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Ditch melons and ditch derps of the week!

Ditch Melons

@gotta_fish_em.all smacked this 11-lber with a YUM Dinger (gp) wacky-rigged on a 1/0 octopus hook:

Trevor T got him his first DD, a 10-01, at Lake Baccarac, MX. Said his best 5 weighed over 40!?!?!

Ditch Derps

How ’bout one from Woodstock Dam, South Africa? Gitcha tourist Visa! #bucketlist

Rob H got him a barely derp in MI on a Sebile Vibrato (natural golden shiner):

A poem about a wee bait.

Japan pro @ken_iyobe posted this about the I think no longer made Storm Wee Wart:

The little giant crankbait
The little giant crankbait that can be strongly appealing to the low water temperature
Is too popular
But this down-sizing “wee” is actually amazing!!
So come on
You guys should put one in the box

Don’t think he meant it to be a poem but:

Looks like Ken’s an eBay master at corralin’ those baits….

Moving big smallies in the fall could kill ’em?

Not one to get all Chicken Little but this sounds like it could be legit…for natural lakes way up north:

> …as OMNR biologist Barry Corbett demonstrated…on Lake of the Woods in northwest ON, is that when we move the bass [release smallmouths far from where we caught them], instead of binge feeding in the fall and restoring their energy levels, they use up their [fat] reserves as they [try to get back to their wintering holes].

> …between 35% and 50% of the bass that were moved were dead the following spring.

Few things:

1. That’s on one lake WAY up north.
2. No mention of exactly how far away from their wintering holes these fish were released, but the word “miles” was used.
3. No word on any depth-related issues might have been involved (meaning caught from deep water).
4. Take a pic, drop it back, move on, nbd.

But really, I think this might be “large” part of the problem:

Hahaha! Check the biggest head-scratcher in that post — never heard of it before:

> …northern-range smallmouth predetermine in the summer which fish will breed the following spring. If those bass are subsequently killed in autumn, no other bass will come in the next spring to spawn for them.

Really?? Can’t see smallies being that organized….

Grossest bassin’ day ever?

You ever wanted to fish so bad that you’d endure anything to do it? Before you answer, check this gem from the TX Feeshn Forum:

> On the way to the last big tournament yesterday we were behind a semi that hit a big doe. About half of the deer exploded skyward into about a thousand pieces, half of which bounced off the top of my truck and into the boat. The other half of the deer went under the semi and tore his brake lines loose, he lost the majority of his brake fluid ON my truck and IN the boat. So we fished all day with a blood, guts, and brake fluid covered boat and gear.

Unfortunately that tweren’t all of it:

> On the way home we were passing a stock trailer loaded with about 20 heifers, and yes, just as we were pulling alongside, one of them with its b*tt strategically aimed out the side of the trailer cut loose about a 20-gallon stream of poo that completely covered the side of my truck and also went into the boat.

> We didn’t get in the money, either.

That whole fishin’ day is a unique kinda #stout, kinda like:


Does this mean I won Red Dead Redemption 2?

Dang straight it does:

And how ’bout a Fortnite melon for ya:

Here’s the deal. A vid game — or for that matter, any form of media — without a bass in it is unconstitutional, communist and made with canola oil.


1. Brent Chapman gets KastKing rods and reels.

Believe KastKing is a new-ish company, and Brent’s their first big-name dude.

2. Ike’s final Fish My City show TOMORROW.

Fri, Nov 16 at 10pm EST on Nat Geo Wild. Ike’s hittin’ Austin, TX. Support it! Even tho looks like Ike caught him some kinda disgusting non-bass fish:

3. How James Elam became a pro fisherman (vid).

Love the discipline part….

4. Stetson Blaylock is 31 and has been a pro for 10 years.

Long time for a younger dude — and he’s not alone. Love it.

5. Brandon Card college and HS derby Dec 1 on Norris, TN.

6. Jay Brainard will fish the FLW Tour.

Also got Lowrance and Core Strike Baits.

7. FLWer Randy Blaukat gets Solar Bat sunglasses.

No link.

