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Bulk spools save $$!

First had this in the BB about Seaguar fluoro bulk spools, in this case Seaguar InivizX:

  • 10-lb 200-yd spool = $24.99 — 600 yds = $74.97
  • 10-lb 600-yd spool = $67.99
  • So about $8 savings vs 3 regular-size spools. That’s pretty darn good for line of that quality….

Then had this in the next BB, sent in by bass-head Adam R:

> You are correct, but here’s a different angle on it. Let’s say you top-shot your fluoro on your reel. Let’s figure the average top-shot is 75 yds.

> A 200-yd spool of 10-lb line is $24.99 — you can top-shot 2 reels with 75 yds and then you have 50 yds left over. You might be able to put that 50 yds as a top-shot on a flipping rod…or maybe use it for leader material, or it might go to waste.

> So $12.98 per top-shot for 2 reels, or $9.37 per top-shot for 2.67 reels.

> A 600-yd spool of 10-lb line is $67.99 — you can top-shot 8 reels with 75 yds: 8 x 75 = 600. So this comes out to $8.49 per top-shot for 8 reels.

> Looking at it this way, buying the smaller spools will cost 150% per top-shot than the larger spool.

> This goes for most line, not just Seaguar. If you can afford the bigger spool and have a place to keep it and keep it from breaking down, it is always a better option.

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