Scariest bass and fishermen, 30-lb smallie limits, KVD A-rig tips

Today’s Top 5

Dig these spooooky as heck ditch melons!

It’s Halloween so….

Fish grips zombie largemouth:

Not sure why you wouldn’t just lip it, but maybe that’s “too damaging” these days?? Lol, moving on — extra eyeball largie:

Scariest merp-derp largie ever:

Zombie smallmouth:

Zombie largemouth:


Gitcha some scary bassin’!

Matty Lee goes bassin’ with his gramma and puts on a wolf mask?? Dude take it easy on her! This a Little Red Riding Hood deal or what?

Freddy kayak-fishes?

Gotta bring back the gas mask smallie haunter:

That bald spot ramps up the fright factor. What up with this clown:

How much does that co-angler wish he got a different draw hahaha! Last but not least — scariest time on the water:

“I looked down and saw an aquatic beast with eyes the size of golf balls and scales that looked like guitar picks….”

Guide talkin’ ’bout a bass (I think?) in New Melones, CA. Melones = melons so could happen….

> “It had swollen lips and a mouth that was scarred from a lifetime of devouring creatures.”

Sounds like a dang politician hahahahaha!

New Canadian record smallmouth limit.

Matt Belzil and Jason Clay weighed a 31.84-lb ALL SMALLIE limit at the 2017 Simcoe Open this weekend. Check it:

Supposedly a Canadian record — could it be a U.S. one too? 2nd and 3rd in that derby also had 30+ lb limits. Sick! Winners said:

> “We landed about 30 bass and lost another 10…. We landed our last 6-lb bass and culled out a 5.5 bass at noon. [Culling 5.5-lb smalls!!]

> “In practice, we criss-crossed huge areas with the graphs and side-scan to find groups of bass. Then we used an Aqua-Vu underwater camera to verify that they were bass of the right size for the tournament. If you don’t verify with the camera, you’re wasting your time.”

Huh. Bassin’Fan said this about their baits:

> Targeting flats, points and big boulders in 20-42’….

> They drifted with the wind to maximize stealth. They initially cast to key spots with tubes, jerkbaits or a dropshot. As the boat drifted over top of a waypoint, they switched to a dropshot. As the boat drifted past the area, they fired out deep-diving crankbaits or 4″ Set The Hook tubes (gp) behind the boat…. [Set The Hook is a Canadian company and not sure their website is working right.]

> …G. Loomis NRX and IMX spinning rods, and Shimano reels spooled with PowerPro braid and 7- and 10-lb Sunline Super FC Sniper fluorocarbon leaders. Crankbaits were strolled with Shimano Cumara rods and 10-lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon.

Meanwhile in TX, a 2-day club derby on Coleto Creek was won with…11-02. 2nd place was…3-06!!?? Kid you not. Sounds like a super-bad cold front:

How ’bout that OH River peeps hahaha!

Couple more Hallow’s Eve deals gotta mention.

Would you fish the “candy corn” color? I dang sher would:

This little dude #wins! Going as a pro fisherman — genius part is, lookit all that space he has to put his candy in. Good job parents!


1. AL: Benefit tourney for HS girl on Smith this weekend.

Help if you can. The G-man will speak Fri night — I’m sure the dude will bring the hahas mighty fierce so don’t miss it!

2. Clunn inducted into IGFA Hall of Fame.

Congrats Rick! IGFA bio says he’s “a longtime TV fishing show host….” Am I forgetting that somehow?

IGFA = International Game Fish Assoc = the keeper of international feesh records.

3. Elitist John Hunter involved with new GoWild app.

4. Trait Zaldain recovering after nerve surgery.

Chris was working her last raw nerve so…. Okay, that may be true but sounds like it was something different:

> “Had some severe nerve damage…some nerves and an artery get constricted. Because of that, had a couple muscles start to atrophy, lost feeling/grip in my right hand, had most of the major muscles in my right shoulder and arm in bad shape…. My shoulder blade wasn’t functioning at all.

