WTHeck is frog fur?? Make a stickbait fall backward, Weird fish research

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What the heck is frog fur??

Til yesterday I thought it was this:

But nope, turns out it’s some brand new stuff on Freddy “Boob Boom” Roumbanis’ new signature frog by Stanford Baits — the Boom Boom Frog. Which has fur. Check it:

Not the sexiest lookin’ pic cuz that’s a prototype Fred has fished the ever-lovin’ snot outta, but here’s the deal:

> “That frog fur is patent-pending. Pretty amazing how fish can grab that and can’t shake it. Makes for a real easy hookset…the ratio of hookups goes way up on it.”

So much so that he says it’s good for beginners and kids. If you’re wonderin’ why the fur isn’t farther back on the frog, Fred said that’s so it doesn’t impede the hookset. Also said the fur doesn’t get snagged on veggies or collect scum, and he denied the fur idea had anything to do with Josh Bertrand’s chin…

…but I’m thinkin’ it might hahaha! More on the Boom Boom Frog, which should be at retail in about a month:

> “I always wanted my own frog. I wanted something completely original, and this has several original features.

> “I think some frogs skip better, some walk better, some are better on mats, some are better around boat docks…this puts everything I like in all frogs into one frog.

> “The legs are wider so when it walks, it moves more water. A lot of companies are making their frogs thinner, and I’m not sure why. This one walks easier, it moves more water, and when you snap it it will actually slap the water.

> “I’ve always said a frog can also look like a baitfish so I added a gill plate and eye on the bottom — but on the back it looks like a regular frog.”

> “It’s weighted perfectly — you can cast it, skip it, bomb it….”

Said he’s been working with Dieter Stanford — who made his rep with custom cedar cranks — for over a year on this frowg. “I’m pretty particular…I have my name on the frog so it’s gotta be something I’ll have tied on, and the only frog I’ll have tied on.”

Will have 8 colors initially — Fred’s favorite 8 — with more after that. One size for now, a popping version at some point. And if you’re fishin’ the Kentucky Lake Costa, Fred’ll have one tied on there….

What Freddie’s feeshn now.

This whole frog fur deal started with me chasin’ down Fred for a “what are you fishin’ now” post here, so here it ’tis:

> “My new Boom Boom Frog. Walking it when it’s slick and chugging it when you’ve got a breeze. ‘Fred’s frog’ color and ‘night rider.’ [Night rider might be this color, as seen with FLWer David Dudley.]

> “I key in on bait. Most of the time the shad are shallow, and even the gizzards get up shallow. But there are still bluegills present.

> “Lily pads, water willow and riprap.”

Fishes it on an iRod frog rod he designed — 7′ 5″ H 754 Air — “a soft tip to help walk it, the rest all backbone. The load rate on the rod is perfect — if I see a blowup I pretty much set the hook immediately and catch that fish.”

50-65 lb braid with a couple-different gear-ratio reels. “A lot of guys use 7.1 on frogs, but I use 6.5 and 7.3 — if I need to be slower, I use a slower reel to slow me down.”

Fred’s all:

That’s his stunt double in the background. All the Elites have ’em. Here’s Justin Lucas and his body double — that’s him on the left, and Justin Timberlake on the right:

Wait a minute…you never see those two in the same place so maybe they’re the same guy? Both named Justin…?

What if Elitists had microchips?

You hear that some Olympics dude floated the idea of putting microchips in athletes? His reason is to monitor PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), but got me thinking — what if pro bassthletes had ’em? Wed’ find out:

> Whether KVD fishes as fast as everyone thinks he does…including himself lol.

> How much A-Mart talks to himself while he’s fishing, and whether he does it in multiple languages or just English.

> If Matty Lee gets hotter than the average fisherman by wearing all-black every day like a cray man.

> How much Mountain Dew Seth Feider needs to peg his bassin’ redline.

> If Ike’s brainwaves flatline just before an outburst…or if they’re always that way.

> How bored Elites get with constant dropshotting.

> Whether they all secretly hate or love certain water bodies. #upnorth

And so on. Trip Weldon also could TD the derbies from his favorite couch, which I hear looks just like this:

Oops, nope that’s Steve Kennedy’s. Here’s Trip’s:

Trip, that alien dude Paul is on your couch again man! How does he keep getting through a locked door??

