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New bassin’ stuff coming at ya! – part 2

Yep! New means either outed at the Classic, or available now or soon. This is part 2 of 2, gitcha part 1 here on BassBlaster.rocks…. Hope you enjoy it peeps!

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In no particular order…

Gayle Julian and the folks at Jewel build things they need to catch more bass. Duh, but that’s how they do it — meaning they don’t care about trends or whatever, they’re just solvin’ their own bassin’ poblems.

I THINK for this deal they wanted a spinnerbait that fell horizontal and came through heavy cover well — plus you can fish it slow, make it do a 180 and other cool stuff:

> Designed to work through heavy cover better than the original Jolt, this new design runs straight and falls true. Burn it, crank it, slow-roll it….

> 1/2-oz, comes in “pearl white, “candy red” and “electric blue.”

> Fish it on a 7′ MH rod like the Cashion M8437, Lew’s Super Duty wide spool reel (8.0:1) — holds 190 yards of 15-lb Seaguar fluorocarbon….

Remember that all the Jewel stuff is made to work best with the 3.8 Keitech Fat, but can handle any swimbait.


Deal with this hook seems to be:

a) It gets fish to bite — they the actual hook, not just the bait.
b) It “tells them” where to bite, meaning right where the bladed treble is…as Ott DeFoe found out in his recent Bass Pro Tour win.This dude put one his pocket as a joke and learned a lesson the hard way:

VMC also says the Bladed Hybrid Treble can also help fire up a school that has shut down. Hook comes in sizes 8, 6, 4 and 2. More on ’em in this vid.

3. Okuma Serrano casting and spinning rods

Bet you thought a serrano was a small, green and very tasty chile. But look it up in the bassin’ dictionary and you’ll see that that it’s BLUE feesh poles from Okuma. Is it important they’re blue? Yep. Cuz they look cool. Cool enough that my 18-yr-old son wanted to fish with ’em just cuz of how they look = #win. Gotta say — that’s one reason I dig fishing ’em too.

Anyhow, the ones I have are good, and at $119.99 on the TW, real nicely priced:

> …designed with the competitive angler in mind. These technique-specific rods are built on a responsive and durable 24-ton carbon blank. These blanks also feature Okuma’s UFR-Ultimate Flex Reinforcement tip technology. This process blends unidirectional fiber over 24-ton carbon in the extended tip section of the rod to increase lifting strength and power by as much as 400%. …provides for the ultimate in strength without sacrificing sensitivity so that you can feel even the lightest of bites.

> The component system on the Serrano Rods feature Fuji K-Concept guide frames to help reduce wind knots as well as Fuji FAZ-Light guide inserts that offer premium performance and compatibility with braided lines.

> The Serrano rods also feature a 3K woven carbon butt section improving hoop strength. The rods also feature Winn Grip and EVA rear split grip handle design for the ultimate in all-day casting comfort.

> …backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Love me some Winn Grips…. Here’s a vid with a little more on the rods.

Trey Kistler is like Clark Kent — sounds mild but can leap over rod buildings in a single bound:

Okay that doesn’t make any sense but Trey does make some mean rods. Here’s what he recommends for this time o’ the bassin’ year:

> 7′ 1″ Feel N Reel for the most popular lure in the springtime, the vibrating jig. The Hybrid S2 glass tip allows the bass to completely inhale the bait before you jerk it away from him…a 50% increase in hook-up ratio to landing that bass.

Trey ‘splainin’ ’em on vid here.

Jake Boomer at Alpha Angler looks more like Clark Kent than Trey does, but he talks more like this:

If you ever talked to an engineer type, whether they have a degree in it or not, you know you’re not gettin’ a quick verbal on anything…which = Boomer on rods because he KNOWS TOO MUCH. Or just the right amount. Or something.

Anyhow, the Wrench is a SPIN rod but if you like to throw you some soft-plastics right about now, this is a real good tool for so doin’. Plus it was co-designed — like all the Alpha sticks — by Brandon Palaniuk. Click the pic to see the vid:

Also check Alpha’s HopeFish YouTube playlist — love the heart behind it.


Okay InvizX ain’t new BUT it IS time to be usin’ it! Here’s Mark Menendez givin’ you a rundown of his spinnerbait configuration and gear (includin’ InvizX) for catching colder-water pre-spawn basses, includin’ his PB 13-09 and an 11:

Let’s put it thisaway — in this vid, Seth Feider says he fishes a 4-day derby with Advance Fluoro without re-spooling…which is UNHEARD OF with the pro dudes so…. More:

> Proprietary Gel Phase Technology process produces the ultimate handling, performance and clarity

> Maximization of the fluoropolymers through precision processing creates an easy-handling, super-sensitive and abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon.

