Match your hook to your rod, How Andy Montgomery skips, The Billy Bass story

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Today’s Top 4

Turkey melons of the week!

Some big’uns for motivation!

@speedbead caught this Mexican DD on a breakfast @burritobaits with double sausage and extra Tabasco:

Tim Horton surprised himself (lol!) by flippin’ up this Tom turkey-melon on an unnamed bait but with the new Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool SLP Reel:

Stout stripe-less (!!) pond ham fooled with a YUM Money Craw:

FLWer Kurt Dove smacked this Amistad fatty on a 5/16-oz War Eagle Finesse Spinnerbait (shimmer blue) with Hayabusa WRM929 Trailer Hook:

Wasn’t even Russ Lane’s birthday when he caught this absolute TUB o’ turkey salad on Mille Lacs, MN — check that thing out!

Ever tried to match your hook to your rod? 

Yep, hook to rod, not just hook to bait. Me neither, even though I’m still obsessed with figuring out this whole rod-line-hook equation…for MYSELF, because all our hooksets are different.

Anyhow, that question popped up when I read this Alpha Angler Rods post:

> Ever tried a #4 dropshot hook for largemouth? The #4 dropshot hook has a higher landing percentage with [an Alpha Angler DSR rod] than any other size…no matter how big the fish.

Interesting, eh? Worth noting the exact recipe: Alpha Angler DSR, 6-lb fluoro leader, #4 Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot Hook. Pic shows a #4 hook next to a #2 (the #4 is smaller):

“I can’t talk myself out of areas where I know they are because they didn’t bite in the first hour.” 

– Hahaha we’ve all done this! (I still do it….) Jared Lintner talkin’ ’bout what he used to do on the Elites, what he doesn’t wanna do no mo. In other words:

Hahahaha Lintner!

How Big Mouth Billy Bass was born. 

And then made ONE HUNNERT MILLYUN DOLLAS!!! You know you had one:

> During a quick stop at a Bass Pro Shop, Pellettieri’s wife turned to him…. “She goes, ‘How about a singing fish on a plaque?'” Pellettieri: “I always come from a place of ‘what makes me laugh?'” he says. “To me, the idea of a fish on a plaque singing Al Green was hilarious.”

> …in the late ’90s there was really no toy on the market that had actual mobility in its movements. Making a fluid movement up and down or side to side was one thing, but creating a motorized mechanism that allowed Big Mouth Billy’s head to turn out from the plaque? It had never been done. The idea was revolutionary. “Once the head turned, it became an item. The movement is what hooked people, and we were off to the races.”

> It hung on the wall of Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth would reportedly sing along to Big Mouth Billy’s sweet tunes. [Seriously???]

> ….by the following Christmas, BIlly was selling for $5. The flame had gone out.

Then Billy fell on hard times, man. Singin’ small bars in Vegas, pretty sad:


1. Matt Herren gets Dirty Jigs.

I was like, “Herren why you goin’ Dirty man?” He was all:

Srsly tho, if Herren designs a flip jig, I’m buyin’ it.

2. Casey Ashley gets Realtree.


3. Josh Bertrand on BassEdge Radio.

Talkin’ desert-lake bassin’ and chin-fur colors….

4. What happened to Seth Feider?

He was in NJ for Ike Live. This is what happens when you sleep over someone’s house in south Jersey:

5. FLWer Wes Strader going Elite.

Another sho-nuff stick migrates from the F to the B, just like many current Elites. This quote is confusin’ me:

> “I’m always going to be Wesley no matter what, whether I’m at B.A.S.S. or at the nursing home fishing in the pond.”

Does that mean Wes lives at a nursing home?? Dude!

6. FLWer Randy Blaukat will try to return to Elites.

7. MI: Bass-head almost killed by toxic algae.

Whoa! Check it:

> …in a bass fishing tournament 2 years ago, Todd Steele cast his rod from his 21′ boat, unaware that he was being poisoned. A thick, green scum coated western Lake Erie. And Steele…was sickened by it.

> Driving home to Port Huron, MI, he felt lightheaded, nauseous. By the next morning he was too dizzy to stand, his overheated body covered with painful hives. Hospital tests blamed toxic algae, a rising threat in U.S. waters.

> “It attacked my immune system and shut down my body’s ability to sweat,” Steele said. “If I wasn’t a healthy 51-year-old and had some type of medical condition, it could have killed me.” He recovered, but Lake Erie hasn’t.

> Many monster blooms are triggered by an overload of agricultural fertilizers in warm, calm waters, scientists say.

