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Here’s some new bassin stuff! – part 1

NEW STUFF comin’ at ya!!!!! Might’ve been outed at the Classic, might’ve been before that and just hittin’ stores now, either way here you go — things you need to know about. If you can’t afford ’em right now, totally get it. Just maybe fish ‘[m in your head, and know that sometime soon those feesh are in fer some surprises!

Part 1 right here, part 2 tomorrow or Saturday!

>> If you’re getting the BassBlaster for the first time it’s cuz a bud signed you up!

In no particular order…

1. Norman Speed N

Stetson Blaylock (3rd) and Micah Frazier (5th) both fished this bait at the Classic, in the color “chili bowl”:

Asked the Norman folks if that’s chili with or without beans…cuz, you know, WITH beans would make it way more dangerous…. Asked a couple buds about the beans thing and they were like:

> The Speed N is a modified Norman Little N crankbait with a slightly-modified lip that gives the bait a very tight wobble…. Former Bassmaster pro Frank Scalish designed the lure to have the perfect cold-water action and paired with the awesome gelcoat Norman colors….

> Stetson Blaylock and Micah Frazier showed out at the Bassmaster Classic by throwing it over the top of grass flats, much like places…for a rattle bait.

Tight wiggle, runs 4-6′, BUTYRATE body, lead rattle. Available late April.

Fish it with 6′ 6″ to 7′ M rod with a mod-fast taper, 6-7:1 reel (“this crankbait can be fished faster than normal so it can be thrown with a little-quicker gear ratio”), 12-20 lb fluoro depending on how deep you want it to run.

Some of the best spinnerbaits ever made, period, and still rollin’ out across the US of A. Do you fish spinnerbaits? This bait’s for you. Do you hardly ever fish spinnerbaits? Same. Do you wanna learn how to fish ’em? Yep.

> Built for every possible water condition from extremely muddy and cold to clear and hot.

> Keeled head to prevent rolling.

> Camouflage brown 17:7 wire for added strength and vibration.

> “Secret” painted heads and vibrant skirt patterns

> Hildebrandt blades.

Here’s Jason Christie runnin’ ’em down:

7′ – 7′ 6″ MH rod with a F or XF action with a strong backbone to get fish turned quick in shallow water and heavy cover, 6-7:1 reel depending on how fast you want to fish, 15-25 lb fluoro depending on the cover.

New Rapala bait named after Dave Lefebre…okay not really but Dave likes it:

Little info:

> Revolutionary BX technology encapsulates a balsa body in plastic, creating the ultimate: a balsa crankbait with the durability of plastic.

> New larger size [of BX brat] gives anglers a much larger bait to throw out and bang off cover to trigger bites from big fish.

> Oversized bill keeps the hooks hidden and away from snags, truly a 4×4 crankbait.

“Chartreuse shad” is a great dirty-water color and “change up” is good in clearer water — Dave’s holding both those colors ^. More deets on it:

> Built hand-in-hand with glide bait fan Brandon Palaniuk, in development for over 3 years til it was perfect.

> NOT only good at slow or fast speeds like most glide baits — works great at all speeds….

> Has all the characteristics hardcore swimbait guys want from $100+ glide baits but at a fraction of the price ($37.99 at Tackle Warehouse).

BP’s fave color is “oikawa mesu” — Japanese for “favorite color” (lol not really) — because it doesn’t look exactly like anything but Brandon says it looks a little like everything baitfish-wise. Here he is ‘splainin’ how he feeshes it:

Need a bite?? Lookit that deal! 1 5/8″ and 3/16-oz of possibly the easiest mouthful for a bass. Yo-Zuri’s got bluegill and craw colors too….

That ^ cool color is “blue craw:”

> Molded with a specially-designed elongated head shape…able to slip through cracks, crevices and rocks without getting snagged, and also maintains an upright posture to keep your trailer pointed upward….

> …a light weedguard and thinner-gauge hook that increases hook penetration and helps you land more fish when making super-long casts in deep water.

> …hand-tied silicone skirt…double-barbed keeper to lock trailers into place….

Here’s a googan talkin’ Googan:

You using this stuff yet? Here’s 1 min 8 secs of video showing you why you should seriously consider it:

Helps PREVENT bad gas and ethanol from doing bad things man…and bad gas can be real scary:

Add it to your Tackle Warehouse order.

“It” is bassin’ of course! Have you some F-U-N. Cool vid even if that dude’s in MY BOAT hahaha!

