Bass getting dumber, Why a Knocker Spook, Hackney’s MLF winning baits

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How Hack won the MLF Champeenship.

Did Greg Hackney win this deal twice? I mean, he won it once when no one was watching — except maybe some FL skunk apes — then he just won it again on TV so…? Here’s the baits he used, all deets on

Lake Garcia

> “My 2 deals there were I flipped mats with a Strike King Rodent (black/blue) and a heavy 1.5-oz weight, and I fished a [not yet released] Strike King Thunder Cricket vibrating jig with a Strike King Blade Minnow (both bluegill) in a big grass flat where fish were spawning.”

Stick Marsh/Farm 13

> “They’d sprayed it. I don’t know which lake I was on but it had no underwater vegetation whatsoever. No eelgrass, no hydrilla, no nothing. It was almost like fishing a reservoir in east AR — nothing but dirt.

> “I ended catching them off willow trees and some type of cane growing on the shoreline. I flipped a 1/2-oz Hack Attack Flipping Jig with a Rage Craw (both black/blue) — I never caught a fish on anything else.”

Blue Cypress Lake

> “I caught half of them flipping a Strike King Shim E Stick (b/b) on a 3/16-oz slip sinker around real shallow cypress trees…then later fished deeper [4-5′] cypress with the same bladed jig.”


> “I caught every fish on a Rodent (b/b) with 1.5-oz tungsten weight, flipping hyacinth mats.”

Says the MLF deal did NOT clue him in on the ‘Squatch pattern he used to win the Sabine, but he did send me this shot he took down there:

Said, “You see it, right?” I was like, “Heck yeah! Did you see THIS??”

So much proof right there….

Dead-stick this Flanders Rig-ish hard bait??

Are our favorite fish getting dumber? Have to ask because they now fall for baits that look like sticks, Slim Jims and jelly beans, and now this:

> Clyde Holscher…is a well-known Midwest finesse angler and a longtime friend of Ned Kehde, namesake of the Ned Rig. He is working with Yakima Baits to create a unique lure that looks like a crankbait, fishes like a Ned Rig….

> The Mag Lip Finesse comes in both a 2.5″ and 3″ version…reminiscent of the Lazy Ike crank-style lures…. The Lazy Ikes were quite popular during their heyday in the 1930s through ’50s….

> …what sets this lure apart, Holscher says, is that some of the best bites with this particular lure come on the dead stick — when the bait isn’t moving at all.

What in the..?? Lego Batman was pretty torn up about it…

…maybe because he’s made of hard plastic too? Anyhow, I’m sure the bait’ll work because…they’re bass!

Why our fish might be getting dumber.

That got me thinkin’ — COULD our bass really be getting dumber? I mean all of ’em, not just the ones TX is tryin’ to breed thataway. I think so, cuz of these reasons:

1. Google search is making them lazy.

2. Too many sonar hits. #ballpeen

3. Ultrex, Panoptix and all that stuff is making it too easy so the fish are giving up.

4. Too many good baits and colors now, so real bait’s not looking as sexy.

5. Maybe fishermen are also getting dumber so it has to happen?

6. The DNR or the gov’t or the TVA is doing it.

7. All part of Johnny Morris’ plan to take over the universe [evil laugh like bahahaha!].

8. Global warming, aliens, Asian carp, the United Nations, algorithms, etc.

9. All of the above.

Dang it forgot about thata-one….

“When Curry pulls up from 35′ he really thinks he’s going to make the shot. When Kevin fishes, he has the same confidence.”

Ish Monroe talkin’ ’bout Steph and KVD (duh). Interesting analogy. Few more highlights from that great article on Ish:

> Monroe’s best year on the tour was in 2006, when he pocketed about $400,000. [Sounds good but that’s BEFORE taxes and doesn’t include expenses…#entryfees.]

> …who skipped his high school prom and his sister’s wedding to attend bass tournaments…. ${“[“}#committed]

> Ish’s dad talkin’: “…back when I was fishing with my father, we were fishing to put food on the table.”

