Painted blades more visible, Bass Force One, Flabby slabs o buttah!

Reminder I’m a-travelin’ this week so this might be the only Blaster of the week…unless I get the special late fall/early winter issue done. If not, expect that full-of-awesomeness issue next week — have a great one bass-heads!

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Today’s Top 5

Stupidly giant flabby slabs o’ buttah melons!  

Swimbait master Danny Rago released this barrel o’ buttah…lookit that thing!!

@mikelongoutdoors winched up this 15.8-lb buttah monstah with 15-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluorocarbon:

Elitist Chris Zaldain suspiciously didn’t post the weight of this bass, but look at the size of that head:

Alton Jr. found this dead TANK in Stillhouse Hollow, TX — looks like it expired from old age. What do you think it weighed? Lemme know your guesses on Facebook here:

Weird thing was it came to life when it saw a Whopper Plopper…lol. Last but not least some sl-sl-sl-slabs of brown buttah:

Dudes said, “Weighed in 26.45 lbs and didn’t even cash a cheque.” Not sure what a cheque is, but think it has something to do with this:

Hahaha! Have no idea what that’s all about but…cheque it!

It’s Bass Force One! 

Focus your bassin’ eyes on Prez George W. Bush’s bassin’ tub! Love the sense of humor and that he doesn’t need a 25′ top-o-the-line hunk o’ fiberglass to do his bassin’ from…tho I admit if I was a retired Prez I’d fo sho have one:

Alton Jr. in the pic….

What Cliff Pirch is bassin’ with now… 

…when he’s not playin’ in his reggae band anyhow:

Amazing how he grows out those dreads so fast. Bassin’-wise:

> “Nov in the Southwest is trout-stocking time, and a real fun way to catch a giant bass is matching the forage.”

> “Using a Cush-It on the rod butt makes casting a big bait a lot less work. You can use it tucked in your armpit for leverage and throw it a mile with one hand.

> “Initially [stocked trout] stay near the surface and schooled up, so mimicking one that’s not in very good shape on the surface or near the surface is probably the best route. After they’ve kind of left the area, you need to start fishing typical ambush points where bass like to hold, like breaks close to deep water, walls and points.”

Dang it now I want to buy all that swimbait gear and have at it…mon….

Will big swimbaits lead to big soft-jerkbaits? 

Check this vid about a new Japanese bait:

Killer action on that thing. So…will that happen here –meaning, will big, realistic soft-jerkbaits become a new “thang” here in the US of A? Let’s see what happens….
[popcorn-eating emoji]

Check these Canadian bass-head proposal shots! 

Way up in North Bay, ON from the engagement and weddin’:

Hahaha great!! Mathew and Melissa will sho nuff be raisin’ some redneck chill’uns! Not sure if she realizes exactly what that means yet…my wife sure didn’t…lol


1. We lost Tommy Stiles.

> …former Bassmaster Tour angler who competed in the 2003 Classic, died last week in a plane crash. He was 49.

> The resident of McMinnville, Tenn. fished B.A.S.S.’ top tour full-time from 2002-05. He gave up professional fishing to spend more time with his wife and two daughters.

Dang it. Bless you Tommy and fam.

2. Cliff Crochet gets Duce Rods.

Hope the new signature series will be called Cajun Baby, which in real life is this:

Found out that is NOT a baby bigfoot like we thought Hack!

Duce rods ain’t on Tackle Warehouse but here’s their website. And here’s the tune “Deuce” by the NYC makeup dudes.

3. Palaniuk on his Ultrex.

> “I almost felt sorry for the guys not running an Ultrex. I’d see them hook up and then get blown 100 yards off while they dealt with the fish. Then they’d have to fire up the big motor to get back to the waypoint. That’s a lot of time spent NOT fishing.”

> “…that leg and muscle fatigue after a long day on the foot control is gone because you’re not fighting the motor anymore. You set it on a line and the prop torque doesn’t affect it and twist you off course.”

Must…get…. But too expensive for the Christmas list so maybe I’ll just use these — got the number of a guy who hand-carves them lol:

4. Freddy Roumbanis selling his Legend V20.

Maybe gitcha a good deal on a boat from what may be the last production year for Legend….

5. Some Elites complaining about sponsorships but….

Seen and heard some Elites saying other guys are taking small-$ deals which is hurting guys looking for big-$$ deals. I get it, but a couple said they wish it was like the good ol’ days when good fishing performance = $$$. Uh…well fellers, those days never happened. Not any different than now, anyhow.

