The biggest bassin’ questions for 2019!!

What up bass-heads! Hopin’ yours was Merry and you have a bassy start to a ditch melon-filled 2019. Cuz it IS all about the bass! (Not really but sorta.)

Special-type yo to all the MLF staff peeps who I’m bettin’ haven’t slept since Oct and prolly had a fast Christmas, opening presents like:

Not that everyone in bassin’ ain’t a-workin’ hard…you know what I mean. Anyhow, here you go, a bunch of BIG bassin’ questions for 2019. As usual, it’s all DEAD SERIOUS. Back at ya next week mang!

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Today’s Top 5

Why do they call the little candy bars “fun size”? 

Cuz…ain’t it more fun to eat a big one??

Pro bassin’ version — Will the “fun-size” bass on the MLF/BPT be more fun? Or will it be more like:

Regular Joe bassin’ version — It’s more fun to be like:

…unless I guess bite-size stuff wins a derby. #BeaverLake

Serious for a sec: Few years back I went to a bassin’ media deal with some pros on the upper Mississippi River. Lots of fish, almost all were what I’d call small — like a 1.5-lb average and 2.5 lbs was a good one. Was totally surprised by how excited the pros were about catching those fish.

Asked them what was up with that — they said it was the number of bites they were getting. They felt like at most of the tour lakes they weren’t getting a ton of bites/action. That was unexpected, and makes their stokeness for the MLF/BPT format understandable.

Not judging the waters the other tours fish, just tellin’ ya what I saw/heard.

How many stars are in the Milky Way? 

Yep our galaxy was named after a candy bar. Anyhow, the pro bassin’ version of this question is — connectin’ Snickers and Milky Way, get it?? — who will the stars be on the MLF/BPT and particularly the Elites?? Couple thoughts:

> MLF/BPT — Different format yo! Some guys will do well, some won’t. On the MLF some guys were/are already doing well and some weren’t so….

> Elitists — Who will the new stars be? You might’ve heard folks — includin’ me — say that LOTS of serious hammers don’t fish the pro tours cuz they can’t afford it. Well, this year’s the most affordable it’s been in years, so a bunch of these “who are they” guys might now be in the Elite spotlight. Can they handle it or will they be like:

Will already-known guys like Chris Zaldain and Seth Feider be the “new” stars? Will guys who are coming back to B.A.S.S. (like Jay Yelas) be hammers there again? Fer sher will be fun to watch.

> FLW — A bunch of new folks but they’ve also still got their consistent sticks (Thrift, Martin, Dudley, etc.).

Why doesn’t the fattest man in the world become a hockey goalie? 

Not a dude but Jabba has some LBs yo! Anyhow, a 10-yr-old kid in goalie pads can cover 90% of a hockey goal so let’s call the world’s fattest man deal a no-brainer. Here’s some bassin’ no-brainers:

Pro bassin’ version — Will live sonar be the deal on the MLF/BPT?

Why wouldn’t it be? Talkin’ from some ignorance here since the BPT thing hasn’t happened yet, but if it’s all about getting lots of bites (finding active fish fast) and the whole live cut deal means you might need a fish or 3 ultra-fast, then won’t live sonar maybe be even more important than an Ultrex with Spot Lock?

Regular Joe bassin’ version — No-brainers are:

> Fish whenever and wherever you can, and maybe use BassForecast to up your odds…like if you’re gonna call in sick and need to figure out what day you’ll be sick….

> Get the best rods, reels and line you can afford. My 2c: Go lighter on the rod, and don’t have completely different setups for everything. Get a consistent feel.

> Get an Ultrex with Spot Lock if you can afford it.

> Don’t give a flip ’bout what anyone thinks about your boat, your truck, your casting, your baits, how you’re dressed (seriously), whatever. Just have fun man!

Will Skeet-shootin’ Reese develop 5′ rods now? 

On the Elites Skeet pushed the 10′ rod deal, but now that his yella self is only fishin’ the MLF/BPT, seems like 10′, 9′ and 8′ rods (7′ too??) might be overkill? If so, maybe he’ll be all about stuff like:

On that note, could crappie and ice feeshn stuff creep on into pro bassin’??

On the other hand, not sure if “Go small!” and #smalltrend sound sexy enough for the man in yeller. Tried to ask Skeet about it at the last derby and he was like:

He’s pretty much always like that with me so all good…. Hahaha love ya Skeeter!

5 more beeg questions. 

1. What bait types will dominate the MLF/BPT?

Yep the Neddy Flanders Rig and of course it’ll depend on the fishery and conditions, but I think these will also play big:

> Flippin’ plastics — Go-to for many, many bass-heads.

> Jigs — Bigger reaction bites.

> Topwaters — Maybe mostly for search baits.

Is any of this rocket science? Nope. It’s basics, kinda the same stuff they do already, but betting the BPTs should/might be:
> More shallow fishing (smaller lakes)
> More important to get more bites
> Speed will be more important

Who knows tho, just guessin’.

2. Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hotdogs?

Pro bassin’ version: Is MLF/BPT selling hotdogs and will B.A.S.S. sell hotdogs? Don’t think we know yet. But these two things I do know:

> B.A.S.S. will definitely still serve cheeseburgers, Quarter Pounders and Big Macs. Sometimes with cheese (heehee!).

> FLW will always serve a dang good Value Meal…as long as entry fees are kept in check….

> Never accept any food that can be found in Jeff Kriet’s truck, includin’ this:

3. Will Hideki Maeda ever run outta stuff to do to topwater frowgs?

Here’s the latest messing around from the inventor of the Tickle Sprinkler:

Don’t bet against that dude!

4. Can pigs pull their hamstrings?

Oops, nothing to do with bass fishing sorry….

5. Does this mean…something?

No one wants to talk about this whole KVD crop circle thing but I need to out it once’t and for all:

Think about it — Kevin:

> Wins a bunch, more than any HUMAN
> Has a 6th AND a 7th sense for the basses
> Loves the Biosonix/HydroWave high-tech stuff
> Is tight with Darth Morris
> Never runs outta any kinda tackle any time anywhere (even in South America!!)
> Has his own minions

> Is never tired. Think about it — you ever seen KVD worn out??

I could go on, and I’m not sayin’ anything for certain, but I did leave a trail cam on in Kevin’s shop once and here’s a little of what it picked up:

HAHAHAHA that’s all for this year bass-heads! Tx much for lovin’ the Blaster and let’s all have a time in 2019 — bless ya!

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