Clunn buzzbait teachings, How frowgs swim, Legendary derps

Please give this Brian Robison video a watch, and check this BUFF post — both on the ‘gram. No politics or negativity in either. Love ’em both, you’ll know why when you check ’em out.

If you’re a-lookin’ fer a dad’s day gift that ain’t a gift card to Tackle Warehouse, I HIGHLY recommend the 10-oz YETI Rambler Mug. Here’s the view outta my window — which you can tell is legit by how messy it is:

My new favorite mug because it keeps coffee hotter longer than a regular clay mug, and it looks a lot cooler…and my wife wants to use it but I say NO. Hahaha I’m serious!

Have a great weekend full of green and brown fish that are dumb as bricks but let us make ’em look smart lol! (I make ’em look that way anyhow….)

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Today’s Top 5

Derps of legend, myth and lore…

…except they’re REAL. Just a few of the 1,000 sent to me lately:

@sportsmithfishing stumbled on a secret to gettin’ on derps: Krispy treats! Who knew man…Missile Bomb Shot might have helped a little…. Blue Lake, MN:

How ’bout this 5-06 Erie ceegar-smokin’ small-derp! Caught by a couple mystery men on a goby-colored tube:

Are Lake Michigan smallies mutatin’ into ocean sunfish?? Check it:

@graham_purcell_’s dad caught it dropshotting a wacky-rigged 3″ Senko (gp).

Little derp loooooove roundup:

Top L — Steve M’s bud Richie King flipped this derp outta a Douglas Lake, TN bush with a wacky-rigged 6″ BPS Stick-O (gp).

Bottom L — Chris C in FL said: “I had NO idea what a derp was until my buddy sent me the email he gets from you. I happened to catch this little guy right after that…on a 3/8-oz Jack Hammer with a Fluke as a trailer.” First derp on Brett Hite’s bait??

Middle — Table Rock guide Mike Boyles caught a small-derp fishing by himself with a 3/16-oz Ned-rigged “Rino worm” (ring worm? PBnJ) with Chompers [] garlic scent. Said, “It doesn’t make sense that bass like garlic but I think they just hold onto it better and you always get a better hookset.”

Top R — Greg C’s catch of a lifetime was on Wilson Lake, KS — Jewel Finesse Jig (MO craw) with a 3″ Berkley Chigger Craw (gp).

Bottom R — B-Rad S struck gold at Lake of Egypt, IL with a belly-weighted Scottsboro swimbait (natural light). Thank you for displayin’ the appropriate stoke-age dude!

Learn ya from Ricky Clunn about buzzbaits.

Real innerestin’ vid about Rick discovering the Lunker Lure buzz in the ’70s, and how it went from there. Good fishing info too:

Few highlights:

> “All of a sudden it was like this huge commode flushing under my bait….”

> “…come up really fast to the bush, then slow it down as you go around the bush.” Now he’s medium speed and then slow it down as much as he can going around the target.

> “My daughter Brooke was out swimming in the lake and I said, “Hey I’m gonna throw this [buzzbait] over top of your head, and you tell me if you can hear it underwater.’ After several casts she comes up and says, ‘Dad I can’t hear anything. I can see it, but I can’t hear it.'”

> He got the same result with an underwater mic EXCEPT one had a squeaking sound, and there you go.

Rick knows a TON that I don’t think he’s let out yet. Hope he does cuz here’s Rick’s bassin’ brain…

…which I think is why he has to wear this hat:

How DO frogs swim?

All the buzzin’, walkin’, Ploppin’, Stutterin’, poppin’, squeakin’ topwater noise we know and love, got me thinkin’: Never heard a frog swim noisy. Maybe think about that the next time you’re out there.

Here’s a frog on top, not scared at all:

Here’s a frog trying to get away — you probly know they mostly swim underwater then:

Reminds me of this shot of the Lunkerhunt Prop Frog:

What Gerald Spohrer’s fishing now.

Man he’s always fishing for compliments…heehee! Okay maybe not but here’s some baits he’s using now:

> Neko-rigged 6.5″ Missile Quiver (cherry blossom), 7′ M Alpha Angler Wrench Spin Rod, Quantum Smoke S3 Reel and 20-lb Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid to 12-lb Seaguar AbrazX fluoro leader. Fishing 12-25′ deep brushpiles in post-spawn staging areas.
> Xorus Asturie 130 (any shad color), 7′ MF Alpha Angler TopHammer Rod, Quantum Smoke S3 Reel (8:1), 40-lb Seaguar Smackdown Stealth Grey Braid with a 12″ 20-lb Seaguar AbrazX fluoro leader. Throw it around any shallow structure, out deep, boat docks, laydowns, etc. — anywhere there’s a shad spawn.