> …inherent qualities and exclusive G2 Precision Winding make this fluorocarbon virtually memory-free.

> Works great on spinning reels….
Btw Advance Mono is pretty spectacular….

Those beauties are Mark Daniels Jr-designed SB57s (SB=”Square Bill”) in spring [heart eyes emoji] colors — top to bottom we got: strawberry craw, Rayburn red craw and mustard craw:

> Super-thin walls with a unique honeycomb construction

> Fast wobbling action that hunts

> Hybrid coffin circuit board lip that increases sensitivity and causes erratic deflections

> Internal rattle system that produces a subtle one-knocking noise that is not too loud and not too soft

> Slow rise so it stays in the strike zone longer

Here’s Mark runnin’ ’em down on YouTube. This guy says he’s MDJ’s biggest fan:

Hey MDJ, maybe always social distance from that dude….


Here’s what’s new:

> Designed with ultra-lightweight UPF 50+ fabric
> HEIQ Cooling Technology
> Maintains the comfy 4-way stretch it’s known for
> Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation…
…and a fisherman named Otter….
[Shoot I might wear mine to the grocery store around here! I don’t wanna wear a mask but lots of folks look at you like you’re Freddy Krueger if you don’t….]
ALL the new BUFF feeshn stuff here, and now the Mossy Oak Elements “aqua navy” and “graphite” stuff comes in XL. Should also mention the gloves have a subtle new grip and patterns….

10. Lunkerhunt Avid Backpack

Not out yet but comin’ soon! Word is:

> Holds a bunch of trays and baits, 48L capacity

> Easy-access roll top, padded shoulder straps

> Rugged, waterproof and cool-lookin’

For sure can carry some of the most-fun topwater baits ever made yo!


You know what these are, maybe a good stuck-at-home project. Myself I’m partial to the blue:

Just be careful of too much blue…you might end up living under ferns and such, like happened to my boy Dwight:

Hahaha! Either way MAKE SURE you git it all on a chip with the YOLOtek PowerStick 53 Gen2!


Has Fish Head perfected the jighead? Well…maybe. I mean, there’s a bunch o’ good jigheads out there for sure, but Fish Head makes pretty much whatever you need and they’re dang good too…such like these — believe they all have a real good 2/0 Gamakatsu hook:

Top to bottom:

1. E Series Hammer Jig Head (gp)

> …unique head shape that’s a cross between a casting, football and standup head…allows anglers to skip, swim, shake and finesse your soft-plastic through almost any type of cover…strategically-placed screw-lock keeper that holds your soft-plastic perfectly straight….

2. V3 Balance Force Jig (albino)

> …uniquely-shaped head and a 90-degree vertical line tie…tuned to sit perfectly horizontal for a natural baitfish imitation that is ideal for vertical jigging…can also be dragged along the bottom and its flattened head shape will actually keep your soft plastic bait pointed tail up to mimic a natural feeding baitfish.

3. Finesse Dude Jig Head (smokin shad)

> …a fluorocarbon urethane blade, which causes it to rapidly wobble back and forth and give your favorite soft-plastic trailer an enticing swimming action…ideal for 2-4″ soft plastic trailers.

4. Finesse Ned Head (gp)

Not new but a tight wobble in cold water and hopefully still ON BIG SALE at Tackle Warehouse. Crazy-great colors too — those two are “citrus shad” and “crawfish:”

> …delivers a tight wobbling action and killer deflections thanks in a large part to its advanced magnetic weight transfer system.

Or if you’re more of a lipless person, TW also has the Hardcore Vibe on sale….


14. 4 more random baits…

…from surfin’ Tackle Warehouse:

Top to bottom:

1. Chasebaits Flip Flop (gp chartreuse) — Gitcha cuttlefish bite on….

2. 4″ Savage Gear Pulse Tail RTF Baitfish (silver/black back) — Innerestin’ tail….

3. Damiki Bing Shad Worm (gill) — 1.5 massive inches of Ned/drop bait…maybe….

4. Azuma Big Boss Crankbait (cherry bomb) — cool color, squarebill runs 4-8′

On BassBlaster.rocks right now…
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