Clunn says new Elites not cupcakes, Mom basses harder than you do, Flip flop ‘Traps now

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“…if you think the new names on the Elite roster are cupcakes, you’re wrong.”

– Jedi master Rick Clunn talkin’. I texted him and was like, “If they’re not cupcakes then what are they — cinnamon buns?” Texted these back to me:

Hahaha! Okay kidding. He really said:

> The skill level among the newcomers will surface on the Elites this year, and you will see new stars born.

Also said this:

> We have the correct format for that — a format that B.A.S.S. developed over the years…. That format — 4-day events — eliminates the “luck factor” in winning an Elite event. Anyone can get lucky and win a 1-day event, but the luck factor erodes with each additional day of competition. The cream rises to the top.

Interesting perspective from a guy who has been in just about every pro-level change that has ever happened in the sport. Don’t doubt the master….

“(MLF) is still paying back $5.9 million to the anglers, with no entry fees.”

Gary Klein talkin’ very impressive stuff, but think he really means MLF’s just PAYING, not “paying back”…cuz there is no back cuz there’s no entries.

In that same post Randy Howell says:

> “We’re all working together for that common goal, which is to save each other money and to help us all make each other money.”

Sounds la-la-la happy but don’t forget these guys are cut-throat trout competitors. Guessin’ Randy’s never met that other BPT fisherman — what’s his name, the dutch guy…Van Halen or Van Helsing or Van Gogh…you know who I mean….

HAHAHA Howell! Btw, Randy acts all happy but don’t get in his way on the water — he always drives like he’s late for McDonald’s:

“Radical moves are not my thing.”

– Hank “if they ain’t bitin’ a jerkbait they ain’t bitin'” Cherry talkin’ in a Bassin’masters post — BUT then he says this:

> …I have developed a gameplan that’s in 2 parts. The first is to start over. What I mean by that is that I turn my boat around and head straight back to the dock where I launched that morning. When I get there I change everything on the deck of my boat. Everything means all my lures and mostly all my rods and reels.

> I fish from that point on as if the earlier part of the day never happened….

Wasn’t sure if that was genius or what, so I texted a bud and he was like:

Your mom roll like this??

How ’bout that!! That’s Michael J and his [age is just a number] mom Susie not lettin’ some nutty KY weather stop them from ketchin’ the bass feesh — which were bitin’! #stout

It IS a little coconut fishin’ in the snow, but it’s cool!

Case you’re wonderin’, they were a-workin’ 1/4-oz D&L Jigs (barren craw):

> “We worked them through the middle of laydowns on Dewey Lake.”

This the first largie brew?

On the subject of stouts n such, check this — Largemouth IPA — believe it’s new:

Made by Wallenpaupack Brewing Co, which all PA bass-heads know is named after one of that state’s bigger and better eastern lakes.


1. BPTer Aaron Martens is fishing a spinnerbait…

…warming up for the first no-entry derby — and apparently likes to practice listening tp rap tunes?

2. Meanwhile Ish Monroe ain’t messin’ around.

His practice is like:

In case you thought he was a rap guy, here’s what him and the Ike Live boys looked like in the ’80s:

Oops nope that was the band Zona and I were in for a bit….

4. MLF/BPTer and realist James Watson gets Megaware KeelGuard.

5. BPTer Matty Lee’s Ranger 520L for sale.

Every piece of gear he owns is black so….

6. Elitist Brandin Coulter running a Falcon.

No link. 🙁

7. Elitist rookie Tyler Rivet gets Denali Rods.

8. FLWer James Niggemeyer gets Gator Guards.

9. FLWer Scott Dobson not fishing this year?

That’s the word, have not seen a post on it. He had a great year last year — hope he’s doing okay.

10. Meet the MLF/BPT TD.

Was wondering who it was — dude named Steve Core from AR, been doing the MLF ref thing for 4 years. Bassin’Fan post says he thinks he got the gig cuz of his calmness, but then he says, “I’m nervous about it” so….

Steve also says, “The eyes of the world are on us.” Assumin’ he means the bassin’ world cuz not sure the BPT kickoff will get the same eyeballs as the gov’t shutdown, Brexit and the Super Bowl which is a joke cuz the Saints got ROBBED!!!

11. Latest AFTCO Bassin’ Boot Camp vlog is up.

Hey it’s Matt Pangrac! Here’s my fave face he makes:

12. IL: Runoff sand burying some smallie reefs.

Not saying it’s a good thing, just pretty sure the smallies will just find other reefs but not an expert….

13. FL: Citrus County is promoting its bassin’ waters.

14. KY has some new bassin’ regs.

Not statewide.

15. TN: Refurb of Lake Woodhaven is ongoing.

50-acre lake in in Montgomery Bell State Park. No completion deadline given in the post but whenever it’s done it could be sick fishing for a while, like those lake redos often are.

16. USA bassin’ team heading to South Africa in Feb.

Feb means none of the pros can fish so it looks like an “amateur” team, including one guy from ND?

17. $2,500 marine scholarship offered.

> …to an outstanding student pursuing education and a career in the marine trades.

18. 6th Sense is working on a new frog.

19. New marketing person at Shimano.Sarah Burke who came from…Vail Resorts. Post doesn’t say if she fishes….

20. Git you a job!

21. FL: This is the kind of crazy stuff they’re catching in south FL.

Freshwater. Gonna put Petco outta biz down there:

22. Polaris bought another boat company.

Has a bunch of brands now, but not a bass fishing one…yet….

Tip of the Day

Tickle Tackle Bassin: Flip-flop your lipless.

[Link is the blog — Lipless Crankbaits in Winter. I can’t link it.]

This just might be the craziest “retrieve” (not really) I’ve ever heard of, but I ain’t doubtin’ ’em:

> The flip flop retrieve…involves very gently lifting and dropping the rod tip without moving the bait laterally across the bottom. You quite literally flip the bait back and forth from one side to the other without lifting it off bottom.

> Every 10-15 flips you give the rod an extra bump to move the bait forward about 12 inches then repeat the process.

> This retrieve works best in the coldest of cold. The bass are lethargic, they don’t want to pursue a fast meal. Instead of trying to draw a reaction you’re simply making commotion, letting out extra sound, and giving the bass time to inspect the bait.

> They’re slowly lulled in and when the bait hops away, they attack.

This was one of those when I read it, I’m like — how the heck did they figure that out?? Like, “I think I’ll pull up right here where it’s freezing cold and just leave my lipless crankbait on the bottom of the lake — it’s gotta work!”

Dudes also like to shake it like a jig on the bottom. I’m like:

Quote of the Day

“Last year I went to Alabama and so I found out where that was.”

– OK Elitist rookie Luke Palmer talkin’ ’bout travelin’ to fish. Says he’s hardly been outta his hometown. Well…good luck man but just know that those Elitist cats are dead serious about their game:

Shot of the Day

Does MLF/BPTer Russ Lane have a Squatch-shaped dome? And if so, does this explain his larger-than-average size, insanely powerful hookset and ability to commune with nature’s critters? Not sure, but if he starts killin’ deer bare-handed I won’t be surprised:


Ever hear of Jared James Nichols? Dude just might save rock ‘n’ roll in the US of A. ‘Lectric fiddler that’s a) a great player of blues/southern rock/classic rock and b) is the best thing to come out of WI since Brovarney swim jigs. Gitcha belly full:

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