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Today’s Top 4

Krazy kool bait stuff from around the bassin’ternet.

Comments L to R clockwise:

> Jointed cranks? Jointed War Shad??
> Lunker City Freaky Fish color’s called “pimp daddy” lol
> Would never fish that color, ever….
> How ’bout a lip on that Storm Arashi Rattlin’ Deep??
> Kinda resembles a dinosaur?
> Fur-up your Flanders that easy

Bass re-learn fast so….

Scientists fished MS ponds then stopped, then re-started fishing and found:

> …although a 60-day closure was enough to increase catch rates, these positive results were short-lived, and a return to naivety [fish being dumb again] was not observed until after a 6-month closure.

> …of interest is the more rapid decline in catchability during the 8 weeks when fishing resumed after the closure….

> This study demonstrated that continued fishing effort contributed to a decline in catchability that can be attributed to learning.

What does this mean? To me:

1. We better be switching up baits, colors and techniques all the time, ‘specially if we’re fishing the same lakes over and over.

2. Maybe DON’T fish exactly what they were ketchin’ ’em on yesterday or last weekend.

3. Bass learn faster than we do.

Since bass learn that fast, wonder how hard it’d be to catch these fish:

Top 10 baits from Smith Lake, AL FLW.

Perfect storm of stuff that NC’s Dave “I like to skip…docks” Williams likes to do meant he lead the deal the first day and ran away with it by almost 5 lbs. Props.

Skipped shad-spawn docks with the “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right” combo of a Queen Tackle Tungsten Swim Jig with a Bizz Baits Cutter Craw or Zoom Z Craw. FLW said he also fished a True South Pro Shimmy (vibrating) Jig and chucked a True South V-Twin Buzz buzzbait around flooded cover between docks.

Pretty sure he was stoked even tho doesn’t look like it:

Here what the full top 10 used — pretty finessy, lots o’ docks but also some suspended fish:

Swimbait = 50%Keitech Fat (30%), Strike King Rage Swimmer, Lunkerhunt Fetch. Here’s Matt Arey (4th) with the new Fetch:

Swim-jig = 30%

Senko-type = 30%Berkley The General, Strike King Ocho, Senko.

Flanders rig = 20%

Vibrating jig = 20%

10% each = Buzzbait, Shakey head, Topwater (Boing and Super Spook).

Callin’ out Cali boys Cody “finesse king” Meyer (3rd, pictured with the Ocho in ghost minnow) and Jimmy “I’m better lookin’ than Skeet” Reese (10th) for makin the top 10:

Mo’ high-dolla tows.

Had this shot from Japan in a past Blaster:

Couple high-dolla rigs came in from bass-heads. Here’s Rob S’s ‘Cedes — dude, not sure I’d park it that far away from the entrance:

And Dane L’s Porsche:

Never seen anyone roll like that in person….


1. Stachey Feider’s 5th-place Grand baits/pattern.

> Fished a DT-6 (Ike’s old school) on riprap. 7′ M Daiwa Steez Flex Lite Rod, Daiwa Tatula SV Reel (7.3), 12-lb Sufix fluoro.
> Flipped wood and docks, and bed-fished, with a Biospawn Vile Craw (Okee craw) and a tube (gp), 4/0 VMC Heavy Duty Wide Gap Hook, 1/4-oz Woo Tungsten flipping weight, 30-lb Sufix 832 braid to 20-lb Sufix fluoro leader, Daiwa Tatula SV Reel (8:1), 7′ MH Daiwa Tatula Elite Brent Ehrler Rod.

2. Picasso releases two Aaron Martens heads.

Don’t ever doubt anything Aaron designs — he’s almost unbelievably meticulous and of course an amazing fisherman, which is why you’re getting deets:

> Rhino head (left below): The unique weight-forward design allows the bait to momentarily stand up and then slowly fall to any given direction…creates an enticing action that fish find irresistible.

> …concave ‘horn’ on the front of the head above the line tie allows for seamless rigging of a worm, and is also designed to slide easily through a fish’s mouth for quick hook penetration. The eye is constricted so the knot can’t slip and maintains the perfect line-tie position which creates a cam action that forces the hook into a fish’s mouth efficiently and effectively. Martens: “This unique Rhino Head design lets me go 4 times longer without retying than with traditional shaky heads.”

> The Suijin head is the culmination of years of Martens’ love for fishing scrounger-style heads…. “We put over 2 years’ time into the development of our bill material that is far better…and we added features to the head that help maintain the correct cupping of the bill. It also fits tighter to the head, as does the line tie, which also contributes to giving the Suijin a much better action.”

