Crazy derps! A-rig toads?? Gary Yamamoto’s Senko tips

Today’s Top 5

The derp parade is on!

Think I mighta gotten more “love the derps” comments at ICAST than anything else, so guess it makes sense that the derp shots are coming in hot and heavy. Heeeeere we go:

Danny Z got him this brown derp at a small ME lake with a 1/6-oz Z-Man Flanders head (black) with a shortened Hula StickZ (coppertreuse):

Timmy L was on Deer Lake, WI (Deer Lake?? does that name make sense?) fishin’ a Pro Tour Baits Squirrel Tail (red bug) when he bonused him this derped melon:

How ’bout this’n from Spider Lake, MN (Spider Lake??) — David L caught it on a TX-rigged Bizz Baits Killer Craw (gp), 3/8-oz BPS tungsten weight, 3/0 Mustad wide gap hook:

David P jigged him up a chunky Lake Havasu, AZ golden derp:

Not sure where this one is from but we have a #derp winner!! (How do these dang things survive??)

As the dude said, “not a derp but a daaang” — this-here MN yuck-melon was fooled by a Strike King KVD 2.5 squarebill (delta red):

Another yuck, caught by Gussy on St. Clair: #aliens

Know anyone who’s done this??

Stumbled onto this somehow — quote from KY hammer Dan Morehead:

> “I know of a guy who instead of fanning the wires out like an umbrella…makes them all in a straight line coming out the back of the Alabama Rig. He then put five Horny Toads on each of the wires and caught bass over the top of submerged grass.”

That sounds CRAZY! And sorta like casting a kite….

Sick sonar shot!

Posted by Elitist Cliff Pirch:

> Check out the shot I got on my Lowrance screen. It’s a bass in the middle of a shad school where you can see the void while they try to escape.


“I no longer carry around a hundred rods in multiple actions and sizes to match what I’m trying to do.”

Brent Ehrler talkin’ because when you’re a diehard bass-head it’s like:

Hahaha! As far as Brent’s claim that his “whole rod selection process has been simplified beyond belief:”

Hahaha Ehrler!

How ’bout these boating stats….

Few choice ones from here:

> Boaters in NY were more likely than their peers to experience “boat rage.” #seenit

> Nearly a quarter of MI and TX boaters left the drain plug out while boating. #doh

> OH boaters were the most likely to report having hit a dock. #[big eyes emoji]

> Those who have been on the water for more than 10 years are more likely to say they’ve…hit a rock with a prop, caught a prized fish to only lose it at the last second, left the drain plug out, or become stranded on the water.


1. TX: We lost a bassin’ brother on Ivie.

> According to the Runnels County Game Warden, campers near Lake O.H. Ivie called in to 911 reporting they heard a boat crash and cries for help, just after 9 pm.

> The two OK men were ejected from their 19′ bass boat when they hit a rocky point on the lake.

> The driver was killed after he was thrown onto the rocks, but the passenger landed in the water, and was not injured.

Bless you bassin’ brothers.

2. AL: Man charged in boat collision.

> The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) says 29-year-old Ricky Latham of Tuscaloosa is facing 2 counts of reckless murder in connection with the boat crash.

> Trooper Freddie Ingram says Latham was the operator of the ski boat that collided with the bass boat on Wednesday evening when it was “coming up river.”

> Trooper Ingram says alcohol played a “big role” in what transpired, saying that it was a factor “all day.”

3. LA: Fishing for Our Rights tourney ON SATURDAY.

Proceeds will be used to fight the gated private water bull-hockey in that state….

4. Great Shaw Grigsby post on trolling motor maintenance.

Says in there his batteries have lasted up to 10 yrs!?!

5. Dang good John Crews post on sponsorships.

If you want a sponsorship — a real one — read it. I know everyone calls getting free stuff a sponsorship now, but that’s not what I’m talkin’ ’bout and Crews really ain’t neither. Couple highlights:

> Sponsorships work much better, and come much easier, if you can catch ’em.

> We don’t pay any pro staffer unless they’re fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. The exposure just isn’t there for us to do otherwise.

6. Brent Chapman fishes with Bassin’masters college champeen (vid).

7. Brandon Palaniuk Oahe vid is up.

Does a dang good job with these….

8. Check Bill Lowen’s “what mud is to bass” analogy.

> Think of it like you would your house or your car. If you have a kitchen fire or a minor auto accident, your world is a mess for a day or two. But you still have to eat and you still have to go to work. In a couple of days you learn to live with the issues. You don’t have any other choice.

Works but…kitchen fire??

9. FLWer David Williams on BassEdge Radio.

Smith Lake winner.

