Eufaula ledge bait buffet, Bass pass jigheads, Grinding cranks deep

The pro dudes are fishin’ — STOKED! Hope you and families are doing well….

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Today’s Top 4

Eufaula Toyota was a ledge baits buffet.

With the Elites on Eufaula, AL this week and weekend, gotta take a look-see at what went down there last weekend. AL’s Josh Stracner won it — maybe not a surprise since he’s won 3 BFLs on that lake, last one in ’19. He won it with good 3-day weight of 64-15, a 3-lb winning margin — here’s how:

> ….fishing deep ledges in the mid-lake area [first 2 days].

Day 3 that wasn’t working so well so:

> …he shifted to fishing shallow brush…12-15′ deep…shifting away from ledges and to the brush worked so well because of the lack of fishing pressure the brushpiles were getting (most of the top finishers were keyed on ledges) and the conditions. “Just the dark clouds and real heavy overcast….

> “…the wind got up a little bit. When the wind gets up, I feel like I can catch them really good in the brush.”

About the ledges:

> “…certain little places — hard spots, corners, turns in the ledges — and that’s just where they’ll sit.”

His main ledge baits were a Strike King 10XD (sexy shad) and 6″ Scottsboro Swimbait on a Scottsboro Recon Swimbait Head. In the brush he used a Reaction Innovations Fat Flirt Worm (Fat, not regular — worm ain’t out yet) and a Z-Man Chatterbait.

Here’s what all the baits of the top 10 finishers looked like:

Crankbait = 70% — All baits but 1 were Strike King: 10XD (various shad colors) = 40%, 6XD = 20%, 5XD = 10%. The other bait was a 6th Sense C10 (Michael Smith, 4th). Amazing showing by Strike King. Just wondering: Anyone know if Keith Combs is fishing Eufaula this week?? #ringer

Worm = 50%Zoom Ol’ Monster = 50%. Most were red/purple colors fished on ledges.

Swimbait = 30%

Spinnerbait = 20% — Both were Strikezone Ledgebusters — lookit this custom 2-OZer with a magnum willow (!!) fished by Ryan Ingram (2nd):

Shakey head = 20%

10% each = Chatterbait, Swim-jig, Wobble head, Football jig, Dropshot, Jig, Frog, Popper.


> Bryan New (3rd) was the only non-AL resident in the top 10.

> Dustin Smith (8th) only fished shallow, with a SPRO Bronzeye Frog and Damiki D Pop.

B.A.S.S. post says today that the bass are “still shallow at Eufaula.” Doesn’t seem like it tho?

Can bass pass jigheads?

Exhibit A:

Here’s the story, from bass-head Gordon F:

> …caught on a recent trip to Mille Lacs [MN]. It appears an angler had deep-hooked the bass and cut the braid. The jig worked its way through the bass’ digestive system.

> Crazy! Though you might like to share.

You got that right — thanks for sending it man!

We gonna get our trolling motors custom-painted now?

Post on a Portugal bass-head’s Insta:

Anyone seen this before?? Googled it but nothing. Have to say…never thought about it before, but if it fits the boat’s paint, could be cool? Maybe not those colors tho….

“1, 2, 3, gone! Let’s fish!”

This is so $$$ hahahaha freakin’ love it! Matty Lee’s bud Clint looks like he MIGHT pass out stone cold when Matt’s about to yank out this treble:

But Matt makes it painless, so Clint says that ^…

…and it’s back to bass’ness mang! Love the intensity…and Matt making sure he got it all on vid lol!


1. Here’s where to get that A-Mart T-shirt.

Mighta saw a bunch o’ pros wearing it on social media — or Jimmy Houston talkin’ ’bout it — here’s where you can get one:

Real good post today by Bassin’master’s James Hall about what Aaron went through and is still going through. Please keep praying for him.

2. Canadian bass pros are essential.

O’ course they are! What I mean is the US-Canada border I guess is closed to “non-essential” stuff, but the Johnson bros and Gussy (and I assume Mercer) made it over. Dang straight bassin’ is essential!