> “…each package of Suijins includes 2 extra bills of different thicknesses. Depending on what the fish are looking for, you can quickly change out the bills to get a tighter or wider swimming action…a thinner bill gives you a tighter action, and a thicker bill gives a wider action.”

> The Rhino Head is available in 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/4-oz, and in 3 colors: plain, black and gp. The Suijin Head is available in 1/8- to 1.25-oz in plain and pearl white….

3. Adrian Avena gets Popticals.

Ice pops that tickle you…not really.

4. Justin Lucas’ 4th-place baits from the AR River Open.

Believe he has 4ths in the last 3 Opens he’s fished? In this one:

> 1-3′, bank grass and laydowns. “Flipped and pitched to where I thought fish were spawning that I couldn’t see.”

5. A little on Drew Benton’s AR River 7th.

Drew wasn’t bein’ real verbal (lol) and no pic but:

> “Bagley Pro Sonny B and Nichols spinnerbait on laydown trees, then flipped Doomsday Mauler when I felt fish were spawning.”

6. Pure Fishing brands might be sold?

Hopefully to someone in the fishing biz. I’d be surprised if they all went to one place but stranger things….

7. MD: Exelon has to reduce Conowingo pollution.

State says it has to decrease nutrients flowing to the Chesapeake from the dam.

8. CA anti-lead tackle initiative still rolling.

That state is nuts, man.

9. Self-cloning crayfish might have been bred in Germany.

Aaaaaaaaand it’s green pumpkin-colored.

10. Jake Boomer from Alpha Angler is…wrong?

Lol he hit me with this vid about how you can “count rocks” with spinning gear:

My issues with it:

1. I’m fine with spinning rods, I just don’t like spinning REELS. #linetwist

2. Not an expert with the spinning gear (or any gear lol) but not sure if the extra bend of a spinning rod means more travel per rock bump or less. Anyone know?

Lmk what you think here on the FB.

Hit Jake’s rods up here. Alpha rods are REALLY good — had a big argument with Palanuk about it the other day and was like, “Yes they ARE good man!” lol

For some reason “count” and “rock” reminds me of Pat from StrayCasts when he was in the band Europe — weird band name cuz he lives in IL. Anyhow here he is back in the day:

Also weird: That countdown never was final…?

11. Favorite Sick Stick combos are back in stock.

$150 all day long…. Haven’t tried those reel so if you have, hit me back and let me know how you like ’em.

12. Aftco clothing discount for college bass-heads.

13. Shimano sales up 13% in Q1.

14. Winnipeg Jets hockey dudes fish for bass…

…but also wally-eyes, which I’m pretty sure is like reeling in a boot.

15. How bad for us is sunscreen?

New HI legislation:

> …the chemicals kill developing coral, increase coral bleaching and cause “genetic damage to coral and other marine organisms.”


16. Ever hear of Precision Sonar mounts?

Was in Wade Middleton’s boat few weeks back and he had this rigged up, says it’s the shizzle:

If you’ve got one, lmk how you like it here at the BB FB group.

17. What weather you in?

Not sure if you’re in the left or the right weather-wise, but if it’s the right you’ll be wantin’ to get you sun-protection on like Ott DeFoe — yep that’s him under all that stuff. Here’s him explaining how he’s so BUFF (short vid):

Bait in the pic is a DUEL Yo-Zuri Hardcore Flashi’n Vibe 65….


Tak Omori used a Sump’n Sump’n Jig at Grand for that big day 1 sack. Looks like you can only hit ’em up on the Facebook machine and the eBay. Thanks much to all who hit me back about it.

Tip of the Day

Gerald Swindle: ALWAYS fish a jig.

Do you? As usual…great stuff from G. Lotsa bonus stuff: We learn that bass don’t armpits and “the only thing separating you and a jig from being a great jig fisherman is yourself” — which sounds better out loud than written down lol:

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Quote of the Day

“As with any hobby, fishing can become as expensive as you want to make it.”

Quote from here. When I read it was like:

HOBBY?? Hobbies are things like making model cars and sewing and looking for pretty rocks. Bassin’ is LIFE mang! And the whole expensive thing:

Shot of the Day

Not a shot but a vid — Marcus Parker’s son caught himself a 7-lber, awesome vid. Asked how he feels he says, “So good!” Hahaha yeah bud, Amen!


Boiling lobsters, crabs alive could soon be banned in England.

That’s the birthplace of the animal rights movement…which then found a home here in the US so beware….

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