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This is how you do it fellers!

Check the bassin’-boat bass-head marital proposal:

Wasn’t sure if she’s doin’ a face palm, about to laugh or about to say yes, but dude indicated it was the latter so congrats to ’em! Said he used his YOLOTek Power Stick to get the shot…seriously….

Just like my wife, she’s probly so blown away he’s finally poppin’ the question that she’s fergettin’ he’s gonna spend a lotta time chasin’ the fishes!

What Swindle’s bassin’ with right now.

At least when he’s not in a tree stand…

…in fact he hit me back on a text from a tree stand about this:

> “Small Whopper Plopper (size 90, shad color) on shallow flat docks in creeks — the back corners of docks and down the shady side. 7′ MH Quantum GForce Rod, Quantum Smoke S3 Reel (6:1), 30-lb Sunline Braid.

> “The water color in the fall is usually clearer than other times. Fish use these docks just for shad, to ambush shad as they move back in creeks.

> “If I have a blowup where they don’t get the bait, I’ll make a quick follow-up cast with a 3/8-oz Buckeye Lures G-Man Ballin’ Out Jig (gp) with a Zoom Twin Tail Grub (gp). I’ll burn it back through the area.

> [What up with a gp jig for a shad bite?] “Over the years I’ve learned that the follow-up bait should be natural and subtle — it just works.

> “These patterns can really produce big bags.”

Fishes the jig with a 7′ 4″ GForce Rod, same reel and 18-lb Sunline Shooter fluoro.

The Blaster helped a dude win a derby!

Probly not the first time it’s happened (*cough* Palaniuk *cough*) but cool to hear. From OR college angler Ryan Habenicht:

> You helped me WIN the last FLW College event that I’ll ever fish [the Clear Lake, CA FLW college deal]. Thank you!

> Do you remember a few weeks back where you posted that picture of that 2″ Ned Rig that had a blade on the back from that angler (Was it in Japan?) I can’t seem to find it but I do now know that it works!

> Had it on the back of a 350 Beaver (bad shad). Used a Frenzy Wack-A-Sack Head to keep it from snagging in the rocks. Ned head was snagged every other cast.

> I ran out of the blades in practice, and had to grab some off Walmart crappie gear for the derby! lol

Yep, from Japan (via Tennessee) — believe this is what he’s referring to:

And here’s what he fished:

Ryan also won the FLW College derby at Havasu in Feb (where he also fished a Flanders Rig), and finished 10th at the FLW College Champeenship. Said it’s “been an EPIC year” — dang straight dude congrats!

Almost forgot: It’s possible and possibly probable I’m kidding about the BP thing….

Here’s how you test a rod.

Or maybe not?



1. KY: We lost a high-school basser.

Dirt bike accident. Dang it. We’ll miss you bassin’ brother.2. Hackney has KVD as a student.

KVD talkin’:

> At Okeechobee, I had a solid finish despite struggling the first day. I came back strong when I found an area with the winning fish, but I wasn’t able to execute.

> The reason? It required punching through heavy mats with a heavy weight on braided line, a technique in which I have limited experience to practice here in MI. Since then, I’ve talked to fellow pro Greg Hackney, who shared with me some of the intricacies of the technique. It’s an area I plan to improve in case confronted with that again.

Asked Hack if he gave KVD good advice or if he sandbagged him — he didn’t say anything but was like:

3. Zona and Ehrler live tomorrow.

Ehrler is pretty funny too, so make sure you tune in on Bassin’ @ 8:30 am EST.4. Is this why Denny moved to Texas?

Lookit all those fish on the wall:

5. Here’s the Nation dude in the Classic.

Caleb Sumrall of New Iberia, LA won the Nation Champeenship with 36-12 at Lake Hartwell, SC/GA:

Congrats mang! Here’s what he did:

> …lower, deeper end of the massive 56,000-acre lake. “A patch of clouds came over, and I recalled a tip from a friend about casting a [Super] Fluke into schooling fish under those conditions…rigged that to a 1/4-oz weighted Gamakatsu Superline EWG Weighted Hook. Gluing a plastic rattle inside the hollow body….

> “…described the key area as a main lake shoal in 11′. Growing within 4 feet of the surface was a patch of hydrilla.

Also used a dropshot in the afternoons, and so did the runner-up.

6. MLFers get B&W Trailer Hitches.

7. Canadian PBT will operate FLW Canada derbies.

8. TX: Berkley Big Bass winner had unfair advantage?

Allen Teague won it with a 9.95 caught on a Berkley Rib Toad (grey ghost) which is cool…BUT his partner’s name was LaCharles Bass! I mean, is that allowed in the rules, to fish WITH a bass? Hahaha!

Caught the big fish at 7:40 am the first out of 2 days, and day 2 Allen said, “I didn’t even fish… I went to church, then listened to the radio and checked the Bass Champs Facebook page for updates on the tournament on my way there.”

9. Pretty good vid review of new Lunkerhunt Prop topwaters.

Don’t know how long FLW has been doing these, but this is pretty good — kind of a Wired2FLW vid:

Gitcha Prop Frog, Prop Shad and Prop Sunfish on Tackle Warehouse.

10. TX: Guadalupe bass back in South Llano River.

The record TX Guad is all of 3.71 lbs, caught on something called a “fly rod.” Btw “Llano” is pronounced:

11. AL: Game warden charged with Bass Pro Shops theft.

Article says he was wearing his uniform at the time?

12. First Gander Outdoors stores will open in ’18.

Tip of the Day

> I know that the first thing I’m going to hear is that the bass can see braid, especially with baits that are slow-moving…. That’s also nonsense. There’s no way a bass can see line lying on top of the water when it’s looking up. …I don’t care if the water’s so clear that you can see the bottom at 15′.

> Bass are aggressive…. They’re after a topwater lure because they want it. They’re not paying attention to anything else.

> Some anglers are recommending that a River2Sea Whopper Plopper…be fished at the speed that creates the loudest plop. That’s nonsense too.

> You fish any topwater lure, or any other lure for that matter, at the speed that produces the most bites on the day you’re fishing. You don’t fish a buzzbait at the same speed every time out. You don’t walk a bait at the same speed every time out. You don’t fish a popper the same way every time out. Is one particular topwater lure all that different?

All good stuff, but pretty bummed to read something on myths and not one bigfoot mention — so this happened 6 days ago:

> “One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over.”

You’ll believe in bigfoot when pigs fly? There you go hahaha!

Quote of the Day

He totaled that boat out.

Older gent tellin’ Overstreet ’bout a guy who he says was looking at his GPS so hard that he crashed his boat into a cliff? Sounds like a phone-related incident….

Shot of the Day

German tourista comes over to the US of bassin’ and smacks a SoCal chunk with a Storm Arashi Top Walker (ghost pearl shad) — what’s not to love about that?


Brewery Employs Crayfish to Purify Water

So many funs to make of this, but will give you just 3:1. If they’re employed, does that mean they get benefits?

2. Do the crayfish eat in those tanks? Believe they like dead fish and such….

3. Don’t crayfish…relieve themselves? Yep:

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