Guys ejected at 100mph, Fish and work out, Grind your jerkbait

What up Veterans and those currently serving, and families! Much love and a huge thanks to y’all, cuz without you, we’re nothing. Bless you guys.

Can you guess who this famous TV fishin’ dude is, pic taken in the ‘Nam:

Answer rhymes with: Gal Cinder.

Hope all you Cali bass-heads are safe too. Dang it looks nuts out there….

Today’s Top 5

How to gitcha workout in.

BPTer Jeff Sprague showin’ how to NOT miss feeshn to gitcha workout in:

Just glad the dude ain’t trainin’ for a soccer tourney….

Guys ejected at 99.7 mph [!!], both fine.

Assumin’ this thread on the TX Feeshn Forum is for real:

> We were running in a calm cove, and at 99.7 mph the boat hooked and we were both ejected. And before anyone starts on the “I don’t own a Bullet because of this… Bullets aren’t safe… something is wrong with the boat,” I’ll clarify and say that I was running a case with a modified skeg, at an extremely high motor height, and I pushed the envelope.

> It was my fault, it was in the setup, and I fully raise my hand and take the blame because that’s who it’s on. We are both totally fine, other than being a little bumped up…and freezing cold.

> We were both wearing lifeline race vests and straps, and I had a helmet on. Killswitch was worn. Because of these pieces of safety equipment, we are both virtually unscathed. …guys, please wear your safety equipment, at all times, it can be the difference.

Glad they were okay.

How do you get your rig to run that fast? Here you go:

Most hilarious comment in the thread:

> I guess the fish must not have been biting.

Peg or don’t peg?

Naw man I said PEG — peg, not Meg! Dang dude….

Anyhow, do you always, sometimes or never peg your TX rig? Answer: Yep!

Bet it’s sometimes, but…should it be never? Jimmy Liao’s latest vid might gitcha thinkin’. Couple lines that stood out to me:

> A bass isn’t expecting the inertia of a heavy weight.

> Think of an unpegged TX rig like a vertical Carolina rig. [mind blown emoji]

Can you skip like this guy??

Sick stuff! Think it’s in Brazil, dude with a baitcaster on the bank:

Pretty dang good!

Lookit this smallie tail!

Leave that thing out on a cold mornin’ and you could shovel your walk with it:

Sweet @vm_fishing shot.


1. Scotty Rook is done.

> “…when you’re not having as much fun as you used to, it’s probably time to get out.”

Rook was like:

Bums me out…I was gonna convince him to sell me his Les Paul cuz he had no time to play it, but now…. Lol (sorta) will miss ya Scotty!

2. Seth Feider on StrayCasts tomorrow night.

As always, the zaniness starts at 7 pm Central on Stray Casts Facebook and

3. FLWer Brandon McMillan gets Bassin’ Cat.

No link….

4. Current was the deal at the Nation Champeenship.

CA’s Randy Pierson won it in tough high-water conditions with 55-11. Randy, AL’s Kyle Dorsett (2nd, 51-14) and Jacopo Gallelli of Italy [!!!] (3rd, 46-4) all will be in the Bassin’masters Classic.

All 3 fished current breaks:

> Pierson rotated through areas where the bass sought refuge from the strong flow — behind rocks, bluff walls and points…made his lure presentations down-current….

> He rotated through 3 lures…a 1/4-oz homemade hair jig with a Zoom trailer was his most productive bait…a 1/8-oz homemade darter jighead with a 3.3 Keitech Fat [and] a 5/8-oz Zorro Aggravator Spinnerbait….

> Dorsett used a 1/2-oz Kajun Boss Outdoors Spinnerbait without a trailer….

> [Gallelli used] a 3/8-oz spinnerbait….


> Randy won so…guess guys from CA really can catch ’em after all. (HAHAHA!)

