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Today’s Top 5

Giant pork-rind eatin’ ditch melons of the week!

Gitcha obese on with these wallowin’ hawgs!

Tommy R got this 12.5-lb PB melon (26.5″ long) on a T-rigged Baby Brush Hog (watermelon red) on a “small east Texas lake:”

Chuck H caught him this 12-lb Clear Lake, CA fat-bellied mule on a Rat-L-Trap in the little-known color “sexy west” (RT520):

Trivia for ya from Bill Lewis head man Wes Higgins: “That color ‘sexy west’ originated with a tackle shop in Athens, AL. This was before I was involved in color design and our former plant manager, Everett Gill, managed it. He tells me West End wanted us to paint this color and call it ‘sexy west.'” Not sure if that was before the now-standard KVD sexy shad or what, but either way here’s what that color looks like:

@briezziee got TWO 11+ porker melons in one week! Really diggin’ markin’ the board:

@mando__luzuriaga67 smacked this 10.3-lb Lake Berryessa, CA bubble melon on a PH Custom Lures squarebill:

No weight on this last one, from Japan, but does that fish look like it’s on steroids or what?? And how ’bout that crazy swimbait color:

Should we just say Mike Long’s the best…

…giant donkey melon fisherman there is? Cuz here’s another one:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum man! How many giant bass LIVE in Cali?? Looks amazing but guess the life of a big-bass hunter ain’t all glory:

> Yep, after some weeks of thousands of swimbait cast you gotta wrap up the arm in ICE!!

Props to the swimbait guys. I’ll stick with my ordinary-sized bassin’ baits….

Skeet’s and KJ’s KY Lake baits.

As always, thanks to all the Elitist fellers for edumacatin’ us all. Here’s we’s goes:

2nd: Skeet Reese

Baits #2 1-3 and 5 are pictured below:

> “Mornings I targeted the shad spawn.”

2. Lucky Craft 2.5 crank (copper green shad), 7′ SR/W&M crankbait rod, same reel, 12-lb Trilene fluoro. Same areas: secondary points and rock.
3. Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 112 (ayu), 6′ 8″ SR/W&M Jerkbait Rod, same reel, 12-lb Trilene fluoro. Same areas.

4. Megabass swimbait, 7′ 6″ SR/W&M Carolina Rig Rod, same reel, 20-lb fluoro. Same areas.

5. 7″ Basstrix swimbait (ayu) with 7/0 Trokar Swimbait Hook, 7′ 4″ SR/W&M Spinnerbait XL Rod, same reel, 25-lb Trilene fluoro. Fished around willow trees.
6. Berkley Power Tube (gp), 1/2-oz weight, 5/0 Trokar Tube Hook, 8′ SR/W&M Flippin Rod, same reel (7.3), 25-lb Trilene fluoro. Flipped bushes, targeting bigger shade pockets.

3rd: Kelley Jaye

> “I fished points in creeks and at the mouths of creeks in 5-8′.”

> Megabass Vision 110 (mat shad), 6′ 9″ M ALX Kelley Jaye signature Jerkbait Rod, Lew’s Hyper Mag Reel (8.3), 14-lb fluoro. “I used a jerk-jerk-pause retrieve, but very little pause. Kept the bait moving pretty quickly.”

What is this thing???

Can’t really doubt Yamamoto’s bait development but:

Texas wacky?? Whachoo theen about it?

Merpy derp of the week!

This one brought to you by Bubba Gump shrumps — and bass-head Scotty G:

Lake Jordan, below Mitchell Dam, on the Coosa River, AL. With a 3″ Zoom Tiny Fluke (pearl) on a 1/4-oz Brewer modified jighead. Scot claims it’s a spotted bass but I say it’s a…derp.


1. Here’s the info on Ed Chambers’ arrangements.

Visitation (10am) and funeral (11am) are on Tues, May 15 at Lord & Stephens West Funeral Home, 1211 Jimmy Daniel Road, Bogart, GA 30622. The family will remain and accept visitors on site after the funeral for those who cannot make it at 10am.

Instead of sending flowers, the Chambers family requests that donations be made to support Mantle Cell Lymphoma research to this addy:
MD Anderson Cancer Center
c/o Dr. Michael Wang MD & Professor
1515 Holcombe Blvd
Box 429
Houston, TX 77030

2. What the Bassmaster AOY standings look like.

We all tend to get carried away by wins. Raise your hand if you thought this is what the list would look like:

Props to ’em. Jordan Lee isn’t even on the list!


3. Could Josh Bertrand’s chin fuzz really be natural?

Lookit how red that thing is!

Still think it’s Buffalo wing sauce…or possibly a “fire red” Spike-It pen….

4. FLWer Carl Jocumsen gets Hayabusa hooks.

Hayabusa seems to be making slow, steady inroads into U.S. bassin’. Ogle their products here on the TW.

