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Best tournament baits of all time?

Been some “best baits ever” lists over the years, but don’t think there’s been one zackly like this. We – all of us, should you care to accept the mission – are gonna try to narrow ’em all down to the best 10…in order.

Spend any time thinkin’ ’bout it, that’s a TALL order. But so what – so is fishing slow (heehee!).

What we’re looking for is baits that have stood the test of time into right now – in tourney fishing at all levels. So we’re not talkin’ the Mann’s Jelly Worm, Big O crank, Westy Worm, etc. – this is stuff bass-heads still fish, still win derbies with, and that’s in pro boats regardless of sponsors.

Anyhow, here in no particular order is a starter list…which I only had a little input on. What are we missing? What shouldn’t be there? Please give us your bassin’ thoughts, thanks!

Hard Baits (non-topwater)

Lucky Craft RC 1.5 >> Strike King KVD 1.5
Rapala DTs
Excalibur XR50 lipless >> BOOYAH Hard/One Knockers
Strike King 6XD and 10XD
Storm Wiggle Wart
MegaBass Vision 110
Duo Realis Spybait


SPRO Bronzeye Frog (BOOYAH Pad Crasher too?)
Reaction Innovations Vixen
Rebel P70 Pop-R
Evergreen Shower Blows
Original Super Spook
River2Sea Whopper Plopper


Sweet Beaver (maybe the Missile D-Bomb too?)
Keitech Fat paddletail swimbait
Roboworm (maybe the Berkley MaxScent Flat Worm too?)
Zoom Horny Toad (on a buzzbait)
Zoom Ultravibe Speedcraw
Zoom Trick Worm
Zoom Fluke
Strike King Rage Craw
Yamamoto Senko

Other Stuff

Chatterbait >> JackHammer
War Eagle Spinnerbait
Z-Man Ned Rig with TRD
Mann’s A-rig >> YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr


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