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9/11 today. Dang. Starting to be ashamed I haven’t gone to Ground Zero yet, but…feelin’ like I might be ready soon. Gotta say: Still have a big issue with documentaries, news shows and posts showing the planes slamming into the towers. Real people were in there, man. People some of us knew and loved. If you think showing that stuff is important, no prob — will agree to disagree, which is okay! Hope God keeps our country and soldiers safe.

Today’s Top 5

What’s going on? Episode 1: The Elitists Strike Back (or something like that)

About the hints I dropped last week, the first public shot was fired today:

> The expanded MLF program includes the addition of the Bass Pro Tour, a premier 80-angler, 8-event tour with a championship and heightened payouts, made possible through enthusiastic support from Bass Pro Shops and Outdoor Sportsman Group [the company that owns the Outdoor Channel and a whole lot more, including].

> MLF co-founder Boyd Duckett: “The preparation leading to this moment has been slow, methodical and well thought-out to ensure the outcome would be positive for everyone connected to the sport. As a result, we have a fully developed plan ready to go. Everyone in the fishing industry should appreciate the new path that Outdoor Sportsman Group and Mr. Morris have helped pave for the sport’s future because of their own personal beliefs toward conservation and the responsible use of our fish and water resources.”

More deets at the Bassin’Fan. According to everyone I’ve talked to, some significant wrinkles are involved which didn’t make that announcement — including:

1. Bass Pro Shops and what Elitists they sponsor: As one example, KVD was shown twice in the press release. But Bass Pro also sponsors B.A.S.S. and just did a deal with FLW so…? (check #3 below) #worlddomination

2. Who’s getting invited to fish beyond who’s already in MLF and who doesn’t, and whether they accept:

3. Couple other things that may/may not be true but are being talked about a bunch: MLF pros won’t [?] be allowed to fish BASS or possibly FLW, and will they have to run White River boats (Bass Pro brands Nitro, Ranger, Triton, etc.). Johnny Morris:

> “We’re especially proud to be supporting anglers themselves, who make up an important part of MLF’s ownership team. Our support for this expansion does not diminish our enthusiasm or support for other popular tournament series including B.A.S.S., FLW and hundreds of grassroots events across the country.”

Somehow I think this’ll be Johnny and Jerry McKinnis riding in the elevator to the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame dinner:

Hahaha! Hey — PLEASE do NOT read any opinions from me into any of this. I don’t have any, and may not. It is what it is, man, and I don’t have a dawg in it….

Justin Atkins’ winning Open baits.

Last year’s FLW Cup winner Justin Atkins is provin’ he has the juice:

Yep, won the Logan Martin, AL Open on this-here stuff:

> Main bait was a shakey head: Berkley Bottom Hopper (mostly black, also Ike’s magic), 1/4-oz Spot Remover head, 7′ M Abu Fantasista Rod, Abu Revo Premier Reel (30), 8-lb Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 braid (crystal) to 10-lb Berkley 100% fluoro.

> “Mid-lake, shallow schools in 7-12′. Hard spots where fish were schooling up. I’d fish them until the current came on.

> “I saw a lot of people trying to crank and swimbait those fish. …throw that worm out there and you can feel the bottom change.”

> Swimbait: Berkley Power Swimmer (electric shad), 3/8-oz Kalin’s Swimbait Head, 7′ 3″ MH Fantasista Rod, Abu MGXtreme Reel (8:1), 12-lb Trilene 100% fluoro.

> “Every day between 10-11 the water would come on — they’d start generating up the river. I found spotted bass stacking up on a few rockpiles, and I’d wash that swimbait over them.

> “If I had to throw it 60 yds, I’d set up 30 yds away. I paid attention to exactly where I threw every cast. If threw right at one tree, counted to 10 and didn’t get a bite, I threw it a little to the right or left. The rocks were crossways across the river…. Once I got bit, I’d duplicate that cast and catch every single one down there.”

Credited his Lakemaster chip and ‘Bird ‘lectronics for that deal:

> “I was going to fish schools and then fish grass with a frog to get a good one. But [on day 1] I saw on the Lakemaster chip a rockpile in the middle of the river…saw spots schooled up on it. That keyed me on that pattern and bite.

> “That night I found 10-12 places that could be good within 3.5 miles…ended up 5 were good. By day 3 I was pulling up and catching them, not wasting any time.”

