack Hammer with a BPS paddle-tail swimmer on the back:

Eeeeeeeeew. AJ Slegona caught him this dis-freakin’-gustin’ fungus melon somewhere AND had the guts to pick it up! Don’t rub your eyes before you get you some rubbin’ alcohol man:

Is it me or does it look like peanut butter’s on that thing?

Which triple would you rather?

2 great shots from @albassguide — which one you about?

3 large…

…or 1 of each:

That a meanmouth or spot on the left?

Grand FLW proves spinnerbaits are dead.

Not! Jeremy “I want my” Lawyer won it throwin’ 5 different ones…

…and most of the top 10 used ’em too. Here’s how their baits broke down:

Spinnerbait = 90% — Jeremy used Freedom, Nichols and homemade ones, all with Hildebrandt blades which are supposed to be the shizzle.

Crankbait = 40% — Squarebills = 20%

Bladed jig = 30%Chatterbait = 20%

10% each = Shakey head, Jig, Swim-jig


> Lawyer, who is from MO, slow-rolled ’em and said: “It’s almost overwhelming with me and spinnerbaits. Each one has different wires, which means each has a different vibration. You just never know which vibration they’ll want, because that’s often more important than the color.”

> Seems like painted blades and CO blades were the deal.

> How ’bout Michael Matthee (2nd) bein’ from way down south…South AFRICA. Please get him to say “great white shawk.”

> Bryan Thrift (7th) got another top 10 — which I guess is a given on the FLWs? — and Brian Latimer got 8th (again using a Bill Lewis MR-6) after winnin’ the last one. Looks like he’s got a #sizzle goin’ on:

> Lots o’ different spinnerbaits used, most often-mentioned were Nichols and Z-Man SlingBladeZ, which reminds me:

Does this mean the A-Rig has gone too far?

You tell me:

Believe it’s called the Gorgon 125, by @littlejack.official from Japan I think.

Way it looks, you better be able to bench at least 260 for 10 if you want to make more than a couple casts with it….

Don’t see this in a bassin’ tub every day.

Gonna say this was an idea for @kazukikitajima_fishing and however many friends he had on that boat cuz…

…the basses weren’t bitin’.

Makes me think we need some kinda bassin’ boat yoga Insta challenge. Love to see some pros try it — the thought of anyone with the last name Lane doing this cracks me up!


1. Couple mo’ BPTer baits from NC.

4th: Edwin Evers

> “At Jordan I fished a 4” Berkley Pit Boss (b/b) and a 1/2-oz Andy’s Custom Lures Old School Flipping Jig (b/b) with a 3″ Berkley MaxScent Meaty Chunk trailers (blue sapphire — “that trailers is really good stuff”).

> “I was kind of worried going into the next lake [Falls] because I only had 1 bite in practice. But some stuff looked good on the Lowrance, and when I got in there I caught an 8-lber almost immediately. That was all the Pit Boss.

> “I went back in there the next round — I went to the back of it, where I thought I could protect it a little more…had fallen 3”, most of the fish moved out….

> “At Shearon Harris I caught some on a vibrating jig, but most on the Pit Boss. I was blind-casting to where they were spawning.”

> Pit Boss gear: 7′ 6″ Bass Pro Shops Platinum Flipping Stick, BPS Reel (8.3), 25-lb BPS XPS fluoro, 3/8-oz weight, 4/0 Berkley Fusion Flipping Hook.

6th: Ott DeFoe

> Jordan: 1/2-oz Terminator Pro Series Jig (bama craw, not yet released color) with a Bass Pro Shops Elite Chunk (gp blue flake). 2-5′ on rocks and wood in current.

> Falls: BPS Shadee Shad (glimmer blue). Schooling fish on a point in 4-8′.

> Shearon Harris: Rapala DT-6 (red crawdad). Creek channel stumps, 4-6′.

2. Elitist Matt Herren thinks bass will explode TOMORROW.

Oops bass FISHIN’ will explode. You know, cuz of the weather…tho a bass might explode on a Herren hookset….

3. John Crews supporting autism cause again.

Love the consistency, good job Johnny Missile!

4. TN: Craig Powers sighting…

…winning the South Holston BFL. CP was a FLW hammer probly about a decade back, glad to see him out there again. This time won a stingy deal by 3.5 lbs using a custom spinenrbait and one of his own cranks.

5. Innerestin’ Q on the BBC about MLF/BPT and the spawn.

Guy askin’ if it’s all about treatin’ the feeshes like mammals, then what about fishin’ for spawners? Good Q!