Unfortunately Yusuke Miyazaki can’t get here from Japan so the Eufaula Elite will be at 87 instead of 88.

3. Skeet Reese jumped a sandbar to get to his spot.

To win the day yesterday — from an MLF email, no link:

> “I needed to do something different, so I headed to an area where I had seen some schooling. It was hard to get in there — I jumped a sandbar. My intuition paid off….”

Love it! Don’t judge: those dudes know what they’re doing…but do NOT try it unless you know what you’re doing (I don’t and wouldn’t!). That kinda thing happened a lot more in the early days. #HankParker #RolandMartin

4. Lee Livesay proved that bass eat catfish.

In case you doubted…that a bass will put anything in its mouth:

Btw that worm’s a Netbait C Mac.

Speakin’ o’ catfish, learn ya more about the Nishine Namazu (“catfish” in Japanese) in this BB from earlier this year.

5. Great lines in a Seth Feider father-daughter fishin’ post.

> My father came along with us. I had mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, it was another set of eyes to keep Rose safe and entertained. On the other hand, he was pretty rough on me when I first started fishing.

How can you not love that transparency man. I’ve also forgiven my father for some stuff, I hope my kids do the same (ugh).

Btw, reeeeeallllly hope Seth and On Em had at least 1 camera runnin’ for this day — I’m sure it was a unique time in the history of mankind:

6. Is Brandon Card okay.

Used to think so but now not sure, since he posted his fave tourney lunch sammich: rotisserie chicken, guacamole and cheddar. I THINK he’s serious cuz he also posted a pic of it. If so, a worse one than that might (MIGHT) be: raw squash, mayo and bean sprouts.

7. Opens angler Jay Brainard posted this…

…about cattle and maybe turtles indicating fish activity:

8. Win a 2020 Skeeter FXR 20 APEX in a charity raffle.

Bass-head named Matt Looney is doing it to help kids with muscular dystrophy, partly because his nephew Talon was diagnosed with “Beckers MD.” Very cool. Here’s where you get tix, here’s a pic of the boat on Todd Faircloth’s page.

9. Forrest Wood would’ve been 88 today.

I’d still like to be like Forrest when I grow up…but at this point maybe it’s more IF I grow up. Anyhow, don’t know if you can tell from this pic, but the look in his eyes — Forrest was always incredibly sharp upstairs:

10. CA: Casitas is open again.

Gitcha swimbaits:

> “We did get trout stocked during the quarantine….”

11. CA: Anderson being totally drained.

Dam has to be rebuilt, so it’s bass might be put in Coyote or San Luis.

12. Reborn tail-weighted Boy Howdy coming soon.

> Unlike the traditional Boy Howdy, the Tail Weighted Boy Howdy has no blades. It is a pencil-style topwater lure, and tail-weighting makes it stand up when not in motion.

> Rod twitches enact a subtle jumping and spitting action that mimics a fleeing shad or wounded minnow, and triggers attacks from fish that won’t touch noisier and more aggressive surface lures.

> …4.5″ long, weighs 3/8-oz and…#4 short-shank treble hooks. It is available in 10 baitfish-imitating colors.

Here’s “clear/blue nose”

13. Sneak peek of the new V&M Wild Shad swimbaits.

14. Japan has lb-test guidelines but we don’t.

> …Japanese law requires companies selling fishing line in the Japanese domestic market to label lines with a specific lb-test that’s based on a diameter range for each line. Lines are crafted to those specific tolerances….

> …ensures lines rated at a specific lb-test will break at that pound test for true accuracy….

Good to know. I never say “lb-test” because in the US an 8-lb line might break at 12 lbs or whatever — really just a general guidline, but now we know that for Japanese lines it’s dead on.

15. FL: Is this the least-helpful bass length to weight graph.

Gonna say yes:

16. OR biologists might save the bass outta Howard Prairie Lake.

Because the lake’s ultra-low:

17. Trace Adkins has a new feeshn tune.

Mentions the king of fish in it:

Well I like that preacher and I love how it feels
When he really gets to throwin’ down
But I’d rather do my talkin’ with the man upstairs
When there’s nobody else around
If I was there right now I’d be thinkin’ ’bout
Which lure I was gonna cast
And he don’t need another fool sittin’ in that pew
Dreamin’ ’bout a 10-lb bass

Trace has such a high voice…heehee!