> How ’bout our Eye-talian brother, who ran out and bought a new bassin’ tub just to fish this tourney. Guess if you’ve got the coin, you can’t take it with you man! Here he is with his new rig and 3rd-place bait:

> Lots of hammers in this one, as you might expect. Just a few were: Elitist and former Nation Champ Caleb Sumrall qualified again and finished 6th, TX blues man Albert Collins finished 5th, and Jeff Lugar — who’s qualified for and fished 2 Classics — finished 10th. Bet Caleb keeps his snacks warm in that chin fur:

5. Bass Pro Shops will be big B.A.S.S. sponsor too.

Now BPS is big-time involved in B.A.S.S., MLF/BPT and FLW. Here’s how Johnny’s doin’ it — that giant’s gonna come back sometime man!

6. TX proposing new bass regs.

Including lowering the min length on Conroe from 16″ to 14″, and expanding the area of southeast TX that has a 12″ min instead of 14″ — because largies apparently grow slower there.

7. AL stocked 40K FL-strains in Duck River Rez.

7-mile-long lake east of Cullman.

8. New Fish Head V3 Balance Force Jighead.

> Designed by MLF pro angler Greg Vinson, the Fish Head V3 Balance Force Jighead is perfectly balanced in a horizontal position, making it the ideal year-round jighead for vertical jigging techniques. Utilizing a 90-degree vertical line tie and super-sharp Gamakatsu 2/0 black nickel hook….

9. Humminbird launches 2nd gen Solix.

Too much to list here but here’s a little:

> MEGA Imaging+, featured in the new SOLIX G2 units, extends Humminbird’s…imaging capabilities down 200’…and 200′ to each side…. MEGA Imaging+ technology…3 times greater than traditional 455 kHz frequencies…[and] 20% more detail than MEGA Imaging.

Little screen cap for ya — click it to see a short vid:

Check ’em on the TW. ‘Bird also announced a new dual-spectrum Chirp sonar.

10. Ranger has new deep V tins.

11. BB apparel Vets Day sale!

15% off entire purchase, code is one word: veteransday

Code expires Sunday 11/18 at 11:59 pm. Here’s a few tasties:

Updatin’ ya

On the whole idea about maybe stocking giant European wels catfish in KY Lake to eat the zombie carp hordes, here’s a little more about those critters from Euro BB reader Renaud T:

> A 5′ wels catfish will weigh about 55 lbs. They can grow in excess of 200 lbs. They are more chasers and hunters than American catfish, meaning they readily hit artificials like spoons, softbaits and crankbaits. Lots of fun to fish!!

Tip of the Day

Do you bang your jerkbaits on the bottom?

And do you fish ’em when it’s muddy? Prolly not! But listen to the Otter DeFoe:

> DeFoe keeps a close eye on his sonar unit, noting if the bass he marks are belly to bottom or suspended just above the bottom. He adjusts his boat position and retrieve accordingly….

> “If they’re relating real close to the bottom, then you need to make some bottom contact with that jerkbait throughout your retrieve. The Shadow Rap Deep you can fish 5-7′ down and get some bottom contact. But you can also get it out there in 8-10′ and have it be not too far from the bottom if that’s where the fish are holding.”

> In clear to lightly stained water this time of year, DeFoe will pause his Shadow Rap Deep longer between jerks. When the water is stained to muddy, he waits less. “…I’ve caught them on that jerkbait in muddy, 42-degree water by only letting the bait pause a couple seconds.

> “The water clarity in our [TN] lakes is not so that we’re catching them 10′ down in 20′ or 30′ of water. Fish that are catchable here this time of year are within no more than 5′ off the bottom. We’re not a Table Rock, or a place like that, where’s there’s timber and things that the fish will relate to and be high in the water column.”

> “…10-lb line with a M-action 6′ 6″ to 6′ 9” baitcasting rod. “This is one of the techniques I use the shortest rod for, because you’re working the bait down towards the water with the rod tip.”

Meme of the Day

Hahaha you know that thump!

Shot of the Day

@mikelongoutdoors got him yet another fat-tay. Said his new favorite swimbait is supposed to be colored like a Twinkie, and his new fave homemade scent is salted ham: #goldencorral

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