Ez Pz:
6. FL: Big new rez to be built right by Okeechobee??If so, sounds like a bassin’ jackpot — almost time to move there:

> 23-foot-deep, 10,100-acre reservoir to store up to 78.2 billion gallons of excess lake water.

7. OH wants a $100 mil cleanup of Erie algae.

Guess that’s $1 for each zebra mussel?? lol

8. More peeps watching MLF?

I blame Jeff Kriet, Bobby Lane and, of course, the refs.

9. BFL happenin’s.

AR: Dude fished behind 8 guys and won — On the AR Reever, Eric Faucett, shallow flats with a 3/8-oz War Eagle Gold spinnerbait (chart/white with a red Colorado kicker blade — War Eagle makes ’em with that blade), BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher (night train) and a Stanley Top Toad (black).

Btw War Eagle spinnerbaits won 2 BFLs the prior weekend, on the upper MS River and Lake of the Ozarks.

GA: Here’s the winner’s shad spawn baits — Kip Carter: “…a buzzbait, a nasty shad-colored SPRO Dean Rojas 65 Bronzeye Frog and a custom chartreuse/white spinnerbait with gold willow blades and a white Zoom Split Tail trailer. The spinnerbait caught more…numbers, but the topwaters got the bigger ones.”

OH: 5 10+ limits on the OH River — Always news when that happens lol. Props to all the bass-heads ho have to fish that place, dang.

10. TN: Bass-heads renovated ramp on the Chick.

Wolftever Creek Boat Ramp…without any state funds. #stout

11. Bethel U bassin’ team gets Hammer Rods.

12. TX: Lookit the size of this HS bassin’ team!

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School — #stout!

13. Garmin sponsoring US bassin’ team.

No link and last post on FB page was in Feb. C’mon man….

14. Garmin marine revenue up 9% in Q1 but…

…was “driven by the recent Navionics acquisition.”

15. Kistler has a 25% off deal for dads and grads.

16. “Falcon Lake” title of new drug movie.

Not sure why peeps spend $$$ on making these kinds of stories, but whatever — sounds like not many tourists headed thataway after seein’ it:

> Adriana Barraza and rising Latino talent Camila Mendes will star as a mother and daughter who run a makeshift motel along the border where they drug their guests and kill them if the money is right.

> Manny Perez and Andres Velez also star as drug runners who arrive at the motel after a deal goes wrong and hold the women hostage.

Tip of the Day

How Jason Christie blind-flipped beds.

Tacks some great info onto the back of his after-KY-Lake column on the Bassin’masters:

> They were tucked way back in the bushes so far it was hard to reach them. You can’t get a spinnerbait back there, and it’s even hard to get a frog back there. Flipping was really my only option, so I used a Texas-rigged YUM Christie Critter….

> The water wasn’t clear enough for sight fishing, so I was just going down the bank and trying to imagine where a bed would be…usually the thickest bushes, but you also wanted a spot that allowed sunlight to penetrate.

> …I caught a lot of fish by laying the bait over a limb where I could move the bait up and down in front of them. This tactic was best when the wind was blowing, but when the wind stopped, it became harder to do because the fish got really spooky.

> …7′ 3″ Falcon Cara Pitching/Swimbait Rod, Lew’s Hyper Mag Reel with 25-lb Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon. I like to flip with an 8.3:1 reel…very important to be able to get my bait back faster between flips. The other reason is…allows me to take up a lot of slack and get a hook in the fish.

Here again is the vid of him talkin’ ’bout it.

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Quote of the Day

If you think he comes home after a tournament and lays around in a hammock drinking Mai Tais, you’d be dead wrong.

The one and only Z describin’ the one and only KVD. Also said:

> …he knows exactly what he is doing next and why. There is never a, “What should I do now?” moment. Or a, “Should I stay here or leave?” moment. In fact, I don’t think he has ever experienced those tortuous decisions – he always knows what he is going to do next. Every cast, every decision, every move is deliberate, calculated and always renders production of the highest value.

Take all that to the bank because a) Zona ain’t the only one who’s seen the on-the-water part (me included) and b) he knows KVD probly better than anyone so….

The one thing I wish my kids would take away from that is KVD’s FOCUS — what that looks like:

Maybe Kevin AIN’T a alien but IS an X-Men man…or X-Man, or whatever…. Btw Z got that Mai Tai thing from one of his dogs:

Shot of the Day

Odd shot from Japan — hope those letters don’t spell cuss words (sorry if so)…. Don’t see shots of nice fish covered with veggies every day. And…is that milfoil??


Texas man sentenced to 50 years for $1.2 mil theft of…fajitas.

Love me some fajitas, but dang, man…. Wonder if Carl Jocumsen was involved. You ever want one of his baits, bring him by a fajita or burrito and it’s yours….

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