> …Daniels [MDJ], who like Monroe said he hadn’t experienced any racism on the tour…. [That’s friggin’ great to hear.]

> For 2 weeks this summer, one of the whitest of American professional sports tours was dominated by its only African-American participants. [I still think that’s super cool man.]

You wish your bow looked like this?

Haaaaaaaaaaaail yeah you do mang!

That’s Carl “too right” Jocumsen‘s rig in use. #drool

Pretty sure you can see the solar system, different types of zooplankton and the ribs on a Keitech with that setup….


1. KY/TN: Fish this charity derby if you can.

Sgt. Baker Benefit Bass Tournament on KY Lake, Sep 22, $5K for 1st. What I rec’d on Sgt. Daniel Baker:

> Sgt. Baker was a Dickson County, TN Sheriff’s Department Deputy and Marine Corps veteran. We the members of the bass club he was in are having a benefit tournament to raise funds for his wife and 2-yr-old daughter.

> Daniel was murdered while on a suspicious vehicle call on May 30. An avid angler and hunter and all-around super nice guy, he and his wife had just purchased their first house right before this happened and his daughter just turned 2 this month. It has been hard on the community and we are doing everything we can for his wife and daughter.

Bass-heads are the best, man. Sign-up link here.

2. Mark Menendez speaks at Asian carp hearing.

Standing room only deal in KY. Way to go Mark! Quick video clip of his testimony:

What a US Fish and Wildlife Svc dude said:

> “If nothing more is done soon, based on the rate of Asian carp movement up the 2 rivers, the fate of the remaining 11 reservoirs will soon follow that of Kentucky and Barkley lakes.”

He’s right, so DO something gov’t peeps!

Also: FLW TD Billy “the kid” Taylor was in Washington, DC talkin’ ’bout the bad carps too.

3. Ish Monroe, Caleb Sumrall get Cal Coast Fishing.

Check the Cal Coast offerin’s on Tackle Warehouse. Love the “black out” bait sack — don’t show ’em what you’ve got tied on!

4. Edwin Evers likes tough derbies.

> “I like these kinds of tournaments. I think they can be easier to win.”

Was talkin’ ’bout the Chessie Bay rain/flood/mud/wave fest that got canceled, aka postponed. The way practice went, sounded like 1 yellow-colored 3-lber a day woulda won it….

5. Gerald Swindle talks Squatchin’…

…in his Rapala Insta page takeover — look for this vid:

Case you didn’t know, bass-squatchin’ is for REAL man!

6. Erie Costa was just a 1-dayer due to wind.

Last 2 days canceled so Canada’s Neil Farlow won it with 5 for 24-04. His co was catching them casting a dropshot, so Neil did the same:

> “It was a subtle bite, and they didn’t want the boat near them. The casting angle didn’t seem to matter so much as where the boat was. Every time I got on top of the fish they either wouldn’t bite or it would be very slow.”

Said the deal was a Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm (gp). “Sometimes Farlow would shorten the length….”

> Structure such as single boulders or irregular bottom in 20 to 30 feet of water produced best.

> “If you get to the right depth, there are so many contour changes and rock that aren’t on the maps. That’s where you don’t find so many fish, but you find the size you need in a tournament where everybody’s catching fish.”

7. PA: WWII vet still bassin’!

How cool is this! 97-yr-old Jerry Bosworth. Didn’t know we had any World War II vets left — bless you and thank you Mr. Bosworth!

8. What South African bass-heads look like…

…after their team wins a big derby:

Know zero about the SA bassin’ scene, but gonna go out on a limb here and say they need to liven things up just a hair….

Btw Trip might have just lost the “best TD name” contest:

> Letaba Bassmasters would like to extend a big thank you to weighmaster Wessel du Toit.

