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Today’s Top 5

Canadian invasion of FLW continues…

…border patrol and INS now involved. KIDDING. But maybe they should be if these peeps keep taking all “our” $$$:

Seriously, props to Chris “I ain’t playin'” Johnston for winnin’ the Harris Chain FLW this weekend, and not his bro Cory but another north of the border hawkey fan — Jeff Gustafson — finishing 2nd.

Seriously, man, FL ain’t as easy as it sounds and these guys just spanked some Florida vets. WTHeck?!

Think we need to get a handle on what makes Canadians such fierce competitors, so here’s a little bit about Canadian life:

Well there you have it — that stuff’d make anyone tough as nails. HAHAHA! But seriously it does get rough up there:

Shout-outs to former Elitists crashing the top 10: John Hunter (3rd), Glenn Browne (4th), Matt Greenblatt (6th), Kurt Dove (8th).

Harris Chain Top 10 baits breakdown.

First here’s what Chris used to win:

Lol. He didn’t name man baits but: prop bait, vibe jig with a Jackall Rhythm Wave 4.8, Zoom UV Speed Worm, jerkbait (Megabass Vision 110), gold lipless crankbait (BOOYAH One Knocker):

Full top 10 broken down:

Worm/Senko = 60% — Senko = 20%

Vibe Jig = 40%Z-Man/Evergreen Jack Hammer most often mentioned

Lipless Crank = 30% — One Knocker (gold), Strike King Red Eye Shad (gold), Profound Outdoors Azuma Shaker Z Mime (chrome, silent)

Jerkbait = 30% — Vision 110 = 20%, ima Flit = 10%

Flip Plastic = 30%

10% each = Topwater prop, Swimbait, Soft jerkbait, Swim-jig


> #1-mentioned soft-bait brand = Zoom

> Sight fishing = 20%

> Shout-out to Robby Newell’s notes on the derby — long but insightful.

“If you do catch a bass and keep it, there’s nothing there to protect the babies. And if you did that with all of them, there would be no bass left.”

– NH game warden talkin’ in the show “North Woods Law” (season 1, episode 9). Let’s break that down:

1. Babies?? Bass don’t have babies. They lay 4,000+ eggs (sometimes 5 digits), only some get fertilized, and Google tells me less than a dozen FISH (not babies) make it…because most get eaten whether the “mommy” and “daddy” bass are fished for or not. #nature

2. “…no bass left.” Guess he’s referring to most of the states in the U.S. which now are bass-less voids because they allow fishing during the spawn. [eyeroll emoji]

3. Only a warning but…. Wardens and cop (!) stopped the 20-yr-old “violator,” who I think did keep the fish. Props to the wardens that he only got a warning, but dang.

I get that northern states still have more meat fishermen, and that catch/eat is different than catch/release. But gotta say there’s NO WAY fishermen will ever take enough fish off beds to affect any decent-sized fishery. The math is easy.

And sounds like the NH DNR needs a newer textbook, dang.

Top 10 baits from the Rayburn Costa.

Didn’t get to these last week so here you go:

Beeg weener was Kevin Lasyone of “Dry Prong,” LA. Chamber of Commerce might want to change that name (lol). Kevin seined a community hole that no one else fished…!! Used a 3/4-oz V&M Pacemaker Football Jig (bama bug) with a V&M J-Bug (watermelon red), and a 8.5″ V&M Wild Thang Worm (b/b):

Full top 10:

Vibe Jig = 40%

Lipless Crank = 30%6th Sense Quake Thud, Rat-L-Trap, BOOYAH One Knocker, mostly in reds — how weird is that color on Rayburn lol.

Worm/Senko = 30%

Lizard = 30% — Shout-out to TJ Goodwyn (2nd) who only fished a Strike King Rage Lizard (gp, tail dyed chartreuse) the whole dang derby: #oldeskool

20% each = Football jig (both V&M Pacemakers), Swim-jig

10% each = Jig, Swimbait, Crankbait (Strike King Magnum KVD 4.0 squarebill), A-rig (YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr with YUM Pulse swimbaits)

> V&M was the most-mentioned brand in the top 10.

Billy Dance was at the Vols hoops game…


Cool, but status-wise guess he’s about the same as Oscar the Grouch and a piece of fruit? Not to bass-heads lol


1. How Jason Christie might win the Classic.

Other than BassGold (do NOT sign up yet!), this is all you need to win a Classic:

> One thing I’ve learned…if I’m going to win the Classic, I’m going to do so by fishing the way I like to fish. …some kind of shallow-water, power-fishing technique.

> I’m not going to go to Hartwell and win on a dropshot — that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to carry a bunch of that tackl, because I feel that if the fish are on that kind of stuff, it will be hard to beat the guys who excel at that stuff.

