Derp season is on, Little known new FLW rule, Best flip stick name

To all the folks who have asked over the last year or so what Reel Faith is and what’s up with it, we FINALLY got the first 2 vids up: Edwin Evers and Jeff Fitts. Check ’em on Reel Faith YouTube. Really appreciate the guys doing ’em. Some of the ones coming may surprise you….

Today’s Top 5

Guess it’s derp season!

Still cracks me up that BassBlaster’s the official derp HQ so here you go:

Beeg weener for today is Steve M, who got derpped somewhere in OK on a 1/2-oz BassX jig (b/b). Why take a pic in the rain even with a sexy Simms rainsuit on? Because #derp:

Eddie Evers caught him one — look how stoked he is!

Tyler Brinks’ tourney partner got a huge underbite derp:

Robert B dropshotted a derp outta Kurth Lake, TX on a Strike King KVD Dream Shot (watermelon red, tail dipped chartreuse):

Corey S caught him this’n on the upper MS Reever on something called “live bait” — never heard of it?

Is the POV cam era of pro fishing finally here?

POV cams, GoPros, Virbs, whatever you call ’em, been saying for some time that the future of pro tourney media should be all about ’em. If you’re saying “duh!”, you’re right, but it’s been kinda a slow adoption at the top level of the sport because the leagues want to control the stuff that’s shot. I get that, but sometimes the water’s comin’ over the dam so….

Anyhow check this, from #12 in the 2019 FLW Tour rules:

> All boats must be equipped with a functioning POV camera focused on the front deck so as to provide a clear view of the pro fishing. The camera must record throughout each tournament day. Each day’s recording must be preserved until the next FLW Tour event and must be turned over to FLW upon request.

That is GOOD and SMART — for tourney coverage, rule checks, even safety — and honestly all the pros should be doing that already. There’s nothing that says a guy can’t keep the footage for himself too.

B.A.S.S.’s 2019 rules aren’t out yet, but its 2018 Elite rules said that sometimes it might tell an angler to mount a B.A.S.S.-owned GoPro on a boat — not that every boat has to have one.

Haven’t heard about the BPT yet, but gotta think that they’ll embrace that whole deal if they have to have a camera in every boat? So:

Hahaha not quite fellers! Still envision a day where every pro can sell a live feed from his boat (or even a highlight reel from that day) on YouTube or wherever. Should happen. Even 500 peeps a day x $5/day = real $$ mang!

Gitcha a YOLOtek POWERstick and a 256 Gb SD card, and you should be good to go to record a full day o’ feeshn.

Hey Hack, think I found a name for your new flip stick.

Not even sure if he’s gonna have a new flip stick but check it: The SQUATCH HAMMER!!!

Dang even the Shark Tank dude likes it! Here’s a pretty good first run at a logo, from a store called Southern Charm (from


Will confess I got the idea from a new ‘lectric fiddle with that name….

Am I dreaming here??

Bass feeshn + rock n roll geetar — how does it get any better?? Well howz about doublin’ down on that with this, from Japan:

Am I nuts or is that 2 topwaters and a rod handle painted like Eddie Van Halen’s axes?

Shoot I wonder if I’m hallucinatin’ — like I was that time when Overstreet, Wright and I fished frowgs on Guntersville for 8…solid…HOURS…without a single dang blowup! Don’t think any of us were ever right again after that….

This look “fall” to you?

That’s Darren Jacobson, who says he works for Strike King but I think works for some Ultra Top Secret agency in DC because whenever I show up somewhere, he’s there. Wait…Darren, you tailing me man??

Anyhow, in that vid he says he’s “fall fishing.” Looks a whole lot like “winter fishing” to me, though where he’s from entire lakes freeze over in one night and they’ve seen Yetis carrying away yaks and such:

That yak look terrified or what!!


1. Good perspective from Paul Elias on the BPTs.

Sounds like Paul’s had the BPTs for some time — lol. But seriously, good stuff.

He also had rotator-cuff surgery due to a slow-pitch softball incident…or possibly that arm-wrestling rematch with donny barone….

2. Greg Vinson likes a bigger hook in his shakey.

Said that’s why he likes the Fish Head E Series Hammer Jig. #githammered

3. Luke Clausen’s favorite fall clear-water baits.

Yo-Zuri 3DR Jerkbait 90mm (smaller than “regular” size, believe he has “real gizzard”) and Vibe 60mm (also smaller, think that’s “real bluegill”) — sick finishes and flash in these baits:

Dude’s got a voice to be doin’ voice-overs….

4. BPT/MLF releases its 2019 schedule.

Calls it fam-friendly cuz no tourneys around holidays. Dang that’s solid for the guys….

5. Here’s the 2019 Elitists.

Quick hits:

> Jay Yelas is back from the FLWs!!
> Fan fave Carl “not Cahl” Jocumsen is back too
> Canadian hammers the Johnston bros are in (watch out, eh?)
> I’ve heard of most of those fishermen so not a ton of unknowns
> Still 1 dude from NJ (#represent) but it’s not Pete Gluszek?

> Chris Zaldain is still last in alphabetical order — his better half Trait would be last if/when she makes the Elites….

