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3D Bass Game Coming

Sunshine. Birds. Fresh air. The sound of a spring wind rustling through the treetops. Pfffft! Whatevs. Who needs that hippie stuff when you can conjure up all the fun of bass fishing from a little electronic box while sitting on the toilet?

I’m talking about video games, and specifically the yet-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is expected to hit shelves next month in Japan and the handheld platform’s first fishing title, Super Black Bass 3D, is slated to drop in the spring. reports that Super Black Bass 3D will “take full control of the gyro sensors. Players will hold the Nintendo 3DS as they would a fishing rod (somehow) and flick their wrists to cast the line. You will then need to tilt the rod back and forward to adjust the location of the line.”

So there ya’ go. Skip the ice fishing, invest in a 3DS and catch bass all winter long without freezing your giblets off or drilling a bunch of holes in hard water. Sounds like a no-brainer for this Texas boy, but if you yankees need an excuse to go hang out in a shack and sip suds with your buddies, so be it.

I don’t do the handheld gaming thing, so I’ll never play this. But fishing games and I go way back. Anybody remember the original Black Bass on NES? I think my all-time favorite fishing game has to be Bass Landing for the Playstation. I’ve got plenty of newer titles for current platforms like Wii and Xbox, but I haven’t found a game yet that’s been able to touch the realism of Bass Landing.

How ’bout you guys? Are there any gamers in the Bass Parade ranks? What are some of your favorite fishing titles [old and new]? Has anyone played the new Rapala Pro Fishing? I’ve heard good things about that one.

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