> Xorus Patchinko 100 — Fishing it with the same topwater setup as the Asturie 130.

> Z-Man Jack Hammer (white) with Zako trailer (white), 7′ 3″ MHF Alpha Angler Zilla Rod, Quantum Smoke S3 Reel (8:1), 17-lb Seaguar AbrazX. Throw it anywhere shallow.

Other critters love brushpiles too.

Of course largemoufs n crappies, but also birds and ‘foots:

See one of those, drop a 10″ worm on it and see what goes down….


1. Fred Roumbanis’ new nickname is “Bang Bang.”

Okay not really but:

Always wondered why/how Fred got sponsored by a rifle company — CMMG — so finally called him about it…also cuz I know zip about rifles and want to learn:

> “I enjoy the heck outta shooting, really. I like to target-shoot — for the most part it’s target shooting.

> “In bass fishing you’re always trying to hit a little target, always trying to dial it in and fine-tune spots and whatnot. With shooting you’re trying to dial in a gun and hit a target in a small spot.

> “Whether you’re playing golf, fishing, darts, using a bow, firing a rifle or just playing beer pong with your friends, there’s something in human nature about being competitive hitting a target.

> “It’s also a stress-reliever. If you have a bad tournament, come home and drop 30 rounds and you’ll feel good again.

> “It’s good for self-protection too — we live out in the country.”


> He and his cuz — @termite_dan (for real) — are all about gun safety and gun safety training. “Definitely take a gun safety class before purchasing any gun, and seek out training from professionals.

> “The neat thing about CMMG is they’ve been making parts for a long time and sell complete guns.” For me he recommended the CMMG Resolute 300 MK4 5.56mm.

2. How Elitist Skylar Hamilton finds standing timber fish.

> Basically you’re not going to do anything much different from what you do fishing anything else. You’re looking for something irregular, something that’s different. Maybe it’s a point made by the trees. Maybe it’s a tree that’s bigger than the ones around it. Maybe it’s smaller. Maybe it’s older, or more rotten. Whatever it is it’ll catch your eye as you look around. You’ll know it as soon as you see it.

3. T-H stuff Randy Howell is putting in his boat (vid).

Includin’ the genius G-Force Hydra Battery Terminal Multiplier, G-Force Troll Jacket (keeps internet trolls warm lol) and the Kill Switch Key.

4. Elitist Greg DiPalma with a NJ bassin’ knuckle sammich.

5. Is this more or less of Seth Feider’s personality?

Honestly not sure:

6. Couple pro footbaw dudes gettin’ bassy.

Bass-head Zach Howard was mindin’ his own bassin’ bidness on a TX golf course when this dude — who was also bassin’ — came by to see what he was ketchin’ ’em on. If you don’t know who he is, I can’t help ya! The Cowboys really need to pay him already:

Sounds like Prime was helping Antonio Brown with life, ball and of course the most important thing someone can do with hand-eye coordination:

7. Toyota sponsoring MLF Heavy Hitters tourney.

Gonna call that more evidence that ‘Yota supports bassin’, so good. It’s also sponsored by Venmo, which I believe is the company behind these:

Kidding. DeWalt is sponsoring the Eufaula Bassmaster Elite.

8. Little more info on the Evinrude deal.

Can’t link it, at — guy in the biz wrote it, some interesting stuff which basically says: BRP messed up a few too many times, and someone will probably buy it at some point.

9. WI doesn’t want gobies in Lake Winnebago.

But smallmouths do so this could go all the way to the state supreme court!

7. AR wants your comments on new regs.

Online survey.

8. MN: SIMMS and Smallmouth Alliance start scholly fund.

9. OH: Great Miami River is state’s best smallie river?

Tip from a guy who’s never fished that river before: Try a yellow bait.

10. Z-Man is coming out with another Jack Hammer (hype vid).

Is this why Brett Hite has gone dark… Anyhow, the vid has a description written by someone who might have licked the wrong toad:

> It’s the yin and the yang. Two perfect energies that come together to create balance in the big bass universe. More to the point, each lure has a time and place. And when utilized as a total system, the results can be radical.

Keeps toads away from your mouths kids…. Lol I like the nuttiness man!