> “That Lakemaster chip was a big key to my success, and Humminbird mega-imaging. [He’s won and had good finishes] in Aug and Sept, fishing offshore catching small groups of fish… If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what will. It’s pretty impressive how far that tech has come.”

Atkins’ sniper pattern.

Calls fishing that shakey head for schooled-up fish his “sniper rifle pattern:”

> “All I know is it’s there and one will get it — I snipe one off every cast.

> “I do it at Pickwick a lot when the bite gets tough and those schools get hard to catch. I’ve also seen it in tank demos — 3-4 get to looking at it so one’s eventually going to get it.

> “When I idled over those fish [at Logan Martin] I’d see 30 dots but 5-6 would be better-size fish than everything else. I’d catch a lot of 12- to 13-inchers, but if I caught 15, one would be worth taking to weigh in.”


> “…8-lb [Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 braid] is light enough that I can cast it really far, and strong enough that it’ll never break — I always break the leader, even with 10-15 lb [fluoro]. There’s no need to throw a heavier braid if you’re not breaking it. I like to get the castability [of the 8-lb braid].

> “I’ve always thrown black [color worm on the shakey — a pretty common color up north but way less common in the South, where he’s from]. Seems to be a pretty consistent color to get bit on.

> “I throw black and gp 99% of the time in anything. If the water has a little color to it, I always throw a black worm. [Logan Martin had] 18-20″ viz — I thought, That’s perfect for throwing a dark worm. But really, I just try to keep it simple.”

More Open baits.

2nd: Mark Rose

> “Most weighers came on a 1/2-oz Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig with a Menace (all gp) a on roadbed in about 10′. Lew’s “Ledge” Worm/Jig Rod, Lew’s Hyper Mag Reel, 15-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro.
> “A few came flipping Strike King Rage Bug (blue craw) around docks and bank grass, 1/2-oz tungsten weights, 20-lb Tatsu. Same rod/reel.
> “A couple on a Strike King Tour Grade Shakey Head (1/8- and 1/6-oz) with a Strike King Fat Baby Finesse Worm (all gp) around docks. Lew’s Ledge Finesse Spinning Rod, new Team Lew’s Custom Pro 2000 Reel (“da bomb,” he said), 15-lb Seaguar Smackdown braid spliced to 10-lb Tatsu.

> “One good’n came on a buzzbait with a toad around bank grass.

> “Roadbed dried up on me and didn’t adjust well enough on the final day. Proud for Justin though!”

4th: Frank Talley

> “The Zboss accounted for a 5-lb largemouth and 4-lb spot on the first day. Also caught a couple other key fish on it….

> “I targeted big boulders — the size of basketballs and trashcan lids — with the crank. If I didn’t crash into the rock and create a deflection I wouldn’t get bit…12-16′.”

> Shakey head: 3/16-oz Picasso Rhino Head (gp) with a 6.5″ Bass Assassin Tapout Worm (gp/blue flake). 12-lb Sunline braid to a 7-lb Sunline Sniper fluoro leader.

> “I threw that a lot and caught about 25 keepers…. I targeted offshore brushpiles and busted-up cement foundations…16-22′.”

What’s also going on?

Pro bassin’ map of the US:

Hahaha! Sorry for not giving more deets when I do this. Since I don’t do original reportin’ no mo’ I’m waitin’ for it to be “outed” — then you’ll connect the dots.

But I think this means Palaniuk and Clausen live in England territory and a bunch o’ the West Coasters live in Mexico??


1. Check this Brandon Lester sonar screenshot.

But he was fishing deep?

> “I had my SideVision set 120′ on either side so I could see those isolated boulders and rock veins and irregularities that smallmouth key on. These spots create current breaks, and with my DownVision I could see the fish sitting behind the rocks when I was idling.

> “A lot of those fish can be hard to mark…current is so strong those fish sit so close to the bottom where they can be hard to mark. I had my trolling motor transducer set on Raymarine CHIRP sonar so I could see the rocks on the bottom and I could see the fish behind the rocks.”

Was running Raymarine Axiom Pros.

2. FLWer David Dudley saw a bigfoot!

When he was a-creek feeshn:

Legit weird cuz that log was empty just before….