8. FLWer Luke Dunkin on BassEdge Radio.

9. FLW Live expanding in 2019.

Cool, but with so much live across 3 pro trails, diehard bass-heads’ll be like:

10. Last chance to win a couple boats!

Randy “flattop” Howell is raffling off his fully-rigged 2018 boat away here…

….and bass pastor Chris Wells is raffling off his rigged Nitro Z-18 here:

Believe Randy’s drawing is THIS SATURDAY Nov 15, and Chris’ is DEC 1.

11. Forrest Wood is still goin’ strong.

Here’s Forrest with his grandson and Vexus boats dude Keith Daffron doing my 2nd-favorite outdoors thing:

Reminds me: Lucky the Lab and I banged one yesterday, only one we saw. Finally found it hiding in a creek under an old ladder. In a creek! Nicknamed him “chicken,” Lucky ate him when we got home….

12. TX: Sounds like Amistad fish need stable water.

I say they need to stock rainbow trout….

13. Do day 1 leaders have a psychological advantage…

…over the competition? Some guys like to say they’re only fishing against the fish, but that ain’t really true. Good Basin’Fan post.

Btw guys like KVD (pick one), A-Mart (Champlain 2017) and Jo-Lee (#Classickillah) don’t care one bit who’s leading….

14. SC: Couple shout-outs from the ABA AFT Champeenship.

Stopped after 2 days due to weather:

> Winner was NC’s Lance Eckford who bagged a big 18.70 to win with 26.92…so a slightly better day than day 1. Fished a white buzzbait with a King Thumper swimbait [never heard of it — anyone?].

> One of the patterns for 2nd-place finisher SC’s Russell Clark was fishing in 50-55′! Wonder if he had to shake off some halibuts….

15. Here’s what you need to vid yerself all day…

…which is required if you have an Insta account (lol). Various options tested by the folks at YOLOtek and:

> 1st place is: PowerStick-53″ Gen2 powered GoPro boat mount, GoPro Hero 5 Black, 256gb SD card.

> 2nd place is: PowerStick-53″Gen2 powered GoPro boat mount, GoPro Hero 7 Black, 256gb SD card.

But a lotta options work, includin’ with the excellent Garmin Virb. Check the whole deal here.

16. Check the name of this South African trail.

The “Small Craft Bass League.” And “anglers fish from small craft fitted with electric sneaker motors and kickboats.”


17. Kistler Mag 2 Rods $50 off!

Sounds like on the Kistler website only. Those Magnesium 2s are sick rods.

18. FL: Crazy amount of manatee deaths this year but…

…fewer by boats:

> …at least 741 manatees have died so far this year in Florida, the highest number in the past 5 years, and 262 more deaths than the 5-year average up to this point of the year.

> …as many as 193 may have been from red tide…. Boats accounted for 14% of the deaths, lower than the usual 20% killed by watercraft.

Also said the higher #s might be due to more manatees, which is good. But the red tide thing down there is nuts.

If you didn’t know, manatees come from cross-breeding shar pei dogs and crescent rolls:

19. New stuff at Tackle Warehouse!Eyeball it but wait…for…the…sale…!

20. BB apparel Vets Day sale still on!

Expires Sunday 11/18 at 11:59 pm. 15% off entire purchase, code is one word: veteransday

Few more tasties:

Tip of the Day

How Jason Christie sets up his electronics.

Sets up and adjusts ’em — super-important and most of us don’t get the most outta our $$$ ‘lectronics:

Quote of the Day

“Stop being a little girl about it and be grateful you have grass to fish in.”

– $$$ response to a guy on the TFF wonderin’ how to rip lipless cranks outta grass all day without gettin’ worn out — a legit question!

Some more high-dolla responses from that thread:
> Go to the gym.
> Fish 10XDs for a few months as resistance training instead of the gym.
> Take the hooks off.


Shot of the Day

Andre Casey showin’ why we maybe shouldn’t laugh at those goofy-lookin’ topwater ducks anymore:


Ever hear of Marcus King?? A bud just hipped me to this dude — gives us some hope that real talent ain’t gone. Southern rockers and blues fans will dig this big-time. And btw, that’s Duane Allman’s Lester Paul Marcus is a-playin’:

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