2. How Elite rookie Caleb Sumrall got to the Elites.

> “I got laid off.” The news was devastating to Sumrall. Instead of hanging his head, he dusted off his rod and reel and started to fish. “It all escalated from there.”

Pretty dang #stout

3. FLWer Clent Davis has a broken wrist.

Feeshn lefty.

4. LA: Dylan Poche Memorial derby on T-Bend.

Mar 24.

5. MO: Charity bassin’ derby on Ozarks in late March.

6. TX: 16.88 wins Fork Bass Champs.

Yep Fork’s a big-bass lake but it has a slot. Winners had a limit, including a 11.17-lb “over” (the slot). That means the other 4 weighed about 5 lbs total…yikes. What up, Fork?

7. WA backs down from more bad bass regs.

Props to the WA bass-heads for just saying no…repeatedly.

8. LA: Deets on Bussey Brake renovation.

No completion date listed:

> “We built boat lanes through the lake. It was covered with stumps. People will be able to safely and easily get around the lake. We also built islands.”

> …the lake was completely drained and rid of all undesirable species. “We started restocking with bass, white perch and brim and will continue to restock until it is filled back up again.”

9. Check the Lunkerhunt Prop Turtle!

4 colors of bubble-trailin’ Gamara action! Dick’s and Field & Stream stores only til ICAST (mid-July):

10. OK’s oldest fish record is spotted bass.

And it may never be broken, at 8.2 lbs — caught in 1958.

11. New Kistler Graphite series rods.

$149.95, not on TW yet….

12. MO HSer gets bassin’ scholarship to Drury U.

Too cool:

> “My heart was in fishing, so when football got in the way of fishing, it was an easy choice to pick fishing over football.”

You hear that Robison? lol

13. TN: Vols bassin’ team sponsored by SteelShad.

14. KY: Couple new bass regs.

This looks like the most major one:

> …removes the 15″ minimum size limit for largemouth bass on 158-acre Beaver Lake in Anderson County. The lake reverts to statewide regulations for this species.

15. RI: First yak bassin’ trail.

> Rhode Island Kayak Bassin’ has received permission…to hold their first kayak fishing tournament trail around the state. This is a new Facebook group….

First derby is Apr 21.

16. All Cabela’s HQ employees offered buyouts?

17. Industry wants Outdoor Rec offices in state govts.

Interesting idea and needed if done right but…no word there on how they’d be funded when most states are starving for outdoors funding.

18. Our salty bros want help with Modern Fish Act.

Believe it would help preserve fishing in the face of the antis’ semi-successful efforts so far in saltwater, which is kinda scary. Click it if you want to take a minute to help ’em.

19. Birth of braid post on Bassin’masters…

…is innerestin’ but what Petey Robbins doesn’t mention is that Randy Dearman didn’t want to tell a soul about the new line, but Matt Vincent — former editor of B.A.S.S. Times and an old-school journalist — found out and ran it…and cat was outta the bag.

Line of the Day

Now [gobies are] everywhere, a curse to smallmouth bass and their eggs, and a curse to fishermen….

Headline of the Day

A diversity of bass baits will help succeed in landing largemouths.

Couple things:

1. A diversity of baits will help with every aspect of life…except storage spaces and neatness.

2. Since we all own too many baits, does this mean that no one can be more pro-diversity than bass-heads?

Asked my bud Kong that and he was like:

Btw, that’s the same dude that the T-H Marine Kong electronics mounts are named after…possibly….

Garmin winner and…

Say to to Rick C. in AR! Them’s his winnin’s, congrats mang!

Asked him if he always wears his derby jersey around the house and he said “every dang day” — hahahaha! Kiddin’….

Lucky for the rest of ya, will be dishin’ another Garmin soon…and if you haven’t entered AND shared your link for the Seaguar giveaway, git on it yo!

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Tip of the Day

Todd Faircloth: Match your hook to your line.

Do you do that? Of course you do, but do you do it like the Elites do it?

Line type + line size + conditions + bait type = hook type + hook size (and rod type and action but he doesn’t get into that). Check it:

Todd is gonna come outta nowhere one day soon and crush it….

Quote of the Day

“I need a bigger engine — those bass are outrunning me.”

– Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey talkin’ last night in the “Buyer Beware” segment of Financial Peace University, which I co-lead at my church. Not really “my” church but you know what I mean….

Anyhow, Dave was talkin’ ’bout all of us havin’ temper-tantrum “want” moments like little kids. And…he’s right. Glad baits are a cheaper option than a new outboard hahaha!

FPU is all that, highly recommended. Changed my financial life.

Shot of the Day

Hahaha nice one Fat Cat! ‘Cept the math is way more complex than that. Or maybe not the math but the figgerin’:

Ya got me

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