3. BFL All-American and FLW college tourneys on Potomac.

> BFL AA: May 30-Jun 1, Marbury, MD
> FLW College Fishing National Championship, Jun 4-6, Marbury, MD

4. MN: Mille Lacs giant brown bass derby in Oct.

Free the Fighter Team Big Bass Challenge presented by In Tune Marine and Vexus Boats, Oct 6-7:

> …consists of 2 parts. Sat is a tournament open to the general public. This tournament will be using Classic Bass tournament rules — each fish caught will be weighed and immediately released. A high school angler will accompany each team and serve as the boat official. They will watch each fish being caught, handled, weighed and recorded, and enforce any rule violations that take place.

> There are openings for 50 boats and the entry fee is $350 per boat. The total purse is $12,000 cash, assuming a full field. The 1st Place Big Bass Prize is $5,000 cash.

> On Sun, the high school boat officials and tournament anglers will switch places, allowing the high school anglers to compete. Entering the tournament on Sat does not obligate an angler to act as a boat official on Sun. The same rules and format will apply….

5. Dude fishing for 24 hrs straight today…

…to raise funds for the Fishing for Life charity.

> …attempt to catch more fish than any other person in the world in a 24-hour period…Kolodzinski set the mark in Aug 2011 for most fish caught in a 24-hour period with an entry of 2,143 fish in the Guinness Book of World Records, which still stands today.

> Over his numerous attempts to break the record, Kolodzinski has continued to raise awareness and money for the cause and the sport of fishing.

6. Great Lakes: Female angler #s rising.

Cool BUT the post calls feeshn a “hobby.” Hobby?? Bass-heads are like:

Was gonna use this pic of KVD from the Humminbird site but looks a little weird?

7. AR: Zebras now in White River.

In the White River just downstream of Bull Shoals Dam, which is a trout fishery but:

> “…been present in the lake since at least 2008, so their spread to the river is not a complete surprise.”

8. Blake Shelton on OK Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

Believe he’s a country singer….

9. Anti-carp bubble curtains cost $$$.

At dams to repel Asian carp:

> …costs about $1 million to install, and $500,000 annually to operate and maintain. Nichols said most state fish and wildlife services don’t have that kind of money.

Uh…yeah! And why would we fishermen — the folks who pay most of DNR budgets — have to fund the whole deal…since it affects a whole lot more peeps than just fishermen?

Also, the bubble “screens” (footbaw joke!) are okay, but what about all the carp ALREADY in the lakes?? Here’s a great attitude:

> “No one believes we can eradicate them, but we can knock their numbers down.”

Great. BUT not shared by all:

> Duane Chapman, a research fish biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey…traveling to China in Oct to learn more about the deep water “unified fishing” method the Chinese use to catch the fish.

> The method utilizes nets to drive the fish to a collection point where they can be harvested in large numbers. He said there are genetic methods being considered, and many ideas are being developed that “are not ready for prime time.”


10. Coast Guard looking for ideas/inventions…

…to help them find folks in the water:

> This competition challenges companies, universities, students and citizen innovators to develop effective and affordable concepts for a new or updated lifejacket or PFD, an attachment to a lifejacket/PFD, or something recreational mariners and boater use in addition to wearing their lifejacket/PFD.

Tip of the Day

How to fish glide baits.

From a muskie guide — full post here:

> Though a new element to the bass game, glide baits have been a favorite of the muskie fishermen for years. …the proliferation of gliders into the bass arena should be viewed with confidence as it is merely a new implementation of a tried and trusted presentation.

> Begin each retrieve with your rod tip pointed downward toward the surface..then use short and long downward strokes to make the lure dart from side to side. …use the rod to create all of the action and only use the reel to gather the slack line created. This method is best with larger and non-jointed gliders.

> When fishing with smaller or jointed versions, the same darting action can be achieved by turning the reel handle in short half-turn bursts.

> …achieving the widest side-to-side action should be your ultimate goal. Under some circumstances a tighter action might be productive, but throughout summer and fall, wider action produces….

Quote of the Day

“It was a bad area of town — there were a lot of rednecks.”

– Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar-head Gary Rossington talkin’ in the documentary “If I Leave Here Tomorrow” ’bout where the band grew up, the west side of Jacksonville, FL. Made me think: Does this mean every launch ramp in America is a “bad area of town?” HAHAHA YES it does…particularly if any of the OK Elites are there….

Btw, despite posting this pic, Seth Feider confirmed to me that he will NOT be touring with Skynyrd this year…

…but he does sing a mean “Workin’ for MCA.” Hahaha that look like a ’70s pic or what?

Dang I still get chill-bumps listenin’ to that band. WOW were they good.

Shot of the Day

SICK shot by Elitist @huntershryock496:

Ya got me

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