6. Pro boats for sale.

Casey Ashley’s Triton 21 TRX

Worldwide Watson’s Ranger Z520L

7. Pure Feeshn sold to NYC investment firm.

> …signed a definitive agreement to sell Pure Fishing to Sycamore Partners….

> Sycamore Partners is a private equity firm based in New York. The firm specializes in consumer, distribution and retail-related investments and partners with management teams to improve the operating profitability and strategic value of their business. Sycamore has approximately $10 billion in assets under management. The firm’s investment portfolio currently includes Belk, Coldwater Creek, CommerceHub, Hot Topic, MGF Sourcing, NBG Home, Staples Inc., Staples United States Retail, Staples Canada, Talbots, The Limited and Torrid.

> Gross proceeds from the Pure Fishing divestiture are anticipated to be $1.3 billion, subject to customary working capital and transaction adjustments. In 2017 net sales for Pure Fishing were approximately $556 million.

Does that mean the price was 2.5x sales? If so that’s pretty healthy.

Question to start askin’ in the bassin’ biz is why all this consolidation (is it just because the economy is up?) and is it a good thing? Meaning, when companies buy other companies, the buyers always think they know better so they change things…no matter what they say at first.

Change ain’t always bad and is sometimes needed, but when the folks who know fishing are replaced by or answer to people who don’t, usually that’s not a good thing — for the new owners. And money guys usually don’t deeply care about fishing and fish and all that stuff. Not saying that’s necessarily the case here, just thinking out loud based on what I’ve seen.

Believe this is one reason NYC investment companies don’t have the greatest track record in our biz (eg, North American Fishing/Hunting Club owners, Primedia owners), but you never know.

Speaking of NYC money guys, Huk just sold a chunk to another NYC company and now has new management.

8. MD has $3 mil to improve lakes and wants input.

9. NC voters added right to hunt/fish amendment…

…to the state constitution. 22nd state to do so. Here’s the other states.

10. Smallmouths an invasive pest in South Africa.

11. Lunkerhunt getting into rods and reels.

From their Insta, coming Jan ’19 at Dick’s:

12. Check these 2 dropshot baits workin’ side by side.

Love me some tank vids. Here’s the YUM Kill Shot (left) and Warning Shot:

13. Check the Bill Lewis StutterStep on the water.

…and underwater. Interesting how much of the bait is below the water, but the front and back aren’t.

14. Rigging the BioSpawn VileBug on a bladed jig.Craw-ish or baitfish-ish — good idea — check the VileBug here:

15. T-H Marine selling Christmas sweatshirts.

In red and green — I’m likin’ it cuz it ain’t a sweater. Never worn a sweater in my life and ain’t a-startin’ now:

16. Atlas Rewards contingency program is on again.

17. Check Trey Kistler testing rod blanks!

Made me nervous as heck watching what he does for quality control:

Check the Kistler stix here.

18. Here’s what SPRO gave away yesterday.A BBZ1 Swimbait 80 Slow Sink (wicked perch) — be on their Facebook to be in the know for all their giveaways:

19. Seaguar apparel on sale right now, 33% off!

Get to and use this-here promo code: Fall2018

20. Vid tour of Southern Plastics…

…just bought by Strike King/Lew’s owners — says it makes around 85% of soft-plastics sold…whoa.

21. ThermoNet BUFFs use PrimaLoft yarn.

Why is that a big deal? Cuz PrimaLoft is WARM, man. Gitcha warm and stylish here.

22. Lowrance now has live sonar.

Am I the only guy havin’ a tough time keepin’ up with all the changes and features?


Tip of the Day

Couple quick glide bait tips…

…from the Alpha Angler crew. ‘Tis that time o’ year when the basses chase big baits so:

> What’s the best material, rod length and action for the glide bait (average size)?

> The Alpha Mag Rebound is all S-Glass, and a fan favorite for any treble hook [bait]….

> Couple key findings from our test crew you might want to know.

> Shorter rod lengths (7′ – 7′ 3″) throw glide baits with much less spin on the cast. Longer rods tend to cause a massive bait spin that eventually causes negative line twist.

> Large S-Wavers are easier to work with graphite sticks, like the Alpha Hitter.

Interesting about the smaller rods…. The smallie in the vid ate a River2Sea S-Waver 168:

Quote of the Day

“Fishermen freaked out when they saw it. They told me it was never going to sell.”

– Former pro fisherman and Reaction Innovations owner Andre Moore talkin’ ’bout the Sweet Beaver. Obviously they were 100% on the money. Someone say $$$? Now Andre’s like:

Shot of the Day

Seen all kinds of crazy stuff caught outta lakes, but never a marine compass?? How does that get loose and who even uses one of those? Bait’s a War Eagle Gold double willow:


Anyone into southern rock or SHOULD be into southern rock, gonna hip ya to an album not many folks know about: “No More Dirty Deals” by the Johnny Van Zant Band. Johnny went on to replace his bro in Skynyrd, but when he was a young’n he fired out a KILLER first album. My fave tune on it (I think) is “Put My Trust in You” — tryin’ to figger that’n out on the ‘lectrical geetar this week….

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