Personally I have zero problem fishin’ for spawners but then I also like livewells (heehee!).

6. IN: Scuzzy fungus dead fish showing up in Geist.

> “Big mature ones that are several years old, for them just to die like that and have the fungus growing on them like what is growing on them, there is something going on. I am not a biologist but it sure looks chemical related.”

7. AR: Tagged fish bonus starts May 1.

Lakes Hamilton and Catherine, top prize is $15K for catching “big Al.”

8. AL: Charity bass derby on Eufaula Jun 1.

> …AL Children’s Classic Bass Tournament…has raised money for both Children’s of Alabama and Darby’s Warrior Support, which provides physically and emotionally injured post 9/11 Special Operation Combat Veterans with hunting and fishing opportunities.


9. New Berkley craw?

Post says it’s called the Berkley Power Bait Power Flutter:

10. Googans have a new line…

…and one of their baits is already a best-seller on TW. Pretty interesting.

Pretty soon there’ll be a search engine called Googan and they’ll go public with the ticker symbol GOOGN. Maybe?

11. KY restaurant owner says Asian carp tastes like…

…mahi mahi or striped bass. If that’s true, wow. Both taste good — white flesh, mild — but mahi wins. Guy also said:

> “I expected it to be like catfish. I was totally shocked. I’m very picky about our fish. It’s not fishy at all.”

Will KY Lake become the sushi capital of the world….

Line of the Day

Once the photo of [a guy with a big fish] was noticed…it became popular on social media, prompting some to doubt whether it was real.

[eyeroll emoji] Gotta love haters, doubters, trollers and whatever else on the socialistic media.


Is the fishing industry growing?

Q prompted by this Brock Mosley post. Is it really growing? People like to say it is, but is it? Few thoughts:

First, the economy has been doing well for a while — that’s a bunch of what you see. That’s also why you see companies like Strike King, Pure Fishing and others getting bought: Folks with a lot of money need to do stuff with it (that’s one reason).

Second, in 20 years of doing this I’ve heard some version of that “growing” thing every time the economy is up and/or change happens (for ex: FLW, ESPN, college feeshn, MLF).

Third, Brock mentions college/HS fishing, which for sure is growing and is cool, but how much could that really be growing the huge fishing market?

Folks in any business always hope their market gets bigger. But in enthusiast markets, with so many different activities now, just holding your own market-wise is a huge achievement. So far bassin’ has done that, which is great.

Do I hope our market expands? Sure, within reason. I honestly don’t want to show up to my local lake and see the lot full. But is it happening? Haven’t seen any impartial data that shows it…yet…. We’ll see mang!

Tip of the Day

Some insight on the whole “Rayburn red” deal.

What really is Rayburn red? Is it the same red color it used to be? How did we all get on that deal? Cornered Wes Higgins from Bill Lewis Lures, whose granddad Bill Lewis and at least one bud pretty much got on that whole thing, to find out something that will help us CATCH MORE BASSES YO! Lol here’s an excerpt from our Q&A, full meal deal on the BassBlaster website:

> “Everyone called it ‘Rayburn red,’ but in the catalog it’s called ‘red shad.’ I always say the best ones get nicknames….

> “…solid red, a pretty deep red, like a bright true red…has gold on the sides of the back, a black top on the back and the belly is white.”

Here’s that color:

Here’s the newer Rayburn red craw:

> “There’s all kinds of theories about shad and crawfish and the [red color], and other theories that it’s more of a light thing — the sun giving different types of light as we get into the winter, and the fish might pick up more on those reds.

> “Everyone says it’s all a crawfish thing, but a lot of these baits don’t look like a crawfish. Some aren’t even really that red. And as you get into the season, gold is important too.”

Here’s “goldfire craw:”

Read it all on the BB website, some good stuff.

Quote of the Day

“I couldn’t wait to get off the course to the water hazard to catch a largemouth bass.”

– Golfin’ legend and former on-air golf dude Johnny Miller talkin’. Also said:

> “If I hadn’t been so hooked on fishing, I’d have probably won more golf tournaments than I did.”

Cool but here’s the difference between golfers and fishermen: Golfers retire and fish. Fishermen retire and fish. So which is the BEST? Asked my boy G and he was all:

HAHAHA! Dang that dude is too much….

Shot of the Day

That’s a BOOYAH Pad Crasher (Poppin Pad Crasher?) stuck between the eyes of that huge gator. As seen at the Ray Scott National Champeenship, by bass-head Brent Haggard:

Time to move your boat dude!
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