9. CA: Still some of the coolest bassin’ trophies…

…are at the frog-only throwdown on the Delta:

10. CA sprays Roundup straight into the Delta??

Sounds off the charts crazy but:

> A year ago, the active ingredient in Roundup, the nation’s most widely used weed-killing herbicide, was added to California’s official list of chemicals known to cause cancer.

> None of those alarm bells, however, have stopped the state Division of Boating and Waterways from spraying Roundup directly into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta….

> Since 2010, Boating and Waterways has put more than 14,000 gallons of Roundup into the Delta….

Who’s okaying that nuttiness — ‘specially in Cali?? The Delta’s like:

11. AZ: 3 teams had 20+ in recent night derby.

Guess that’s unusually stout for that desert lake?

12. DC: B.A.S.S. is part of new national invasives coalition.

Good! #GetTheCarpOut

13. 42 seconds on the new BOOYAH Melee bladed jig.


TW has ’em for pre-order, should be available soon.

14. Lunkerhunt givin’ away some new Yappa baits.

15. New Alpha Angler Mag-Hitter rod.

> The Mag-Hitter is the “Dirty Harry” version of our original flipping stick, the Hitter. Designed for heavy weights and jungle warfare, our design team created a perfectly balanced flipper with all-day comfort.

> The parabolic, heavy action blank will load evenly during the fight without tearing a big hole at the hook location, but also remain loaded when your fish clears cover and runs towards the boat.

Check it here. Word is Brandon “Para nucleation” loves it….

16. Summer BAM is out.

Bass Angler Mag — actually has been out. Word is KC Ashley, Zona, Timmy Horton, Ish Monroe, Bobby Barrack, Cody Meyer and other dude contributed their wisdoms for ya.

Can subscribe here and they also have a digital version.

17. AR: First Bass-Cab-Track will be in Rogers.

Or whatever they’ll call it:

> “At our newly expanded Rogers location, customers will discover the best of Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and Tracker Boats all under one roof.”

And the newest Bass Pro (only) will be in Halifax, NS. First new store since Cabela’s merger.

18. FL: Algae bloom closes Florida Sportsman offices.

Making staffers stick. That said, I’d love to buy the place and put the BB HQ there…lmk mang….

Just in: tomorrow night at 7pm Central on Facebook Stray Casts and gitcha Cliff Crochet and Gerald Spohrer. No word on whether will be subtitled…lol!

Tip of the Day

Why Jason Christie uses a One-Knocker Spook.

Innerestin’ — from a longer post I’m working on:

> “Everybody’s got Zara Spooks. They’ve been a staple. Back in the day we were drilling them and putting BBs and stuff in them, and I really felt like I caught a lot more fish [than the regular, silent bait].

> “When the One Knocker came out, I took everything out of my box [all his custom Spooks] and that’s what I throw. It has a different sound than what we had, which was higher-pitched. The One Knocker has a real low pitch and I think there’s something to that — it makes those fish bite it.

> “I love it [over] deep water. They might not even see the bait on the top of the water, but I think they can feel it. That gets their attention, brings to them to the surface and they see the bait.”

Quote of the Day

“…it’s hard to have the patience to continue idling for several hours.”

– Ya think?? Alton Jr talkin’ ’bout findin’ deeper fish. Gotta confess that when I FINALLY get on the water I feel kinda rushed and don’t start with a full tank o’ patience. Here’s what my idling meter looks like:

But it goes a little faster than that hahaha! Know some of you are the same way….

Shot of the Day

This someone who fishes too much OR someone who ex-caped from an underground lab?

Or are they the same thing…? Too funny @jpderoseoutdoors shot.


Tweeted by the Montgomery, AL double-A baseball team:

> Want free things without doing much work? Well you’re in luck! Riverwalk Stadium will be Millennial friendly on Saturday, July 21st with a participation ribbon giveaway just for showing up, napping and selfie stations, along with lots of avocados.

Lol! Props to the team for their name — the Montgomery BISCUITS — and logo…

…and for having a dang sense of humor [!!] along with the stones to Tweet a JOKE that some folks got nutty over — imagine that!

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