11. Gammy has a new shakey head designed by Shin Fukae.

12. Jewel Baits looking for marketing/media manager.

13. CT: New hydrilla strain found on CT River.

So it’s…hydrilla! Whole post is negative — they didn’t talk to any bass-heads.

14. ME doesn’t want bluegills?

Cuz they’re too easy to catch…kidding. State says they’re not native and are predicted to be harmful but no proof given. Note: pumpkinseed or redbreast sunfish are native to ME.

15. MD: Shad lift didn’t happen at Conowingo Dam bc of snakeheads.

Mostly, also Covid….

16. Couple Great Lakes are still dang cold.

> …northern and eastern Lake Superior. Surface water temperatures are still in the lower 30s. Lake Huron has some surface water temperatures as cold as 40 degrees….

17. US, Canada release Great Lakes report (pdf).

About what you’d expect in a report by 2 gov’ts — not sure it’s worth reading. Search turned up zero references to bass but this:

> Asian carp control actions in the U.S. and Canada…continue to be successful in preventing their establishment in the Great Lakes.

Sounds like a break from reality to me. Also this:

> …recent discoveries of 2 nonnative zooplankton species (Diaphansosoma fluviatile and Mesocyclops pehpeiensis). These species require further investigation to determine if they will have a negative impact….

18. OH approves Lake Erie wind farm but…

…says it has to be shut down 8 months of the year for birds and bats. First ever wind farm approved on the Great Lakes.

19. Guy slept with his fish rod to help get thru cancer.

Muskie dude. Sounds like he made it, great to hear. Yep he’s a bachelor. Doesn’t say the brand of rod…hope it wasn’t a pro’s signature rod cuz that could be kinda weird….

20. For 2 GRAND you can now buy a 3 hp ‘lectric outboard.

Word is it will successfully power your average flip stick, not sure if that’s with the reel attached tho…lol!

Headline of the Day

Invasive mussels intercepted at U.S. border

“Intercepted.” Were they carrying any contraband or weapons? Any of ’em have a record??


Looks like that frisbee-sized bluegill ain’t a MI record and might not even by a MI fish. Still an insane fish tho….

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Rad buzzbait tricks n tweaks.

Legend “the Louie” Stout wrote it for the Bassin’masters…few excerpts:

> Once [Zell] Rowland gets a strike, he notes the speed and begins tweaking the blades. By cupping them more or less, he can further alter the speed and noise. Cupping the blades more allows him to slow the bait. If the fish want it faster, he opens the blades slightly.

> Gerald Swindle: A trick developed on Smith for short-striking fish is to angle the wire between the blade and the head into a downward stair-step. “That keeps the head, skirt and hook a little deeper underwater, which makes it easier for the fish to eat the bait.”

> Kevin VanDam: “In clear water and sparse cover, I use a smaller, single-blade buzzbait that allows me to run it faster and trigger reactionary strikes.” His favorite size is 1/4- or 3/8-oz, but he will go to a 1/8-oz…. “That 1/8-oz can be magic on those quiet, bluebird days when you think a buzzbait would be inappropriate.”

> Gary Klein: “When the buzzbait bite is on, I have 2 rods rigged– 1 with a bait that runs left and another that runs right. One of the most effective ways to trigger the strike and play off the personality of a bass is to make the lure deflect and change directions.”

Quotes of the Day

“I love the night — it brings out the best in me as an angler. My casts are more accurate….”

– Well…how would you know?? Hahaha! From here…#CmonMan

“I think now it’s gotten to the point where we have to have a little head-b*tting to catch some fish.”

Dad of 2 FL HS bassin’ bros talkin’. Also said:

> “They’re back there yapping at each other and I’m like, ‘Good God, here we go again!'”

Makes me think of the Lane bros more than the Lees. That Lane boat growin’ up musta been like:

That’s why Chris and Bobby can’t even lock through together, to this day.


Shot of the Day

Zona and his boys (not boys anymore) are fo sho on ’em today! Said they were on a secret spot in MI and caught ’em all on a Strike King Half Shell (siren), #2 Trokar Drop Shot Hook, 1/2-oz weight:


Not sure if a legit company but the idea’s for sure legit:

Electric Fence For Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti protection

Gallagher Electric Control Fence for Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch.
Complete Kit for only $789.99 and includes FREE USA SHIPPING!

This is no joke! It’s Squatchy out there!
Help protect the magnificent creature! The North America Sasquatch is endangered and should stay wild. Buy our exclusive Bigfoot protector fence to help keep this species of animal wild, while also protecting your garden, pets and food supplies.

Remember, a fed Bigfoot is a dead Bigfoot!

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