10. KY/TN: Anti-carp barrier coming on TN River.

> The plan is to install sound barriers below the Barkley Dam in KY by the end of Sept. The body of water splits into the Cumberland River and Tennessee River.

Okay but what about all the carp in Kentucky Lake now?

11. BFL happenin’s.

James River, VA — Todd Walters won it on a zero-wind day with a 7″ Culprit Fat Max Worm (black/blue flake), Rapala DT6 crank (shad) and dropshotting a 6″ Roboworm Straight (morning dawn). Interesting mix. Wood cover in 3-10′.

Truman, MO — Darin Lankford burned a Dave’s Custom Baits Black Market Balsa crank (chartreuse) on 20-lb mono. 20-lb mono sounds like work!

Fort Gibson, OK — Russ Warner won it fishing offshore rockpiles with a 10″ YUM Ribbontail worm (junebug and cranberry). Mentioning because there’s finally one Warner brother who can actually catch ’em — hahaha Chad! (Chad Warner’s the YUM brand manager, big-time bass-head….) Several people mentioned that Russ is the better-lookin’ brother as well….

Kentucky/Barkley Lakes — Sounds like the regular ol’ KY Lake, which is good! Andrew Suggs won it on Barkley (brushpiles on ledges) fishing a 1/2-oz Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig with a Strike King Rage Craw (both black/blue).

Ohio River — Winner Adam Hock had a limit weighing 9 lbs, 2nd had 4 for 8. Adam fished with 20-lb line! Not cuz of fish size so I assume cuz of snags? Props to all the guys who fish that river….

12. is now FREE!

> Free

> Works friggin’ great for patterning fish — just spend the time to understand it. Some Elites use it so….


> Doesn’t display well on a phone — anyone want to tackle coding that?

13. New Skeeter 2019 Apex.

14. New Ranger Z519L and Z518L.

L = budget-friendlier.

15. Vexus Boats update.

Cool vid that shows the new “summit white” color. Fave line: “It corners like an Indy car.”

17. New ‘Rude marketing VP.18. MN: Fishing Careers Workshop in Oct.

> …hosted by Al Lindner and Troy Lindner…held at Madden’s Resort on Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes Area on Saturday, Oct 27.

> “If you are in the tackle, marine or tourism industry — you need to attend or send a representative,” said Al Lindner. “We have a fantastic line-up of mover and shakers, each sharing their personal journey and step-by-step details, wisdom and practical guidance on how to create and navigate a successful career or business in today’s sport fishing industry. Our goal is inspire and encourage your life path and to pursue your dreams.”

19. Costa contest: Chance to tag a shark.


20. Reminder that the new ICAST stuff is on TW!

Tip of the Day

What Gary Yamamoto says about fishing Senkos.

Senko, Dinger, whatever your favorite stick bait, here’s what the inventor of it does with it:

> …prefers his Senko on a weightless Texas rig with a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG hook. “I think some people use too big of a hook because they are thinking the bigger hook they use, the better chance they have of hooking the fish…sometimes with a bigger hook they lose the action of the bait on the fall, and half the time they lose the bait because it tears off.”

> …believes smaller light-wire hooks increase the lure’s tail action and make the Senko last longer since the bait slides easier up the hook and onto the line while fighting a fish.

> …recommends rigging the Senko on a Yamamoto Split Shot Hook [and] tying the Senko with a snell knot….

> His favorite Senko colors are green pumpkin or green pumpkin/watermelon laminate. “One of the best colors that is probably a sleeper is the salt and pepper. ….I can take that color any place in the world and fish will bite it.”

> A 7′ light-action spinning rod and a 2500 series spinning reel…high-visibility 10- or 15-lb braid for his main line and ties on a Sugoi Fluorocarbon leader of 10- to 14-lb for stained water or 6- to 10-lb for clear water.

Note the LIGHT-action rod. Do you even own one? I don’t…yet….

Quote of the Day

“…because avid fishers like to fish where the pros do, the tourney is giving us national exposure to the fishing community.”

– From a post about the Elites going to the Columbia Reever, WA. Got 2 words for ya: Sabine River. The Columbia won’t be anything like that but….

Shot of the Day

@claydyerfishing just bein’ his inspirational self. Caught that’n on a Buckeye Lures G-Man Ballin’ Out Jig and Zoom Z-Craw:


Eels are getting high on cocaine in Britain’s drug-polluted rivers, say researchers

> They found the fish “appeared hyperactive” compared to eels which had not been kept in waters containing cocaine.

Ya think?? #genius

Thanks to bass-head James VB for hippin’ me to this hilarity….

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