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Regional ‘Trap choices for fall

Quick regional guide to good Rat-L-Trap choices for fall. Get them at or, for every ‘Trap color,

Cali Delta — Mark Daniels Jr.
> Different shad colors and sizes (1/4 to 3/4) to try and key in on the right match. Clearer water he starts using more chrome.

Mississippi River and WI/MN Lakes — Guide Ted Peck
> 1/2-oz chrome/blue back.

Carolinas/VA — Scott Browning
> 1/4-oz for a small shad imitation in backs of coves and up creeks. Silverado and white-ish, always chrome when the sun comes out.

FL: Kissimmee Chain, Harris Chain, Okeechobee — FLWer Cody Detweiler
> 1/2-oz blue shiner and sexy west

TN River Chain (Guntersville, Pickwick, etc.) — Boyd Duckett
> Boyd uses a lot of chrome, but always has a box of shad colors out in 1/4- and 1/2-oz. He thinks this is the hardest time of year on the TN River chain to find what exact color they want, and it can make all the difference when you get it right.

East TX/LA: Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn — FLWer Andrew Upshaw
> A variety of sizes in shad patterns (“gizzard shad” is his favorite), chrome remains a factor.

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