Ray Scott would’ve tried to do something about this. Just sayin’….

8. SC: Federal $$$ expanding Hartwell ramp for the Classic?!

Not saying B.A.S.S. had anything to do with it, just surprised:

> Anderson County officials announced Monday that they have received $650,000 in federal money for improvements at Green Pond Landing and Event Center, which will host the Bassmaster Classic next year.

> The Sports Fish Restoration Act funding from the U.S. Department of Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service will cover the bulk of the $866,000 cost for expanding courtesy docks at the Lake Hartwell venue.

9. MO: The Bassin’ Hall of Fame is an exhibit??

> The first expansion within Wonders of Wildlife since its grand opening in Sept 2017, the all-new permanent exhibit is a gift from Johnny Morris to the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.

Uh, yeah…. Whatever Johnny wants to call it — exhibit, turnip, pinto bean — all good. Looks good too….

10. AR: PRADCO adds a bunch o’ American jobs.

PRADCO = BOOYAH, YUM, War Eagle, Bomber, etc. At the announcement ceremony, AR Gov. Asa Hutchinson was there gettin’ his YUM on! PRADCO head dude Bruce “I ain’t playin'” Stanton on the left:

I talked to the head Wally-Mart tackle-buyin’ folks who were there — they said they’ll have an “aggressive fishing strategy for next year.” They will also be doin’ more digitally so…sounds good?

11. FLW will now have Portugal derbies.

12. MLFers get Larew.

13. KY: Coal ash causing bass deformities?

Check these young-of-the-year largies:

14. CA/Hollyweird: New bassin’ comedy coming?

Let’s be honest — ALL of bassin’ is a comedy, so maybe this is just reality TV??

> …Something In The Water, an upcoming comedy from Lionsgate based within the world of bass fishing.

> …5 women who challenge their respective misters to a bass fishing competition.

> …the film is a sly play for the East Asian market, as bass fishing is gaining popularity within that region.

15. LA: Nicholls State bass angler opens bait shop.

They only sell chicken livers and minnows…kidding….

16. Win ya some Lunkerhunt Prop Series baits!

17. New ‘Trap colors are out already…

…on, doesn’t look like on TW yet:

18. Rapala Pro Series vid game now out.

For PS4 and X1:

19. Winter BAM issue is out.

20. Tamarack Moondancers now available.

Remember they’re these baits:

21. The Booty Shake could be a sick dropshot bait.

Bait from Japan, looks like for small saltwater fish but:

Headline of the Day

Why Chris Lane punches better than you

Uh, that’s easy: Him and Bobby would practically kill each other as kids man! But…maybe that’s not what they’re talkin’ about….

Line of the Day

Wear a life jacket when fishing from a boat in cold water.


Here’s the deal: BUFF stuff IS cool. BUFF stuff LOOKS cool. BUFF stuff KEEPS YOU cool (and, if you need it, warm). So get all the bassin’ cool you can with this-here giveaway!

Includes bass-pattern lid (which I own), UV Mask to preserve your “America’s Next Bassin’ Model” looks, UV Insect Shield Arm Sleeves so you can focus on fishing/not on gnats, Water 2 Gloves so you can gitcha Ott DeFoe on, and a BUFF hoodie cuz hoodies rule yo! Click it here or click the pic to gitcha entered — good luck!

Tip of the Day

Andy Montgomery’s total skipping jig setup.

Montgomery’s nice dude but he’s a MEAN dock-skipper. Just plain ol’ mean.

Was in the boat with him one day, and downloaded a bunch of what’s in his head about it — bait, trailer, rod/reel setup, technique, etc. Had a bunch of vids, finally just rolled ’em into one, here you go. Doesn’t make for the smoothest transitions all the time, but the meat’s there mang!

For the record, that’s the Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig, Strike King Rage Bug, signature 7′ 1″ H Daiwa Tatula Elite Rod (but yours might need to be shorter) 8:1 Daiwa Tatula Reel and I believe 25-lb fluoro.

Quote of the Day

I hate that we can’t talk about fishing because that’s what we do….

Wes Strader talkin’ ’bout the new Elite no-info rule. That’s literally true for Elites now.

Was talkin’ to an Elite today who said that when he was talkin’ to a bud recently, he had to cut him off when he was talkin’ ’bout a current striper bite on a lake the Elites are going to next year. Weird.

Shot of the Day

This young dude knows how to dress to fish! (Take THAT Casey “100% country” Ashley hahaha!) Caught him caught his new PB on a 1/2-oz BOOYAH Pigskin Jig (molting craw):

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