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Ready, set, go – Spawn time baits ‘n stuff – part 1!

Rock that spawn yo! Hopefully you can get out and get after ’em. Gonna be gettin’ ready in this one, full on GO in part 2!

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Get Ready!

Brian Miller is Sea Foam’s marketing guy and a big-time bass-head — little proof, here he is messing with the Merc on his Ranger:

Anyhow, asked him what folks should do if they can’t use their boats right now or are still waiting to use ’em for the first time this year:

> “I wouldn’t be concerned [about the boat and fuel sitting]. Adding a couple more months to a long winter won’t change anything.

> “One thing worth doing is to crank your engine. That’ll allow the pistons to go up and down and change their position inside the cylinders.

> “Put the kill switch on and crank it for a couple seconds. …will inject fuel into the cylinders to lubricate them. Dry-out allows moisture to form and cause rust on the outer edges of the piston rings. So [when you crank the motor] you’re bringing liquid fuel into the cylinders and you’re changing the position of the pistons and compression rings. Everything gets to move instead of sitting in the same place.

> “If you’ve got a rope start, pull on the rope a few times.”

Since he didn’t mention using Sea Foam Marine PRO (or Motor Treatment), I asked him about ’em:

> “If you add Sea Foam right now [to your tank], you’ll have it in your fuel the first time you run your boat [meaning a good thing].

> “It’s a great idea early in the season to have a low amount of fuel in your tank, add a whole 20-oz can or 2 of Marine PRO, and run the high cleaning concentration [Sea Foam is all petroleum = harmless] through the engine for at least 20 minutes before you add more fuel.”

Just pour it in man. If you can’t find Marine PRO locally, Tackle Warehouse has it….

If money’s tight right now but you’re long on time, check the full T-H Marine catalog and start mappin’ out your project/mod list — can download the pdf here:

Here’s a few T-H categories I’m interested in:

Conservation (fish care)

Blue Water LEDs (#stoke)

Fishing Accessories (bait management)

And like I always say, you can’t forget to have your GoPro/Virb/other cam ready and powered. So…the YOLOtek PowerStick 53 Gen2….

First of all, a cooler ain’t optional. You know that, but you probly don’t know this: YETI coolers (and other YETI stuff) in new BASSIN’ COLORS!!!

Okay they didn’t mean it thataway but how else would us bass-heads look at it? Talkin’ the new chartreuse and navy blue colors…of the Tundra 35 and Tundra 45 coolers. What they look like regular…

…and a couple ideas of what they’ll look like when bass-heads like us get to ’em — chartreuse/powder blue back and black/blue jig skirt hahaha! But I’m totally serious:

How great do those look! Want!!! No idea if YETI coolers can be painted but I’m gonna try it! One reason: Want my buds with regular ol’ white YETIs to get super jealous….

YETI also has their tumblers, bottles and mugs in those colors, which could lead to more moddin’!

Get Set!

If you’re gonna fish for spawn-time fish, one thing you need is stealth. Like this:

Hahaha! Few ways to do gitcha stealth on, here’s a few:

Yes. Yes, yes, yes you will be on your trolling motor. You will eat, sleep and otherwise live with that bow motor. Your ankle will be strong. Your eyes will be tired. But you will be a happy camper AS LONG AS your trolling motor doesn’t spook the fish!

With MotorGuide’s new Katana blade — I’m told — on the new Tour motors, you’ll be hittin’ the veggies the same way the guys in Predator did…

…but totally, eerily silent, like you’re in a nuclear sub:

Except you won’t be in a sub…or a jungle…or a movie. You’ll be in your bass boat, which is better.

Anyhow, the Katana was designed to be 30% better (I believe) than your standard weedless prop and uses NASA technology — seriously. More in this vid:

$59.99 on the TW.

Btw adjusting the foot pedal tension on the MotorGuide Tour Pro (vid) is pretty sweet — I’ve messed with it a little….

2. SIMMS camo stuff

Gitcha some SIMMS camo to not be seen so well by the basses. Rain jacket or hoodie, bibs or pants, you need to be a-wearin’ camo. Check you these:

Cooler weather

Clockwise from top L:

> Challenger Jacket (Hex Flo Camo Carbon) — At Tackle Warehouse, couple more colors on the SIMMS site like the “Hex Flo Camo Grey Blue” at bottom right.

> Challenger Bibs (hex flo camo timber), same deal on colors on the SIMMS site.

> Challenger Hoody — looks like a new color, “Hex Flo Camo Rusty Red.”

Warmer weather

Clockwise from top:

> SolarFlex Hoody (Cloud Camo Grey)

> Challenger Solar Tech Jersey (Hex Flo Camo Carbon)

> Solarflex UltraCool Armor Shirt

3. BUFF camo stuff

Stickin’ with that theme, gitcha the Ott DeFoe-approved BUFF stuff in Mossy Oak and other camos such like:

Ott’s wearing Aqua Gloves and a UVX Mask in Mossy Oak Fishing Elements. Those plus a whole bunch more Mossy Oak Elements camo and other camos and camo-like breakup colors/patterns — includin’ arm sleeves — are here on the BUFF site.

One more thing: If you, like me, would be too handsome with a full head of hair (lol), I can recommend the BUFF Knitted Hat if it’s cold, and the BUFF Dryflx Hat if it’s just cool. Have both, love ’em.

Okay, all geared up in all that camo and stealth you should be good to go, as long as your boat ain’t Kevin Short pink or Fletch Shryock orange….

What Zona says about the spawn

Says a few things:

> “Bass are like homing pigeons.”

And there you have have it…hahaha! More:

> “Every fish is different.”

> “Throw the kitchen sink at ’em.”

Those and more gems explained in this Seaguar vid…so I should mention he uses everything from 6.2-lb Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon up to 20-lb Seaguar Tatsu fluoro:

Before You Go…

Don’t forget the lizard! So old-school it’s new again, and BASS HATE LIZARDS. Just be careful you don’t pick up an evil lizard:

Lol! Okay here’s some lizard options:

Top to bottom:

> Zoom Lizard (black/chart tail) — Since no one uses Zoom Lizards, you heard it here first…lol!

> YUM Lizard (Carolina pumpkin-chart) — Nice shape to the body and good colors.

> MegaStrike Lizard (gp black/red flake) — Wide grub-like tail option.

> Cabin Creek Bait Co Salty Lizard (gp blue) — Different-lookin’, for sure more realistic.

> River2Sea Nest Raider (watermelon pearl) — Pre-rigged BUT 3/4-oz.

> Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Lizard (gp magic) — Stank can’t hurt! On that note…

…use some good scents, such like:

> MegaStrike

> Smelly Jelly

> YUM Spray

> Biffle Bug Juice

Lots more stanks here on the TW. Remember — you want ’em to hold onto that bait!

On BassBlaster.rocks right now…
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