Biggest Carolina rig bass? Braid is the new bobber? Biffle Hardhead ‘n Bug tips!

What up! 5 quick deals:

1. Saw 2 spinning rod/reels lying on the side of I-81 this weekend. Passed ’em doin’ 80 (I mean 65) so couldn’t get ’em, but that was a first for me.

2. Was on that road cuz I dropped my son off at college in VA. Seeing all the masks on young people was tough — really felt bad for ’em — but the propaganda/brainwashing signage everywhere really stunned me. I’m not talkin’ health facts, I mean literal guilt propaganda. I knew colleges were bad but dang. Did I mention that my son’s college makes students use a tracking app?? LOT of prayer and surrender to get to the point of dropping him off.

3. Said a week or so ago that the Q deal gave me hope, but that’s not good. Not talkin’ the Q part but the part about what I’m putting my hope in. My hope’s in the Lord, period. Had to remind myself of that, thank you for letting me confess it.

4. Reminder to sign up for AMart’s Benefit Tournament here:

5. What just happened in smallmouth country? Bill Weidler hadn’t done well on smalls before, Rusty Salewske wasn’t/isn’t an ace smallmouth fisherman, and Taku Ito killed it but hasn’t fished for smallmouths much. Not even all the examples. Soooooo….? Any non-LiveScope “ideals” lmk….

Thanks for readin’!

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Today’s Top 4

Biggest bass ever on a Carolina rig?

Biggest bass I ever caught on a C-rig was under 5 lbs. Check this 10-09 hoss:

Bass-head Billy Willis caught that’n on Kepler Lake:

> …below a swivel he had tied a 2-3′ 12-15 lb leader, a 2/0 hook to which was attached a green pumpkin/gold flake Fluke.

> “…lots of shad in the area so this color matched what the fish were feeding on [anyone ever seen a gp shad??]. I caught a couple of school fish around the stumps and I decided to back off and fish the dropoff….”

> Casting to the edge of the drop off, Willis let the lure go to the bottom and immediately felt something hit. “Fortunately I was able to work the fish away from the stumps into the deeper water but because it never came to the top, I assumed I’d hooked a big catfish….”

If you’ve caught a DD or close to DD C-rig feesh, lmk!

Are you using braid like a bobber?

Bobber, float, whatever — you should be! Check this video on Jordan Lee line-watching his chartreuse braid — Berkley X5 Flame Green Braid — to see if it stops, moves, etc. Says so in this vid:

I remember a while back — maybe the Gville Classic? not sure — a young Jordan using yellow braid on a spin reel and I was like WTHeck? Because I’d been anti-high-viz line since I was a kid. But back then that was fluorescent mono. This is a way different deal.

He’s not the only pro who does it, not by a long shot, and if anything it’s getting more common. Jordan was talkin’ spinnin’ gear, but here’s Chris Zaldain talkin’ ’bout using it on casting gear to detect bites:

Chris uses Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green Braid, and it looks like TW now has the higher-lb sizes….

Biffle Bug dominated the Fort Gibson, OK ‘Yota.

Guess no one’s real surprised about the Biffle Bug since that’s Tommy Biffle’s lake and he’s done well with his bait there, but still innerestin’. Winner Cameron Foster fished a 1/2-oz Bass X Football Jig (wire weedguard, Okee craw) and a Strike King Rage Craw (gp), and a 1/2-oz Z-Man ChatterBait (white) a 3.8 Keitech Fat (white). Sounds like he had a magical spot.

Here’s how the top 10s baits break down:

Biffle Bug/Swing head = 50% — With a Larew Biffle Hardhead = 30%. Here’s Dakota Ebare (4th) with a good shot of his Bug:

Spook = 30%

20% each = Wacky-rigged stickbait, TX rig (Biffle Bug and Power Worm)

10% each = Football jig, Bladed jig, Buzzbait, Whopper Plopper, Crankbait, Spinnerbait


> BPTer Zack Birge finished 2nd with this “loud and obnoxious” buzzbait — what is it?

> Italy’s Jacopo Gallelli, who qualified for the ’19 Classic, got 8th. Believe he’s fishing the ‘Yotas and Opens.

“…I think about how lucky I am to have an amazing wife at home, how some of my friends might be battling life-threatening diseases like cancer, and I think about some of the important people in my life that we’ve lost. It puts the fishing into perspective.”

– Wow GREAT perspective from Elitist Gus “Jeffy” Gustafson after a tough St. Clair tourney. Totally true and we rarely hear that in pro sports — and being grateful in all circumstances can be tough but is great. Props Gussy!

Here’s where he found the words for that deal:

HAHAHA just kiddin’ man!