> “For the last few years I thought the back pain and shoulder pain was just from a weak core and old shoulder injuries, but this season it just took a turn and got out of control.

> “A vascular surgeon had to take out a rib and two neck muscles to get to the nerves and artery. Then they were able to clean them up and repair everything. So now it’s just baby steps getting my right arm and shoulder moving again. They said I’ll be able to fish this season if we stay after it….”

Wow — think that’s the most serious fishing-related arm-type surgery I’ve heard about. Git well soon Trait! (Trait’s a big hugger so when you see her at the Classic or whatever, make sure you give her one.)

5. MLFers get Mossy Oak.

Mossy Oak seems to be all about the bass lately. Good!

6. ON Nation event to be at Lake Nipissing next Aug.

A first? Well-known wally-eye lake I believe.

7. AR: Did catfish poo poison Powell Creek?

No more smallmouths left?

8. PA/NJ: Shad come back strong in Delaware River.

This should increase the largemouth population in the tidal portion to…27.

9. DC: Sportsmens groups concerned about energy development.

On federal lands.

10. Garmin buys Navionics.

Every electronics manufacturer wants to be a closed system — only their owned lake data can be used. This is part of that trend. Believe Navionics is the leader on the app side, so that could be good for Garmin — “could be” cuz you never know what’ll happen after an acquisition. Maybe “should be” is better.

11. Big Rock withdraws intent to buy Maurice.

Man there’s a ton of stuff going on at the macro retail level now.

12. Sportsman’s Warehouse struggling?

Stock down 55+% in 2017, article says.

13. Review of Rapala Fishing for PS4.

For all you couch bass-heads.

14. Check this rad new hull design.

> …vastly improves safety, stability and sea-worthiness…also significantly improves energy efficiency.

Out of Iceland, called the OK Hull. Question: If it’s all that, why call it just OK??

Tip of the Day

KVD’s A-rig tweaks.

> …it’s important to use as light jigheads as possible…seems like a slower presentation — where the baits waggle slowly through the strike zone — is vital. When your jigheads are too heavy, you have to speed up the retrieve and that can work against you.

> …also found that using a different-colored swimbait in the grouping can be more effective than using all of the same colors. When one swimbait is oddly different, that tends to be the one that gets bit.

> …mixing styles, whether it’s one with a smaller or bigger boot-tail, can matter. A couple of my favorites are the Strike King Rage Swimmer and Swimming Shiner…. For whatever reason, adding 1 or 2 different styles in the grouping piques the bass’ interest.

> …I’ve seen bass follow a steadily reeled rig and not eat it, but if I change speeds or motion they will clobber it. It’s very similar to what I will do when fishing a crankbait or spinnerbait. A sudden burst of speed followed by the slower speed can trigger a reaction.

He likes the Strike King Tour Grade Titanium A-Rig, which he says flexes with changes in speed:

> I like [the bladed rig] when the water has some color to it. When it’s ultra-clear, I prefer the rig without blades.

All the years I’ve known Kevin, don’t think I’ve ever heard him say the word “waggle.” But I’d love to hear it…and record it for my ring tone….

Quote of the Day

I cried pretty hard.

– B.A.S.S. Nation champ Caleb Sumrall talkin’ ’bout what happened after he got home from the win at Hartwell. Dude had been laid off in August, and has always wanted to be a pro fisherman. Pretty cool how it worked out.

Good luck makin’ it bassin’ bruh — see you at el Clasico!
Last time I wanted to cry pretty hard was when I was all set to hit the lake and my wife reminded me I had to do something else. That’s crushing, man….

Shot of the Day

What…the…. @rickharrisfishing should change his name to “Rick Hammer.” Or “Max Power.” Or something like that. Epic:


Hydrogen sulfide, the gas that gives flatulence its repulsive smell, can help reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and help stave off dementia, research suggests.

Not real sure how this stuff finds its way to me…BUT I get a lot of stuff from bass-heads hahaha! Anyhow, that fact should help tourney partners everywhere.

I count this type of science as not ground-breaking, but wind-breaking…if you know what I mean…lol

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