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Robert Montgomery is mad and he ain’t gonna take in no mo’. (Actually, don’t think I’ve ever seen him mad – but he ain’t gonna take it no mo’ anyhow.) For that reason, he’s got a new website called Activist Angler.

This is a perfect fit for Robert. Not only is he hands-down the best and most knowledgeable fishing conservation writer on the planet (and a darn good bass fisherman), he’s run the gauntlet. You may recall that he got a lot of mass-media coverage for his coverage on the now-defunct of the National Ocean Council and the threat it poses to angler access of our nation’s waters – the Obama Administration got mad at ESPN, which then tried to sweep the issue and Robert under the rug.

As he says, “It allows the feds to tell us where we can and cannot fish in our oceans, coastal waters and the Great Lakes, with the door left open to move inland as well.”

“We wouldn’t lose our right to fish all at once. It would be death by a thousand cuts, one fishery at a time.”

Access, invasive species, pollution, water wars, anything and everything that affects fisheries will be covered on the site, which also has news and info that encourages anglers to be activists and helps them catch more fish.

Bottom line: is his way of promoting and protecting fishing – for all of us.

Bona Fides

> Robert is a long-time Senior Writer for B.A.S.S. Publications. He also is the author of the recent book Better Bass Fishing and was the 2010 recipient of the prestigious Homer Circle Fishing Communicator Award. He serves on the board of directors for Recycled Fish, a conservation organization that encourages a life of stewardship.

Yeah mon!

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