18. BioSpawn has a new hard bait.

Lipless crank called the RattleBot, “coming soon in both baitfish and craw [colors].” Looks like it’s NOT flat:

19. Buy a YETI GoBox, get 2 pints free.

I have GoBox — not a cooler, it’s for “storing” stuff in your vehicle. So far I like it because it’s tough and doesn’t slip, but I haven’t put it through the ringer yet. Also heard the plastic doesn’t crack in serious cold, which would be great. Like all things YETI it’s pricey but good:

20. MT: You need your boat inspected to fish.

> …all watercraft entering MT are required to be inspected for aquatic invasive species and must obtain an inspection before launching on MT waters. …also resident boats that were taken out of state and are reentering MT.

> ID and WY inspections can fulfill MT’s inspection before launch requirements.

21. PA: At least 1 guy wants snakeheads to not be killed…

…if found in the Susquehanna River because they fight hard.

22. Crappie Masters wants more HS tourneys.

Not bass but more HS fishing is good!


Headline of the Day 1

How to Prep and Cook Largemouth Bass Fillets for Fried Deliciousness

S’pose that could happen outta a real clear, cold lake? Then again, they’re talkin’ ’bout deep fryin’ which would make a shoe taste good.

Have read many a time that keeping small spotted bass usually is a good idea because they tend to stunt, and they taste good too….


Headline of the Day 2

Tactics for largemoth bass in spring

Wait ’til dark, use a big light lol.



From David Lubbehusen of CullGear:

> “I read the story on the BassBlaster about Stan Sumrell’s cold-water swim to retrieve his boat, being too exhausted to climb aboard, and then rescued by a brave young man who witnessed the event unfold.

> “I was unaware that Chris Sumrell, whom I met selling his Bass Attitude Fishing apparel 2 years earlier at the Forrest Wood Cup, was Stan’s son.

> “I sent Stan a little ‘thank God you’re okay’ package containing one of our Versawebs and was very surprised when he sent me back a picture of his boat with one already attached! Chris had already given his Versaweb to his dad the day after his ordeal.”

Though that was a cool story. Here’s what a Versaweb is:

On right now…
Note: The TackleWarehouse links in this email are affiliate links, meaning if you go through them to make a purchase I might earn a commission…at no cost to you. Click here if you want to learn a little more about links in the BB.

Tip of the Day

How to grind cranks deep.

Good stuff from a Norman Lures post about the ol’ reliable DD22 — which also comes in a longer-cast version called the DD22 HD and a silent version. There’s a dang-good reason many deep cranks come in a silent version. Here’s the HD in “chartreuse sexy shad:”

> …kicking the structure with a DD22 is important. Once it gets down and you feel bottom, crank it just quickly enough to keep it hitting bottom with the rod pointed low or pull the lure across the bottom with rod sweeps, but keep taking up line quickly enough that it doesn’t float up.

THAT is the key part sometimes man! And…the part I mess up the most when the cranking is truly deep:

> …when you feel a rock or some brush, try to keep it in that zone, kicking it a little more, and be extra ready anytime you feel the lure deflect significantly or come free from the bottom.

> …while steady cranking is the default, don’t be shy about adding slight pauses to your cranking or to twitch the rod tip just a bit from time to time. Those little changes in the cadence or regular movement of the lure often are the key to turning followers into takers.

> …When fish do strike, be very intentional about thinking about whether you just did something differently with your presentation or felt something different on the bottom….

Quote of the Day

“I’ve never worked a drowning incident where a lifejacket was in use.”

– Dang serious statement by OK Scenic Rivers Commission administrator Ed Fite, who’s been doing it for 30 years. Reminder to wear one AND hook up that kill switch.

Shot of the Day

Not sure if I’ve ever had a 4-lber as the Shot of the Day, but here you go — shoutin’ out Olivia L in GA, posted by @georgiaoutdoornews: #girlpower

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