1. Brandon Palaniuk shows that lost fish feeling.

What it feels like in a major tourney. Here’s a sample:

Pretty funny! And painful….

2. How Brent Ehrler ties the FG knot (vid).

Might look intimidatin’ but there’s several ways to do it.

3. James Elam will be live on

Fishing — at, 6 pm CST….

4. Wonder if Marty Robinson’s fishing deep(ish) at the Potomac?


5. Top 10 in Elite AOY points.

Plot twist: They’re heading back to largie country….

1. Clark Wendlandt
2. Taku Ito
3. Paul Mueller
4. Jamie Hartman
5. David Mullins
6. Drew Benton
7. Seth Feider
8. Brock Mosley
9. Scott Canterbury
10. Buddy Gross

6. Tommy Sanders and James Overstreet on StrayCasts tomorrow.

Not sure who’s funnier….@7pm Central on or I believe FB ^….

7. Chris Lane’s son Cal finished 8th…

…at the Neely Henry ‘Yota. Lane Dynasty yo!

8. MLF gets Federal Ammo.

Pretty cool.

9. ME is doing a lead tackle buy-back.

To protect loons plus lead tackle is illegal:

> ME law bans the sale and use of bare (unpainted) lead-headed jigs and sinkers containing any amount of lead that weigh 1 oz or less and measure 2.5″ long or less.

You get a $10 voucher if you give ’em your lead, enough to buy 2 tungsten dropshot weights…lol….

10. Rapala college podcast: Murray State breaks down KY Lake.11. NJ gov’nor wants to increase boat sales tax.

Among other nonsense like a higher firearms tax…after saddling NJ residents and their kids, grandkids, etc with billions of $$$ in debt and more on the way. What a dang winner this guy is (reminder I live in NJ…temporarily…).

12. Anyone run a Megaware Keelguard Skeg Guard?

Opens dude Andrew Upshaw posted:

13. Women doing more boat-shopping.

Post stops short of saying boat BUYING tho.

14. TX adds 7 critters to invasives list including wels catfish.

Says it’s not in the US yet but if it gets here could be real bad. That’s the Euro catfish that can get like 10′ long.

15. Study: Big frogs have big tadpoles.

Spend some time around a pond and that should be obvious??

16. Now earthworms are bad for the environment??

Gimme a friggin’ break man, now it’s beyond silly.

17. Pink salmon BENEFITING from warmer water.


18. Not bassin’ but cool-lookin’.

Seven Marine outboards…too big for bassin’ tubs:

19. Tackle Warehouse Labor Day sale is STILL ON!

BUT it ends at 5 pm PST today.

Headline of the Day

Bosnia war veteran, 61, with PTSD says picking up fishing rod saved his life

English soldier, great to hear.


Git free shippin’ on BassBlaster apparel til Sept 15! Btw we need some talented design-type folks for new apparel. If you’re that person or know someone who is — legit please — pls lmk!

On right now…
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Tip of the Day

Tommy Biffle’s Bug/Hardhead fishin’ tips.

In honor of the Ft Gibson dominance here you go. If you’re not sure if you’ll fish one ever, check this:

That sick or what! Couple excerpts from the vid:

> He likes a 7.X:1 “or better” retrieve reel — “I think the faster you reel it, the better they like it…as long as the Hardhead is staying in touch with the bottom, that’s what you want.” Also says you get hung up less the faster you reel it.

> His fave weight is 7/16-oz, but will fish 11/16 if 10′ or deeper. BUT the steepness of the bank and bottom cover will also determine the weight.

More Biffle Bug/Hardhead juice here on the BB site.

Quote of the Day

“I love bass fishing. But I don’t want it to be my job.”

– Neely Henry FLW ‘Yota winner Mark McCaig answerin’ a question about whether he’d make the jump to pro. Says AL has all the lakes and competition he needs. ‘Nother innerestin’ quote:

> “I’m good friends with Jordan [Lee]. And he has something very special that he was born with when it comes to fishing. It’s something you can’t just learn overnight or buy off the shelf. But it is something that you can observe and try to incorporate into your own game.

> “This year I’ve learned to fish a little looser and fish by the seat of my pants a little more. I’m learning to trust those little feelings you get when you run down a lake, see something that just looks good, pull over and catch a fish off it.”

Just make sure your instincts and natural awareness are a little better than this dude’s:

Shot of the Day

Do bass eat turtles? Apparently yes. Couple kids of a friend of mine love them those Doomzday Turtles, and here’s a cool shot of the Lunkerhunt Prop Turtle doin’ some damage:

Ya got me
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