6. TX: Scott Martin fishes with Mark Pack on Fork (vid).

Typical fishing show, mentioning here because always good to try to learn something from Pack on Fork — and gotta say Scott’s doing more than respectable on YouTube.

7. LakeForkGuy doing well after brain surgery.

Lookin’ a little Frankenstein, but all good sounds like [praying emoji]. Put himself aside in this vid and thanked God and our vets = #stout:

8. Bob Cobb sighting at Bassin’ Hall of Fame induction!

Check it:

That’s Bob Cobb flanked by two guys you know, and Davy Hite strangely looking like…Tommy Sanders? A little?

If you don’t know who Bob Cobb is, he was the first bass fishing media guy ever. First editor of Bassmaster mag and eventually produced and hosted The Bassmasters TV show. Every single person in bass fishing media — not just fishing media — can trace his roots back to him, which I’ve told him but he knows anyway…probly cuz everyone else tells him and thanks him. Love ya Bob, thanks for the pic Mercer!

Btw stoked that that the Hall of Fame has a home now, and love that the induction is not during the Classic cuz it tended to get lost there. Congrats to all the new bassin’ immortals:

Next year the Hall might want to spring for some coveralls….

9. VA: Artificial habitats placed shallow in Smith Mntn Lake.

10. FL: Okeechobee gov’t wants lower hotel prices for bassers.


> “It’s hard to change the mindset,” said commissioner Bryant Culpepper. “The mindset is ‘we don’t make any money the whole year, so when the tournaments are here we are going to jam it because that is going to carry us through the hard time.”

11. CA: Prop 65 messing with tackle companies.

John Crews mentions it in his recent Bassin’master post, hasn’t been much written about it lately, but as I understand it the state law allows anyone to sue if any potentially cancer-causing material is in any product at any level. If I got that right, or even half right, it’s pretty nuts.

12. South African bass-heads eat “boereworsrolls”…

…at derbies. Looks like that’s South African for “hot dog:”

Bass-heads are the same around the world hahaha!

13. New Favorite MLB rods.

Would take a KISS rod over one o’ these any day, but could be a very smart move:

14. Lowrance releases new Hook2 series.

> The HOOK2 Series of fish finders and fish finder/chartplotter combos boasts features and functions normally found on high-end fish-finding gear but at prices that are easy to afford. DownScan, SideScan, GPS navigation and premium chartplotting are now available for the economically conscious angler.

Okay but not sure how many of us are really “conscious” when we’re looking at cool new bassin’ gear:

15. Humminbird intros new Solix 10.

16. Check this ribbed swimmy-bait.

That’s the StankX Ribbz — thought it looked cool so I asked StankX owner Travis Crosman about ’em:

> We made the molds some time back, but never officially launched them. With all the new big plastic swimbaits coming out. I decided it was time to start playing with the 8″ version again. I will be offering some line-through and some pre-rigged…. We have them in 3.5″, 4.5″ 6″ and 8″ versions.

> The Ribbz give off a lot vibration while displacing the water, and the tail has a lot off thump. We made it with our custom swimbait plastic from Dead On Plastix. They are not on the site just yet, but I hope to have them up on the site this month.

Warden Report of the Day

From OH:

> Prior to leaving, the man neatly collected all of the beer cans and other trash, put it into a bag, and threw it into the weeds nearly hitting Officer White.

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Tip of the Day

Why Menendez likes burning painted blades.

Mark says bass can see 3x-5x further in the water than we can, and believes painted spinnerbait blades are more visible to the fish so….He’s all about burning the Strike King Scorcher Spinnerbait to call fish in from distance and get them to react. The Scorcher is a Bass Pro-only bait — TW has the Burner Spinnerbait, which is similar but you’ll need to swap out the blades for painted ones:

Quote of the Day

I’m beginning to believe you need 2 or 3 buddies….

Tommy Biffle talkin’ ’bout how it’s hard to go it alone on the Elites anymore. Totally agree. A more-competitive field top to bottom makes that sorta inevitable, and it’s happening and been happening so…. Also said:

> “The thing is you’ve got to have guys telling you the right thing — not half the story, but the whole deal.”

Tommy’s gonna be rollin’ with a new look and new name for ’18 — T-Biff:

Have run that pic before, never gets old — hahaha Tommy!

Shot of the Day

Gonna say this was Photoshopped but still a sick shot by @the_trevorsoety. That’s a Lunkerhunt Compact Frog:

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