“Until further research yields different results, we do not believe fish should be given reefer.”

Yep, you read that correctly. And you’ve correctly figured out that someone, somewhere, did give fish reefer-laced pellets…which gave fish “the munchies” (seriously) but that’s it.

This experiment was not done in Colorado…but I bet someone there WANTS to do it…then eat the fish…lol.

Kids, this is all in fun — cuz it’s ridiculous. Don’t do drugs of any kind and for sure kick tail in school!


1. Swindle gets Mossy Oak.

Thought he already had ’em, either way all good.

2. Roumbanis is running a Triton next year.

Was Legend, which also is a Johnny Morris brand now, but from what I’ve heard sounds like Legend might end up being just high-end boats. Believe Freddie also ran a Triton back in the day.

3. What David Fritts looks like outside of bassin’.

Cleans up good! Inducted into the Davidson County, NC Hall of Fame. Only quote included from his speech:

> “There (are) a lot of downfalls in this sport. You get beat a lot more than you win.”

4. Al Lindner is unafraid to try odd colors.

Said before that the Lindners love pink baits, and recently Al posted this:

> Late fall river smallies…are big and they are biting! Fishing buddy Curt and I found these and a whole load like them returning to their winter staging holes. Water temps still in the 50s so they have the feed bag on. Caught on Rapala X-Raps. Color: Warm yellow…. Most fish were shallower than 6′.

Raise your hand if you would’ve tried yellow. Didn’t think so. Reminds me of back when I had a lot fewer baits and a lot less knowledge, I’d get smalls and larges to chase yellow no prob. You?

5. New app shows how bass see baits?

Haven’t checked it out cuz it’s only Apple right now, but:

> BassVision gives anglers the ability to visualize their lures through the eyes of a bass. App users can determine which lures are most visible to bass under various conditions. Variables such as water clarity, depth, background, time of day, and distance to lure can be altered to optimize lure detectability.

So kinda like a Color-C-Lector app but you get to see the bait, I guess. Interview with the inventor here.

Think the app really gives us the ability to see how we THINK a bass sees a bait color. Personally I think bass see baits like this:


6. CA: Trump admin says no to Delta tunnels.

> The Trump administration pulled support Wednesday from [CA] Gov. Jerry Brown’s ambitious plan to build California’s biggest water project in decades, casting the current form of the $16 billion proposal to build two giant tunnels as another unwanted legacy from the Obama era.

> Brown wants CA water agencies to pay to plan and build two, 35-mile-long tunnels to divert part of the state’s largest river, the Sacramento, to supply water to the San Francisco Bay Area and central and southern California.

No expert, but it sounds like farmers want that water — and fish-heads don’t want that water to disappear.

7. BFL happenin’s.

Lake Lanier, GA — Jamey Rampey won it fishing “150-200 docks each day.” Guess he has a bionic arm and shoulder? Used “a white swimbait on a 1/2-oz Buckeye Lures J-Will Swimbait Head and a gp-colored stickbait on a 1/16-oz Buckeye Lures Flick-It Head. He alternated between the two until the bass showed their preference.”

8. TX: CarecoTV lookin’ fer digital media person.

Dang good company.

9. DC: Manufacturers want federal disaster aid for outdoors.

Line of the Day

With a turn and flick of the wrist, Hughes and his fellow crew members can use the device to remove the hook with minimal pain inflicted on the fish.

From a post about a hook-removal tool some guy invented. That’s cool, but got a problem with the “minimal pain” part. Hope the dude ain’t tryin’ to sell something in a way that actually hurts fishing.

Tip of the Day

How to make your stickbait fall backwards.

Johnny Crews dishes the secret info! He’s rigging his Missile Baits 48 stickbait, but maybe tweak it a bit and you’re good to go with your fave Senko-type bait:

To rig it:

Quote of the Day

Dig out your bigger baits and fish hard.

– Word! That’s the Hack Attack talkin’ ’bout fall a-feeshn. Also said:

> Just because it’s happening a little late this year doesn’t mean it’s any different from any other year.

Totally agree with him but this time o’ year I’m all about this — shot from yesterday, with Lucky the Lab:

Still a little warm out….

Shot of the Day

Don’t know if this dude is singin’ with the fishes or just likes the feel of cold scales on him, but either way lovin’ it!

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