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The for-real reasons the Elite was postponed.

Pretty sure the guys all own rainsuits and the fish live in water so…heard the following things also played into the decision to postpone the Chesapeake Bay Elitist derby:

1. Trip’s camper got a major leak in it. Told him that roof was a bad idea but he’s a stubborn dude:

2. B.A.S.S. was concerned the Elites were losing they dang minds. A particularly disturbing example:

Some guys were starting to have crazy rain dreams. Word is Matt and Jordan Lee had the same one, somethin’ like this-here, woke up speakin’ with a weird accent:

Steve Kennedy had a tiger in his — not unusual — but this time was different:

Probly didn’t help that a bunch o’ Elitists were getting texts from an unknown Canada number with audio from Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane.” I’m thinkin’: #Mercer

3. B.A.S.S. staffers were getting hoarse and losing their breath from having to always say the official name of the tournament: “the Huk Bassmaster Elite at Upper Chesapeake Bay presented by Mossy Oak Fishing.”

4. But seeing this stuff was probly what killed it:

Okay seriously, for a river system that big with that much rain — we’ve had a TON on the East Coast (check this insane vid on Justin Lucas’ Insta) — it was the right call. Feel bad for the guys because this is the 2nd postponement this season (a record?), making for prolly the longest bassin’ season of all time.

By October, not sure how many of the guys will really love pro bassin’ “that much”…. #thegrind

“I’ve seen things underwater the last 2 days that I’ve never seen underwater in the 20 years I’ve fished here.”

Mike Iaconelli talkin’ like:

Wondering what the heck Ike was doing underwater? Anyhow, texted him asking what things he was talkin’ ’bout, and he sent me this:

I was like, “Dude, get yourself an x-ray asap and if they see anything weird get it out!” He was like, “I’m already on a plane.” Ruh-roh.

Newest rig comin’ from Japan??

Gonna say this will be even more effective than the A-rig:

That weight actually sits on the bottom like a dropshot rig. Dang dude, if you can’t even accidentally hook one on that, hang it up!

Okay it’s for octopus feeshn…BUT may be a bassin’ rig in there somewheres.

“Brandon para nucleation since is competing in BASS bus master Elite Series At the age of 22, Twink angler to leave a great performance to continue!”

– Whoa! That’s the Google translate of a sentence (or 2?) from a Japanese bassin’ website post on Brandon Palaniuk. I’m seein’ a couple possible new nicknames for him there…or a new Alpha Angler rod name…. #nucleation

Memes of the Day!

Good one from the recent king of feeshn memes, @dwayneb8e:

Jimmy Houston memed himself! Lol good one mang:


1. Mike Iaconelli’s city feeshn show comin’ on Nat Geo Wild.

Starts Oct — congrats Mikey Ikey! Good for him for sticking with the city thing and finally gettin’ this. Not sure when the dude will sleep but that’s on him….

2. Ish Monroe featured on ESPN site theundefeated.

Yeah Ish, cool man! Maybe the best article ever written on Ish — read it! Had a cool dad…pulled him outta school to fish….

3. Update on Robert Hamilton Jr.

He won the ’92 Classic (after having a vision of winning it) and then if I remember right at some point got hurt, got addicted to pain killers and then faded from bassin’. If I remember right. But you don’t have to count on my memory, watch this documentary on Robert put together by Mark Jeffreys at the Bassin’ Zone.

Been sitting on this til I had time to watch it, but I haven’t gotten to do that yet so not sitting on it anymore. Can tell you this: The other 20Ft Deep documentaries Mark has done have been really dang good.

4. MLF Champeenship TV starts TOMORROW.

They call it “sudden death” which is no longer PC — gotta call it “sudden victory” or “golden goal” or “someone will win” or whatever…sheesh. Anyhoo, set your DVRs.

Is it me or does it look like the guys’ heads are too big in this graphic?

5. AL: Memorial/scholarship derby on Smith Lake Aug 4.

6. AR: Almost 1 mil FL bass stocked in Ouachita.

7. TN: Long winter hurt veggies in Watts Bar.

That’s what a TVA biologist says. So now we know it wasn’t aliens, herbicides, carp, manatees or whatever….

8. FL: Algae publicity hurting Big O tourism.

But bass are there and being caught so might be a good time to go?

9. IL: Asian black carp in Horseshoe Lake.

Great, another dang species of these invaders:

10. T-H Marine gets Grass Goat.

Goes on your trolling motor, cuts grass, likes to head-butt stuff. Okay not the last one of those…. Check it on the TW.

11. Prototype 1×1 (or IxI?) Megabass cranks.

Check it:

12. NJ now testing for PFAS in fish.

For fish consumption, but still interesting that a state is finally addressing these nasty chemicals.

13. Lookit this hat!

You can get one here. No experience with that company so you’re on your own….

Headline of the Day

Taco Bell Is Launching a Crayfish Taco, but You Can Only Get it in Asia

Pretty sure you can get one in LA, just not at a Taco Bell….

Tip of the Day

Quick KVD tip on fishing high, moving water.

Because that’s what the Chessie Bay is doin’ right now:

> …there’s another cool yet overlooked pattern you can fish under high-water conditions when the main lake clarity is stained or clearing…lake structure getting current due to the increase flow of water….

> “I’ve had some incredible days fishing main lake points and islands where the current swirled over the structure and created hot feeding zones for bass waiting for shad to wash over nearby flats.

> “These are places that normally don’t see much current under normal conditions therefore the fast water opens up new places that ordinarily don’t hold many bass.

> “A good example of a likely hot spot would be a pinch point between 2 islands that creates a lot of current busting through the gap. I’ve even seen bass gang up on a shallow point with current in 4′ or less where I could catch fish on every cast with a shallow-running crankbait.

> “One of the best ways to find these areas is start with the dam at your back and drive upstream looking at the shoreline or your map where the current swirls around points and islands that may be above or beneath the water’s surface. They are going to have the most direct current coming onto them and they’re easier to recognize when you’re headed upcurrent.”

Okay, first be careful. Second, go slow. Third, note that he said the structure and therefore current may not be obvious on the surface. The fact that he notices that stuff is one thing that sets him (and the other Elitists) apart from us regular ol’ bass-heads…the other being:

That’s right, they’re YUGE Karate Kid fans…especially Boyd “Cobra Kai” Duckett.

Believe that’s Kelly Jordon’s cousin on the left?

Quote of the Day

“…on the Bassmaster Elite Series, if you only fish your strengths, you’d better have a lot of strengths….”

Elitist Jared Lintner talkin’, though not sure Denny Brauer would agree cuz Denny can catch anything — even rainbow trout — on a 1/2-oz jig….

Shot of the Day

FLWer Grae Buck. Not sure if he was doin’ this on a bet or what:


Cat poop parasite may alter human brains to reduce fear, study finds

Just 1 question: How did they figure that out??

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