Love the focus on the FUN of fishin’ which — let’s be honest — is what it’s about. Or maybe a step beyond that, to joy. I mean, the Lord made fish to CATCH not just to look at…tho when we see a bass we’re like:

Unless, you know, it’s less than 2 lbs…lol. Learn ya some Vexus:

Vexus AVX glass/tin hybridVexus VX all-glass Ferrari/McLaren/Cadoo

Just launched, Namazu = “catfish” in Japanese, and whether you have catfish (or gobies) around or not, bass eat EVERYTHING man. This soft-plastic shape might just be the next deal, seeing it more and more, here’s why:

That’s live action man! Some deets on this bait:

> Weighing almost 1/2-oz, the Namazu is a soft-plastic bait that realistically mimics a goby or an immature catfish, and can be Texas- or wacky-rigged to easily be skipped beneath docks, trees and overhead cover.

> …during the spawn and during bed-fishing tournaments where big bass are on full alert for scoundrels trying to raid their nests and consume their fry.

> Rigged on an offset 3/0 to 4/0 hook, the Namuzu is best pitched to targets with a 7′ MH rod on 16- to 20-lb fluoro line.

> Skip it around shallow targets on 10- to 12-lb fluorocarbon, a shorter M-action 6′ 6″ spinning rod allows for pinpoint accuracy…a 4/0 to 5/0 wacky-rigged weedless hook allows the bait to come through most cover with ease.

Right now only in green pumpkin and black/blue flake. Lean ya more about the bait and the Snap Shot Rig too here:

Some info below, but know this: Nishine has already sold outta some colors of this bait (includin’ that ultra-sexy one ^ “BPB chartreuse smelt”) but looks like TW still has ’em all so might wanna get on it if you can:

> …thin flat-sided profile to provide a highly realistic baitfish imitation and tons of flash when twitched through the water column.

> …features a unique center of gravity system in the belly with a fixed molded weight, which helps generate an extremely lifelike darting and swimming action with the slightest twitch from the rod tip.

> A free-moving tungsten ball inside the bait slides to the tail for increased casting distance then rolls forward into the head and locks in place at the beginning of the retrieve to provide an enticing rattle as well.

> …Japanese-made Ichikawa Kamakiri treble hooks that provide superior hooksetting performance.

> …downward-looking 3D eyes, molded gill plates, and a textured scale finish….

Do bass still eat Hula Poppers? Heck yeah they do! This-here’s is the new version of this classic bait — new colors, better feathers on the back, black nickel trebles/hook hangers. Colors look wild but are intentional — shad, craw and bluegill-ish.

Fish it slooooow on a 6′ 6″ to 7′ M rod and 8- to 15-lb mono.

Love it when companies take something that’s already real dang good and say, ‘Okay let’s make it better.’ I was like, “Why are you guys trying to make this stuff better?” And they were like:

Pretty sure Dobby was never free, but whatever — SIMMS did it so…hahaha! Wait — wonder if that means SIMMS has elves workin’ for ’em? Anyhow here’s the new stuff:

> New 2-layer waterproof Toray shell = more waterproof, more breathable, more durable

> 3-point adjustable storm hood

> Zippered fleece-lined chest pockets

> Kill switch attachments

More info here, quick video featurin’ Brandon Palaniuk NOT gettin’ wet in the cool “hex flo camo carbon” color suit:

Will always say: Do NOT buy a cheap rainsuit! You’ll regret it if you haven’t already…. And you can use a good rain jacket as an outer layer all the time….

You know what this is, you might be frustrated you don’t have yours yet, I’ve been assured that it’s worth the wait — partly cuz it’ll save your back. Here’s Mike McClelland demo’ing how the new Tour‘s Zero-G lift-assist system works:

> …requires half the effort to stow….

I’ve lifted it up several times, it’s REAL nice — kinda don’t wanna go back once you do it. “Several times” cuz all of a sudden it was fun to pull that cord…heehee!

14. 4 random new baits…

…from Tackle Warehouse — just stuff that caught my eye:

Top to bottom:

1. Kalin’s Tickle Grub (chartreuse salt & pepper)

> …3″ and 5″ short tentacles around the entire tail that displace more water and produce a stronger vibration than traditional grubs….

2. Chasebaits Mudbug (native) — “…the claws will also float while at rest….”

3. Keitech Mad Wag Long Worm (plum) — 8.5″ and 11″

4. 3″ Angler’s Choice Ridgeback Goby (Barries magic)

– End of part 1 (of 2) –

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